2014 Cheap Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue Store Online Clearancesale 2014 Get 85 Discount. Air Jordan 6 Infrared 2014 Original Quality Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue Wish You Have a Good Shopping Time Here Charlotte Central School librarian, Heidi Huestis, and para educator Alexis Krech challenged students to read 1,200 books this year in honor of The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award contest. It Vermont children choice award for grades 4 8, founded in 1957. Huestis and Krech told students if they read 1,200 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award books they would dye their hair pink. "It was just one of those books that you just can't put down," seventh grader Eli Sanchez, 13, said of Prince of Mist. Sanchez was one of about 250 Charlotte Central School students who took on a Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award reading challenge set forth by brave librarian Heidi Huestis. She asked her students to read 1,200 books. They did, and as a result, she has florescent pink hair. Last year, she dyed her hair blue, the official Dorothy Canfield Fisher color, Huestis said. "I told them I would do it if they read 1,000 DCF books and the kids ran with it," she said. She put out the idea of another challenge this school year on her blog, and the students were quick to suggest that she up the ante to 1,200 books. They also said she should dye her hair pink if they succeeded. By January students grades three through eight read a total of 1,232 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award winning titles. "The students suggested we expand the challenge to include all DCF books, not just the current choices," Huestis said. "That's 50 plus years of quality literature to go and explore the library shelves. Perfect for my plan to get them reading widely." The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award winning book is chosen by Vermont children. Charlotte Central School para educator and soccer coach, Alexis Krech of Charlotte, joined in on the fun this year. "I love adolescent literature, and I wanted to participate as much as the kids did, so I asked Heidi if I could jump on board," Krech said pointing to her long pink hair. "I know so many of the kids. I knew if I could get on board, we could get more kids reading." Aside from keeping an online log of books they liked best, students browsed the library shelves more, Huestis said. "It's about getting them talking about these books with each other and with the adults in their lives," she said. "I'm trying to make a reading community here." Electronic books come in handy when titles are out at the library. It gives better access to books, she said. "It's not the same library that I had growing up, by any means, that's for sure," Huestis said. Seventh grader Eli Sanchez, 13, said he thought pink hair was cool, but he would have read the books just the same. His favorite this year was Prince of Mist. Other books he liked were Stuck on Earth, Smile and Belly Up. Krech said she was proud of the students. "We are celebrating their effort," she said. Huestis added, "Students can't help but smile when they see us. They like to see teachers looking really funky. I don't mind, as long as they are reading." Brava to these dedicated educators! I dyed my hair odd colors from time to time since high school, mainly to fight the monochromatic winter doldrums this time of year. Last year, I went bright pink too, much to the delight of the kids in my sons school where I very active. But then I was elected PTO president that spring, and since then, the pink hair has become an identifier for parents who don know me any other way. I afraid to change it to any other color, for fear I suddenly be incognito in the school community! This is awesome. The idea to get kids reading is AWESOME. With the numbers being so high with children reading now it goes to show there isn idea too strange that will prompt them to try to read. I applaud you two for stepping up and encouraging them. Now to get more to dye their hair and read as well. Perhaps that will encourage them to read more as well. Having fun while we read is even better for students. To encourage them to read; is off the charts and helps them to read better. (But we don want them know that do we?) AWESOME job Heidi Huestis and Alexis Krech for encouraging the students. Peanut collectingJerry Russin on A passion for Mr. Peanut collectingAviation and Aerospace Careers Class mvu after school on Highgate center provides kids options in aviationnike free run 3 on Milton teen swims across the lakeArchives.

Hides of animals are usually used in making shoes, jackets, rugs and gloves. This is because it's hard and doesn't break easily. However, tanning hides is also a hobby for some hunters and animal keepers. These are being used as decorations and serve as memories for hunting trips of hunters. If you got a cow and want to tan the hide, the materials you will need are alum tanning solution, curing shed and table, salt, mink oil or saddle soap and scraper or a knife. Here are the steps you need to follow in tanning a cowhide: Lay the hide on a big table with the furry side facing down. Using the scraper or knife, remove the flesh and fat attached to the cowhide. Since a cowhide is huge, you need to be very patient in scraping it. To make the work faster, you may want to ask others to help you in doing this. Once done scraping, place the cowhide under a shed to keep it from the sun. Make sure that furry side is facing down then pour salt onto the side without fur. 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Army began working with OSHA in 2003 through a Strategic Partnership Program to improve the health and safety standards for civilian workers at its military installations. The army and OSHA formed this partnership with the primary goal of reducing civilian worker fatalities, injuries and injuries by 3 percent annually. Through the partnership, individual army installations work with OSHA representatives to improve their workplace safety. Department of Defense (DoD) must meet or exceed OSHA standards, though they are exempt from OSHA regulations, according to the Hearing Conservation Program: A Briefing for Forces Afloat. The goal of the Hearing Conservation Program is to prevent hearing loss for military and civilian personnel. In order to meet OSHA regulations, navy and DoD personnel must conduct noise surveys to determine which individuals may be subjected to potentially hazardous noises, develop methods for enclosing potentially hazardous noises, provide protective hearing equipment, monitor noise levels and educate personnel who may be subjected to hazardous noises. Civilian employees working in military facilities are covered by OSHA regulations when they work on equipment, operations and systems that are not uniquely military. Therefore, many military facilities, operations, procedures and equipment are subject to OSHA standards in order to protect the health and safety of civilian employees. Coast Guard must be compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 for its civilian employees with regards to the workplace environment, operations, equipment and procedures when the civilian operations regard uniquely military operations, systems and equipment. Coast Guard facilities, where civilian employees work on activities that are not uniquely military with equipment, operations and systems that are not uniquely military. While OSHA does not cover the health and safety of uniformed military personnel working on uniquely military operations and activities, OSHA regulations are applicable when military activities and operations are not uniquely military. In general, an activity is considered to be not uniquely military when the workplace or activity is comparable to a private sector workplace or activity, as determined by the DoD. Not uniquely military activities may include vehicle repair, construction, civil engineering, medical services and office operations. However, military operations, equipment and systems are excluded from OSHA regulations when military activities relate to the design of DoD equipment and systems that are to be used for national defense, such as military aircraft, missiles, artillery, tanks and tactical vehicles. Who Does OSHA Apply To? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces the regulations set forth in the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. OSHA. Army and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) started working together in 2003 to make conditions safer at civilian. Army Regulation OSHA Standards OSHA Requirements for the Military. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for developing and enforcing workplace standards to . Army Hazcom Training HAZCOM is Army acronym for Hazard Communication a standard of work safety that was first implemented in 1983. . (OSHA), under. Fire Retardant Clothing Requirements Their hazardous occupations require fire retardant clothing that complies with OSHA regulations and National Fire Protection . OSHA Reportable. . Army Regulation OSHA Standards. In the fall of 2003, the Army and the Occupational Safety and.

2015 Cheap Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue,Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue Big comebacks by Parker and Tim Duncan weren't enough for San Antonio. Parker looked like he did in Game 2, a 38 point performance in which he was constantly driving for scores in a victory that evened the series. Duncan followed his worst playoff game ever, four points and two rebounds in Game 3, with 25 points and 10 rebounds. After Parker and Duncan helped push the Spurs to a 55 51 halftime lead, Howard hit a 3 pointer to open the second half. By the time Howard made another three minutes later, after Jason Kidd hit one, Dallas led 64 58. When San Antonio got the ball back, Parker had another drive and the ball was swiped away by Dirk Nowitzki. Then Duncan was blocked by Ryan Hollins. Nowitzki was held to 12 points, but had 13 rebounds. Kidd scored 17 points. After Dallas had stretched its lead to 83 71 early in the fourth quarter, Parker had a driving layup on a give and go with Duncan. George Hill hit a 3 pointer for the Spurs before Parker made three consecutive baskets: a layup on another pass from Duncan and two jumpers from at least 20 feet that got the Spurs within 87 82 with 7 1/2 minutes left. It was still a five point game when Parker had a breakaway after Nowitzki's turnover and was fouled by Kidd going for the layup with 3:47 left. But Parker missed both free throws. That came just seconds after Hollins had a putback slam over Duncan on Kidd's missed 3 pointer. Hollins was then called for a technical foul for taunting Duncan. Parker, who made 18 of 29 field goals, drove for a layup on the opening possession of the game, much like he did throughout Game 2, and added another long jumper in the first minute. Then he had consecutive jumpers during a 10 0 run midway through the first quarter before the Mavericks responded with a 16 4 quarter ending spurt. San Antonio made only one of its first seven shots to start the second quarter before Parker made a 3 pointer as the whistle blew. The call was going to be defensive infraction by the Mavs, so officials counted the basket. Parker added another pair of 3s and his 11 foot turnaround jumper with 2:15 left made it 50 49, and put the Spurs until after halftime. Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue Oscar Pistorius, centre, is led from the Boschkop police station east of Pretoria, en route to court, Friday Feb. 15, 2012. Oscar Pistorius arrived at a courthouse Friday, for his bail hearing in the murder case of his girlfriend as South Africans braced themselves for the latest development in a story that has stunned the country. The Paralympic superstar was earlier seen leaving a police station in a dark suit with a charcoal gray jacket covering his head as he got into a police vehicle. Model Reeva Steenkamp was shot and killed at Pistorius' upmarket home in an eastern suburb of the South African capital in the predawn hours of Thursday. (AP Photo)The Associated Press LONDON Photographs of Oscar Pistorius, some with a gray hood covering his head and others with him running in the Olympic Stadium in London, were splashed across newspaper front pages around the world Friday. The South African double amputee runner, the "Blade Runner" who inspired many by competing against able bodied athletes at the London Games, has been charged with murdering his girlfriend. Pistorius' family and his management company issued a statement Friday disputing the charge "in the strongest terms." "Pistorius: From Angel to Monster," headlined Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, the paper that had been one of Pistorius' biggest supporters in his bid to run in the Olympics. Gianni Merlo, a Gazzetta journalist who helped Pistorius write his autobiography, said the runner's "other side" was unknown to him. "How can Oscar, the friend who had displayed to me such joy to live, have become a killer? That's the question which is tormenting me," Merlo wrote. In England, pictures of Reeva Steenkamp, the model who police say was shot and killed early Thursday morning at Pistorius' home in Pretoria, also made front pages. "3 shots. Screams. Silence. 3 more shots," wrote The Sun on its front page, followed by a sub headline reading, "Blade Runner Pistorius 'Murders Lover.'" The Independent pictured a close up of a hooded Pistorius on its front page with the headline, "The Dark Side of Oscar Pistorius." Several papers went along that theme, reporting that Pistorius was a gun lover who was even spooked by his own washing machine. "Girls, guns and the dark side of the Blade Runner," headlined the Daily Mail on the front page beside a picture of Pistorius and Steenkamp. Inside, the paper ran the headline "Screams, shouts . then 4 shots." Spanish daily El Pais ran the headline "World icon in hell," while Belgian daily Le Soir went with "The bloodied destiny of Oscar Pistorius." Germany's biggest selling newspaper, Bild, headlined "Olympic hero shoots girlfriend dead" on the front page. Berlin tabloid BZ ran with "Valentine's Day tragedy or murder drama? Wonder sprinter shoots girlfriend dead." In Japan, the Asahi ran "Amputee runner arrested. Gunned down body found at Mr. Pistorius' home Mistook girlfriend as robber?" Pistorius became a global sensation last year when he ran in the 400 meters and 4x400 relay at the London Olympics. Despite losing the lower part of his legs when he was a baby, the South African became one of the fastest runners in the world, winning several Paralympic titles before finally reaching his goal of competing at the Olympics. Although he didn't win an Olympic medal in London, his green and yellow South African track uniform and his carbon fiber blades became an enduring image of the games. On Tuesday, still basking in the glow of his Olympic achievement, Pistorius tweeted a photo from London of himself with eventual 400 meter gold medalist Kirani James, who asked for Pistorius' bib as a souvenir after running in the same semifinal heat. Not every paper went big on the Pistorius shooting story, however. French sports daily L'Equipe had only a small tease on its front page with the headline, "Oscar Pistorius, hero and murderer." The full story, on Page 10, was under the headline, "The Fall of an Icon." Spanish newspaper ABC took a different turn, referencing American sporting goods company Nike in one of its headlines. "The curse of NIKE: Pistorius, the last in a line of athletes sponsored by the American brand to be tainted by scandal," the paper wrote while mentioning Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Marion Jones and Kobe Bryant.

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