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Kim Kardashian might just be a bit boy crazy right now! The reality show diva not only has the bad crazy with the ongoing divorce drama with ex, Kris Humphries. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star also has plenty of the good, what with her romance with rapper Kanye West and her adorable relationship with her nephew, Mason Disick. She recently played the picture perfect aunt when she took sister Kourtney Kardashian toddler son to church in Calabasas, Calif. and even toted him around on her hip. And they were both definitely rocking out their Sunday best, with Kim in a sophisticated and figure hugging nude frock that was both demure and dynamite and Mason pulling off a cute pair of aviator shades, a gray shirt and high top sneakers and a Toy Story lunchbox, too. Celebuzz has the photos of the duo here. However, the story wasn so cute when Kim Kardashian jetted cross country to New York City. Her man, Kanye West, was just fine far more mature than her previous hip hugging date, Mason. But the overall moment? Problematic, daresay sinful, starting and ending with some shoes that weren as good of a fit as Kim and Kanye seem to be. They been dubbed hideous, monstrous, crazy and outfit ruining just about every other faux pas fabulous adjective one could imagine. People even penned a hypothetical letter to Kim about her tragic Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti heels, which actually ring in at nearly $6,000. They may have been better left in the shoebox. Kim worn them before, way back before the official Kimye days, when she attended West fashion show in Paris. She got away with the ivory pair there, but perhaps shouldn have pulled them out again (thereby casting her favored and supremely more stylish Christian Louboutin stilettos to the side), seeing as they resemble a hybrid between a bootie and bedroom slippers, a sandal, a leg warmer and an embroidered arts and crafts project. They definitely make a statement if it the wrong one! The biggest issue with the ivory soles this time around was Kim dress. She wore a sleek and skin tight black number that was way too chic for such clunky, noticeable footwear that cut her silhouette and the line of her leg in half. 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Big Size 384664 061 Air Jordan 6 Retro Black Varsity Red White,384664 023 Men Size Jordan 6 Retro Black Infrared 2014 In 1981, American Airlines decided to seduce the rich assholes of the world by giving them unlimited first class tickets for a one time fee (because once you have enough money to buy anything, you never have to buy anything ever again). For a cool $250,000, customers received the AAirpass, consisting of unlimited first class tickets for the rest of their lives. For an extra $150,000, they could bring a buddy along, because what fun is laughing and pointing at those plebeians in coach if you're doing it all by your lonesome?It sounds like a lot of money indeed, that's what AA marketing must have thought too. But first class tickets aren't cheap, and if you can use as many as you want for the rest of your life, you'll quickly make your money back in tickets, and after that every ticket you get is absolutely free. AA thought that their pass would be used by powerful companies to shuttle their top executives around; they never anticipated a bunch of run of the mill wealthy people getting their hands on them and going stark raving mad with power. Which they did. The prospect of "free flights any time, all the time, forever" was just too much for some people. One guy flew to London 16 times . in a single month. Why not? If you don't mind the flight and it's first class, remember then it's like having a Star Trek teleporter. Decide you want to have lunch in London tomorrow, just hop on a plane and go. One guy has flown over 30 million miles on his lifetime pass enough to go around the globe more than a thousand times, or to fly New York to Tokyo 4,500 times. And remember, the buddy pass meant you could always bring somebody along. One guy liked to offer his buddy ticket to complete strangers, to let them taste the good life for once. Another gave away the frequent flyer miles he accumulated to AIDS patients so they could see their families. It was all legal the deal didn't specify whom they could bring. Hey, want to impress a date? How about a spontaneous trip to Paris . every weekend. Why not? It's free. Hell, in the beginning they didn't even prohibit pass holders from selling the buddy seat. You could sell it for a few thousand bucks and pay for your hotel and meals. None of this was free to AA, of course. After years of this program, the company realized that there were individual pass holders who were getting $1 million in free flights every year. AA stopped issuing new tickets in 1994 and hired a fraud investigator to start hassling existing customers, looking for reasons to revoke their tickets. It's as if one day they woke up and realized, "Wait, this promotion we told customers was a great deal for them actually was. Put a stop to it immediately!" 1. Just for Feet's Superbly Racist Super Bowl AdIt's easy to understand how unintentionally racist ads can make it to air blissfully naive marketers can miss racist symbolism if they're not being vigilant. Mistakes happen. But how this next clusterfuck occurred, on the world's biggest advertising stage, has to be one of the great mysteries of modern marketing. In the 1990s shoe superstore Just for Feet was becoming popular enough that they decided to do a promotional stunt during Super Bowl XXXIII. The $7 million promotion would involve giving away a Hummer (which these days would be a disaster all its own) and pairing the giveaway with a 30 second commercial. Viewers were told to look out for the ad during the third quarter and call in to a hotline to win the car. Pretty straightforward stuff . until you see the ad. The following was shown to 127 million homes. It starts with a "hunter" in the desert . No, not some famous athlete. Just a regular Kenyan, fleeing. The hunter and his crew then knock him out like a wild animal by drugging his water, and go to work on his unconscious body. When he wakes up from his stupor, he finds (twist!) a pair of Just for Feet shoes strapped to him. See, like a wild animal, when scientists knock them out and tag them. As he screams and stumbles off into the distance, "Just for Feet" flashes on the screen just long enough to let you know where to send all the hate mail. The backlash was so instantaneous, it probably started before the commercial ended. Not one quark of this commercial worked. It was creepy (that's what you get for scripting humans hunting humans), racist ("haha, silly black man running without shoes like some silly black man") and even insulting toward its own product (if the world class runner hated wearing those shoes, that means we should hate wearing them too, right?). The whole thing was so bad that the company first sued the ad agency for $10 million, as if they had never had a chance to see the spot before it was broadcast to the entire nation, and then the company itself shut down less than a year later. But honestly, who could have known it would blow up in their face like that? Other than everyone. Absolutely everyone in the world would have known, except them. Evan V. Symon is a Cracked Workshop Moderator and is part of the Personal Experience Team. Raoni draws his power from beer and the tears of fanboys. You may follow him on Twitter. Related Reading: We love it when an advertising plan falls apart. Remember the time Burger King asked people to give up friendships for free burgers? Far more disastrous was the time McDonalds bet against America in the Olympics and lost millions. And then, in a terrible class all its own, is the Red Lobster snow crab special. 384664 061 Air Jordan 6 Retro Black Varsity Red White Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Russell Okung 76 blocks St. Louis defender James Hall 96 during an NFL game between the Seahawks and the Rams at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, MO, on October 3, 2010.(Photo: KING)RENTON, Wash. Already hampered by two major season ending knee injuries on the offensive line, the Seattle Seahawks may have lost left tackle Russell Okung for the rest of the season on a play that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll called out of line on Friday. The uncertainty over Okung's pectoral injury, which Carroll called significant, cast a bit of a cloud over Seattle's 31 14 win over Philadelphia on Thursday night that was highlighted by Marshawn Lynch's 148 yards rushing and two touchdowns, the second best performance of his career. Okung got thrown by Philadelphia defensive end Trent Cole away from the play inside the final 2 minutes and after the whistle had blown. Okung was undergoing tests on Friday to determine the severity of the injury and Carroll said he wouldn't rule Okung out for the season until more a more definitive diagnosis has been given. When asked if it was a dirty play, Carroll said it was a bad play. He got grabbed under the arm and thrown down to the ground. It had nothing to do with the play. It wasn't a late hit, Carroll said. It might look like he was trying to disengage and that might be what they say and all, but it was really late and it was really out of line unfortunately. Okung could be the third Seahawks (5 7) starting lineman to go down if he is done for the year. The Seahawks lost the entire right side of their line last month when rookies John Moffitt and James Carpenter went down with knee injuries that required surgery. Moffitt was hurt in Seattle's win over Baltimore, while Carpenter was lost when he tore his ACL during practice just a few days later. Now comes Okung, who was slowed during his rookie season a year ago by continued ankle problems, but who had stayed healthy and played well for most of his second season. The injury came on the first play after the 2 minute warning with Seattle holding its big lead. Okung and Cole engaged on a running play to Leon Washington that went to the right side. On the television broadcast, Okung appears to let up as the whistle blows, then gets flung over Cole's hip and to the ground. Okung had to be restrained and pulled away from Cole after the game ended. He was holding his arm gingerly in the locker room after the game. Russell has been very good. He really has. His game is so much better this year than it was last year at any time, Carroll said. Seattle does get a few days to figure out how to approach the possible loss of Okung. Carroll gave his team Friday through Monday off, with the Seahawks returning to practice Tuesday in preparation for their Monday night game on Dec. 12 at home against St. Louis. One question will be how Seattle keeps Lynch on such a roll. Thursday night was the fourth time in the last five games Lynch has topped 100 yards, the finest stretch of his career for a back that never had consecutive 100 yard games until early November when he did it against Dallas and Baltimore. He's now got touchdowns in eight consecutive games as well, including one on Thursday night. It came on Seattle's second possession and on first and goal from the Philadelphia 15 following a penalty. Lynch took a handoff off right tackle and got clogged up right at the line of scrimmage. But no Eagles defenders got a firm grasp on Lynch, who kept his legs churning. And with the help of a cleanup block from Okung, Lynch was able to escape from the pile and streak for the touchdown. He later added a 40 yard TD run on the first play of the second quarter that gave Seattle a 14 0 lead and showed Lynch is more than just a bruiser as he made a quick cut at the line of scrimmage and outran everyone to the corner. Because of Lynch's performances recently, the talk is already turning to Lynch's future and whether the Seahawks want him back. Lynch will be a free agent. We've already made a big statement and have gotten a great core of guys that we want to go with and we want to grow these guys up together, Carroll said. Marshawn is certainly one of those guys that we want to have with us.

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