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But that alone is not enough. Creating a high frequency waveform allows the adversary to know what we are doing, and guard against it. Why? Such activity will make us appear ambiguous (unpredictable) thereby generate confusion and disorder among our adversaries since our adversaries will be unable to generate mental images or pictures that agree with the menacing as well as faster transient rhythm or patterns they are competing against. In other words, victory requires that we break the stable OODA PISRR cycle. Not just make the OODA PISRR cycle go faster, not just increasing the frequency of our waveform, but breaking the waveform. If one thinks of social cognition as a system, we know one of five things will happen if we break ("perturb") the system. The system may: Return to its original state Settle in another stable state, perhaps after some period of unpredictable behavior Bifurcate, that is, begin to oscillate among tow states, but not settle in either of them. It may bifurcate repeatedly, generating a collection of states among which it oscillates. Wander among various states, but not settle in or even return to any of them Become unstable, that is, lock up, disintegrate, or in any other way cease to function as a system (from Page 45 of Richards' Neither Shall the Sword. The passage draws on Beckerman's The Non Linear Dynamics of War, which has also been featured on ZenPundit). Ff the OODA PISRR social cognitive system is perturbed for a while. A swing of a pendulum is "attracted" by both the maximum height and the minimum. (See Wikipedia for the mathematics). Just as the pendulum based intertial guidance systems maintain a form of repeated perturbations, human based social cognition loops will also tend to the waveform. Over and over we see this. The cyclical patterns of football games allow knowledgeable observers to routinely predict, in detail, several plays out. In many countries, political cycles are also well documented. Even historical long cycles have been observed. The Social Cognitive Wave, the OODA PISRR loop, can be perturbed for a while. Wise strategists will use this fact to their advantages. But in any system with two players (whether on the systemic, alliance, state, organizational, or individual levels), the attractors will win out over time. Wise strategists will use this fact as well. The world is a system of systems. Some systems, such as the national defense system, have changed forever as a result of 9/11 and the Iraq War. Yet others, such social cognition loop between the United States and everything else, were just perturbed for a time. I got the Hagar and Ishmael reference, but first I thought of Abraham smashing the idols. The idols, who could not see nor hear nor think, are gone forever. The clan of Ishmael lives on. Thinking enemies can be destroyed by attacking them until they go away. That rarely works with people. "Certainly, the Romans will be defeated. In the nearest land. After their defeat, they will rise again and win." Certainly one will act. At the OODA attractor. After observation, one will rise and act again." Continuing from the Romans (7 8) "They care only about things of this world that are visible to them, while being totally oblivious to the Hereafter. Why do they not reflect on themselves? GOD did not create the heavens and the earth, and everything between them, except for a specific purpose, and for a specific life span. However, most people, with regard to meeting their Lord, are disbelievers. "The great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances as though they were realities" Continuing from the Romans (17 19) "Therefore, you shall glorify GOD when you retire at night, and when you rise in the morning. All praise is due to Him in the heavens and the earth, throughout the evening, as well as in the middle of your day. He produces the live from the dead, and produces the dead from the live, and He revives the land after it had died; you are similarly resurrected. " To summarize the OODA PISRR loop "Therefore, you shall follow the Social Cognition loop when you reorient at night and when you act in the morning. All living is following it on the sky and in the earth, through the evening as well as the middle of your day. It produces action from observation, and produces observation from action, and it reorients the land after it has been penetrated. You are similarly cyclical.".

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Making Up is (not) Hard to Do Create a Wedding Day Make Up Bag Two weeks before the wedding, do a complete test of your wedding day look (make up, hairdo and shoes) for as long as you expect to have it together that day so you'll know if it will "go the distance." Put together a little make up bag for touch ups that you can take along with you the day of the wedding to keep you looking your best. And on the big day, have a friend, bridesmaid or family member hang on to it or stash it somewhere handy so you can get to it when you need it. Be sure to use waterproof mascara, and don't forget to pack the hairspray! Hint: When purchasing your make up, see if you can persuade the sales gal at the cosmetic counter into giving you samples of everything you're buying (they've got 'em, you know they do) They won't take up much room and it will be more than enough for the day! 2. Wedding Day "Emergency" Kit Create an Emergency Kit For Those Unexpected Emergencies Just like the back up, make up bag for touch ups (say that three times fast!), consider an "emergency kit" filled with items you may need on your wedding day. Fill a small bag with items such as a travel size sewing kit (you'd be amazed at the magic tricks just one safety pin can perform), clear nail polish (for panty hose/stocking runs), an extra set of panty hose or stockings, throat lozenges and aspirin. Other ideas for the "emergency kit" include tissues, breath mints, tampons, hand cream and band aids. Hint: Most of these items can be found in the travel size bins in your local drug store. 3. Food for Thought Start Your Wedding Day With Healthy Filling Nourishment Since most brides don't get to enjoy the meal served at the reception, you really should consider having something to eat before the wedding, no matter how worried you are about how the dress fits! While food may be the last thing on your mind on your wedding day, it's nonetheless important that you start the day with some healthy and filling nourishment. It's going to be a long (and wonderful) day and you'll want to have plenty of energy so you can keep dancing and socializing for hours! Hint 1: Stash a power bar snack in your purse or "emergency kit" Hint 2: Pre arrange for there to be something to eat at your honeymoon hotel (believe it or not, most couples are starving after the wedding day festivities and will want to re fuel before the wedding night festivities!) 4. If the Shoe Fits Kick Off The Heels Settle Into a More Comfortable Shoe You know those stunning, sexy, strappy, ultra high heels that work perfectly with your wedding gown? They'll be great for the ceremony and for the formal pictures, but if you're planning to kick up your heels at the reception, you'll be better off kicking off the heels and settling into something more comfortable. So get a pretty, more practical pair of shoes that you can change into to keep your dogs from "barking" the entire week after the wedding! Hint 1: It's not a bad idea to practice walking in the shoes you'll be wearing during the ceremony. Take a test run in the shoes AND the wedding gown and get used to both. Hint 2: Kenneth Cole Reaction makes a snappy little flat, beaded thong that is heavenly comfy, inexpensive and just fancy enough to go with your gown. I've got a pair in bronze and black (and they come in white as well) that I carry with me everywhere. Not a bad gift for your bridesmaids either! 5. Point It Out To A "Point Person" Keep Track of Time With An Itinerary a Point Person Whether you've worked with a wedding consultant or carefully planned everything yourself, you should have an itinerary for the big day. Make copies, give them to a few good friends and/or close family members, then choose someone to be the "point person" who will make sure things are running smoothly and reasonably on time. You will be able to rest easily knowing at least one of your deputies will keep track of the time while you're busy greeting those out of town guests and brand new in laws whose names you can't quite remember! Air Jordan Spizike Bordeaux,Please excuse my informality, but I want to impress on you, or at least hopefully to catch the attention of some of your key advisors something that can guarantee your place in history. Scholars may assign you a distinguished place for showing vision and courage at this point in time. They may attribute you with seizing an opportunity that defined the nation's course for a century or more. Viktor Fedorovych, you have a chance to help make something happen that will impact the entire continent and perhaps world history. It is a blessing on you and Ukraine. Do everything possible to ensure Ukraine joins the European Union. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who as you know from leaked American diplomatic cables doesn't think much of you personally or Ukrainian sovereignty, will do everything to stop Ukraine from joining the European Union. No doubt the Russian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate, which you have a spiritually unhealthy attraction toward, will attempt to influence you. Remember it is an extension of Russia's foreign policy and not a friend of Ukrainian sovereignty. If Ukraine, the second largest nation on the continent and potentially one of the wealthiest, joins the European Union then the political and economic dynamics of Europe dramatically shifts. You actually have the chance to lay the foundations for the long term viability of Ukrainian sovereignty and to enable the country to finally move away from Moscow's shadow. President Jimmy Carter's foreign policy advisor Zbigniew Brezezinski wrote more than 16 years ago, "Without Ukraine Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire." Keep this in mind Viktor Fedorovych. Considering the size of Ukraine's population and its natural resources it can be a dominant, not third rate, European economy. In the future, Ukraine with the European Union behind it, may even have the upper hand in negotiations with Russia. Wouldn't that be a refreshing change?!?!?! This cannot happen if Ukraine is locked into Putin's contrived Single Economic Space. Imagine future historians crediting and remembering you with empowering Ukraine to shape the continent's future because you guided the country into the European Union. Never before in the history of Ukraine has it had such an opportunity. Putin will attempt to charm and pressure you. An impression in the West, though you may think it unfair, that you are a marginal bureaucrat and a Putin puppet will be re enforced if Ukraine doesn't join the European Union. No doubt Russia's offer of $8 billion in annual natural gas subsidies to join the Single Economic Space is very tempting. Yet it is a political maneuver that will jeopardize your place in history and Ukraine's ability to control its destiny. In light of some of the stagnant economies that would be part of the Single Economic Space, Ukraine would be weighed down and burdened. I mean no disrespect to our Belorussian cousins, but do you really think being linked to Belorussia's economy is healthy for Ukraine? In addition, what about the Russian oligarchs? Not only do they run wild in Russia, but it's a good bet they will use the Single Economic Space as the means to fully take over Ukraine's economy. Ukraine's geographic position with its northern neighbor necessitates an economic relationship of some sort. But sometimes your decisions have backed Ukraine needlessly into a corner. Renewing the Russian naval base in Odessa for twenty five years, for example, was not one of your better decisions. Understandably, having thousands of vodka happy Russian sailors spending money in Odessa helps the local economy. On the other hand, you locked Ukraine into an agreement for twenty five years. If you really think this lease is beneficial to Ukraine, which most Diaspora Ukrainians doubt, it would have been politically shrewd to have renewed the lease for three year periods. It would have given you options and flexibility. Imagine what you could have extracted every time the base lease was up for renewal! Instead, you gave Russia the opportunity to further entrench itself. The northern neighbor needs the base far more than Ukraine needs the boost to the local economy. Viktor Fedorovych, I must underscore and remind you again to the point of being repetitive that you are the leader of the second largest nation in Europe and potentially one of the wealthiest. Your plans for Ukraine should go well beyond tinkering with education and fighting corruption. Of course education reform and combating corruption are important matters, but have you ever thought about laying the foundations for making Ukraine a player on the world stage? You can achieve this by standing strong against Putin and guiding Ukraine into the European Union. This is not to suggest history will be kind to you regarding your handling of civil liberties, church state relations, or hindering democracy by obstructing competitive, transparent elections, but I'll revisit those issues with you in another Open Letter. Please remember Viktor Fedorovych you are President of Ukraine. You are not its Russian appointed governor. Your place in history will be determined, in part, on how you helped Ukraine integrate into the European Union.

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