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Webkinz are stuffed animal toys that "come alive" in the virtual Webkinz world. Webkinz come with attached codes that the children my use to create a virtual twin to their stuffed animal. In the Webkinz world, children may play games with their pets, create homes for them and dress them up. Webkinz Palz is consistently updated to feature new animals. On Webkinz Palz, children may select a Webkinz model that matches their own stuffed toy. They can then choose from a variety of outfits, shoes and accessories for their little pet. The site adds new clothing options on a regular basis, allowing for endless fun. Another beneficial thing found on the Webkinz Palz site is the news and information feature. Here Webkinz enthusiasts can find updates about what's happening in the Webkinz worlds. The KittyKade game, which can be found on the Scratch Project website, is a rudimentary game designed by a Webkinz fan. 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In an HD video of Sasquatch like twist, there was a real live Bell Biv Devoe fan stomping through the proverbial forests of the Cracked editorial staff. Fascinating. I envisioned a man in a full business suit with an Oakland A's hat turned to the right and two different colored shoes on (know your BBD history) throwing his arms up in disgust at the thought of sullying the good name of Ronnie, Ricky, and Mike. Because I'm nothing if not fantastic at following orders, I acquiesced, not by cutting Bell Biv Devoe entirely, but instead by simply replacing any instance of the phrase "Bell Biv Devoe" with "Color Me Badd" in the finished article. And now here we are, five years later, and I'm writing that exact same article, and this time, Bell Biv Devoe makes the list. So it would probably be a great time to mention that I fucking love Bell Biv Devoe. Always have. I'm just not above making fun of stuff I enjoy. And also, I totally don't think they "deserve" a greatest hits album, for the same reason I didn't think so way back then. All of their hits are on one album. If for some reason you want all of their studio albums, you can probably pick them up for a cumulative total of less than a dollar, just like I figured out you could with Color Me Badd way back when. The only difference is, this time, I get to have my opinion heard. For the record, I never did figure out who it was that shot down my Bell Biv Devoe entry, but if you're reading, enjoy the most obscure Bell Biv Devoe video available online.

Free Shipping And Best Service 325387 161 Nike Air Jordan 6 VI Retro Olympic Flag,308497 103 Nike Air Jordan 4 White Cement 2012 The historic Driskell Hotel was built in 1886, and it is a member of the Historic Hotels of America. This luxurious hotel is also a member of the Associated Luxury Hotels International, and it provides amenities such as a concierge desk, turndown service, shoe shining and a fine dining restaurant, Driskell Grill, that serves lunch and dinner. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list that has received Wine Spectator Magazine's Award of Excellence. The guest rooms have plasma televisions, complimentary bathrobes, minibars and access to Wi Fi Internet. The hotel is within walking distance of the music clubs and restaurants on the Sixth Street District. The Omni Hotel is on the corner of Eight Street and San Jacinto Boulevard, and it is within walking distance of the Paramount Theater, which produces live theater throughout the year. The amenities at this hotel include a rooftop swimming pool, fitness room, gift shop, shoe shine service and concierge desk. The on site restaurant, Ancho's, serves southwestern cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pets may stay for an extra fee. Each guest room has a flat screen television and king sized or double sized bed, while some of the rooms have living rooms and dining areas. The Radisson faces the shores of Lady Bird Lake, and the hotel is only a 10 minute drive from Zilker Park. This recreational area features walking paths and floral exhibits in the Zilker Botanical Gardens. Some of the amenities at the Radisson include bellhop services, gift shop, exercise room, outdoor swimming pool, valet parking and access to Wi Fi Internet throughout the hotel. Friday's Town Lake, the on site restaurant, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The guest rooms offer complimentary water bottles, microwaves, refrigerators and high definition televisions. 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As you land at Austin Bergstron International Airport, you will be greeted with live music on. How to Stay at a Hotel in Downtown Austin, Texas Comments. You May Also Like. The Best Places to Retire or Stay in the Winter. Whether you are looking for a winter. Hotels With Balconies in Downtown Austin Hotels With Balconies in Downtown Austin. Austin, Texas, is in the south central region of the state, 80 miles northeast of San Antonio. Austin, Texas Luxury Hotels Austin, Texas Luxury Hotels. Luxury hotels throughout Austin appeal to visiting officials, business travelers and tourists. Austin attracts national and international . 325387 161 Nike Air Jordan 6 VI Retro Olympic Flag GALLERY: Ramphele starts political platform Speech by Fellow South African citizens, I am here today to invite you to join me on a journey to build the country of our dreams. I ask those of you of my generation: let us cast our minds back to the run up to 1994 and the moments immediately following the dawn of our freedom. Do you remember our patience and quiet dignity as we waited in long queues to cast our very first votes as citizens of a free South Africa? Do you remember how you choked with emotion and had goose bumps as you made your very first cross on the ballot? Do you remember the tears of joy and relief when we watched our first President, Rolihlahla Mandela, being honoured with a fly past by the air force that was to have its first democratically elected commander in chief? Do you remember how Madiba inspired us to action in these words of his inaugural address? "Our daily deeds as ordinary South Africans must produce an actual South African reality that will reinforce humanity's belief in justice, strengthen its confidence in the nobility of the human soul and sustain all our hopes for a glorious life for all." Do you remember the dream we embraced to build ours into a great society a prosperous constitutional democracy united in its diversity? Do you remember our commitment to promote human dignity (Ubuntu) and banish humiliation and disrespect of our apartheid past? Do you remember our vow to promote transparency and accountability in public life? Do you remember that we agreed that our democracy would be known for being responsive to the social and economic needs of all citizens? Do you remember? As a daughter of Limpopo, a rural province, and an adopted resident of the Eastern Cape, another rural province, I have seen both the high points and low points of our imagined future. I have had to overcome the high barriers to opportunity confronting many black people, especially black rural women, to become a student activist, a medical doctor, a community development activist, a researcher, a university executive, a global public servant at the World Bank and now an active citizen in both the public and private sectors. Key to my success is the support and encouragement I received from my family, my teachers, my friends and fellow citizens. My journey is the journey of a searcher who never gives up dreaming of a better tomorrow. The country of our dreams has unfortunately faded for many of my fellow South Africans. The dream has faded for my sisters and brothers in rural areas who live under the threat of being again made subjects of traditional chiefs and other unelected traditional leaders through proposed acts of our own Parliament. The dream has faded for the many living in poverty and destitution in our increasingly unequal society. And perhaps worst of all, my generation has to confess to the young people of our country: we have failed you. We have failed to build for you an education and training system to prepare you for life in the 21st century. As a result the dream has faded for young people in both urban and rural areas. I am here today to invite you, young and old, to re imagine the country of our dreams and to commit to building it into a reality in the lives of every South African. I have said that I am no messiah. No single individual acting on their own can build our nation into the country of our dreams. But I am willing to be a bridge between my generation those of us who fought for freedom who remember not only with their minds but also with their hearts and that of my children. For us the dream remains alive as a link between those who sacrificed their lives for freedom to be born and those who live in the hope of seeing the reality of the dream come alive in their own life time. Today I announce that I am working with a group of fellow citizens to form a party political platform that will focus on rekindling hope that building the country of our dreams is possible in our lifetime. Our consultations and conversations across the lengths and breadths of our country have confirmed a hunger for a new beginning. Young and old, poor and rich, men and women, urban and rural people are yearning for a political platform that can put our country first. A platform that will be open to all South Africans of good will who want to build the country of our dreams. This will be a platform that will capture the best in us and enable us to transcend our divided past and work together as a society united in our diversity. It is a platform that will seek to work with others to reduce the fragmentation in the political landscape and to realign politics towards a focus on putting the country first. We launch this initiative under the name Agang, or in the Nguni languages of our country, Akhani, which can be interpreted in English as "Build South Africa". The decision to enter party politics has not come easily. I have never been a member of a political party nor aspired to political office. I however feel called to lead the efforts of many South Africans who increasingly fear that we are missing too many opportunities to become that which we have the potential to become a great society. I have no illusions about the difficult road ahead. Bridges get trampled on. But I trust my fellow South Africans' capacity to come together at critical times to do what others believe is impossible. I believe in our potential for greatness. I believe that greatness is within our grasp if only we can reach out across divisions and self interests and put the country first. The great society to which we committed ourselves following our relatively peaceful political transition is rapidly unravelling before our eyes. The impressive achievements of the past eighteen years are being undermined by poor governance at all levels of society. An unchecked culture of impunity and the abuse of power as well as public resources rob children, young people, rural and urban poor people of the fruits of freedom. Corruption, nepotism and patronage have become the hallmarks of the conduct of many in public service. Corruption is theft. It steals textbooks from our school children. It steals drugs from sick people. It steals social grants from old people and poor children. It robs citizens of hope and destroys dreams. This party political platform will declare war on corruption. It will work with all those in civil society as well as individual citizens and dedicated public servants who share our concerns to fight this scourge. Why has the Dream Faded and What Can We Do Now? Mind set Change from Subjects to Citizens We have seriously under estimated what it would take to walk the journey from being subjects of undemocratic governments, denied the right to make our own choices, to become citizens of a constitutional democracy, reclaiming control over our lives. We did not stop and take the time at the beginning of our journey in 1994 to work on shifting our mind sets from those of compliant subjects to those of dignified citizens. It is not surprising that despair and hopelessness is driving many decent people to violence in both the domestic and public spaces. The majority of citizens feel excluded and disrespected at all levels of their daily lives. Violence is the weapon of those who feel powerless. The risks to the enormous potential for a great future are becoming obvious to even the most optimistic amongst us. We have not invested adequately in educating for democracy. Civic education, a cornerstone of all thriving democracies, is absent in our homes, schools, places of worship, work places and communities. Citizens must be given the opportunity to share in supportive conversations about the fears and insecurities that make them prisoners of the past. The most troubling example of our failure to shift our mindsets and take ownership of our country is that less than 10% of South Africans young and old self identify as South Africans first. Ethnicity, religion and economic class come first to mind for the majority of citizens. How can we build the country of our dreams if we do not identify intimately with it and make it what defines us? How can we build a country united in its diversity if we do not put the country first in our souls and hearts? We must build a sense of common South African citizenship. We will work with those in civil society who are drafting a Citizen Charter to help guide us on our journey to the country of our dreams. Empowering the People to Govern Our society's greatness is being fundamentally undermined by a massive failure of governance. Our rallying cry during the struggle for freedom was for the people to govern, yet the system of choosing Members of Parliament from lists drawn up by political parties gives disproportionate power to party bosses at the expense of ordinary citizens. We should be able to vote for the person in our own area we want to represent us in Parliament, so we can hold them accountable for the electoral promises they make. We want an MP for Marikana, an MP for De Doorns, and an MP for Sasolburg, so if the people are unhappy and the MP is not responsive enough, they will be voted out at the next election. South Africa's people are effectively being prevented from governing by the country's electoral system. We will be working with fellow citizens to launch a million signature campaign for electoral reform. Electoral reform must be the first order of business of the post 2014 election parliament. Governance failure is also reflected in the manner in which powerful vested interests have undermined key decision making and proper management of assets of the state. This is reflected by the seamless manner in which the party, the government, the president and the state have merged into a monolith of impunity. The ANC's Chancellor House investment arm represents the most blatant example of how the governing party has abused the state to benefit its loyalists and to sustain itself in power. The most troubling aspect of Chancellor House investments is the lack of transparency of its deals. What we do know is that the participation of Chancellor House as a BEE partner of Hitachi, a supplier of Eskom's Medupi Power Station, makes a mockery of the ANC's claim to accountable and transparent governance. Poor people are the biggest losers as a result of the unholy business government alliances designed to aggressively pursue commercial interests for political elites. Workers and poor people are also the victims of the interests of privileged union leaders becoming too closely tied to those of government. We will defend the right of workers to unionize and protect their rights at all times. We also work to enable unions and other worker representatives to participate fully in the promotion of opportunities for workers to be trained and enjoy modern quality of life benefits. The distance that has developed between workers and union leaders undermines not only good labour relations but also productivity that comes from job satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment by all workers. Our platform will promote full engagement of workers in shaping a prosperous society for all, and the strengthening of the role of government in serving all citizens equally. Building a Competent Public Service The poor performance of our public service is a major obstacle to providing citizens with quality public services. Lack of competence in public service seriously undermines competitiveness, economic growth, job creation and the general improvement of living standards in South Africa. Our failure to create a competent, professional and non partisan public service undermines the quality of governance at all levels. Public service failures and corruption hurt poor people most. We are committed to establishing a competent, performance managed and professional state bureaucracy that serves the public. Co ordination and collaboration must be at the heart of the culture of public service to ensure efficiency and effectiveness at all levels of government. Public service must become a desirable career option for committed patriots. South Africa has the necessary depth of expertise and experience to run a modern democracy. We need to depoliticize the public service beyond agreed levels where political deployment of competent dedicated professionals is desirable. We are determined to promote the development of technical and specialist professional skills among public servants, improving relations between national, provincial and local government. We do have good and competent public servants who try their best to serve with integrity. But too many of us are not treated with the dignity we expect and deserve. We need to build a humane, caring public service. Building a Restructured Economy Our nation's progress is hampered by an economy that does not work for every South African. There is no justification for so much poverty in the midst of so much opulence in our society. The tragic events at Marikana and the revolt by farm workers in the Western Cape Boland area have underscored the urgent need for restructuring the foundations of our economy. The legacy of the exclusionary economic and political systems that continue to characterise the primary sectors of mining and agriculture undermines our present and future economic prospects. It is appalling to learn that an estimated 71 percent of South Africans in the 15 34 age group who make up 60 percent of our population, are not participating in the economy, and are instead forced to accept the humiliating substitute of social grants. How can we build the country of our dreams when the most energetic and innovative segment of the population is unable to participate in the economy of their own country? We have failed to transform our economy to become one that gives everyone opportunities to live in dignity as contributors to building our country. We must create an environment that creates incentives for job creation and opportunities for livelihoods for all. The mining sector's business model based on reliance on the migrant labour system and large numbers of low cost, low skilled labour is unsustainable. The mining and agricultural industries have to migrate to a business model that invests in skills of its workers, uses innovative technologies to remain competitive and create new type of jobs and opportunities for all. Another important test for our country is how to improve the skills of the rapidly increasing pool of unskilled and semi skilled labour to give them jobs in an economy that is dominated by the services sector. We have to become much more focussed on productivity and competitiveness in our areas of strength and become a desirable investment destination and supplier of choice internationally.

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