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A BMW was damaged in a multi vehicle crash on the 101 Freeway in Sherman Oaks on Sunday, July 14, 2014. on the westbound side of the freeway, just east of the 405 Freeway (map), Officer Tony Polizzi of the California Highway Patrol said.The two victims were traveling in a white 2006 Honda CR V that collided with a black 2003 BMW, then rotated and overturned before it came to a stop, blocking multiple lanes.The BMW also struck a guardrail, causing extensive damage to its front end.The Honda occupants were transported to Northridge Hospital Medical Center, according to a CHP press release. The extent of their injuries and their conditions were not immediately known.The victims were identified only as a 41 year old male driver from Woodland Hills and a 32 year old female passenger from Santa Clarita.The driver of the BMW fled the crash scene on foot, running from the freeway to surface streets below, the release said. 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You can use a cluster configuration policy set to provide dynamic management of cluster policies across the cluster.Enables allocation of resources by importance, so that applications obtain the required minimum resources, whenever possible, and so that lower priority applications do not take resources from more important applicationsEnsures isolation where necessary, so that you can provide dedicated servers in a cluster for applications and databasesEnables policies to be configured to change pools in accordance with business needs or application demand, so that pools provide the right service at the right timeApplications and databases running in server pools do not share resources. Because server pools do not share resources, they isolate resources where necessary, but enable dynamic capacity assignments as required. Together with role separated management, this capability addresses the needs of organizations that have standardized cluster environments, but allow multiple administrator groups to share the common cluster infrastructure.Oracle Clusterware efficiently allocates different resources in the cluster. You need only to provide the minimum and maximum number of nodes on which a resource can run, combined with a level of importance for each resource that is running on these nodes.5.1.3 How Server Pools WorkServer pools divide the cluster into groups of servers hosting singleton and uniform database services and applications. They distribute a uniform workload (a set of Oracle Clusterware resources) over several servers in the cluster. For example, you can restrict Oracle databases to run only in certain server pools. When you enable role separated management, you can grant permission to operating system users to use server pools.You manage server pools that contain Oracle RAC databases with the Server Control (SRVCTL) utility. Use the Oracle Clusterware Control (CRSCTL) utility to manage all other server pools. Only cluster administrators have permission to create top level server pools.5.1.4 Default Server PoolsWhen Oracle Clusterware is installed, two server pools are created automatically: Generic and Free. All servers in a new installation are assigned to the Free server pool, initially. Servers move from Free to newly defined server pools automatically. The Free Server PoolThe Free server pool contains servers that are not assigned to any other server pools. The attributes of the Free server pool are restricted, as follows:SERVER_NAMES, MIN_SIZE, and MAX_SIZE cannot be edited by the userIMPORTANCE and ACL can be edited by the user5.1.4.2 The Generic Server PoolThe Generic server pool stores any Oracle Database that is not policy managed. Additionally, the Generic server pool contains servers with names you specified in the SERVER_NAMES attribute of the server pools that list the Generic server pool as a parent server pool.The Generic server pool's attributes are restricted, as follows:No one can modify configuration attributes of the Generic server pool (all attributes are read only)When DBCA or SRVCTL specifies a server name in the HOSTING_MEMBERS resource attribute, Oracle Clusterware only allows it if the server is:Online and exists in the Generic server poolOnline and exists in the Free server pool, in which case Oracle Clusterware moves the server into the Generic server poolOnline and exists in any other server pool and the user is either a cluster administrator or is allowed to use the server pool's servers, in which case, the server is moved into the Generic server poolOffline and the user is a cluster administratorPolicy managed: Deployment is based on server pools, where database services run within a server pool as singleton or uniform across all of the servers in the server pool. Databases are deployed in one or more server pools and the size of the server pools determine the number of database instances in the deployment. Policy management allows clusters and databases to expand or shrink as requirements change. Air Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny 2013,If you have ever heard of the Nutcracker ballet, or you have ever see it, then you are well aware of who Tchaikovsky was. He was very famous for this piece of work and many individuals know this name. This is true even if they have never seen it. He did his work during the Romantic period, and he was able to produce many ballets, operas and symphonies. From 1867 to 1878 this amazing composer continued to do the work that he really enjoyed and he completed many wonderful pieces during this time. These included the First Piano Concerto, The Little Russian and even Swan Lake. Many people can tell you that they have actually heard of the ballet Swan Lake even if they have never seen it or they know nothing about the ballet. If you have ever heard of the 1812 Overture then you have heard of Tchaikovsky. As you can see, as you continue to go through this article, you probably know more of his work than you really realized you did. However, many people do not know that he did compose the ballet Sleeping Beauty. This is not a ballet associated with his name as strongly as some of the other things that have been mentioned already. The Queen of Spades is an amazing opera that was done by Tchaikovsky as well. This may not stand out to you but for those people that really know the opera, and have seen or studied many of them, this is one of the most famous operas that exists. While many individuals often think of the ballet when it comes to this amazing composure, and the works that he created, it is interesting to know that he also created a great deal of piano pieces throughout his lifetime. In fact, he actually created more than one hundred pieces that may, or may not, be well known. It is easy to see that he was very passionate about his work and what he was able to contribute to society. Those people that know the arts will be able to pick out his pieces in a heartbeat. However, many of his works were so popular that they are known by sound and name, even if you do not like the arts.

Outlet Store Offers Various Air Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny 2013,Air Jordan 3 Joker If your little girl is a fan of the Disney princesses like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Jasmine then a princess slumber party could be the perfect way to celebrate her birthday this year. In this article I'll give you some great ideas for invitations, decorations, prizes and activities to help you throw your little princess a fabulous slumber party. Cinderella's glass slipper was presented to her on a pillow so why not use this idea for you invitations? You can make a small pillow by folding a square of felt in half and using a glue gun to secure the sides. Stuff the pillow case with some cotton. Now write the invitation on a 3x5 card and slip it inside the pillow. Alternatively you could write on the pillow using a craft pen. In order to turn your child's bedroom into a palace fit for a princess you'll want to use pastel coloured balloons and streamers. You'll want to ensure that there are lots of beanbags and pillows for the guests to use to make themselves comfortable. As the guests arrive give them a pair of slipper socks and a princess headband or tiara. Have some small prizes on hand for the games. Think about glo bands, bracelets, bubbles, candy etc Buy some white pillow cases, or have the guests bring one from home. Provide some dye crayons and other decorating items and have the kids make their own pillow case designs. Have an adult on hand with a hot iron to 'fix' the designs to the pillow case when they're done. Make a bed on the floor using a blanket and a pillow. Choose a guest to be 'it' and then ask her to lay down on the bed and pretend to be asleep like Sleeping Beauty. The other guests then have to try and make her laugh my making funny noises, telling jokes and singing. When the princess is woken up (starts laughing) she can then select the next player to be the princess. If she can stay 'asleep' for set amount of time (about a minute works well) then she wins a prize. As the kids arrive at the party have them remove one of their shoes and place it in a pile. When everyone has arrived the kids then need to take it in turns choosing a shoe from the pile and then matching it back to its owner. The last person to have their shoe matched is the winner. Take some piece of paper and write down some fun activities for the children to complete. It might be to tell a joke, or recite a poem. Drop all of the pieces into a pillowcase. Ask the children to sit in a circle and then play some suitable princess music. Ask the children to pass the pillowcase between them until the music stops. Whoever is holding the pillow must choose a piece of paper and perform the activity. Air Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny 2013 SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) Forget the water drought. Beer loving Australians are being challenged to cut out alcohol for the whole month of October to raise money for charity. The "Ocsober" challenge asks drinkers to go without beer, wine and spirits to raise money for a non profit organization which provides drug and alcohol counseling to school children. Participants raise money through sponsorship but while similar keep sober programs exist, "Ocsober" offers a get out clause where they can buy a "leave pass" to drink for special occasions. So far, 400 people have signed for the program, raising about 30,000 Australian dollars ($23,700). Australians are renowned as being some of the world's biggest beer drinkers with official figures showing around 3,000 people dying annually as a result of some form of alcohol related disease. The country is also a major wine producer. Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

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