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and will wind participants through Detroit, ending in time for the opening day of the Public Show. "This is a great way to celebrate Michigan's auto industry and to showcase the city of Detroit. It's this type of innovation that makes our state such an exciting place to live, work and play." The Shuffle combines two icons of Detroit: the Detroit Riverfront and the North American International Auto Show, and brings awareness to the many trails, bike lanes and walking paths in the city. The route will follow the Detroit RiverFront and take participants up the Dequindre Cut, highlighting the safe and walkable routes Detroit offers."Collaborating with Rod Alberts from the Auto Show and Tony Michaels at the Parade Company to create the Auto Show Shuffle was an opportunity we could not pass up," said Marilyn Lieber, President and CEO of the Michigan Fitness Foundation. "By highlighting the Riverfront route as a safe place to recreate and building off the excitement of the Auto Show we have created an event unlike any other 5K in Michigan." More: Official website of North American International Auto ShowThe Auto Show Shuffle is the combination of efforts among five organizations that have a shared passion for showing people how to get active in Detroit. Participating organizations include: North American International Auto Show, the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, the Parade Company, the Michigan Fitness Foundation, and the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness, Sports and Health. Read: Top 10 songs to crank while driving The views expressed below are not those of Click On Detroit, WDIV, or its affiliated companies. By clicking on "Post," you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Service and your comment is in compliance with such terms. Readers, please help keep this discussion respectful and on topic by flagging comments that are offensive or inappropriate (hover over the commenter's name and you'll see the flag option appear on right side of that line). And remember, respect goes both ways: Tolerance of others' opinions is important in a free discourse. If you're easily offended by strong opinions, you might skip reading comments entirely. 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Our Privacy Policy explains how we store personal information and how you may access, correct or complain about the handling of personal information. Air Jordan 9 Olive 2012,jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/FrugalSportsuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. Please remember to tag your post using the correct flair: If you are looking for advice or have a request, please use the [Request] tag. If you would like to discuss something with the community, please use the [Discussion] tag. If you have a deal or sale you want to share with the community, please use the [Deal] tag. So, if you found a sale at Puma for example, your title should read: "[Deal] 15% off all t shirts at Puma until Tuesday" Where possible, please state in the title of your post if there are specific countries which the store does or does not ship to. For example, certain stores will only deliver to the US. 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Cheap Authentic Air Jordan 9 Olive 2012,Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue I always enjoy speaking to an audience which comprises a large proportion of engineers and this evening is clearly such an occasion. I am honoured to have been invited to deliver this lecture in your series entitled in the World You will be aware that my own discipline, like many of you, is Chemical Engineering, indeed, as you heard in the introduction I am currently President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers as well as being Chair of Great Britain Health and Safety Executive. It therefore follows that the ideas and the examples I lay before you this evening will have a chemical engineering bias, but I will also endeavour to point out how some of the issues apply in other engineering disciplines. You will, I am sure, be aware that I am not an expert in the field of research so I will not be attempting to go into the detailed areas which some members of this audience are far more qualified to speak on. What I am going to talk about is the context in which we are all operating, whatever we do in our role as engineers. You can see that the title of my presentation is about managing Risk, Delivering Benefits and Sustainability. Slide 2 Society attitude to risk Inevitably given my day job, I will focus on risk in the context of Engineering Safety. But, that said, I believe my arguments can be applied to other types of risk even financial risk. One thing is for sure, irrespective of discipline, any journey of discovery which identifies new products, techniques and processes will involve taking risks. Why am I so sure of that? Because everything we do in our lives all of the time involves risk taking and hopefully some risk management which I will come on to so it would be absurd to ignore the risks generated by and involved in the discovery and commercialisation of products and processes in engineering or in any other discipline. The fact is though that people do. Society attitude to risk is complex. Many of us have an irrational fear of flying and prefer to drive hundreds of miles in a car rather than take a plane or even a train despite the evidence being very clear that the risks associated with driving to one destination are significantly higher. Despite overwhelming evidence that smoking causes lung cancer and has many other seriously damaging health effects, there are still those who choose to smoke because they have convinced themselves that won happen to them Yet those same people may have given up eating beef more than 10 years ago or stopped buying beef burgers from the supermarket in response to the more recent horsemeat scandal because of concerns about the risks. Research has already provided us with some insights into what impacts upon attitudes to risk whether people feel a risk is imposed upon them rather than a risk they choose to take for themselves. What is also clear is that risks with which people are familiar are given less attention and do not create the same level of alarm or unease as risks associated with the new and unknown. When catastrophic events occur, people awareness of risks and their consequences are significantly heightened. In the world of engineering, both in industry and academe, we have seen this in the wake of some very significant events around the world Buncefield in 1974, Bhopal in 1985, Piper Alpha in 1988, Texas City in 2005, Macondo in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, the Nimrod disaster, the spaceship Challenger and many more. But we also know that that heightened sense of risk does not last. It is easy to accept in a way that it fades with time but the more worrying part of this is that people fail to learn which means that similar mistakes keep being made around the world. Slide 3 Challenges I will return to my theme of risk management later, but now I want to move on to some of the challenges we face in the world of engineering. In fact, the challenges we face in engineering are the challenges of our planet. The population currently stands at around 7 billion people and is projected to reach 9 billion in less than 40 years time a 30 percent increase on an ecosystem that is already overloaded. For nine billion people to stay alive they will need access to clean water, affordable food, housing, clothing, transport, healthcare and energy supplies. Most will expect to have access to communications and entertainment they will want what they see others have. You will note of course that all of these needs and wants are the products of engineering. But we also have to address the challenges of climate change even if the population were projected to remain static for the next 40 years, achieving the sort of reductions in global emissions thought necessary to prevent the worst impacts of climate change would be a challenge in itself. But achieving a 50 percent reduction in emissions becomes even harder when we are trying to do it at the same time as the population is increasing by 30 percent and they too are demanding access to the same goods and services which create emissions. One thing that is absolutely clear is that none of this can possible be achieved without engineers. It may sound grand, but it is not an exaggeration to say that our mission is to save our planet to deliver sustainable solutions to these massive challenges that we face. All too often our focus is exclusively on the narrow spectrum of the work that we happen to be involved in. For me, one of the great pleasures, and privileges of being President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers has been the opportunity it provides for me to talk about the bigger picture. Sir James Dyson put it plainly when he said that are the people who can create practical solutions to our 21st century challenges of sustainability. And we need more of them Engineering has been the catalyst to industrialisation that has increased the efficiency of production and access to all manner of goods and services. I am confident that we can make the technological leaps required to meet the challenges of the future because we have shown we can do it in the past. But only if we work from the bigger picture and see the contributions which we all make in industry, in academia and research and in the public sector in that context. Slide 4 Engineering solutions IChemE has recently published an updated review of technical strategy and positioning. The document is called Chemical Engineering Matters and it describes the chemical engineering response which is needed to the challenges of sustainability in the 21st century. It is an important and living document which every chemical engineer student, researcher, academic, industrialist should read. It describes the bigger picture agenda for the next 10 15 years at least and it is important that we all identify where we fit into the various vistas. The challenges are well rehearsed and I already mentioned them: Energy, Food and Nutrition, Water, Health and Well being, Transport, Housing, Infrastructure. But there are other cross cutting issues which run through all of these themes which we must take into account. These include safety and sustainability. It points very strongly to the need for greater levels of collaboration and interdisciplinary work. The themes and new ways of working more collaboratively need to be reflected throughout Engineering Education, Training and in assessing Research needs. Other Engineering Institutions have similar documents. At that level we are all abundantly clear that engineers have a pivotal role to play in creating, maintaining and improving the quality of life of people in the developed and developing worlds alike. We must also see Engineering itself in a broader context expanding how we see the Universe of Engineering itself to take into account newer disciplines such as biotechnologies, digital technologies and we need to acknowledge that the routes to becoming a professional engineer are also becoming more diverse. The Royal Academy of Engineering already estimates that only 60 percent of current engineering professionals are educated to degree level. There are multiple pathways and routes to engineering and we must factor this into how we respond to the challenges of the present and the future. I contend that there has never been a more exciting or more challenging time to be an engineer. But one particular dilemma we face is that we live in a society which feels very comfortable in the developed world despite the recent global economic crisis. One of the consequences of people feeling comfortable and safe is that they become very risk averse especially as I said earlier when they perceive that the risk is being imposed on them by someone else. Numerous studies have made it clear that here in the UK we are facing a period for the next 10 15 years where our energy generating capacity is going to be very tight. In the event of severe weather for a prolonged period, or an interruption in supply of gas and/or other fuel which we import there is a real risk that we will see power interruptions the lights will go out. But people behaviour is slow to recognise the reality of this risk or the things that the public, Government business and of course engineers need to do to address it. Slide 5 Re focus research As I said I do not intend to talk this evening about the specific areas of pure and applied technical research which may be required to address the energy challenge or indeed the many other engineering challenges which we must take on. But what I do want to talk about is the need for us to re focus some of our research and our teaching into what are often referred to as the skills of Engineering by which I mean areas like systems thinking, leadership, project management, risk management, communication, how we learn, what stops us from learning. In summary we need to better understand how many aspects of human behaviour play such an important part in how engineering works and succeeds or alternatively fails in the real world. Air Jordan 9 Olive 2012 Wood basketball lockers offer basketball players a place to keep every piece of clothing and equipment. They have a greater storage volume than practically any competing type of locker. They also provide the player with a way to organize clothing and equipment in specific areas. Then the time to hit the court arrives, the player can find everything he or she needs in an instant without having to fumble through the locker to retrieve it. These stadium lockers are also highly aesthetic. They are ideal for professional basketball teams, NCAA locker rooms, and varsity high school basketball teams. Made from three quarter inch thick red plywood, they are coated with 3 coats of clear lacquer finish to make them water resistant. The locker is ventilated to keep materials dry and odor free. Basketball lockers are divided into five specific storage sections. Each section can be used at the players discretion to store a variety of equipment types. However, there is something about this design that appears almost made for basketball itself. Certain items just seem to belong in certain places. Take, for example, the shelf storage area at the very top of the locker itself. There simply is no better place to store a basketball. The sides of the locker extend slightly above the shelf on both sides so the ball will not roll off onto the floor. This is also an ideal place to store another pair of shoes as well. Just beneath this top shelf, the basketball locker has a second storage area that is divided into two separate sections. The first section is a security box with a door that closes and locks. The door measures 11 by 12 by 12, giving the player plenty of volume to store all of his or her valuables. Next to this security box, there is an open cubby that provides the player with an area to store several smaller items. Players who wear goggles to protect their eyes during the game can place their goggles here. Knee pads and elbow pads can also be place in this area for convenient retrieval during suit up. The most impressive portion of the basketball locker, however, is the open middle section. This section looks much like a closet without a door. It is spacious, with a chrome rod that goes across the entire top. This rod offers plenty of room to hang several practice uniforms. Players can also keep their official game uniform over to one side, separate from practice clothing. At the bottom of the basketball locker is a foot locker storage unit. This unit closes with a ventilated door that keeps air circulating throughout its interior. Players can keep more than one pair of shoes here, and they can also store several pair of game socks. One added advantage offered by this foot locker is that its top is sturdy enough to support a players weight. He or she can turn around, sit down on the foot locker, and put on socks and shoes. In civic centers that may not be able to afford player benches for locker rooms, this is a money saver for local sports facilities.

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