Where Are The Best Sites To Buy Authentic Nike Air Foamposite One Safari Black For You At Best Price. Nike Air Foamposite One Safari Black Wholesale For Cheap Nike Air Foamposite One Safari Black Online With Big Discount And Fast Shipping Recent Staff Blog PostsMore green in wallets, less green in parksBlazers In FIBA World Cup: France Upsets Spain 65 52 To Advance To SemifinalsIt's Vancouver Brewfest time!Soccer analysis earns blogger some recognitionSay 'No' to the Pasta PassMaking a racket: First week of prep tennisSmelt season to be proposedMcMorris Rodgers, highest ranking woman in GOP and mentor to JHB, accused by staffer of ethics violationsNorthwest football standings and schedule ( Week 2)Five months after Nike Inc. approached Vancouver about expanding in Clark County, city officials still can't tell anyone what they offered the athletic apparel goliath to try to land some tantalizing Nike jobs here.That's the case, even though Nike took its Swoosh and went back home. Oregon state government gave Nike the special tax treatment it wanted, and now the Fortune 500 company is hunting for expansion sites in its home state.Only a handful of economic development officials know what was on the table for a hush hush deal dubbed "Project Impact." Even Vancouver City Council members are largely in the dark on details. The public doesn't know where Nike might have landed, how many jobs it would have created in Vancouver or what incentives the city and Washington state were willing to offer.The Columbian has filed requests for public documents, under Washington's open records law, that may shed light on those and other details. A big question: Was Nike ever serious about Vancouver, or did it just use the city as a foil to frighten Oregon politicians into handing it a sweetheart tax deal?The city says it's willing to outline its experience with the recruitment process that was used in dealings with the Nike representatives. But for now, a nondisclosure agreement between the city and a company working on Nike's behalf prevents the public from understanding what was discussed.That document, which the city released to The Columbian under an initial public records request, shows that a Nike representative came to Vancouver last summer to talk about the possibility of expanding in Clark County. It's unclear when the city of Vancouver will be released from its confidentiality restrictions.Such nondisclosure agreements aren't unusual.The importance of understanding the city's playbook for dealing with a top tier corporate prize like Nike isn't lost on Vancouver City Councilor Jeanne Stewart. Nike is "a great corporation" with good paying jobs, she said, and its expansion plans represented a big opportunity for Vancouver and Clark County, which for many years has topped the metro region in unemployment."At the same time, (companies) always look in more than one location," Stewart said. "They negotiate privately with more than one city. What they're interested in is finding whomever will sweeten the pot the best."'Water cooler talk'Nike's name is nowhere to be found on the nondisclosure agreement, but other documents obtained by The Columbian confirm that "Project Impact" is all about the company whose products and brand can be seen all over playgrounds and sports arenas.The city's July 30, 2012, nondisclosure agreement is with EMK LLC, a Delaware company, to discuss "Project Impact." It's signed by Lloyd Tyler, Vancouver's chief financial officer, who is listed on the document as acting city manager.There's no signature, name, title or date from EMK.The agreement insists on secrecy. If the city were to release confidential information, including properties the company was examining, it would be held "liable for direct, actual, indirect, consequential, special and all other damages, plus injunctive relief for such (a) breach," according to the nondisclosure agreement.At the time, Vancouver city councilors had virtually no information about the potential Nike deal.Councilor Jack Burkman said he "heard some water cooler talk around a lot of discussions going on with a big company" but that was about it.Burkman has no objection to the process. "There's a terrain where negotiations can start that doesn't involve the (city) council," Burkman said. "That's (a) staff function, not policy."Of course, he added, the council weighs in when city funds, a long term obligation or policy change is at stake. But the Nike issue never reached that level.Councilor Stewart said at one point there was a briefing during which City Manager Eric Holmes indicated a Fortune 500 company was "looking at a significant property site" and that the city had an agreement to discuss the matter confidentially. But that was all.The city was pursuing Project Impact with help from others, including then Gov. Chris Gregoire and the Vancouver based Columbia River Economic Development Council. And the city was working with a site selection company: Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, a global commercial real estate firm that, as its website says, provides "a fully integrated platform of services to prominent multinational corporations and institutional investors."By December, however, it was suddenly clear the city's efforts wouldn't pay off.That's when Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber called the state's Legislature into a rushed special session to give Nike the special tax assurances it said it needed to stay in Oregon.In a Dec. 10 email obtained by The Columbian, Alisa Pyszka, economic development division manager for the city of Vancouver, indicated Vancouver was behind in the race for a Nike expansion.Her email went to state and regional officials, including an economic policy advisor to Gregoire. "According to Newmark, the Vancouver site is effectively out of the running as we are behind the Oregon and Texas sites," Pyszka wrote..

Kobe Bean Bryant is regarded as the most excellent basketball athlete. His position is the shooting guard in NBA. He is skilled at shooting and passing the ball. No one can go through him. He got 81 points in a single game. In addition to the scoring skills, he is very superior to the organization ability. He always served as the first sponsors on offense. Moreover he is one of the best defensive players in the team. It is very hard to defend him closely. Kobe is the son of the basketball play and train and his hometown is Pennsylvania. He is the single son in this family. He has the same name as a dish. His father played in NBA for eight seasons. At the age of 6, his whole family moved to Italy and started a new professional basketball player life. Kobe in progress to accustom to his new life and learned to speak Italian and Spanish. He began playing basketball when he was three years old. His much loved team is the Lakers in his growing up time. His grandfather always gave him videos of NBA matches. He could research the competition video recording. When he was little, he started to play soccer and he loved AC Milan very much. He said that if he still stayed in Italy, he may try his best to become a great football athlete. He is the iron rod fan of the former coach and athlete of Barcelona. He admired Messi very much. In 1991 Kobe's father retired from the NBA and his whole family moved back to the America. When he was in the high school he earned national recognition for his brilliant skills. As a new player, he could be the starter of the basketball team. His daddy coached him in his second year in the school. Although he was very mediocre, he filled all 5 positions at the rest years of the high school. He helped the school obtained seventy seven times champions. In Adidas ABCD Camp, he got the title of the senior MVP prize. At that time he played with his afterward company Odom. When in high school, the coach of 76ers invited him to train with the team. And he made a one to one competition in there with Stackhouse. In his fourth years of the high school, he helped the school get their first state championship in 50 years. When his school career is over, he broke the southeastern Pennsylvania scoring record. Due to his fourth years' achievements, he got many awards; including the name of Naismith High School Player of the Year, Gatorade Men's National Basketball Player of the Year, a McDonald's All American and a USA Today First Team player. His trainer said that he is a complete player with great control ability. He took singer Brandy to his senior party}. He got a great grade in his SAT exam and he can go to a best college. Yet, he chooses to enter the NBA to become a professional player. And he is the sixth player in the history of NBA from high school to NBA directly. As it is not common to enter NBA in this way so he got a lot of focus from the public. Kobe is a horrible basketball player in NBA, he spend his whole life on the NBA. Nike Air Foamposite One Safari Black ,Air Jordan Spizike New York Knicks Orange Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Fluorescent Green Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Dark Charcoal Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Home Air Jordan 10 Bulls Over Broadway Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Dark Charcoal Air Jordan 2 Infrared Cement Air Jordan 11 Low IE Black Varsity Red Recently, it was reported that the world's second largest sports company Adidas would shut down the only one of its own factory in Suzhou in October this year. Adidas officials confirmed this message to reporters yesterday, but it stressed that Adidas still have over 300 cooperation industries in China, the shutting down will not influence the production, closing factories is based on the consideration of the strategy of re integrate global resources. Nevertheless, business market is still inevitable to associate this action with the phenomenon that domestic manufacturing labor costs rises sharply, recruitment is difficult. But it is not accidental, it's more like a trend. When the global economic crisis broke out three years ago, Nike shut down its last factory in China so as to deduce resources unavailable in China. If compare Nike and Adidas these multinational giants to "migratory birds", it's natural for them to leave, because now here is no longer lush trees, the land is no longer fertile, either. However, in the eyes of some observers who focus on the transformation and upgrading on domestic intensive manufacturing industry, most of the "baits" in China which attracts these "migratory birds" are based on the cheap labor, and this situation will sooner or later change with the development of national economy and living standard. According to the reply of Adidas headquarters, "To close the factory is for the re integration of global resources". This is the only reason. And as Xinhua reported, Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, said in a material to the media that it completely understood Adidas's plan of global resources re integration, which also agrees with the trend that Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee requires transformation at present. It is worth noting that Adidas's so called "integration strategy", also appeared in Nike's official statement in China. In March 2009, Nike announced the closure of its footwear production facility only owned by it Taicang plant. At that time, Nike in China responded to South reporters that "The purpose is to further promote the long term procurement integration strategies and streamline the supply chain.". In fact, Adidas did not deny the correspondence between shutting down the factory and the rising costs, and it seems that there doesn't exist any conflict between "global resource integration" and "rising costs". Recalling the long term history of sporting goods manufacturing industry, Adidas, Nike and other multinational sports clothing brands has been always choosing the way "Where the cost is low, there is the way In the beginning, they established producing bases in European America which is regarded as the birthplace of brands. To take the example of Nike, for the sake of saving costs, it built its own overseas production line in Japan as a start. In the later few years, Japanese Yen had been constantly rising as well as the labor costs, which made Nike's producing costs upper and upper and upper. In 1975, Nike's producing lines in Japan were transferred to the relatively low labor costs places in Korea and Taiwan. In the 1980 s, and for the same reason, Nike's main producing lines were transferred to Fujian and Guangdong. In recent years, with the rising of Chinese labor costs, it targets at the lower labor costs in Southeast Asia. "Particularly for Adidas, which should be the "fuses" of London Olympics as the first class sponsor, but surprisingly, the reaction of consumers has been under the bottom, it is difficult to start shooting reckon without one's host." Nike Air Foamposite One Safari Black,I've got the rest of the week all planned out: First and foremost, I am done running, no more training runs, the next time I run will be on Sunday morning at 7:30am on Broadway. In addition to icing both of my legs from the calf down in a Styrofoam cooler four times a day, wearing my new running shoes every waking hour, applying intense sports cream multiple times a day, sleeping with a heating pad wrapped around my ankle and trying to stay off of my feet as much as possible, I am having acupuncture therapy twice (I will try almost everything to get rid of the ankle pain) and visiting Jill (my massage magician) on Friday for a pre race miracle massage. In terms of gear, I hear it could be 30 degrees when we start so I made a trip to Target over the weekend and picked up a two pack of really cute pink gloves for $1.94, an ear band for another $1+ and a long sleeved sweatshirt. I am going to stick with my running skirt and tank for the run, they have been great all season, no reason to change things up now. I took Friday off to go to the Expo and spend the day with my best friend who is flying in from California. Saturday night we are going to the pasta dinner at Sunset Station with my 6 year old and Cynthia my training buddy, and then we are having a slumber party so that the four of us can head out to the starting line at 5:30 am. The week is very full; before I know it Sunday will be here. I am planning on going to bed every night by 9pm in anticipation of my inability to fall asleep for a couple of hours due to the mounting anticipation. Yes I am still in slight pain, yes I am still walking with a limp, yes I am still planning on running the full marathon. There, all of your questions have been answered so you don't need to ask.

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