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Hook up the Qflash model designed for your digital SLR directly to the camera's hot shoe. Nearly every professional and advanced amateur DSLR has a dedicated hot shoe attached to the top of the viewfinder. This has a direct contact point for the flash unit you use so you do not need wires. Slide the Qflash unit's "foot" into the hot shoe and tighten it. The Qflash will use the same through the lens metering data to make correct flash exposures as an electronic flash built by your camera's manufacturer. Note that most Qflash units are bigger and heavier than regular electronic flash units. This will make the DSLR top heavy. You will need to practice shooting with the Qflash attached to your DSLR to get used to the odd balance and weight. Because you normally will use both hands with a camera bracket, the weight of the Qflash will not cause as much of a problem. Attach a sync cord from the Qflash to your DSLR's flash socket, usually found to the left of the lens mount. When you use the Qflash Pilot, set up your Qflash units as you choose around your subject, set your exposure details such as shutter speed and aperture F stop, then trip the shutter release. The Qflash Pilot sends the signal to the flash units, all of which go off simultaneously at the metered exposure level. The Qflash Pilot attaches to the camera's hot shoe, then sends its data signals to any and all Qflash units you have set up. This gives you through the lens metering and shutter sync for all the Qflash units. 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Online 308497 033 Air Jordan 4 Green Glow Dark Grey Green Glow Cement Grey Black,Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black LOS ANGELES, Nov. On The Run Tech portfolio of companies includes Postcard on the Run, Run With It SDK, Postal Gopher and Casetomize, the soon to launch mobile app allowing users to create custom, high quality phone cases for Android and iOS devices directly from their phone."With On The Run Tech, we've created a platform to serve consumers wherever they go, bridging the gap between mobile commerce and physical goods with personalized convenience. This means a suite of native applications for iOS, Android and Windows that allow them to share content and imagery both online and offline, through physical keepsakes," said Josh Brooks, founder and CEO of On The Run Tech. entr into the space began with a beloved piece of culture the postcard, but has quickly evolved into a roadmap of new personalized keepsakes and technology that helps connect digital to physical." The next product to launch under the new company, Casetomize, is a cutting edge mobile app allowing users to create custom, high quality phone cases for Android and iOS devices directly from their phone. The free to download Casetomize app allows users to tap into their own photo libraries to create personalized, high quality phone and tablet cases. the option to either select one image or several favorites, users can access and edit photos from their camera roll as well as from various social networks making the personalization possibilities endless. In addition to Casetomize, the On The Run Tech portfolio of companies includes: Postcard on the Run mobile app that lets users snap a picture and instantly send it through the mail as a real photo postcard to anyone, anywhere in the world Run With It SDK monetization platform and marketing tool for brands and app developers including the likes of Universal, Sony Pictures, Lollapalooza, Starline Tours and the Viceroy Hotel Group among several others On The Run Tech recently closed a seed round of $1.3 million bringing the total amount of funding to date to $2 million. Selena Gomez, an investor and creative advisor to the company, participated in the new round along with Crosslink Capital, Crosscut Ventures, Siemer Ventures, Miramar Venture Partners, Newport Coast Investments and Double M Capital among other individual investors. David Silverman, Partner with Crosslink Capital said, "Josh was quick to address the direction of where consumers are spending time and money mobile. When we first met Josh, we immediately saw the passion of an entrepreneur aggressively looking to tackle a meaningful problem." ABOUT ON THE RUN TECHON THE RUN TECH is a mobile platform that builds powerful mobile apps that let users create customized physical products right from their mobile device. The company's portfolio includes CASETOMIZE, a cutting edge mobile app allowing users to create custom, high quality phone cases for Android and iOS devices directly from their phone. photo postcard app, POSTCARD ON THE RUN, instantly creates and mails real photo postcards to anyone, anywhere in the world. On the B2B front, the RUN WITH IT SDK, offers a monetization platform and marketing tool for brands and app developers and POSTAL GOPHER, provides a simple and secure postal mobile address retrieval service. in Los Angeles, the company was founded in 2011. 308497 033 Air Jordan 4 Green Glow Dark Grey Green Glow Cement Grey Black Your c section has given you a gorgeous, healthy baby to care for but left behind a wound that needs care, too. While in the hospital or birthing center, it's likely your health care provider gave you antibiotics to guard against infection, but you must continue to care for and monitor the wound so that scarring will be minimal. According to a video produced at Mainline Health in Pennsylvania, between 6 and 8 percent of c section wounds get infected, and infection is one of the biggest reason for scars that remain large and unsightly. Caring for your wound is the best way to make sure your scar is barely noticeable. How to Take Care of a C Section Incision The maternal mortality rate is highest in the time immediately following birth, particularly for mothers who undergone a C section. How to Heal After a C Section A C section can cause a lot of trauma to your body. It is a surgical procedure and the patient can be put. Asthmatic Reactions to Cats Part of the series: Health Care Answers. . style section. Fashion. Apparel; Shoes Accessories; Dress on a Budget; Clothing Care; Makeup. Cold Compress for Incisional Pain To help alleviate incisional pain, UIHC says to apply a cloth covered ice pack to the incision for no more than 20 minutes,. Diet and Health Tips for Mothers After Cesarean Delivery Health News: Care Plan After a Cesarean Birth; . What to Expect After a C Section; Diet and Health Tips for Mothers After. How to Care for a New Scar Accidents happen. Unfortunately some accidents results in unsightly scars. Treating these scars promptly after the wound heals is essential for minimizing the. How to Bathe Dogs After a C Section Cesarean sections are sometimes needed to ensure the safety of your pregnant canine. Caring for your dog after the surgery is important.

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