Shopping In Our Store You Can Get Savings Up To 72 Air Jordan 4 Oreo 2015 Free Shipping To Worldwide. Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty Authentic Cheap Air Jordan 4 Oreo 2015 Comfortable And Appropriate.Free Shipping You probably wear your seatbelt, look both ways before crossing the street and make sure your chicken is cooked thoroughly before cramming it into your mouth. Safety first, right? Well guess what, you're not taking it nearly far enough. Judging by the safety gear out there on the market, there are horrifying, retarded dangers you've never even thought of. But damn is that hard to coordinate. You want to be all comfy and your shotgun is way over there in the closet. That straight up sucks. You could get out of bed, but what is this, North Korea? You could just let the criminals and zombies eat you, but that's the Canadian way. What you need is a solution to bring bed and shotgun together in a comfy, lethal combo. Say hello to the Back Up. It's a shotgun mounting rack that fits between your mattress and box spring so that, in a pinch, your shotgun is mere seconds away and you don't have to stop watching Maury or stop eating pistachios to get it. At this point you're probably already polishing your gun and all atwitter with excitement that you need not expend any extra effort in shooting those hooligans who keep coming into your bedroom. But wait, is that trepidation? Worried that you sleep on the wrong side of the bed? Fear not! As the website states, thanks to the Back Up's patented design, it can fit on either side of the bed. In fact, they recommend putting one on both sides, so that you can take out the fuckers coming in the door while your wife peppers rounds into the zombies at the window. 6. "The Evacuchut" Office Building Escape Parachute Everyone who works in a tall office building these days has to, in the back of their mind, imagine what they'd do in the event of a massive fire on the floors below them. We've all seen horrible images of this scenario playing out, and of course here we're talking about the70s movie The Towering Inferno, starring Faye Dunaway, Steve McQueen and OJ Simpson. Fortunately, for those of us who fear that kind of nightmare situation, and who like to rely on cartoon logic to solve our problems, there is the Evacuchute. Peace of mind is just $2,500 away. Designed for the office worker who would rather crash out of a window from the 93rd floor than wait for a potential rescue, the Evacuchute is your workplace emergency parachute evacuation system of choice. And just because any school that teaches BASE jumping won't even think of training you unless you've done about 100 skydives and are fully licensed, odds are you'll do fine when you're in a panic and, with no training, bash out the window of your office and fly to safety when the smoke alarm goes off because someone overcooked some microwave popcorn. We all want to keep our children safe, and that's perfectly understandable. You don't let your toddler ride on the hood of the car or use your jackhammer without supervision. When they have the kickboxing matches in your back yard, you don't let them glue the glass to their fists (well, you don't let their opponents do it). But it's possible to take even something like child safety too far. For instance, we have the people who design school supplies that are bullet and knife proof, such as this $200 backpack. We guess a bulletproof backpack would pay off the day someone shoots you in the back during the few minutes out of the day when you actually have the backpack on, in the same way that having retractable ice skates embedded in the soles of your shoes will pay off the one time you're attacked by Mr. Freeze. Yes, we're aware that some children do get shot from time to time. But if you're that paranoid about your child's potential to be shot at school it may behoove you to transfer to a better school district rather than outfitting them with a backpack and spending your days praying that, if and when someone runs amok with a firearm, they have the good taste to shoot your child in the one, backpack sized area that happens to be protected. Also, we're pretty sure the kids that need this the worst are the children of the owners of the bed mounted gun rack up there. 4. The Rapex Rapist Dick Destroyer OK, maybe that's not such a hot idea. What we will mock however is Rapex, the anti rape device meant to be worn by women. In their vagina. That's right, it's a device that's less about preventing rape and more about getting revenge on the rapist while he's raping you. So Rapex is basically a female condom that has wire barbs in it. If a woman is attacked by a man, the barbs dig into his penis and will have to be surgically removed. It kind of turns a woman's crotch into Sarlacc pit from Return of the Jedi. That in turn means any woman wearing this has the most badass vagina ever. Again we want to make it clear, we are totally for rape prevention. We're going to stand by that controversial position. But we want rape prevention that works while the rapist is still 20 yards away. Like if they could invent one of these that somehow shoots out and lands on the rapist's dick while he's still on the other side of the parking lot, we'd be all for that. Especially if somebody uploads that event to YouTube..

Do you keep putting off your visit to Israel, as if it's a trip you can make only once in a lifetime? Are you intending to go someday when your kids are grown, or your life is in better order, or maybe after you've won the lottery? I'm here to tell you: Stop putting off your first trip. Go this year! Here's how to plan it. Decide when to go. By far the nicest times of year to visit Israel are the spring and the fall, when the weather is temperate. If you are not constrained by school schedules, seriously consider planning your trip for September November or April June. With a coastal plain, a mountain region in the north, and the Jordan Valley Rift, Israel has a varied landscape and climate but in general, summers are very hot. Winter (November through March) brings cooler weather and rain, and sometimes even light snow in the northern parts of the country. In the Negev desert and the southernmost parts of the country, rainfall is negligible, even in the winter. Airfares from North America vary dramatically by season, with tickets far cheaper in the winter. From the east coast, round trip fares in the summer and around the Passover holiday are as much as $1,000 or more, whereas in January and February, with careful shopping and by purchase of a ticket on a European airline with a connecting flight, it is usually possible to cut the cost of your ticket by up to half. (But to get these lower fares, you must purchase your ticket in the winter.) If you'd like to celebrate a holiday in Israel, you can verify the dates of upcoming holidays on the Israel Ministry of Tourism website. Israeli businesses and schools follow the Julian calendar, but because Jewish religious holidays follow a lunar calendar, the timing of these holidays varies slightly from year to year. Make your travel arrangements. By air. The Israeli airline El Al operates direct flights to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport from all over the world, including nonstop flights from New York, Miami Los Angeles, and Toronto. El Al is legendary for its standard setting security protocols. Several American carriers also offer nonstop flights to Tel Aviv, and many European airlines offer connecting flights. Once in Israel, options for transportation to and from the airport include buses (Egged is the national bus company); private car/van services; railway; taxi; rented car; and limousine. A variety of ticket consolidators offer steeply discounted airfares to Israel (and to other destinations as well). Consolidators buy airline tickets (primarily international tickets) directly from the airlines and resell them to travelers at up to 70% below the lowest published fare. These tickets are completely nonrefundable, have many restrictions, and are usually not eligible for earning frequent flyer miles. To find consolidators, look in the Sunday travel section of the Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, the New York Times, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Miami Herald and the Los Angeles Times. Many local libraries have these Sunday papers. In some cases, the airfare to Israel will be part of an all inclusive tour package. If you wish, you can usually ask that the airfare not be included, if for instance you wish to use frequent flyer miles for your tickets. (If you're a nervous flyer, make sure to overcome your fear of flying before you go. It's a long flight to Israel.) By sea. Several shipping lines, cruise lines and ferry services offer scheduled sailings from Europe to Israel's port of Haifa in the north, Ashdod on the central part of the coast, and Eilat on the Red Sea. All three ports have modern terminals and offer daily shore excursions. By land. Land entry into Israel is possible through Egypt and Jordan. Make sure you have a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date you arrive in Israel. American and Canadian citizens do not need a visa to visit Israel for periods of up to three months. Anyone planning to attend school in Israel will need a Student Visa. For more information and to check the requirements for other nationalities, contact the Embassy of Israel or an Israeli Consulate. Read up on the country's history and culture. Take some time to learn more about Israel before you go. Check your local library and bookstore, or browse the selection of books available online. You might want to consider at least one or two of the following, most of which are available in paperback: Eyewitness Travel Guide to Jerusalem Holy Land, edited by Kate Poole Israel: A Spiritual Travel Guide: A Companion For The Modern Jewish Pilgrim, by Lawrence A. Hoffman Bar Mitzvah in Israel: The Ultimate Family Sourcebook, by Judith Isaacson and Deborah Rosenbloom How to Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus and the Prophets: A Scripture Reference Guide for Biblical Sites in Israel and Jordan, by Hela Crown Tamir In the Land of Israel (Harvest in Translation), by Amos Oz The Israel Arab Reader: A Documentary History of the Middle East Conflict: Sixth Revised and Updated Edition, edited by Walter Laqueur and Barry Rubin Personal Witness: Israel through My Eyes, by Abba Eban Decide what you want to see and do. Don't put only the biblical landmarks and holy sites on your list! Israel offers a wealth of art and music festivals, museums, theatrical, dance, and music performances, fine restaurants, and shops and markets with local arts and crafts. Water lovers can choose from sandy beaches, rocky coves, freshwater lakes, and world class diving and snorkeling opportunities. The country's many nature preserves offer hiking trails to charming meadows and shady streams as well as desert canyons and cliffs. Dozens of websites, books, travel agencies, and tour companies offer suggested itineraries for touring in the Holy Land. As a starting point, you might take a look at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism website, which offers 4 , 7 and 10 day suggested itineraries with Jewish themes, Christian themes, and special itinerary suggestions for families with children. For free printed brochures, start by contacting the Israel Government Tourist Office (212 499 5650 or toll free at 1 888 77 ISRAEL). You can also order their tourist information kit online. Detailed information about accommodations, tourist sites, cultural activities, restaurants, and other venues that are accessible to people with disabilities can be found on the website of Access Israel. Decide whether to tour on your own or with a group. Whether to tour with a group or on your own depends on your personal preferences and style. If you can't decide, a good option is to spend part of your trip taking organized tours, and part exploring on your own. Organized tours. Tours provide the advantage of having a knowledgeable guide to point out highlights and answer questions. On the Israel Ministry of Tourism website, you can type in your zip code for a list of Israel travel specialists near you. You can also arrange (either before leaving home or after you arrive in Israel) for tours that last just a few days or even just a few hours. For examples, check out the Egged Bus Company website. On your own. Israel is a small country, and it is easy to get from one place to another. Public transportation is convenient and reasonably priced. Buses are the most popular form of public transport for both local and intercity trips. Egged operates most of the intercity bus lines, as well as the local service in most of the large cities and towns. Travelers from abroad can purchase Israbus tickets which are valid on all Egged bus lines for periods of 7, 14, 21, or 30 days. These tickets are available at all branches of Egged Tours. In addition, Israel Railways operates convenient, inexpensive train service. Private taxis are available for local and inter city trips, but a shared service taxi (known as a Sheroot) is a less expensive and more popular option. The shared taxis travel on permanent routes coinciding with the bus routes, but the drivers will also make request stops along the way. Departure times are not prescheduled; the taxi leaves the station when it is full. Most of the bus and train lines do not run on the Sabbath or on Jewish holidays. Service ends on Friday afternoon and resumes Saturday evening. Some central taxis lines do operate on the Sabbath. Most international car rental companies and local companies have offices in the large cities and at Ben Gurion Airport. To rent a car, the driver must be over 21 years of age, and must hold a valid international driver's license and an international credit card. Choose your accommodations. Accommodations for visitors to Israel vary from elegant urban hotels, to bed near nature and hiking trails, to Bedouin tents in the desert! Choose from among familiar hotel brands, first class or tourist class European style hotels, luxurious boutique hotels and spa hotels, kibbutz hotels set in beautiful scenery, as well as thousands of guestrooms (usually called tsimmers, after the German word for "room") where the hosts serve delicious meals in quiet, pastoral settings. Rural lodging can put you near many historical sites and attractions, while at the same time giving you a chance to learn about local communities and lifestyles. Some offer agricultural activities, such as harvesting fruit in season, horseback riding, visits to fruit and vegetable packing plants and olive oil or wine presses. Christian pilgrims may wish to consider the hostels and monasteries that offer lodgings near Christian holy sites. Campsites are also available across the country. If you're going to be staying in Israel for a few weeks or more, consider renting an apartment for your holiday. Decide what to bring along. Israel is a modern country and virtually any personal item can be purchased there if necessary. Air Jordan 4 Oreo 2015 ,Air Jordan 6 Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 3 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Air Jordan 3 Wolf Grey Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 13 Birmingham Barons Air Jordan 2 Dark Concord Air Jordan 6 Brazil World Cup Revco spokesman Tom Dingledy said he doesn't know when construction will begin or when the store will open. But he said free standing structures, like the one planned across from the Brentwood Center strip mall, usually take about six months to complete. The old building will be demolished, said Raman Patel, part owner of Colonial Courts Corp., the company that sold the property to Zimmer Development Co. for $450,000. Zimmer will build a new structure and lease it to Revco. Over the years, the building, has had a number of ill fated incarnations: the Jolly Lobster restaurant and club, Steamers Seafood and Raw Bar restaurant, Harlem Nights nightclub, and then Steamers again. The location also has had its share of controversy. Harlem Nights was a source of complaints about underage drinking, parking problems, excessive noise and rowdy behavior. And Steamers had "too many altercations," according to Mark Breen, one of the owners of the now defunct business. "It was really just wasn't worth the time to keep it running," he said. "It just got out of hand." Saying it's time for the location, first built on in the late '60s, to have a different kind of business, Patel is looking forward to Revco's arrival in the neighborhood. It would be a good boost,'' he said. Whether the store will bring any more stability to the location is uncertain, however. It will be located across the street from a Farm Fresh that already has a Farmco Pharmacy inside. And it comes as rival drugstore chain Rite Aid moves toward completing its acquisition of Revco in May, After the merger, which will create a nationwide chain of about 4,500 stores, Rite Aid will close about 300 overlapping locations and tag the remaining Revcos as Rite Aids. Meanwhile, the companies are still acting like competitors, according to Rite Aid spokesman Craig Muckle. In Newport News, Rite Aid recently opened a new store in Denbigh Mall shopping center, while Revco opened a nearby store Thursday at the intersection of Warwick Boulevard and Colony Road. Rite Aid also is building stores in Warwick Center and on J. Clyde Morris Boulevard in Newport News and on Mercury Boulevard in Hampton. Muckle said Rite Aid has no specific criteria for how close one store is to another. We're trying to create a neighborhood drugstore chain," he said. Revco spokesman Tom Dingledy also said it's not uncommon for Revco stores to be close to one another. I'd guess we've identified it as a good potential market and our colleagues at Rite Aid seem to have come to the same conclusion,'' Dingledy said. The Brentwood store has one thing clearly in its favor going into the merger. Like many of Revco's new stores, it will be a free standing, 10,700 to 12,600 square foot structure with an expanded pharmacy, convenience foods and grocery items all of which fit into Rite Aid's expansion strategy. Free standing stores give the stores more freedom, Dingledy said. You don't have to wait for a strip center to come in and start development,'' he said. Air Jordan 4 Oreo 2015,Search Results for Bull Mountain in Georgia Bull Mountain :: Dahlonega, GAThis 14.5 mile loop around Bull Mountain nearly reaches this mountain's summit of 2,340 feet above sea level in one fell swoop, or maybe it just feels that way. Following a combination of double and singletrack, and gravel forest service roads, the Bull Mountain Loop :: Dahlonega, GABull Mountain Trail consists of alternating single and doubletrack, with long steady climbs and shorter, steeper downhills. The original trail used Lance Creek Road, a gated Forest Service road, to complete a loop. The recently completed Bare Hare T Bull Mountain :: Dahlonega, GAA three mile almost continuous climb, lots of single track, numerous small stream crossings, the sounds of waterfalls, miles of tight twisting downhill through the trees, rocky ascents and beautiful scenery this route has it all! It's easy to see Jones Creek Ridge Trail :: Dahlonega, GAJones Creek Ridge Trail was completed in 1998 through the cooperation of SORBA and the Chattahoochee Trail Horse Association, in order to connect the Bull Mountain trails with Turner Creek and No Tell trails, and with planned trail additions along th Jake Mountain :: Dahlonega, GAThe namesake of the trail complex adjacent to the popular Bull Mountain trail. This route traverses Jake Mountain ridge before crossing over and connecting to the other system. You'll ford several small streams and soak in some nice views of the su Jones Creek :: Dahlonega, GAYou'll begin by riding down and across the dam to a secluded pond before tackling the trail atop Jones Creek Ridge. Stay on the lookout for wildlife as you complete the circle along the base of Bull Mountain. Highlights: Horse use, nice views, pon Moss Creek :: Dahlonega, GAIf you want a real mixed bag of riding while in the Bull Mountain area, this is the one. You'll find climbs, descents, tricky switchbacks, swooping fast downhills, forest roads, tight single track the works! Highlights: Horse use, nice views, po Short Bull :: Dahlonega, GAIf you've always wanted to see where those whoop te dos would take you that seemed so temping on your way up the Bull Mountain Trail here's your route. Climb to the whoops, turn down them and have a blast. Keep low to the ground and be wary, someone Black Branch :: Dahlonega, GATaking advantage of the former illegal trail, this beautiful route in the Bull/Jake Mountain trail system is a real gem. You'll find a lot of rolling single track and lovely fern filled woods as you roll down one side of Black Branch and back along Bull/Jake Combo :: Dahlonega, GAThis difficult but exhilarating ride encircles the entire Bull and Jake Mountain trail complex. You'll see a lot of everything and be plenty tired when you're done. Highlights: Long hill climbs, stream crossings, whoop te doos, rocky sections, hor Bull Mountain :: Dahlonega, GAThis 14.5 mile loop around Bull Mountain nearly reaches this mountain's summit of 2,340 feet above sea level in one fell swoop, or maybe it just feels that way. Following a combination of double and singletrack, and gravel forest service roads, the Bull Mountain Loop :: Dahlonega, GABull Mountain Trail consists of alternating single and doubletrack, with long steady climbs and shorter, steeper downhills. The original trail used Lance Creek Road, a gated Forest Service road, to complete a loop. The recently completed Bare Hare T Mount Ellen Blue Hills, Bull Mountain, Mount Pennell, and Mount Hillers WSAs Trails :: Sandy Ranch, UTAn article in a Hanksville newspaper about the bison in the Henry Mountains described the herd as previously "reduced almost to distinction [sic] by indiscriminate hunting." The real distinction of the Henry Mountains bison is that they are now the l Box Elder County Bull Mountain :: Snowville, UTHang gliding is new to this range, which hosts Box Elder County's highest peak, Bull Mountain, at 9,920 feet. Surrounding canyons are wide and lush with perennial streams in the bottom. At the base, pinyons mix with mountain mahogany, then sweep up t Bull Run Mountains Conservancy :: Lake Manassas, VABull Run Mountain combines the beauty of mountainous woodlands with a rich historical backdrop. Bull Mountain :: Dahlonega, GAA three mile almost continuous climb, lots of single track, numerous small stream crossings, the sounds of waterfalls, miles of tight twisting downhill through the trees, rocky ascents and beautiful scenery this route has it all! It's easy to see Town Wash and Bull Mountain Trail :: Caineville, UTThis alternate route into the HenryMountains from the north is little traveled; most visitors take the major dirt road leading directly south from Hanksville. The trail starts 9 miles west of Hanksville; turn south from Utah 24 on an unsigned dirt tr Glacier National Park :: West Glacier, MTGlacier National Park is best known for its spectacular scenery, wildlife, and backcountry hiking opportunities. Nearly 1.5 million visitors come to the park each year to experience its grandeur. Straddling the Continental Divide in northwestern Mont Metolius River :: Sisters, ORRising fully formed from underground springs originating in the Cascade Mountains, the Metolius River flows through a beautiful forest of ponderosa pine, cedar, and firs, making fishing here one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots in the state. West Slaughter Canyon :: Queen, NMIn a remote corner of the Guadeloupe Mountains is West Slaughter Canyon, and in an even more remote corner of West Slaughter Canyon is a seldom seen rock art site called Upper Painted Grotto. After a rugged 6.5 mile hike that drops more than 1,000 fe Palisades Lakes Trail :: Greenwater, WAThe combination of sprawling meadows, few trails, and virgin forest for cover makes the Palisades Lakes basin a haven for wildlife. This trail is the only one in the vast area between Huckleberry Creek and the White River, and it dead ends at the lak Bull of the Woods Wilderness Area Trails :: Salem, ORBull of the woods wilderness lies on the western slope of the Cascades, receiving the brunt of winter storms that drop more than 100 inches of precipitation here annually. Despite the heavy winter rains, summers are usually dry and delightfully cool. Buffalo and Ten Sleep Area Campgrounds :: Buffalo, WYBoth Native Americans and outlaws took refuge in this area, which has changed little since the days of the Wild West. The "Wild Bunch," which included Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, used Outlaw Caves near Hole in the Wall as a hide out. The diff Bull Creek PassBack Country Byway :: Eagle City, UTA 68 mile Type III road that loops through the Henry Mountains in central Utah, providing scenic views of the nearby canyon country. The Bull Creek Pass Back Country Byway makes a 68 mile loop that traverses the rugged and remote Henry Mountains. Spe Salmon River, Main Upper Forks :: Ellis, IDFrom its origins in the Sawtooth range, the upper Salmon flows north through the mountains to the small village of North Fork, a distance of about 170 miles. The river then heads west on a 450 mile journey of whitewater and runs going through the rug Belly River Drainage in Glacier National Park :: Babb, MTThis eTrail includes these fishing destinations in the Belly River Drainage: Belly River, North Fork of the Belly River, Whitecrow Creek, Mokowanis River, Mokowanis Lake, Glenns Lake, Cosley Lake, and Elizabeth Lake. Species include: bull trout, rain Odell Lake :: Crescent Lake, ORAt over 3,500 acres in size, Odell Lake is among the largest lakes in the Cascade Mountains. Sitting at an elevation of 4,787 feet, it is surrounded by dense stands of conifers within the Willamette National Forest. The lake's average depth is about Last Chance Canyon :: Carlsbad, NMThe story of how this canyon got its name is told so often that it just might contain a kernel of truth. Around 1881, a group of ranchers pursued Apache raiders into the Guadalupe Mountains and soon became lost amid the twisted canyons draining the s

You Will Have a Good Time While Buying Items Air Jordan 4 Oreo 2015,Air Jordan 14 Sport Blue Back to Main MenuWeather HomeToday Forecast5 Day ForecastSchool Event ClosuresBack to Main MenuCrime Safety HomePolice BlotterReported CrimesCity of SyracuseNorth Suburbs Oswego CountyEast Suburbs Madison CountyWest Suburbs Cayuga CountyCNY TrafficBack to Main MenuPhotos HomePhoto EssaysBuy Photo ReprintsYour PhotosBack to Main MenuVideos HomeNews VideosSports VideosHigh School Sports VideosEntertainment VideosLiving VideosStephen D. Cannerelli / The Post StandardOnondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney gave her second State of the County speech at West Genesee High School on Tuesday March 1, 2011.Upstate Medical University is negotiating to buy or lease Onondaga County troubled Van Duyn nursing home in an effort to get the money losing facility off the county books while improving local care for the elderly.County Executive Joanie Mahoney announced the talks Tuesday night in her State of the County address at West Genesee High School, in Camillus. Dr. David Smith, president of the university, and Dr. John McCabe, CEO of University Hospital, were in the audience.are thrilled with the ideas they have and are excited about moving toward an agreement that will benefit all of us, and especially the residents of Van Duyn, Mahoney said.The county began searching for a buyer or operator to take over the nursing home late last year, and it received eight responses to a request for qualifications. Van Duyn Home Hospital lost about $5.76 million last year and is expected to lose about $3 million this year.At the same time, the nursing home has faced sanctions for poor quality of care. Just last week, the federal government shut off Medicare and Medicaid payments for new admissions at Van Duyn after an inspection by the state health department found problems that pose high level for potential harm, a health department spokesman said.Upstate was the only hospital to approach the county about running Van Duyn. The seven others were nursing home operators, said Ann Rooney, deputy county executive for human services. The university offered a broad vision for improving care at the nursing home and integrating Van Duyn into its research and education, Rooney said.Stephen D. Cannerelli / The Post StandardThe Van Duyn Home and Hospital is located on West Seneca Turnpike in Syracuse on Oct. 21, 2010.A team led by Rooney and County Attorney Gordon Cuffy will spend the next 90 days trying to reach an agreement with Upstate, Rooney said. The county would prefer to sell Van Duyn and its 63 acre campus but would also consider a lease, she said.If all goes well, a deal could be completed in a year, she said. The county Legislature and the state health department would have to sign off.Upstate is pursuing a merger with Community General Hospital, which is next to Van Duyn on Onondaga Hill and already sends many patients to the county nursing home.Smith said Upstate hopes to integrate Van Duyn into a of healthy aging that would include assisted living, home based care and other, new methods of caring for the elderly. He noted that the university chief of geriatrics, Dr. Sharon Brangman, is president of the American Geriatrics Society and an internationally known expert.thought process has been critical on this, Smith said. isn just a bunch of bureaucrats thinking. Van Duyn, which opened in 1979, has 513 beds and more than 500 employees.Linking University Hospital to a nursing home could help improve the hospital efficiency, said Ron Lagoe, executive director of the Hospital Executive Council, a Syracuse hospital planning agency.University Hospital, like many hospitals, faces overcrowding. Lagoe said Van Duyn has one of the best records for taking to place patients who need long term care. The more the hospital can shift patients to nursing homes, the faster it can admit new patients who need beds, he said.She emphasized the need to shrink government and to consolidate services, and she congratulated municipalities that have made progress over the past year. Mahoney noted that two dozen municipalities, including Syracuse and its school district, are joining a consolidated purchasing service run by the county.Mahoney, a longtime advocate of fire department consolidation, lauded Elbridge village officials for their recent efforts to consolidate fire services with a neighboring department in Jordan.certainly not easy to be the first, she said.She also called on state officials to reform state mandates that are paid for by local taxpayers. This year for the first time, the $160 million local cost of state mandated programs will exceed the $154 million the county collects in property taxes. Air Jordan 4 Oreo 2015 High waist pants for women became prevalent in1930s and 40s activewear, for use in sports like golf, tennis and bike riding. What we currently call high waist was considered at that time to be the natural waist, with the rise measuring approximately 12 to 14 inches, from crotch to waist. With jeans waistlines rising and falling over the years, high rise jeans have been recently associated with "mom" jeans, until being reinvented to a more fashionable silhouette. Today there are many types of high rise jeans to choose from. When selected and worn the right way, there is nothing "mommy" about them. Shop around to find the right type of high rise jean, instead of settling for the first pair. Selecting the right jeans is not difficult, but it does require a bit of investigation to find a figure complimenting style. When buyers are on the hunt, it behooves them to try on as many styles as possible, as the garment's appearance on the hanger can be deceptive. Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a trial and error process, so don't get disheartened if the first couple of pairs do not fit correctly. Choose a silhouette that is flattering, not just fashionable. The most popular high rise jean style is the cigarette jean, otherwise known as a skinny jean that tappers tightly to the ankle. This silhouette is very flattering for women who are lithe, but can be tricky for curvy women. Thankfully there are many other styles that shoppers can choose from. A voluptuous women should look for a high rise jean with a straighter leg. This can take the emphasis off of the widest part of her lower body, the hips, and make legs look longer and leaner. Pick a top that complements the jeans. When wearing high rise jeans, the top is just as important as the type of jean chosen. Selecting a romantic blouse could give a high waist look a sense of elegance. If a woman desires a more casual look, she could pair the jeans with a t shirt. No matter the shirt chosen, make sure it fits correctly too baggy and one might be unable tucked it into the jean's high waist. However, if the shirt is too tight, it could start puckering and pulling in places, which is never desirable.

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