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On today's show that are takes a long look at the competitive US luxury markets but first up headline. If you Chrysler's CEO Sergio Marchionne he is defending the auto makers' efforts to get incentives for the Canadian and Ontario governments. The finance factory upgrades. Mark Leone and writing a gas column this week for the globe and mail newspaper. In he malicious out against quote some self proclaimed experts have sought to demonize racers contemplated investments. Marchionne says that the auto maker is preparing to make an unprecedented investment in its Canadian operations. One that look rate insecure thousands of jobs. He says both Chrysler and Canada itself must ensure they remain competitive globally. It's like if you're going like efficient company and vote. That's plus the Elon Musk is speaking tech analysts yesterday. The electric carmaker says it expects deliveries to rise to at least 55%. In 2014. To more than 35000 vehicles worldwide. And model as output is expected to increase from 600 cars that week to about a thousand by year's end. Tesla net loss that dropped in the fourth quarter to sixteen million dollars from ninety million a year earlier. Porsche has stopped deliveries of the GT three the most expensive version of its overhauled at 9/11 sports car. This after two of them caught fire in Europe. I'm like grow and spread word about forward and forward it confirming that after seven years it has parted ways with pinch me and Mike hosted the now canceled at Discovery Channel series dirty jobs. Forwarded telling her sister publication advertising age that it has decided to move any different direction. Breaux announced the break up during an appearance on the Golan back radio show. It's boom time real luxury vehicles. Better just Snyder explores those slippery slope to the top of the hill. Jennifer surrounded by luxury vehicles and brands. For a decade one of every ten US vehicle sold wears a luxury bad this year almost won an eight. It wasn't always like this. Most of the twentieth century US brands dominated the premium end the luxury volume was modest. In 1970. Luxury just one of every 33 cars sold. And Volvo and Mercedes the only imports challenging number one Cadillac and number two Lincoln. Since 1970. Luxury has more global brands more sizes and types more affluent buyers. And with one point eight million US luxury sales last year everybody wants to be King of the Hill. And the past four years three different outlook so leaders. Mercedes and BMW Germany and Japan's Lexus. This year Cadillac is number four Lincoln is down eight. It's more volatile than it was since 1910. Only eight brands have ever led US launch resales. Note three imports Mercedes BMW and Lexus. Are currently the top US luxury brands three domestics Hudson Packard and Auburn. Fell far from their peaks and died. An obvious question for Cadillac and Lincoln if you fall from the top can get back up. Certainly Cadillac and Lincoln have fallen far from their peaks Cadillac at 48% of luxury sales in 1978. When it's sold 351000. Cars. By 2009. Less than a third of that. Lincoln was number one in 1998. And then 1990 it's sold 232000. Units last year. 82000. Bottom line both brands need extensive investment global presence and a big corporate commitment to regain competitiveness. As any brand ever done that's just one. A brand that fell behind Hudson Packard and Auburn in the 1920s and thirties and the crown in 1950. Cadillac. Jennifer. Things just now we turn to boutique luxury brand there Roddy. Under the of its Super Bowl payout for the do you believe. Miles now turning to sports illustrated magazine to show off its line up. Their fiftieth anniversary swimsuit issue featuring supermodel Heidi clue alongside the cars. And perfect notes auto retailing giant Roger Penske turns 77 today.

Big Discount 50 Off Free Shipping 599873 602 Jordan 1 Fire Red Retro 89,Air Jordan 2 Infrared Cement When shooting video in cold weather, take measures to ensure that your footage is correctly captured. The moving parts within the body of the camera may lock up, or the electronic sensor may fail to transmit data. Many cameras are only rated to work in temperatures of at least 35 degrees F, so it is very important to account for climate when purchasing a video camera. If you are considering purchasing a video camera to shoot in cold weather, the specifics of your decision will be based on price: consumer level (under $1,000), pro sumer level ($1,000 to $5,000), and professional level ($5,000 and up). After all, if money weren't an issue, the decision would be much more simple. These recommendations are based on technology that is currently available in August 2010. As technology advances, so too will solutions to cold weather videography. As far as consumer level cameras go, pick a camera with as few moving parts as possible. The reason is obvious: The fewer the number of moving parts, the fewer possibilities for cold weather to keep your camera from operating correctly. Format wise, choose a solid state hard drive camera (HDD, P2 cards, Compactflash, SD, SDHC) as opposed to one that records to tape or disc (minidv, digital8, DVD). Plastic is preferable to metal and glass, because metal or glass may draw moisture from the air to create condensation within the camera's lens or components. Consider something built for durability, like the GoPro Hero HD ($259 as of August 2010), or something simple and readily available like an iPhone or Droid phone ($200 to $600). To go the cheaper route, Oregon Scientific sells the ATC3K extreme conditions camera for about $125, which includes a cold weather pouch. The downside to many of these options is that you must rely on entirely automatic camera function no manual focus, manual exposure, shutter speed or white balancing. At this level, you likely want to have a bit more control over your footage, and you'd want to end up with more aesthetically appealing footage without having to compromise so much based on the weather. The DSLR route makes sense at this level. Canon makes the 7D, which features a well built, weathertight titanium/aluminum body, shoots 1080p/30i to Compactflash cards, and allows a variety of lenses. The camera body costs $1,699 as of August 2010, and lenses cost anywhere from $100 to $1000 (on average). Alternatively, consider spending $4,000 or more to purchase a functional prosumer level camera (such as the P2 Recording Panasonic HVX 200a or HPX 170), and then apply a cold weather enclosure to it as an accessory, such as the $300 variety made by Porta Brace or the $400 cold weather bag made by Polar Bear. Both cases are rated at minus 50 degrees F. How to Use Digital Cameras in Cold Weather As you use your digital camera throughout the seasons, you may want to take pictures outside during both warm and cold weather. Can a Digital Camera Be Broken From Cold Weather? Digital cameras are made to be used almost anywhere, but like most electronic devices, extreme weather conditions bring certain challenges that must. How to Cold Weather Camp in Your RV As the weather gets colder, campers start putting their RV away for the winter. But not so fast. There is so much. Does Cotton Provide the Best Insulation for Cold Weather? Cotton clothing provides poor insulation for cold weather because it does not trap much air, gets wet easily and, once wet, takes. How to Store a TomTom in Cold Weather TomTom was founded in 1991 and has offices in North America and several international locations. The company provides portable GPS (global positioning. 599873 602 Jordan 1 Fire Red Retro 89 Margaret Henan would have been a striking figure under any circumstances, but never more so than when I first chanced upon her, a sack of grain of fully a hundredweight on her shoulder, as she walked with sure though tottering stride from the cart tail to the stable, pausing for an instant to gather strength at the foot of the steep steps that led to the grain bin. There were four of these steps, and she went up them, a step at a time, slowly, unwaveringly, and with so dogged certitude that it never entered my mind that her strength could fail her and let that hundred weight sack fall from the lean and withered frame that wellnigh doubled under it. For she was patently an old woman, and it was her age that made me linger by the cart and watch. Six times she went between the cart and the stable, each time with a full sack on her back, and beyond passing the time of day with me she took no notice of my presence. Then, the cart empty, she fumbled for matches and lighted a short clay pipe, pressing down the burning surface of the tobacco with a calloused and apparently nerveless thumb. The hands were noteworthy. They were large knuckled, sinewy and malformed by labour, rimed with callouses, the nails blunt and broken, and with here and there cuts and bruises, healed and healing, such as are common to the hands of hard working men. On the back were huge, upstanding veins, eloquent of age and toil. Looking at them, it was hard to believe that they were the hands of the woman who had once been the belle of Island McGill. This last, of course, I learned later. At the time I knew neither her history nor her identity. She wore heavy man's brogans. Her legs were stockingless, and I had noticed when she walked that her bare feet were thrust into the crinkly, iron like shoes that sloshed about her lean ankles at every step. Her figure, shapeless and waistless, was garbed in a rough man's shirt and in a ragged flannel petticoat that had once been red. But it was her face, wrinkled, withered and weather beaten, surrounded by an aureole of unkempt and straggling wisps of greyish hair, that caught and held me. Neither drifted hair nor serried wrinkles could hide the splendid dome of a forehead, high and broad without verging in the slightest on the abnormal. The sunken cheeks and pinched nose told little of the quality of the life that flickered behind those clear blue eyes of hers. Despite the minutiae of wrinkle work that somehow failed to weazen them, her eyes were clear as a girl's clear, out looking, and far seeing, and with an open and unblinking steadfastness of gaze that was disconcerting. The remarkable thing was the distance between them. It is a lucky man or woman who has the width of an eye between, but with Margaret Henan the width between her eyes was fully that of an eye and a half. Yet so symmetrically moulded was her face that this remarkable feature produced no uncanny effect, and, for that matter, would have escaped the casual observer's notice. The mouth, shapeless and toothless, with down turned corners and lips dry and parchment like, nevertheless lacked the muscular slackness so usual with age. The lips might have been those of a mummy, save for that impression of rigid firmness they gave. Not that they were atrophied. On the contrary, they seemed tense and set with a muscular and spiritual determination. There, and in the eyes, was the secret of the certitude with which she carried the heavy sacks up the steep steps, with never a false step or overbalance, and emptied them in the grain bin. "You are an old woman to be working like this," I ventured. She looked at me with that strange, unblinking gaze, and she thought and spoke with the slow deliberateness that characterized everything about her, as if well aware of an eternity that was hers and in which there was no need for haste. Again I was impressed by the enormous certitude of her. In this eternity that seemed so indubitably hers, there was time and to spare for safe footing and stable equilibrium for certitude, in short. No more in her spiritual life than in carrying the hundredweights of grain was there a possibility of a misstep or an overbalancing. The feeling produced in me was uncanny. Here was a human soul that, save for the most glimmering of contacts, was beyond the humanness of me. And the more I learned of Margaret Henan in the weeks that followed the more mysteriously remote she became. She was as alien as a far journeyer from some other star, and no hint could she nor all the countryside give me of what forms of living, what heats of feeling, or rules of philosophic contemplation actuated her in all that she had been and was. "I wull be suvunty two come Guid Friday a fortnight," she said in reply to my question. "But you are an old woman to be doing this man's work, and a strong man's work at that," I insisted. Again she seemed to immerse herself in that atmosphere of contemplative eternity, and so strangely did it affect me that I should not have been surprised to have awaked a century or so later and found her just beginning to enunciate her reply "The work hoz tull be done, an' I am beholden tull no one." "But have you no children, no family, relations?" "Oh, aye, a plenty o' them, but they no see fut tull be helpun' me." She drew out her pipe for a moment, then added, with a nod of her head toward the house, "I luv' wuth meself." I glanced at the house, straw thatched and commodious, at the large stable, and at the large array of fields I knew must belong with the place. "It is a big bit of land for you to farm by yourself." "Oh, aye, a bug but, suvunty acres. Ut kept me old mon buzzy, along wuth a son an' a hired mon, tull say naught o' extra honds un the harvest an' a maid servant un the house." She clambered into the cart, gathered the reins in her hands, and quizzed me with her keen, shrewd eyes. "Belike ye hail from over the watter Ameruky, I'm meanun'?" "Yes, I'm a Yankee," I answered. "Ye wull no be findun' mony Island McGill folk stoppun' un Ameruky?" "No; I don't remember ever meeting one, in the States." She nodded her head. "They are home luvun' bodies, though I wull no be sayin' they are no fair travelled. Yet they come home ot the last, them oz are no lost ot sea or kult by fevers an' such like un foreign parts." "Then your sons will have gone to sea and come home again?" I queried. "Oh, aye, all savun' Samuel oz was drownded." At the mention of Samuel I could have sworn to a strange light in her eyes, and it seemed to me, as by some telepathic flash, that I divined in her a tremendous wistfulness, an immense yearning. It seemed to me that here was the key to her inscrutableness, the clue that if followed properly would make all her strangeness plain. It came to me that here was a contact and that for the moment I was glimpsing into the soul of her. The question was tickling on my tongue, but she forestalled me. She tchk'd to the horse, and with a "Guid day tull you, sir," drove off. A simple, homely people are the folk of Island McGill, and I doubt if a more sober, thrifty, and industrious folk is to be found in all the world. Meeting them abroad and to meet them abroad one must meet them on the sea, for a hybrid sea faring and farmer breed are they one would never take them to be Irish. Irish they claim to be, speaking of the North of Ireland with pride and sneering at their Scottish brothers; yet Scotch they undoubtedly are, transplanted Scotch of long ago, it is true, but none the less Scotch, with a thousand traits, to say nothing of their tricks of speech and woolly utterance, which nothing less than their Scotch clannishness could have preserved to this late day. A narrow loch, scarcely half a mile wide, separates Island McGill from the mainland of Ireland; and, once across this loch, one finds himself in an entirely different country. The Scotch impression is strong, and the people, to commence with, are Presbyterians. When it is considered that there is no public house in all the island and that seven thousand souls dwell therein, some idea may be gained of the temperateness of the community. Wedded to old ways, public opinion and the ministers are powerful influences, while fathers and mothers are revered and obeyed as in few other places in this modern world. Courting lasts never later than ten at night, and no girl walks out with her young man without her parents' knowledge and consent.

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