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Find age appropriate stories about caterpillars turning into butterflies, such as "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Supplement these with images of caterpillars and butterfilies. Ask the class to help you put the pictures up around the room. Start the lesson by assessing prior knowledge and asking the children what they know about caterpillars and butterflies. Read the book with the children. Include time for questions and for the children to guess or predict what might happen on the next page of the story. Finish the story by asking the children to summarize what happened and to give their opinions. Develop the children's reading abilities through these steps of assessing their prior knowledge, helping them preview and monitor during reading, and finish with the challenge of summarizing. Tap into the Multiple Intelligences approach by encouraging the children to create artwork related to caterpillars and butterflies. Explain to the class that fun activities such as making art can also help them understand more about caterpillars wrapping up in their cocoons and then turning into butterflies. Children can use crayons or colored pencils to draw their own caterpillars and butterflies. Offer children printed sheets showing the metamorphosis for them to color and cut out. Offer glitter and glue for additional decoration. Decorate cardboard cutouts of caterpillars and butterflies. Provide the children fabric and trim for texture in their work. Display the artwork in prominent places and encourage the children to talk about their creations. Use the caterpillar and butterfly unit to introduce or review the alphabet letters. Emphasize "B" for "Butterfly" and "C" for "Caterpillar." Let the children write the letters on various types of paper, including lined paper for handwriting practice as well as plain white or colored paper for freehand practice. Help the children notice that the "C" in "Caterpillar" sounds like a "K." Encourage the kids to make drawings and images from the letter shapes. Use two cutouts of the letter "B" and place them back to back, with one "B" backward and one forward. When the children see that the two "Bs" look like a butterfly, they can create their own butterflies from the letter "B." The letter "C" also works in the same way for caterpillar, which they can draw curled like a "C." Set up a science project with the kindergartners. Review the cycle of caterpillars curling up into cocoons and hatching into butterflies. Keep posters on the wall of this cycle that the children have created. Prepare shoe boxes or wide mouth jars for the caterpillars. Take the children on a walk to look for caterpillars on leaves. Help the children place the caterpillars in the containers and cover with a breathable material. Collect twigs and leaves to complete the caterpillars' environment. Each day, ask the children to check on the caterpillars. Remind them that the process could take one or two weeks. Invite the kids to keep logs of the date and events they observe. Encourage the scientific inquiry as the butterflies are due to hatch. Remind the children that some cocoons may contain other insects such as flies or wasps that are part of the natural process. Make an occasion of releasing butterflies or the other insects upon completion of the unit. Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite ,Air Jordan 11 Low White Black True Red Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold Air Jordan 5 White Varsity Red Obsidian Air Jordan 6 Rings Powder Blue Air Jordan 3 Retro 88 White Cement Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black Caroline Wozniacki always feels confident she can outrun her opponent on the tennis court. The former No. 1 player figures that with a bit more training, she can cover 26.2 miles. Wozniacki plans to play a full tournament schedule this fall while fitting in time to train for the New York City Marathon. She typically runs for 30 40 minutes a day as part of workouts for tennis and hopes that one longer session per week of an hour or more can get her through the Nov. 2 race. And, no, she not seeking this challenge in an attempt to distract herself from her personal life, Wozniacki insisted. Golfer Rory McIlroy broke off their engagement in late May, less than a month before Wozniacki decided to run a marathon. helped me just get through the tough times, Wozniacki said Thursday. I just feeling happy and I wanted to do something good for others. I think that this had nothing really to do with my personal life. It was something I was passionate about. had long wanted to run a marathon, and looking at this year tournament schedule, she determined it was doable. About a week before Wimbledon, she asked her manager to look up charities she could raise money for. Wozniacki will represent Team for Kids, which helps fund NYC Marathon organizer New York Road Runners youth programs. ask me, don you just run a 5K or 10K? I like, I do that all the time, so it wouldn really be a challenge,' she said. is really something I need to put my mind to. was in Manhattan on Thursday with Meb Keflezighi, the reigning Boston Marathon champ who will also raise money for Team for Kids at the New York race, which he won in 2009. no turning back now, she said with a laugh of announcing her plans to the world. Open, which, she hopes, takes her through Sept. 7. Then it a week off before three weeks playing in Asia, another week off, and a tournament in Moscow. Wozniacki hopes to qualify for the WTA Finals, which run Oct. 20 26 in Singapore, ending just a week before the marathon. She currently 17th in the standings, though, with only the top eight players taking part. Open, losing in 2009 to Kim Clijsters. She ranked 13th, though she coming off her first title in nine months when she won in Istanbul on July 20 the same day McIlroy clinched the British Open. She comfortable that she can avoid injury while ramping up her running. know my body so well now after so many years on tour and so many years of pushing it, Wozniacki said. She never entered a road race, and the longest distance she ever run is 18 kilometres, which is a bit less than a half marathon. But she always been known for her conditioning on the tennis court and likes to think her experience gritting through fatigue will apply well to her new endeavour. Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite,One of the best things about being The Budget Fashionista is the ability to "help" love ones. I often get frantic calls from friends and family members asking for help with a major fashion emergency like "My boyfriend has finally decided to take me to Sunday brunch at his parents. It's Saturday night at 6pm. What do a wear?". I love helping my peeps look fabulous and out of the bind it makes me feel like a fashion version of Mother Teresa. My most recent pleasure was helping one of my dearest and arguably fashion deprived friend develop a professional closet. My friend, Monique, has been buried deep in the recess of a hospital for the past three years, finishing a residency in Orthopedic Surgery. Needless to say fashion is not at the top of her do to list, her closets consists of white coats, worn scrubs, and these tank top bra things that make her look like she has a "uni boob". The girl needed help. It is not like Monique doesn't have style she has quite a bit. But her style is most suited for the warm, tropical climate of her native Jamaica, rather than the harsh winters of Connecticut. Plus, she doesn't have much time for the pursuit of fashion between removing bullets from people's butts and reading thrilling works on the treatment of scoliosis. So, last week Monique called up and said "I have a big problem". Okay, I thought, she has finally snapped from all those hours spent under horrible fluorescent lights and wearing plastic clogs. As a made a mental list of the possible attendees for the upcoming intervention, she continued, "I have a free weekend and desperately need a professional wardrobe. Help!". Having not seen my friend since my wedding two years prior, I jumped at the chance to spend sometime with her and willingly offered my services in exchange for lunch. When I arrived in New Haven, the first thing we did (after eating about a billion maki rolls) was to develop a budget. By some brilliant banking maneuvers, Monique was able to gather $600 for this new wardrobe. Our goal was to focus on quality, rather than quantity. She needed a wardrobe that would last her until May 2007, the end of her residency. This was our shopping list: Bra's and new underwear (No matter how much money you have, always start with the underwear.) Layering tops (great for wearing under suit coat jackets, sweaters, and other t shirts) Black velvet suit jacket (Very sexy and slimming) Basic Black Dress (can dress it up or down) Pair of earrings (something basic that could be worn professionally) Shirts (white, black) Pants (black, grey, brown) Shoes (black boots, black heels) One fun item/ shirt We set out in Monique's 1989 Nissan/ Toyota/Hyundai ( It is so old that I don't think it had any label on it) to Westfarms Mall in central Connecticut. The main reason we chose this mall was because it had a Lord Taylor and a Nordstrom two key stores to look for when trying to build a professional closet on a budget. We head to Nordstrom first because they were winding down their semi annual women's and children's sale with an additional 30% 50% off. At Nordstroms, we were able to pick up a pair of Ralph Lauren ( green label) pants on sale and had them tailored to perfection for $83.63. We decided to spend a little more on the black pants, because she would wear them quite a bit. We also pick up a pair of black suede pumps and knee high black boots for $80.00 total. Total at Nordstrom: 163.63 The next stop was to find some basic layer tees. The best place, hands down, to find high quality stretchy t shirts is Old Navy. Yes, other places carry them, but Old Navy t shirts are the same quality and are usually 2 for $22. Unfortunately this mall did not have an Old Navy. As the Budget Fashionista, I am used to being in less than ideal shopping situations, so we headed to the GAP. At the GAP we found 4 layering t shirts ( in black, white, pink, and purple). One was on sale for $3.99. Total at GAP: $49.93 After the GAP, we headed to Lord Taylor, one of my favorite shopping haunts. They were having a big sale on their early fall stuff, so Monique and I hit the racks. We tried on several pairs of pants, but nothing seemed to work. It is very important to wear GOOD underwear when going shopping for pants. Monique, whose main criteria for good underwear is that it is clean, did not wear the proper undergarments. It is all about the "drawls" folks. Not letting poor undergarments disrupt our flow, Monique bought a nice black Ralph Lauren cotton dress blouse and a pair of "diamond" earrings. We figure she will be able to replace them with real ones after her residency. Total cost at L $49.18 Propelled to action by the sad state of her underwear, we headed to straight to the intimate section of Filene's department store. Now, I really truly love Monique, but I am NEVER going undergarment shopping with her again. First we had an argument over the tank top bra issue. She said that they were comfortable (they are). I said that they make women have a "uni boob" (they do). After spending 15 minutes arguing, during which she threaten to strangle me with a padded demi bra, we reached a comprise. She got the tank top bra thing and several pairs of sensible underwear with a little nylon to help uplift and hold in the her "goods". After leaving the intimates, we headed to the women's department, where we proceeded to wrap up the shopping. It was like, we were in a trance. We found a great white cotton dress shirt and a black knit top from Kors Michael Kors bridge line found in stores like L and Filene's, a pair of grey tweed pants from Ralph Lauren, and a beautiful Kelly green suede jacket from Inc. We did find a great black dress, however Monique felt she wouldn't wear until summer. Flashing back to my near death experience with the padded demi bra, I decided not to push the dress any further.

Full Of Unique Look Of Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite,Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red So how do you choose the right shoes? What are the rules? For all you women, whether it's a weekend outfit or a corporate gathering, we will guide your quest of the right shoes!These sexy shoes accentuate your legs and make them appear longer. Available now in various designs pumps, peek a boo toes, pointed front you have an option for every outfit. On pencil skirts, knee lengthy dresses and slim pant, you can try every kind of stiletto. However, if your skirt is too short, refrain from these shoes; it'll send out the wrong message. Nude stilettos are ideal if you're short; they're the ultimate leg lengtheners. If you're looking to get away for a vacation, these boots will go well with your yellow summer dress. This super casual option is every woman's favorite. Since this is the ultimate casual, wear them on no outfit other than that. A trip to the beach or a run down to the supermarket, in your tees and shorts, is the way to utilize these shoes. Ballet Flats This shoe option is a multi tasker. Not only do they look great on your casual jeans, but they can be used in formal settings as well. There are several options available now, other than the simple colored ones. You can get some great silver sparkled ones that could work well on a knee length formal dress. For a feminine touch, wear them with your mini shorts or capris. You may want to avoid them if you're wearing long dresses; they tend to look too over the top. Looking for the Right Shoes to match Your Outfit? We have a great collection! Closet Mixer is a place where working women can shop conveniently. With a wide range of options available from corporate, casual, formal evening, weekend women can pick the latest outfits, accessories, shoes from various designers, all under one roof! Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite Spruce Run Hotline Number 1 800 863 9909If you're concerned about your own situation please reach out to you local domestic abuse organization. There are many ways that they may be able to help you. Their services are free and confidential. At the same time, you are probably faced with making a lot of very hard choices. Talking to someone on the hotline can be helpful as you think through your feelings and your choices. We will not tell you what to do only you know what's best for you and your family. But we may have ideas you haven't thought about, or thought possible. Separating from an abusive person can mean increased harassment, and increased abuse. It often makes the abuse more unpredictable. While only the abuser controls the abuse, some careful planning might make this time easier and safer for you. That might mean planning for safety at home or planning for safety if you leave. Call the hotline if you want help creating or thinking through a plan. Here are some ideas that others have used to get and stay safe. Call us to talk about how they might work for you, or what other ideas we might have. Remember, we're always here to help. If you're thinking about leaving, consider doing these things. Think about how you will leave. Will you have to leave suddenly, or do you think you'll have time to pack and make arrangements? Do you need to think about both plans? Call the Spruce Run hotline to talk about your safety plan and find out what services and shelter we offer. Keep the hotline number with you. Make arrangements for a safe place to go and stay. Leave money, extra car and house keys, copies of important documents (birth certificates, social security cards, photo ID, driver's license and registration, children's immunization records), important medications, and extra clothing with someone you trust. If you have to leave suddenly, you may not have time to gather these things. Open a savings account in your name only. If it is safe to do so, see if your employer offers direct deposit, so your paycheck can go right into your account. Make and review your plan. You should know the answers to these questions: What's the safest time to leave? What's the best escape route if you have to leave suddenly? What door, window, staircase, fire escape will you use? Practice your route, and make sure your children know it too. Where will you go, and how will you get there? What will you need to take; where can you keep those things until you go? You may be staying with your abuser for many reasons fear, lack of money, or hope that the abuse will stop. Most of us want to have hope for our relationships. But thinking about your safety is a good idea in case things don't turn out the way you hope they will. If you suspect someone a friend, a neighbor, a client is being abused, here are some steps you can take. Start a conversation. Find a safe, private place, and explain what you see or suspect. Listen. Don't make assumptions, and don't press for information. It may not feel or be safe to talk. Ask how you can help. Offer whatever support you feel you can. Remind her that abuse is not ever her fault. Suggest resources, including the Spruce Run hotline 1.800.863.9909 for more help and information.

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