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jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/Fitnessuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. I play soccer, so competition day is game day. I have found that a nice ribeye and a bowl of ice cream the night before really improves my performance. As for game day, i eat a snickers bar about an hour before and sip on a redbull up until game time. Not as much water in my muscles. I don have any science to back this up but when I get back from my vacation I going to go back to Monohydrate. While I don like the water weight/bloating, my goal is to increase strength and I feel like having more water increases nutrient delivery and recovery. I had pretty good results. It totally kills you appetite so you don have to sit shaking and sweatin in your computer chair fantasizing about cookies. It also makes you feel pretty awesome. It was like what I always wanted energy drinks to be. The problem was coming off it. It sucked. You baiscally go through mild withdrawel. I got headaches and I felt crappy and I just wanted to take it. I suggest taking a week off of it every 2 or 3 weeks as a tolerance break. No Aspirin. I was cautious about blood pressure increases, so I had some nursing student friends of mine monitor my BP as I started the stack. Minor increase, but as my BP was perfectly healthy to begin with it was nothing concerning. It really does make a remarkable difference on your appetite. I eat much less when I on my ephedrine and yet I don feel sluggish. If I don take my ephedrine for a day I ravenous and eat everything in sight. I have leaned out a little bit, but I don really do enough cardio/HIIT/etc to really make a significant cut. I hovering around what I assume is 12 ish% and I happy to chip away slowly. I taking 2 32mg doses per day (4 8mg tabs per dose, 6 hours b/w doses) with 200mg caffeine, Green tea extract, and Fish Oil. If I take a preworkout I skip the caffeine on the dose. 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UCF clicked in the beginning of the second half when junior guard Gevenia Carter found Keough to ignite UCF on a 14 2 run. UCF went on to lead by as much as 22 points, 66 44, thanks to two free throws from Davis with 33 seconds remaining in the game. Barons 13s,Department stores with some designer wedding shoes may not be able to satisfy your needs but there are manufacturers you can contact directly for your shoe size. Not all feet are created equal! Choosing footwear can often be a problem for those ladies with large or smaller feet. Most of these types have sleek and slender designs which large feet can hardly fit or too big for smaller foot size. These tall ladies with big feet can already become shoe fanatics and be fashionable from head to toe. Odd sizes like ten or eleven may not a problem anymore these days especially with the presence of web sites that can provide these ladies needs. 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