Cheap Buy 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM You Can Get All Styles And All Colorways Of All. Air Jordan Spizike New York Knicks Orange Free Shipping For All Orders 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM Clearance Sale Online Save Up To 40-75% Formerly the offensive coordinator at Notre Dame, Haywood took over Thursday after going 1 11 and 9 4 in two seasons at Miami. The RedHawks won the Mid American Conference during a down season for the mid major league. Miami's only out of conference victory was against Colorado State, which went 3 9. The RedHawks were manhandled by Cincinnati, 45 3; Missouri, 51 13; Florida, 34 12 and Ohio University, 34 13. Cincinnati, which lost to Pitt 28 10, won only four games. Unlike rival West Virginia, where athletic director Oliver Luck said Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen was brought in to compete for national titles, there was no such talk at Pitt. "There's a lot of athletes in this program," said Haywood, who received a five year deal. "We're looking forward to coaching them and having some success. . We want to be dangerous, relentless for 60 minutes. When we're knocked down to the canvas, how fast do we get up?" That's partly why athletic director Steve Pederson asked Wannstedt to resign after six seasons because Pitt got knocked down too much. Wannstedt had few signature wins, but a string of upset losses, while going 9 4, 10 3 and 7 5 in his final three seasons and 41 32 in six seasons. While Haywood has been an assistant at Army, Ohio U., Ball State, LSU, Texas and alma mater Notre Dame, he is starting only his third season as a Division I head coach. "He's a man of integrity and character and will be a true inspirational leader for our football team," Pederson said. 6 in Mobile, Ala., two days before Pitt plays Kentucky in the Compass Bowl in Birmingham, Ala. Defensive backs coach Lance Guidry will serve as Miami's interim head coach. "We are grateful for the success on and off the field that Michael Haywood brought to Miami's program," athletic director Brad Bates said in a statement. Wannstedt, who hasn't yet said if he will coach Pitt in its bowl, was assembling what appeared to be his best recruiting class. Five players have backed away from their verbal commitments since he was forced out Dec. 7. "It's important to find out what gentlemen are wavering, approach these guys and keep them in the fold," said Haywood, who planned to start recruiting Thursday night. At Miami, Haywood became known for making his players wear coats and ties on road trips and for being a skilled motivator. His pregame talk before Miami's 23 3 victory against Temple was widely viewed on YouTube. "When you're dressed nice and feel good about yourself when you arrive at the stadium, to a certain degree you've got a little jump start," Haywood said. practices, saying they free up most of the players' days for attending class and getting treatment for injuries. Haywood's hiring did not immediately excite Pitt's fan base or students. Radio talk shows and Pitt related message boards were overwhelmed with calls and messages criticizing the hiring of a MAC coach, rather than one from a major school. The negative reaction was similar to that when Pederson, then at Nebraska, fired Frank Solich after a 9 3 season and hired former Raiders coach Bill Callahan. Both Pederson and Callahan were fired there in 2007, and Pederson subsequently returned to Pitt. Even a former Miami player, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, didn't seem all that excited. "He (Haywood) never reached out to me," Roethlisberger said. "I don't really know him. I know what helped Miami, Ohio win this year, in my opinion, more than anything, is Brad Bates . what an awesome guy." Steelers safety Ryan Clark, who played for Haywood at LSU, said, "He's a guy who can infuse a program with fire, a guy who can infuse a program with confidence." Haywood is a former Notre Dame cornerback, worked under Charlie Weis, Nick Saban and Mack Brown, among others. He was Weis' offensive coordinator at Notre Dame, but lost his play calling responsibilities in 2008. Haywood's offense is run first and features considerable play action looks in the passing game. Defensively, the idea is to stop the run first. "We create mismatches, our best players against their worst players," said Haywood, a tactic common at every level of football. Before being hired by Miami, the 46 year old Haywood was passed over for head coaching jobs at Houston, Minnesota and Washington. Pederson said Haywood was one of five head coaches he interviewed, but was the only one who was brought to campus and offered the job. He estimated he spent 20 hours with Haywood before hiring him. Haywood is the first black head coach in a major men's sport at Pitt. Haywood plans to interview all of Pitt's assistants, although he said he likely would retain only one or two. Offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti Jr. is seen as a future Division I head coach, but it is uncertain if he will stay on..

Chocolate as GiftChocolate for Valentines is what this article is about. You'll find lots of Chocolate Gifts on this page, chocolate customize, different chocolate flavors. I even made a section for the British visitors: Chocolate UK. Chocolate as Gift is all about the Love and Respect you feel for the person(s) you've locked in your heart. Valentine au Chocolat I used to call this article (yes I know I srewed up my url for this page, typed aux in stead of au, but that won't change the fact that also the French people would love to get Chocolate for Valentine. February 14 is the day that many Chocolat Flavors find their way to chocolate lovers. So be my guest and scroll down to find the best Chocolate gift for Valentine. I always wonder why Chocolate hearts are mostly given to women and hardly ever to men. Can't imagine that men don't like chocolate as much as women. I know my man loves it even more than I do. So why don't you give your male Valentine a Chocolate Heart this year? You know. Chocolate is the sweetest Gift you can give and specially if you make it yourself How to melt Chocolate in a proper way in order to keep it smoothly If you want to melt Chocolate, you might need a melting potYou can melt chocolate in a normal pot, but it's much easier to use a special chocolate melting pot. I don't have one yet, but I'm certainly planning on buying one myself, because I think it will help my kitchen to get less messy. Oh WOW, that would be a nice gift, wouldn't it. Don't forget this saying Ladies: "The love of a man goes right through his stomach". So fill your man's stomach with sweet chocolate strawberries and he will love you forever. In most videos you can find either the recipe itself or a link to a website where it's written down. Vegan, gluten free, and decadent, this simple but delicious recipe will impre. How about Chocolate?What is chocolate made of? Find out in this article Well. How about Chocolate! Everybody knows chocolate, loves it or dislikes it, but do you know what chocolate actually is made of? Who invented chocolate . 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM ,Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan 6 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Air Jordan 10 Bulls Over Broadway Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red Air Jordan 10 Bulls Over Broadway Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red And thus it has come to pass that the gargantuan operation that was the filming of Tudors has come to an end. The days of cavorting in the Wicklow hillsides, brooding at extravagant balls and seeing off wife after wife has come to an end for Jonathan Rhys Meyers Henry Tudor. The historical drama series from Showtime has introduced an image of unparalleled glamour and sexiness into the Tudor era. It chronicles the life and times of King Henry VIII, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and sheds light on his veritable parade of wives and (sometimes questionable) political moves that changed the face of England, and beyond. The show, shot entirely in Ireland, has proved to be immensely popular with audiences around the world when broadcast on BBC in August of this year the first episode of the penultimate series saw an average audience of 2.3 million tuning in. Michael Hirst Well it was actually an accident that I started to write Tudors it was the same situation as someone approached me to write it and I did. But it was a very happy accident of course, they are just fantastically rich and dramatic episodes of history. As to my interest in that period of time, Henry and indeed Elizabeth are very iconic English monarchs and more seemed to happen within English society and religious life during their reigns than in any other period during English history. After all, we stopped being a catholic country and became a protestant country in a very short period of time and certainly writing The Tudors which is like thirty eight hours of TV I was never short of material, I never had to scratch my head and think do I go now? because there was always something very, very dramatic happening. I love historical material anyway and this time is so rich and fascinating. Many people still think of Henry as this big bloated fat guy that they see in portraits but that was only the case in the last years of his life. People know, or knew, very little about Henry early life and there are a lot of clich about Henry and his wives which people have accepted uncritically and I was interested to examine and humanise these. And I was aware, of course, that it had to be entertaining because if drama isn entertaining it won work and, ultimately, it will be pulled. Tudors episodes have been helmed by several directors. Talent such as Emmy winner Dearbhla Walsh (Little Dorrit), Jeremy Podeswa (The Five Senses) and Steve Shill (Dexter) joined Ciar Donnelly in bring Michael Hirst vision to life. Donnelly, who won an Irish Film Television Award in 2009 for his work on the series, describes how the concept of Tudors was explained firstly to Michael Hirst and subsequently passed on: Ciar Donnelly The vision or idea of the series is very, very simple. The idea of the series, as it was pitched to Michael, is West Wing in the Tudor era so essentially you got a president or a king and a number of people who are or are not on his side, politically speaking. The power that this man has is God like, he has the power of life over death. And that was basically it it a court; a political court, a social court, a gossip court. . . it essentially a precinct. Armed with this vision of Tudors cast and crew set to work in May 2006. Sometimes you can tell beforehand, you don know and all you can do is hope that you are writing something that will connect with people but you can know that it is going to happen. And then when you slowly become aware that it is happening then you feel humbled and moved. There is still a kind of magic to it. So, what has been the secret to success of Tudors Michael has a theory: MH: There are a number of things at play. I think the show works at a soap opera level and I think people get embedded in the characters simply through wanting to know what happens next. I think in America it called to Television once you start watching it you can stop because you are desperate to know what happens and, of course, with Tudors I think the audiences is often involved in the story, in the characters and, as I say, the production values were extremely high and it seemed to work across cultures, ages and sexes although I would say probably the biggest audience for the Tudors is women. I think another reason why these things have worked so well is because I never looked at the show from the outside in I didn look at Henry as an iconic being, I looked at the show from the point of view of the characters human beings in extreme situations and then wondered how they would react, as human beings, in those situations and I think that people connect with that. I have taken these people out of the museum and that is the simplest way of putting it. Director Ciar Donnelly has further musings on the subject, describing how different directors brought their creativity to the series. CD: I think each director brought new elements to the show. We are all given a script which we have to make work. We want to try and put our stamp on it, keep it visually interesting and try to get scenes out of the sets and onto locations as much as we can so there is a constant discussion going on which means everyone is on the same wavelength. You are not introducing a system, as such, but what individual directors have been able to do on this show (unlike a lot of US TV shows) is to put our own stamp on it in terms of how we would visualise things and I think it is only fair to say that you might spot a Dearbhla episode being different to a Ciar episode which in turn is different to a Jeremy Podeswa episode. If you familiar with the show you can probably spot the changes, which adds an extra layer to the show. Furthermore, I think the directors are well fitted to their episodes, for example in the third series the first four episodes are about a rebellion against King Henry which is called The Pilgrim of Grace. That was a four hour story line and they needed a director who was visually cinematic in television terms, could handle action, some battle scenes and things like that as well as a strong character actors director they chose me for that. Then there would perhaps be another director who wouldn have been appropriate for that but would have been more character led. What they do is they say director fits this storyline that is really how they divide it up and it works the best, obviously. Tudors has come under fire somewhat for giving audiences a version of the historic events shown in the series. So what was more important to the team historic accuracy or aesthetically pleasing television and scandalous storylines? MH: Well, I am first and foremost a dramatist I was commissioned in the case of Tudors to write dramas not historical biographies or historical programmes. If I had been asked to write historical documentaries I would have gone about it in a different way. In terms of showing Tudor life, the show is remarkably true to history as reported by historians (but you can always trust historians because they contradict each other anyway). I am often criticised by people (who honestly don know the history themselves) and one historian in particular who has attacked me consistently, and though I think it is drama before all else Tudors is remarkably true to the general thrust of history. But, there more than just that I know for a fact because I get a lot of feedback that the show encourages people to go and look at the history books themselves, it galvanises the study of history and not just here but in America and all over the world. Tudors is now being shown in over 70 countries so many, many millions of people are watching it and absorbed by it and, as I say, it is encouraging the study of history. Now, although that is not one of my objectives it has been one of the results and I am extremely pleased. And when it came to the locations used in the four series was historical accuracy paramount or did logistics rule? Locations Manager Edmund Samson explains: Edmund Sampson: Time and accessibility are huge considerations but primarily it is the aesthetics that I look for. If (production designer) Tom Conroy and his team can achieve something beautiful within that environment we primarily look at that and then after that we service it to be historically correct. The show audiences have been privy to King Henry strolling around the grounds of Christ Church, riding across the hills of Wicklow and have seen Dublin Castle transformed into the Vatican City. Did Michael have Ireland in mind when he wrote Tudors MH No, I was developing the series with Showtime and initially I didn have any clue of where they were thinking of shooting it. They then revealed they were going to shoot it in Ireland, partly because of the tax breaks and also because they had a relationship with Morgan O at Ardmore. So I met Morgan for the first time then and we are really the best of friends now, very close. It has been an incredible journey for me with him, with the whole crew and set up in Ireland was fantastic, I miss that yearly experience probably more then anything else. Just going over to Ireland for three or four months every year has been an extraordinary and wonderful experience for me and the crew, I don think you would get a crew like that in any other country, certainly not in America or England. They were absolutely wonderful and professional and I just had a ball. And did location manager Edmund Sampson have as good of a time finding the required locations? ES: The thing about Tudors is that it was a mammoth undertaking nobody had done anything of this scale in television drama before in Ireland and it posed a series of challenges. There were two elements that worked together when we were considering our various locations: a) aesthetically how they worked for Tom Conroy and b) practically if we could film them, whether they were nearby and accessible etc. And that why the close knit environment of Ardmore, the rest of Wicklow and Dublin was such a successful location and position for us to be in because in a very small area we had a series of fantastic locations that enabled us to achieve the award winning look of Tudors You can hop from an army on the rise marching over the hill to Henry walking through his gardens with whichever wife he was with at the time and then you hop into Dublin and you have amazing locations like Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Jail, the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, Drimnagh Castle the Phoenix Park and all these things are so close together which obviously helped us achieve the huge undertaking in a very brief period of time. The true beauty of the environment we had to shoot in Dublin, Ardmore and Wicklow is that, within a very small space, you have such a diverse and wealth of beautiful locations that are suitable for the portrayal of any environment and any period. Ciar Donnelly very much concurred with these sentiments and saw to it that he made use of all the locations he could: CD: One of the only things Showtime wanted was that we kept the camera moving and that Tudors wouldn be a group of talking heads in the same room for long periods of time. So you keep the camera moving, come up with interesting blocking, do your best to remove scenes from interior set locations to the outside world which, of course, is the whole point of television. With Ardmore in Bray, Wicklow, just being down the road and with Christ Church in town and all the other stunning locations that we have been able to shoot in being so close, it is up to the director to get the production out and about and fight for that. 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM,HomenewsAstro Bob blog: Twin solar storms may stoke auroras tonight Sept. 11 12 HeadlinesNorthland temps dipped into the 20s Thursday morningHealth notes: Essentia Health to offer class on the risks of COPDMatters of record for Sept. 11Road trip: See Communist Daughter in HaywardA Notes: American Scarecrows to play The RexCalifornia country: Jon Pardi says grandmother influenced his musical tastesfeaturesBRUCE WALLIS: Roasted, savory beets HeadlinesHoroscopes for Sept. 11, 2014Eh?: You're the bestEh?: All lit up againRECIPE EXCHANGE: Chicken Chili Wonton BitesoutdoorsCool, wet spring might have suppressed grouse numbers HeadlinesMN DNR Weekly Report for Sept. 8, 2014Outdoors notesDo it: Watch the subtle migrationBucks only archery hunt approaches, except in metro areaspursuitsDreadnoughtus made T. Rex look puny HeadlinesMore Dean's Lists for Spring 2014Helping Out for September 7, 2014Astro Bob: Asteroids collide and a planet is bornDuluth woman's memoir retraces daughter's adoption.

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