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Sejdi Koci, the silver haired principal of a village grade school, was driving home earlier this month when automatic gunfire exploded from the side of the road, shattering the windows of his brown Citroen."There's not much to describe," he says, sitting on the edge of his hospital bed in Pristina, Kosovo's capital, his neck wrapped in bandages. "I heard shooting. I put my hand to my throat and drove up the road."The attack was not without warning. Mr. Koci is the local president of an Albanian opposition party, and he and his associates say they receive frequent threats. On the same evening about 30 miles away near the town of Podujevo, another political activist, Agim Valiu, also was shot and wounded.While media attention has focused largely on violence between ethnic Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo, UN police reports show most violence is committed by Albanians against other Albanians, who make up 90 percent of the population. Most of it is ordinary crime grabs for property or money, turf wars, domestic disputes, the settling of old grudges. Yet Western officials and UN police believe that a small but significant part is politically motivated. And they expect such incidents to become more frequent in the runup to elections set for late October.The attacks and intimidation threaten to mar what Western officials hope will be the next big step toward democratic self rule in Kosovo, the southern province of Serbia that has been under NATO and United Nations control since June 1999."There's a long history of Albanian political violence," says William Hayden, an official of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe who works in central Kosovo. "It can get nasty."Political activists have been shot at and killed. They have been kidnapped and beaten. They have had grenades tossed into their yards. Their cars have been set on fire. More frequently, officials believe, they have been threatened and intimidated.The extent of the problem remains hidden from outsiders. But some murders and attempted murders have led to suspicions of political assassination.In May, Ekrem Rexha, a prominent former commander in the Kosovo Liberation Army, the ethnic Albanian rebel force that fought Serb rule, was gunned down outside his home in the southern city of Prizren. Mr. Rexha had been working closely with UN officials and had shunned the extreme nationalism of other former KLA leaders.In late July, a bomb exploded in the yard of an activist near Dragash, in southern Kosovo; he decided to give up politics. Last week, at least two activists in different parts of Kosovo were shot at in their homes.Officials say most incidents have targeted members of the Democratic League of Kosovo, the main ethnic Albanian party in Kosovo since 1989. The LDK, as it is known, is the party of Ibrahim Rugova, a scholar whose pacifist principles guided Albanian resistance to Serb rule in Kosovo until the KLA took up arms in 1998.In one recent incident, the shop of an LDK activist in Mr. Thaci's home village was sprayed with automatic gunfire the second such attack since November.Thaci's party potentially has much to lose in the elections, which are for municipal offices only. After Serb forces withdrew last year, the KLA occupied town halls and public institutions across Kosovo and set up its own provincial government."These guys are not going to give up power that easily," says Dardan Gashi, a political analyst with the International Crisis Group, a US based research organization with an office in Pristina.UN police also suspect organized crime is involved in some of the violence. They say that criminal groups engaged in racketeering, smuggling, and prostitution rely on close links to some people in power. The prospect of losing these connections and the income they generate may make them ill disposed toward the LDK.Officials say the problem is the worst in the Drenica region of Kosovo, the KLA's heartland and a stronghold of Thaci's party. Srbica, where Koci is the local LDK president, is one of the main towns in Drenica.Local LDK vice president Fadil Gecaj says threats and attacks have prevented local activists from opening party offices. "Someone tells my friends to get away from me, otherwise they will be threatened, too," he says. "We are working quietly," he adds.But the leader of the Democratic Party in Srbica, Ramadan Gashi, denies that its supporters engage in political violence. "These are lies and propaganda," he says. "We don't need to threaten any other parties."Privately, international officials and UN police say some of the violence can be traced to officials high in Thaci's party, which has already disaffected many Kosovars for what they perceive as arrogant and thuggish behavior. "There are direct links right down," says a member of the UN police force, who asked not to be identified.Some members of the Kosovo Protection Corps, set up by NATO to respond to civil emergencies and help with reconstruction, have been implicated in attacks. The organization, known as the TMK, is largely made up of former KLA fighters. "It's very clear that the TMK is totally behind Thaci and is involved in intimidation," says Mr. Gashi of the International Crisis Group.More peacekeepers wantedThe NATO led peacekeeping force has asked for 2,000 reinforcements for the campaign season. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which is organizing the vote, says it will tolerate no political violence. But few people believe that either the peacekeepers or UN police can stop it."There are a lot of elements who are spoiling for a fight," says a senior official in the UN administration. "I haven't seen anything in how we deal with ethnic violence that shows we have the tools to address it. That does not bode well." Air Jordan 12 Retro Obsidian White French Blue University Blue ,Air Jordan 10 Retro Chicago Bulls Air Jordan 13 Squadron Blue Air Jordan 4 Retro Military Blue Air Jordan 3 Wolf Grey Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Bobcats Air Jordan 12 Retro Obsidian White French Blue University Blue Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue Air Jordan 3 Powder Blue Obituaries/Death NoticesHUXMAN Melissa K. "Missy", 17, of Oklahoma City, passed away August 12, 2000. She was born in Oklahoma City on April 17, 1983. She is survived by her parents, Craig and Kay Huxman, one brother, Reggie Huxman, grandparents, Jim and Sharon Dickson of OKC, Ron and Delores Huxman of Arnold, KS, and a host of aunts, uncles, cousins, and many, many, friends. Missy loved animals, children, and loved to play paintball, where she made many friends. She had plans to go to school to be in a child care field or to work with animals. Missy was a joy to be around and always carried a smile. She had a great sense of humor and made friends wherever she went. Missy's death will leave a hole in our lives that will never be filled. Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at Bill Merritt Memorial Chapel. Blackburn Cemetery, 1/4 mile south of the intersection of Franklin Rd. and 84th Ave. east of Norman. 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As getting a consequence of their restless naturel and adventurous spirit they practically obviously wander on every single single kind of surfaces and examine just about every last personal corner of one's yard and playground. These involve individuals who get the occupation carried out in carpet cleansing enterprises, farmers, mechanics and in some scenarios landscapers. Their employment on a regular basis comprise treading on damp or dirty ground. Plenty of the things within this individual merchandise line are specially constructed with breathable webbing to assist you despite the fact that in the drying technique. Adhering to guidance for that clean is generally important, as an illustration, practically all of them speak to for very mild detergent and also a medium cycle. The usage of sizzling water is probable to harm them. adhere for your drying directions also so that you ought to genuinely possess the skill to advantage in the use of these walkers for only a extended time to come. Air Jordan 12 Retro Obsidian White French Blue University Blue WHEN he was Carlow senior football manager, Liam Hayes caused controversy by suggesting that the county colours be changed. It wasn like Carlow had enjoyed much success wearing the unique triple combination, he reasoned.Hayes was, unsurprisingly, unsuccessful people are quite attached to their county colours but maybe after last Saturday, it time to reopen the debate. When the referee ordered them to change shirts due to a colour clash, Carlow re emerged in Eire white. Just over an hour later, they were in the All Ireland Masters final, and Mayo dreams of three in a row had evaporated.The game switched from Athlone to in Co Offaly attracted a family crowd, but was delayed by 25 minutes amid talk that a referee was being sought. When the action eventually got under way, Carlow or more specifically Willie Quinlan made most of the running, with three successful frees in the first 18 minutes. It was full blooded stuff, with hard hits and hamstring twinges visible all over the field.Mayo, missing Ger Butler due to injury, got their opening score from wing forward Tom Morrin, although even some green and red supporters reckoned the ball was wide of the target. Carlow substitute John Brennan extended his side lead after good work by Brendan Hayden and John Smithers, but Mayo, who shot seven wides in the first half, finally got into their stride in its closing stages.The superb Kieran Carey, who was a huge loss when he had to go off injured in the second half, linked up with Martin McLoughlin before John Horan got on the scoresheet. Noel Stagg ended a nice move with a well taken point, and while Carlow Johnny Nevin (fresh from playing both club hurling and football during the week) countered with a score on the burst, Mayo captain Pat Fallon profited from a poor clearance to reduce the deficit to a single point, 0 5 to 0 4.That was still the score at half time, but not before Carlow Joe Murphy and Mayo Gerard Sheridan had been shown straight red cards after off the ball incidents had been spotted by an umpire. Six yellow cards were also shown over the course of the hour.Within two minutes of the restart, Kieran Carey and Paul Jordan had played their part before Noel Stagg landed a beautiful point. The sides were level, but that, unfortunately, was as good as things got for Mayo. Two points apiece from Joe Brennan (the second a long range free) and Peter Byrne gave Carlow some breathing space, and it was time for Mikes Jennings and Morris to ring the changes. Tom Grealis, Pat Ruane, Liam Niland and Declan Conway joined the sockless P Flannery on the field of play, and Johnny Leonard hit back with a fine point from out on the right.But the opening goal of the game left Mayo with a mountain to climb. It came after 42 minutes, as Willie Quinlan found the net after Peter Byrne had knocked the ball down. Mayo kept battling, and with John Pat Sheridan defending superbly, Leonard converted a free. Then, after a great run by Se Grealis, Niland played his part before Stagg shot was turned over by the bar by Carlow netminder John Kearns. At the other end, Mayo goalkeeper Declan O did superbly to deny Muiris Brick, but Brendan Hayden was on hand to tap over the rebound.Another Johnny Leonard free (won by Pat Fallon) left four between the sides, but Carlow sub Ken Renwick pointed moments after being introduced, and there was a brief cameo appearance for Carlow Hughie Brennan (a Swinford native and former Mayo minor). used: P Flannery for Hession (15 mins); T Grealis for Carey (35 mins, inj); P Ruane for Horan (37 mins); L Niland for Morrin (41 mins); D Conway for Jordan (41 mins).Sep 09, 2014: Connelly in the running for Mayo job?FOOTBALL The odds on Noel Connelly becoming the next Mayo senior football manager tumbled over the weekend.

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