Welcome To Our Online 385475 101 Air Jordan 2 Retro White Metallic Silver Natural Grey With Best Quality. 414571 003 Womens Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black How Can i Buy 385475 101 Air Jordan 2 Retro White Metallic Silver Natural Grey Tack Action Now And Satisfy Your Favor But office, shopping and housing projects in the works in Northwest Baltimore have some residents worried about the impact of development on a degraded stream that flows through their neighborhoods on its way to the harbor. Cranes tower over an 11 acre tract on Wabash Avenue, where the Social Security Administration plans to move 1,600 workers from the federal agency's aging downtown headquarters. Next door, Northwest Plaza is seeking the city's blessing to add a restaurant, bank branch and more shops to its 1970s era strip mall. Nearby, a proposed 57 unit senior housing complex has won preliminary approval to be built in a patch of woods that was once part of a Jewish cemetery. "We need to look at what's happening with residential development and commercial development and how to protect the Chesapeake Bay,'' said Helena Hicks, a longtime resident of Grove Park. Hicks, 78, said she is concerned about the health of Powder Mill Run, a tributary of the Gwynns Falls that drains a swath of Northwest Baltimore. She helped launch a campaign to restore the Gwynns Falls 25 years ago but said it's still in poor shape today, and she fears the new projects will only make matters worse. Decades ago, she recalled, her children played in Powder Mill Run and collected big turtles along its banks. Since then, she said, "it has degenerated into this small little stream, polluted for man and beast." Old tires and other debris clutter the wooded streambed, while residents living along it say they've endured years of sewage overflows, as well as flooding and wastewater backups into their basements. "We were told when it was raining not to flush our commodes," said Bobbie Lockett, 72, who lives across Kennison Avenue from the stream. City officials acknowledge Powder Mill Run, like much of the rest of the Gwynns Falls, is in bad shape, with chronic sewage overflows and leaks a major problem. Bacteria in the stream from animal or human waste frequently exceed safe levels for even casual contact with the water, and nutrient pollution levels also are high, according to Kimberly Burgess, chief of surface water management for the Department of Public Works. City crews recently installed a "backflow preventer" on Kennison Avenue to keep sewage out of homes there, said Art Shapiro, the city's chief of utility maintenance. Work is expected to start in the next couple of years on a $5 million replacement and lining of some leaky sewer lines in the neighborhood, according to Public Works spokesman Kurt L. Kocher. A more ambitious project to install a larger sewer line there is still in design and at least four years away. A $3.5 million makeover of Powder Mill Run has also been discussed, which would seek to reduce erosion and flooding by restoring about 16 acres of wetlands along its banks. Federal funds are available for design, but the city has yet to commit to the project, according to Kim Gross of the Army Corps of Engineers. City officials say they'll go forward with local money if need be. "It seems like the community has been seeking relief from the city for some time, for years," said David Flores, water quality manager for Blue Water Baltimore, the harbor watershed watchdog group. What the city has done has helped but not remedied the flooding and sewage problems, he said, and residents now worry that the added development will "take a situation that's already been out of control and ratchet it up a couple of notches." City officials say the development projects some residents are questioning all have met requirements for limiting their effect on the stream. The Social Security complex will have a green roof and "micro bioretention" to treat some of the rainfall running off its roofs and parking lots, Burgess wrote in an email. The Northwest Plaza project includes plans to remove a half acre of asphalt on the 25 acre site, plant grass and trees, and install a "rain garden" to filter sediment and other pollutants from storm runoff, according to Matthew Allen, development director for Klein Enterprises, which owns the center. The Planning Commission approved the mall plan Thursday. The City Council still needs to consider the project. Finally, the senior housing complex to be built next to Arlington Cemetery will include replanting of 70 trees and other landscaping to mitigate for clearing a third of the 9 acre site, according to Kyle Leggs, an area planner in the city planning department. "All of these have been vetted. Nothing in the area is causing a problem," said City Councilwoman Rochelle "Rikki" Spector, who represents the Northwest Baltimore district. She said city officials are seeing that the development doesn't hurt the stream. Spector asked why Hicks had raised questions about the projects and helped organize a community meeting last weekend to discuss their concerns..

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Well, now you can add a new image to that picture in your mind: hideous growths. The pressure of holding the violin against your neck leads to Fiddler's Neck, a skin condition complete with scarring, cysts, and pustules. Play the violin long enough, and you can add hyperpigmentation and lichenification to the list. So not only will you have a prolapsed anus growing out of your neck, but the skin will grow darker, bark like and as thick as a lizard's hide, only not as pretty. Part of the cause of Fiddler's Neck has been attributed to poor hygiene, indicating what we always suspected; musicians are filthy. Known by those medical types as "embouchure focal dystonia," Horn Player's palsy is when your facial muscles go all gimpy and leave you looking like you're constantly reacting to nude photos of your grandparents. The high pressures created by the act of playing the horn, the vibration and the demands placed on the muscles can result in a general weakening and involuntary contraction of the facial muscles. The root cause is thought to be a misfiring of neurons in your brain, meaning playing brass instruments can actually cause brain damage. It can cause the facial nerves to become inflamed, leading to facial paralysis. This in turn may cause you to look like Droopy Dog. According to the fairy tales, cobblers were good hearted shoemakers who were often visited by tiny elves who didn't believe in unions, wages or an eight hour work day and we're happy to spend all night doing the lazy ass cobbler's work for him. In reality, cobbler's didn't even have midget porn to fall back on let alone magic elves and spent most of their days hunched over in a chair, stitching and shaping leather and then hammering soles onto their creations, likely cursing the whole shoe wearing world at the same time. Since they often used their thighs as support beneath the shoe as it was being made, the result was a large, horrifying bony growth on the femur from all those years of pounding away on shoes. Use your leg as an anvil, and your body will start turning it into one. It looks like this condition vanished over time when some revolutionary cobblers finally figured out you can hammer shit on these things called "tables" instead of smashing it into your own body several hundred times a day. Roses are the symbol of romance, seduction and bartering for sexual favors. It turns out they also are a source of Sporothrix Schenckii, a fungus that can kill you. If it enters through small cuts and abrasions, like the ones conveniently provided by the rose's thorns, it causes bumps and lesions at the point of entry, and along all the lymph nodes it crosses paths with. Left untreated, the lesions become larger and look similar to a boil, and eventually become chronic, weeping ulcers. 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It's caused by massive infestations of hookworms, infestations so large they actually end up consuming most of your red blood cells. It leaves your body depleted and anemic while the parasites gorge like tourists at a 99 cent colon buffet in Vegas. So why has this happened to miners? Well, mines are big, dark and damp, and toilets hard to come by. Since diarrhea is another symptom, workers would often have to stop and drop one in the massive networks of tunnels where their unfortunate coworkers were likely to stumble through it shortly thereafter. Poor lighting and worn out shoes provided the hookworm larvae a chance to transfer to a new host, burrowing into the skin of the miner's feet and tunneling through to the miner's intestinal tract where they'd latch on and feast until they got shat out for the next miner to pick up, completing the shit worm circle of life. 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