Where To Buy Authentic Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2012 2015 New Arrival Free Shipping. Air Jordan 5 Laney The Best Site To Buy Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2012 Store Is Specialized In Selling All Kinds Of Shoes The Ave Venice Store is First in the Tank with Owner Nick RomeroNick Romero who lives in Venice Beach and owner of the Ave store where people can come in and create there own shoes ,caps, and clothing is first to splash down in the tank. He is looking for a $125,000 investment for 15% of his business. In his presentation he talks about the digital world and how everyone, especially young people, have a need to express themselves and show their own individuality. He has patented this printer with special adapters for the shoes and his goal is to have Ave retail stores worldwide. In his little 450 sq ft store they have done $570,000 in business with 150k in profit. WOW His best selling product right now are the custom shoes which to order costs the consumer around $100 and to make $27 28. Nick seems to be dead set on opening new stores, but the printer takes 30 minutes to make the shoes and cost $55,000. Daymond tries to explain if they leased the printer for 100k and then took a percentage, who cares what they print or who it is. When Nick begins to almost argue that if they had the stores with thousands of printable designs and is stopped. Daymond tells him he thinks he's incredibly cool but has lost a lot of money with cool guys and is out Mark agrees with Daymond, adding that doesn't stop the opportunity here. Then Kevin goes on to let them know that the problem is everybody has a different business model. Robert doesn't want to change the business model and is out. Nick interjects that all he wants to do is make money prompting "Mr. Wonderful" to agree. Kevin (the devil) agrees but doesn't want to be in retail and is out. Barbara loves his enthusiasm but thinks he is in love with the retail business doesn't want to listen, and is out. Mark puts a big hockey eating grin (punt intended) on his face and states "It's me and you baby". Mark asks,"How much are you paying yourself". After a little beating around the bush Nick tells him he's comfortable for now making 6 figures. Mark immediately lets him know that's not gonna happen. He wants him to sweat and be scared Then he tells him that if he hadn't said he was living the LA lifestyle, that he was still working 12 to 15 hrs a day, maybe. But it's all about adversity and he is out Ride On Carry On UpdateLast season Darryl and Randy Lynn got Barbara to invest in their child carrier designed for carry on luggage. Before Shark Tank sales were 40k and in the 6 months since the show aired their sales have rocketed to a half a million dollars!!!! Holy Guacamole and Kazaaam They couldn't have done it without Barbara who helped them create new designs with more colors and options. Incredible product and undoubtedly a wise investment. Carry on with your Ride Ons and keep up the great work. If you missed the episode you can check out my review by clicking on Ride On Carry On. Would you purchase prepackaged food and water for your pet when traveling? No My pets are to picky and I bring my own. Maybe Depends on how much it costs. He is looking for a 100k investment for a 51% stake. In his presentation he talks about how we LOVE our pets, travel with them everywhere and there is still no easy way to feed on the go. In the package is separated premium dog food, water, and even a treat. It's kind of cute because it looks like the dog has a connection with Robert or vice versa. When he opens the package and gives it to the dog Barbara notices there seems to be a bit of a mess being made. Blake explains there are different size packages for different size dogs and when Barbara inquires as to what size dog his would be considered the laughter begins after the "Large" response. Mark wants to see the packaging and Robert wants to see the dog. Finally Daymond asks for the dogs name which is Rummy (thank you Daymond). Mark suggests that basically this is lunchables for dogs and could be done for any pet. As Blake replies yes, Kevin wants to know why a pet owner couldn't just put the food in a plastic baggy leaving not much of a market for his product at all. Blake looks at the table (filled with bottled water, packages of dry food, etc.) and states then you would have all this. Robert likes the idea since he has a dog and knows what a pain it is to get everything ready for them when traveling and if Blake has a patent. He also inquires if he has approached any of the larger dog food companies. He does have a patent pending and has not had any results in his attempts to contact the larger companies. Kevin keeps on stating there is no merit and is out. Daymond wants to know if there are any sales and discovers it is still a prototype so no sales as of yet. Barbara wants to know the cost which is approximated at $2.50 to 3.00 retail and to make is around 67 cents without the dog food. Mark states Blake is obviously early in the process he can't help him and is out. Daymond likes the idea and his dogs name is Blake but doesn't think he'll be able to get a utility patent n putting dog food in a container and is out. Barbara puts food in a baggy for her dog all the time, doesn't think people will spend the money for a problem that doesn't exist and is out. Robert lets Blake know that unlike his evil twin he has animals and loves them BUT he is way to early and is out. When everyone is out and Blake wants to know if he can have his dog back (been with Robert) and they respond no, he suggests them buying 51% of the dog for 100k and everyone laughs knowing he's joking, (or was he?). Blake still think Barkem's is the next pet product innovation and will one day be in stores everywhere. Brewers Cow Beer Infused Ice Cream Is Up NextSteve Albert, Larry Blackwell, and Jason Conroy are getting ready to makes some waves in this tank with Brewers Cow beer infused ice cream. They are looking for a 125k for a 15% stake and Robert is already giggling. The ice cream is alcohol free and comes in numerous flavors as the sharks are getting ready to taste. Robert is "Oh wow," Mark, "This is good" and Daymond reveals he is lactose intolerant and doesn't want the room to clear out, so he is out. Mark states he is also lactose intolerant and doesn't care because it's good. Kevin just wants to know about sales (go figure). They explain that they first only marketed to restaurants and small stores which sales amounted to $5,000. When Mark asks about the order they have coming up to fill the tides begin to get rough. What is astounding is these 3 guys trying to figure out how much there order is for with Whole Foods, ( which I'm sure the sharks are thinking tens of thousands). First it's 50 x 2 $100. then one states it's $200 (that's right two hundred dollars), no wait another one says $400, no wait Ahhhhh. Then they can't even agree on what they sell them for. Barbara can't be in business with these guys and is out. Robert is laughing hysterically. Mark is questioning the need for them to have the investment to fulfill a $400 order which they are claiming is definitely not what the money is for. Things are not looking good here, Kevin wants to know out of 10 guys how many want to try beer flavored ice cream. The response is "Just guys?" Kevin doesn't care if it's guys, women, cows, goats etc. They figure 9 out of 10 will try it and 8 will try it again. Robert can't handle the fact they don't know their numbers and what it would take to break even and is out. Mark lets them know they would have to sell thousands and thousands of pints for him to even begin to get his money back, advices them to look into licensing and is out. Kevin's out because he thinks they are ice cream bozos, (ouch). After leaving the tank the guys let everyone know they're not accountants that's why they were here looking for help and are going to prove them wrong. Go Go Gear is Hot on Robert Desiree Estrada and her partner Arlene Battishill with their company Go Go Gear are the final bait dipped in the tank as they ride in on their bikes. Go Go Gear carries their designer line of fully protective motorcycle gear which is very fashionable. They are asking for 300k for a 15% stake in the company These ladies are to funny as they explain they both lost their jobs in 2008 and decided to take all their money and invest it in something they new nothing about. Then they start to take off their leather jackets and reveal the Go Go Gear underneath, and the sharks are in awe. It's abrasion and scratch resistant and looks great for even work They discuss having 172k in sales for last year while Robert tries on one of the jackets looking ever so HOT. Uh oh, now comes the should have went over this a little better before we got here syndrome. When Mark asks what they will do with his money and they say go to Europe because there are over 35 million registered riders, opposed to the US which has 7 mill. Mark proceeds to tell them what a horrible, horrible, horrible (ok enough already ) answer that is. Hmmmm Mark begins to explain what happens to your 25 stores when your in Europe and when you grow a business it's a babysitting process, (ok sorry but Daymond has this "I'm up to something look" as he listens and watches with this little smirk behind his hand) Now they're saying the reason they weren't profitable (when asked) was because they went to Europe (and they want to go where again? It's the syndrome). Out of the 400k they invested they have a little less than 100 thousand left. Kevin wants to know if he invests if he can put an ankle bracelet on them and every time they say Europe they get a 50 volt shock. Robert wants to know what Daymond thinks since he is the clothing guy. Daymond wants to know if they had anything to drink after midnight last night because he is about to do some surgery, lol. Daymond wants to know why they value the company at 2 million. Kevin lets them know they made a HUGE tactical error by their evaluation and that he really liked the stuff but is out. Desiree jut dropped her jaw almost to the floor Now they're telling them they didn't say it was worth 2 mill. Robert responds vigorously with "I'm not calculating that." Barbara tries to help them out a little as they, (as Daymond puts it) get dragged down the street by the bikes, but agrees the eval is nuts! Then Desiree suggests the sharks make the eval and there's another punch to the gut. Then it starts with the 25%, OK how about 38%, Mark expresses they're pulling stuff out of the sky and is out. Barbara because of their extreme optimism and how they pissed away the money is out. Robert thinks they're not focused enough although it is an innovative product anybody could come in and tear them to shreds and out . With only Daymond left they want to increase the equity offer and step out to discuss it . Robert and Daymond discuss how together they really have the connection and access to make it worth a shot depending on the counter offer. They come back stating they are looking for a partner and will give a 50% equity. Robert wants more and is out again at 55%. Even when Daymond wants him in the answer is no. Now they go up to 65% and if they would just be quiet long enough for Robert to talk they might have a deal. Then as if someone had reached their hand down from above Robert is still out but Daymonds in. Hallelujah!!! To check out some their gear click on scooter girls. Oh yeah, hey Robert I think you still owe for the jacket we noticed you didn't give back Ca ching Daymond.

The mincing steps. The swaying hips. The little nubbins at the ends of women's legs, carefully tucked into miniature, ornate shoes. For 1,000 years, tiny, curved feet were considered the ultimate standard of feminine beauty in China, leading about 3 billion Chinese womento bind their feet during this time, despite the fact that foot binding was a long, extremely painful process that resulted in severely deformed feet for life [source: Ross]. In 970, the emperor reportedly saw his favorite consort dancing on a golden lotus pedestal and was entranced by her feet, which she had wrapped in strips of cloth much like those of a ballerina dancing on pointe so her dancing appeared more beautiful. Seeing the emperor's pleasure, other court maidens similarly wrapped their feet. Soon upper class women adopted the fashion, and eventually it spread to all women, no matter their social status. Only a few regions resisted, like the Manchu and those who hailed from Guangdong in southern China [sources: Holman, Ross]. Unfortunately, as the custom took hold it morphed. Women wanted ever smaller, more curved feet, and so the foot binding process was created to achieve highly arched, 3 inch (7.6 centimeter) feet. The practice thrived for 1,000 years until it was outlawed in 1912 after the revolution of Sun Yat sen. However, women continued to bind their feet in parts of China until the late 1950s [sources: Evans, Minnesota China Connection]. After the Communists came to power in 1949, women were forced to do hard physical labor like digging reservoirs, and those with bound feet found the work excruciating. They often went without food as they could not fulfill their daily production quota nor forage in the mountains for fruits like other women [source: Lim]. Today, foot binding is not practiced anywhere. Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2012 ,Air Jordan 10 Retro Chicago Bulls Air Jordan 12 Retro Cool Grey Team Orange Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo Air Jordan 13 He Got Game 2013 Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic 2012 Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 12 Retro Cool Grey Team Orange Training is everything. York Driscoll enjoyed two years of bliss with that prize, Tom bliss that was troubled a little at times, it is true, but bliss nevertheless; then she died, and her husband and his childless sister, Mrs. Pratt, continued this bliss business at the old stand. Tom was petted and indulged and spoiled to his entire content or nearly that. This went on till he was nineteen, then he was sent to Yale. He went handsomely equipped with "conditions," but otherwise he was not an object of distinction there. He remained at Yale two years, and then threw up the struggle. He came home with his manners a good deal improved; he had lost his surliness and brusqueness, and was rather pleasantly soft and smooth, now; he was furtively, and sometimes openly, ironical of speech, and given to gently touching people on the raw, but he did it with a good natured semiconscious air that carried it off safely, and kept him from getting into trouble. He was as indolent as ever and showed no very strenuous desire to hunt up an occupation. People argued from this that he preferred to be supported by his uncle until his uncle's shoes should become vacant. He brought back one or two new habits with him, one of which he rather openly practiced tippling but concealed another, which was gambling. It would not do to gamble where his uncle could hear of it; he knew that quite well. Tom's Eastern polish was not popular among the young people. They could have endured it, perhaps, if Tom had stopped there; but he wore gloves, and that they couldn't stand, and wouldn't; so he was mainly without society. He brought home with him a suit of clothes of such exquisite style and cut in fashion Eastern fashion, city fashion that it filled everybody with anguish and was regarded as a peculiarly wanton affront. He enjoyed the feeling which he was exciting, and paraded the town serene and happy all day; but the young fellows set a tailor to work that night, and when Tom started out on his parade next morning, he found the old deformed Negro bell ringer straddling along in his wake tricked out in a flamboyant curtain calico exaggeration of his finery, and imitating his fancy Eastern graces as well as he could. Tom surrendered, and after that clothed himself in the local fashion. But the dull country town was tiresome to him, since his acquaintanceship with livelier regions, and it grew daily more and more so. He began to make little trips to St. Louis for refreshment. There he found companionship to suit him, and pleasures to his taste, along with more freedom, in some particulars, than he could have at home. So, during the next two years, his visits to the city grew in frequency and his tarryings there grew steadily longer in duration. He was getting into deep waters. He was taking chances, privately, which might get him into trouble some day in fact, did. Judge Driscoll had retired from the bench and from all business activities in 1850, and had now been comfortably idle three years. He was president of the Freethinkers' Society, and Pudd'nhead Wilson was the other member. The society's weekly discussions were now the old lawyer's main interest in life. Pudd'nhead was still toiling in obscurity at the bottom of the ladder, under the blight of that unlucky remark which he had let fall twenty three years before about the dog. Judge Driscoll was his friend, and claimed that he had a mind above the average, but that was regarded as one of the judge's whims, and it failed to modify the public opinion. Or rather, that was one of the reason why it failed, but there was another and better one. If the judge had stopped with bare assertion, it would have had a good deal of effect; but he made the mistake of trying to prove his position. For some years Wilson had been privately at work on a whimsical almanac, for his amusement a calendar, with a little dab of ostensible philosophy, usually in ironical form, appended to each date; and the judge thought that these quips and fancies of Wilson's were neatly turned and cute; so he carried a handful of them around one day, and read them to some of the chief citizens. But irony was not for those people; their mental vision was not focused for it. They read those playful trifles in the solidest terms, and decided without hesitancy that if there had ever been any doubt that Dave Wilson was a pudd'nhead which there hadn't this revelation removed that doubt for good and all. That is just the way in this world; an enemy can partly ruin a man, but it takes a good natured injudicious friend to complete the thing and make it perfect. After this the judge felt tenderer than ever toward Wilson, and surer than ever that his calendar had merit. Judge Driscoll could be a freethinker and still hold his place in society because he was the person of most consequence to the community, and therefore could venture to go his own way and follow out his own notions. The other member of his pet organization was allowed the like liberty because he was a cipher in the estimation of the public, and nobody attached any importance to what he thought or did. He was liked, he was welcome enough all around, but he simply didn't count for anything. The Widow Cooper affectionately called "Aunt Patsy" by everybody lived in a snug and comely cottage with her daughter Rowena, who was nineteen, romantic, amiable, and very pretty, but otherwise of no consequence. Rowena had a couple of young brothers also of no consequence. The widow had a large spare room, which she let to a lodger, with board, when she could find one, but this room had been empty for a year now, to her sorrow. Her income was only sufficient for the family support, and she needed the lodging money for trifling luxuries. But now, at last, on a flaming June day, she found herself happy; her tedious wait was ended; her year worn advertisement had been answered; and not by a village applicant, no, no! this letter was from away off yonder in the dim great world to the North; it was from St. Louis. She sat on her porch gazing out with unseeing eyes upon the shining reaches of the mighty Mississippi, her thoughts steeped in her good fortune. Indeed it was specially good fortune, for she was to have two lodgers instead of one. She had read the letter to the family, and Rowena had danced away to see to the cleaning and airing of the room by the slave woman, Nancy, and the boys had rushed abroad in the town to spread the great news, for it was a matter of public interest, and the public would wonder and not be pleased if not informed. Presently Rowena returned, all ablush with joyous excitement, and begged for a rereading of the letter. It was framed thus: HONORED MADAM: My brother and I have seen your advertisement, by chance, and beg leave to take the room you offer. We are twenty four years of age and twins. We are Italians by birth, but have lived long in the various countries of Europe, and several years in the United States. Our names are Luigi and Angelo Capello. You desire but one guest; but, dear madam, if you will allow us to pay for two, we will not incommode you. We shall be down Thursday. "Italians! How romantic! Just think, Ma there's never been one in this town, and everybody will be dying to see them, and they're all OURS! Think of that!" "Yes, I reckon they'll make a grand stir." "Oh, indeed they will. The whole town will be on its head! Think they've been in Europe and everywhere! There's never been a traveler in this town before, Ma, I shouldn't wonder if they've seen kings!" "Well, a body can't tell, but they'll make stir enough, without that." "Yes, that's of course. Luigi Angelo. They're lovely names; and so grand and foreign not like Jones and Robinson and such. Thursday they are coming, and this is only Tuesday; it's a cruel long time to wait. Here comes Judge Driscoll in at the gate. He's heard about it. I'll go and open the door." The judge was full of congratulations and curiosity. The letter was read and discussed. Soon Justice Robinson arrived with more congratulations, and there was a new reading and a new discussion. This was the beginning. Neighbor after neighbor, of both sexes, followed, and the procession drifted in and out all day and evening and all Wednesday and Thursday. The letter was read and reread until it was nearly worn out; everybody admired its courtly and gracious tone, and smooth and practiced style, everybody was sympathetic and excited, and the Coopers were steeped in happiness all the while. The boats were very uncertain in low water in these primitive times. This time the Thursday boat had not arrived at ten at night so the people had waited at the landing all day for nothing; they were driven to their homes by a heavy storm without having had a view of the illustrious foreigners. Eleven o'clock came; and the Cooper house was the only one in the town that still had lights burning. The rain and thunder were booming yet, and the anxious family were still waiting, still hoping. At last there was a knock at the door, and the family jumped to open it. Two Negro men entered, each carrying a trunk, and proceeded upstairs toward the guest room. Then entered the twins the handsomest, the best dressed, the most distinguished looking pair of young fellows the West had ever seen. One was a little fairer than the other, but otherwise they were exact duplicates. Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2012,Jimmy Choo shoes are more than your "regular, every day shoes". They are definitely special, stylish, and stunning. For a number of years now, they have been highly coveted, mostly by women who are couture conscious. They have been known worldwide for their sleek silhouette, wonderful fit, and fabulous feel. Sometimes, fashionable women like you fancy wearing Jimmy Choo shoes during special occasions, when eyes are sure to scrutinize what you are wearing. Jimmy Choo shoes can readily make you the talk of the town. Here are several options on how you can buy your own pair of Jimmy Choo shoes: Know how much you want to indulge yourself. You have to figure out the extent of your fascination with Jimmy Choo shoes. Do you fancy seeing a Jimmy Choo shoe label right below your pair's instep yet you are not really ready or willing to shell out hundreds of dollars? If your answer is yes, just hunt for the bargains on line. You can conveniently find your Jimmy Choo shoes there. However, if you are expecting a boutique experience, complete with all the works, then, toy the idea of having other retail options. Imagine feeling the rich, lovely leather with your own hands just before you bring home your own pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Visit a nearby Jimmy Choo boutique. If you don't know the exact location of the boutique, you may go online. A Jimmy Choo boutique can certainly give you the chance to paw your preferred paid before you pay it on the counter. Yes, Jimmy Choo holds seasonal sales. If you wish to be advised about their upcoming offerings, check out the lower part of the homepage. See the "Email Update". Click it so you can automatically become part of their mailing list. Find Jimmy Choo shoes from some of the high end department stores around. Plan a trip to Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman. The high end department stores are not the places where great bargains abound. So, simply enjoy your time there. The sales staff are certainly going to fawn over you while you feast your eyes on the latest pieces in the Jimmy Choo line.

Where Can i Order Authentic Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2012,Air Jordan 3 Joker Recent Staff Blog PostsMore green in wallets, less green in parksBlazers In FIBA World Cup: France Upsets Spain 65 52 To Advance To SemifinalsIt's Vancouver Brewfest time!Soccer analysis earns blogger some recognitionSay 'No' to the Pasta PassMaking a racket: First week of prep tennisSmelt season to be proposedMcMorris Rodgers, highest ranking woman in GOP and mentor to JHB, accused by staffer of ethics violationsNorthwest football standings and schedule ( Week 2)The city of Vancouver aggressively sought an expansion of Nike Inc. in Clark County, offering at least $8.1 million for the project and pitching the company on expanding at the former Hewlett Packard site now owned by SEH America, public records obtained by The Columbian show.In addition to numerous local government, business and economic development leaders, then Washington Gov. and other local business, utility and workforce development officials.At stake was the potential to rope in thousands of new jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in private capital investment.In the end, Nike took its Swoosh and went back home to settle on a still undisclosed expansion site after Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, in an extraordinary move in late December, rushed the Oregon Legislature into a special session to grant Nike a sweetheart tax deal.In a phone interview Thursday, Vancouver City Manager Eric Holmes said the city's failed effort which he estimated consumed more than 100 hours of city staff time should not be considered fruitless."I'm proud of what this community has to offer as far as being a great place for investment," he said. "I'm very pleased we were a serious contender. When we look at the potential investment that could have happened here, not only do we have a stronger business case, but we're even more prepared the next time an opportunity comes up."Despite limitations on what Washington state may offer compared to other states including the inability to extend public credit to corporations the city was "able to make a compelling business case for investment here," Holmes said.Holmes makes case in letterThe city, which had remained mum about the project after losing out to Oregon, on Thursday released hundreds of pages of new documents to The Columbian regarding "Project Impact," the code name for the planned Nike expansion. The newspaper had requested the records under the state's public disclosure law.The city's months long push to grab a piece of Nike intensified on Oct. 24, when Holmes wrote a letter to Robert Hess, executive managing director of consulting for Newmark Grubb Knight Frank. The Rosemont, Ill. based global commercial real estate firm represented Nike in the company's pursuit of an expansion site.Holmes' letter responds to numerous concerns raised by Newmark on behalf of Nike (which is referred in the letter only as "the Client").One of them was Nike's hesitation about leasing from SEH and "making a major investment in their buildings" or purchasing the site "without a clear exit strategy." The site has 735,000 gross square feet of building space and 114 acres of open land.In response, Holmes wrote that the city and its team have explored all options but have "not identified a viable alternative to direct acquisition" from SEH. Holmes went on: "As you are aware, (then Gov. Gregoire) has made this project a top priority and is willing to meet with the Client and help facilitate the property transaction if there is a way she can assist."Nike also was concerned about "employee perception and (human resource) challenges with locating in Vancouver."Holmes replied: "We understand the Client's concern regarding perceptions of Vancouver in contrast to the current company headquarter site. However, the City of Vancouver, and specifically the SEH site, is an unparalleled opportunity to provide for immediate expansion needs in a region with existing exceptional athletic outdoor workforce talent and the ability to continue to attract similarly skilled talent."Holmes also outlined several ways in which the city, through various programs and partners, would financially assist Nike. They included: Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2012 With the help of the Nike shoe company, Michael Jordan started a shoe revolution company that is still in existence as of now naming it air Jordan. The first shoe was designed in 1985 and has continued to release different designs after a period of time despite the controversy and changes in fashion in today's world. Air Jordan I The very first shoe was designed in 1985 by Peter Moore bringing change to the basket ball game. As much as the shoes came in nineteen different colours, the national basketball association banned black and red colours because they fell among the NBA colour rules. A move that made the shoes gain a lot of publicity because of the interest from people. Air Jordan II The second shoe was designed in 1986 by Bruce Kilgore and the designs were so innovative because part of the design was produced in Italy adding more style to the shoes without using black colour. Air Jordan III Tinker Hatfield designed the third shoe in 1988, and the shoe was much different from the two air Jordans. Unlike the two shoes in the past, this one had an air sole that was so visible. Just like the air Jordan shoes two, they were poorly sold because not many people wanted to buy them. The shoes come in different designs basing on the material and various shapes used in making the shoes. They differ from the soles to the laces, and the way the collars of the ankle have been designed. The material used also ranges from pure leather, to cotton or fabric. The style of the shoes has continued to be designed by even considering some celebrities like Kanye West whom an air Jordan shoe was designed basing on the clothes he will wear during the release of a new album. There have been some key players in various games that have also had air Jordan shoes specifically designed for them. They include Chris Paul among others. These different but very attractive styles have made the shoes have a high market demand even though they sell very expensive because of the good quality and the material used in designing them. The shoes are designed ensuring the comfortability of the user. They mostly have low soles and are very light to enable players especially basket ball players to move very fast. The body of the shoes is heavily built but light at the same time such that if one steps on a player, the shoe is able to protect his skin.

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