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Shaw, who entered the game second in the area in rushing, was held to 49 yards on 10 carries in the first half as Braden River took a surprising 7 0 lead at intermission.Shaw said he and his coaches talked with the Bulldog offensive linemen at halftime about making a few adjustments to spring Shaw.The shifty tailback responded with 190 yards in the second half."We figured it out at the half," said Morton."Anytime you get Marcus one on one, things just start popping."Tailback Jerrell Ezell got the Bulldogs back in the game when he busted loose for a 45 yard TD with 9:55 left in the third quarter.Braden River took a 7 0 lead when wide receiver Willie McNeal moved to quarterback in the shotgun formation and ran eight yards for a score late in the first quarter.The Pirates missed a golden opportunity when they took the opening kickoff and put together a 14 play drive to the DeSoto 29. But an incomplete backwards pass was recovered by the Bulldogs at their own 47.For Braden River, it was a tough defeat. It was the Pirates' first taste of the playoffs in just their second year of varsity play.They finished runner up to DeSoto in the district. Braden River fell 42 28 at DeSoto during the regular season."They've improved a lot," Morton said of the Pirates. "They've come a long way.""We knew from looking at the film that they would be tough. But that's what you expect in the playoffs."Braden River could not get its running game going. Junior tailback Jajuan Bell carried 24 times for 80 yards. He had two carries of more than 10 yards.Junior quarterback Steven Fischer completed 12 of 22 passes for 188 yards. He hit seven different receivers.McNeal, a senior, led the Pirates with four catches for 79 yards."I feel bad for the seniors," said Braden River head coach Josh Hunter. "They're great, great kids."This is a team that you just enjoy being around."The Pirates did everything they could to stop Shaw and it worked for a half. They just couldn't maintain it.Shaw, who had just one run of 10 yards in the first half, broke loose a number of times in the second."Shaw's a great little tailback," said Hunter. "I thought we did a good job in the first half. He was close to breaking free several times. He runs hard."Hunter's team opened the season 2 2, then started to roll. The Pirates won five of their final six regular season games. They then stunned heavily favored Palmetto 30 17 in the first round of the playoffs."I'm proud of the way we played," said Hunter. "Last year we would have come out here and been intimidated by a team like this."The Pirates weren't intimidated at all on Friday night."You plan to be successful," said Hunter. "We knew we would be better this year. Our goal was to make the playoffs." 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