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Outlet Store Offers Various 656503 601 Jordan Future True Red,Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red For more on UI basketball, read Paul Klee's latest chat by clicking here. Matt Scaletta didn't sit on the bench in utter disbelief like Chester Frazier. He didn't head into the locker room to reflect on what had just happened like Calvin Brock. And while Trent Meacham took off his jersey, Scaletta didn't even loosen his tie. Instead, Scaletta did what he had done dozens of times before as a manager for the men's basketball team: He grabbed the stat sheets, cleaned up the area around the bench and made sure he was one of the last people to leave. While all eyes were on seniors Frazier, Meacham and Brock names Illini fans will remember as three of the four graduating basketball Class of 2009 others left the program with less fanfare. Scaletta is one of those individuals, and that's exactly the way he wants it. "I hate being honored in front of large crowds," said Scaletta, who is the head manager and a senior graduating in May with a degree in finance. "I like staying behind the scenes and getting my work done. That's been my role my whole college career. Just doing my work and saying thank you is the only recognition I need." Scat, as he's called by the staff and players, has been employed as a manager since the first day he set foot on campus in 2005. Now it's all over. No more videotaping practice. No more keeping stats during the games. Certainly no more loads of dirty laundry to wash. As the Illini's NCAA tournament run ended with a first round loss, so, too, did the managing career of Scaletta and the other four senior managers. But their last steps off the court at the Rose Garden could be their first steps into the world of professional sports. "It was like a full time job," said Scaletta, who shows up an hour early and stays late an extra hour for every practice. "I was there 40 hours a week at least. The workload just prepared me for a real job in the real world." The son of a former Chicago high school basketball coach and the nephew of former Illini basketball player Sam Scaletta (a team member from 1968 to '71), Matt Scaletta was always exposed to the sport. He began playing with his friends in the park while growing up in Blue Island but didn't start organized basketball until fourth grade. Scaletta quit playing before attending high school at Brother Rice, but he still wanted to keep it as a part of his life. "I knew I wasn't good enough to be out there," he said. "If I stuck with it and thought I was good enough then I probably would have kept with it. But I wasn't good enough at all, though. So I was having fun just being around it." After managing his high school team for three years, Scaletta was accepted to Illinois, where he wasted no time getting his foot in the door with the basketball program. The family knew then assistant coach Tracy Webster, and Scaletta said his father made a few phone calls to his old friend and put in a good word for his son. After submitting an application and resume, Scaletta then went through an interviewing process with the team's staff before being hired. This is the same process every potential manager goes through. For four years, Scaletta said he did what most people think managers do: clean, collect and coordinate. Or as he puts it, "grunt work." For their work, managers are compensated with game tickets, free Nike merchandise and a stipend awarded to them at the end of the year. The amount each manager receives is decided on by head coach Bruce Weber, and managers often get more money as they get older. Scaletta's stipends have ranged from $500 to $1,500. "It's not the most glorious job in the world," he said. "You're wiping up sweat and doing laundry for these guys, but they respect you. They know you're working hard for them. If you're not an athlete, most people don't get to be around these guys every day, but we do." With the season over, Scaletta spends his time away from the team searching job postings online in the financial and sports markets. Like most other industries suffering through the down economy, he said sports is a rough business to get into with many low paying positions that require high hourly commitments. Former Illini basketball manager Matt McCumber knows all about these difficulties. "I don't miss the amount of time I had to spend during it," McCumber said about his work after college with Texas A and Northern Illinois University. "It was a lot. I was a single guy, didn't have a family, didn't have kids to take care of, but I looked ahead and was like 'I don't know if I can be doing this when I'm 35 years old with a family.' " McCumber, who attended Illinois from 2001 to '05, was also a manager for all four years of his undergraduate education. After college, McCumber said the networking his managerial position provided allowed him to land his first job within the sports industry. "Like a lot of things in life, (basketball managing) is all about building relationships," said McCumber, a Tuscola native. "You could send your resume to 100 people in the business. But if they don't know your face or they don't know your name, they're not going to give you the time of day. I took it as an opportunity as everywhere I went I tried to make a relationship with everybody." Upon graduation, McCumber was hired by then Texas A coach Billy Gillispie, a former Illinois assistant, to work as an athletic aide, which McCumber said essentially had the same duties as a graduate assistant except without the classes. "It was one of those things where I didn't really have a place to live and wasn't too sure about the contract or the deal that was made between me and A and what I'd be doing," he said. "I packed up my Jeep and drove 15 and a half hours away from home. You're just living the dream and trying to work it all out when you get down there." McCumber eventually ended up serving the role as the director of basketball operations when the director at the time quit just weeks before the start of the season. McCumber said his duties and responsibilities increased dramatically, although he was still officially an athletic assistant. McCumber left at the end of the season because he said Gillispie was unwilling to hire him as the official director of basketball operations and McCumber could no longer live on his $775 monthly paycheck. "I came back home because basically for what I was getting paid," he said. "I couldn't do that another year and live. I wasn't making that much. I ate a lot of hot dogs and Spaghetti O's every day." He was then hired as the director of basketball operations at Northern Illinois University for a year before the whole staff was let go after the head coach was fired. McCumber took about six months off to re evaluate his career, and now he lives and works in Chicago as a credit analyst for a bank. Although the current managers are well aware of the high demands in the professional sports field, they are not deterred from following their passions. "Ultimately I'd love to do what (director of basketball operations Sean Harrington) is doing," said manager Mark Collins, a senior in sports management from Batavia. "I'd like to be in an administrative position within basketball specifically." Like Scaletta, Collins has been working as a manager since high school and has used his job as a means of being closer to a sport he loves. Collins is considered a "floor guy," which means he spends most of his time on the court helping the players with drills. Although he has the hands on experience with the players, Collins said he still sees himself at a disadvantage to people in his field like Harrington, who played shooting guard for Illinois from 2000 to '03. "I feel like I'm not going to be having the same advantages of being a player because they have one up on me because they know basketball a heck of a lot better," Collins said. "I'm just looking forward to a recommendation from Coach Weber." 656503 601 Jordan Future True Red Those 12 states, led by12 Republican attorneys general, believe the EPA is working in concert with "green" groups to sue the agency so that it will relent, settle and enforce stricter regulations than it would have normally.The problem is two fold. First, opponents say it forces the agency to follow the strictest interpretation of the law or policies and discourages working toward solutions and collaboration. Moreover, those opposed to the sue and settle practice say it gives fringe, radical or extreme groups a way to force views that are out of line with the majority of citizens.Meanwhile, those who have resorted to the courts have argued they're just forcing the government to follow its own rules and policies.The Republican attorneys general who are pursuing the records, believe correspondence and documents will show that these green groups were actually working together with the EPA government officials they were suing in a wink wink nudge nudge agreement. If the states prevail, it will demonstrate a sort of collusion between activists and those on the government payroll.There are several troubling aspects of the settle and sue practice.First and foremost, courts should not have to become involved and that goes for both sides.The government should not have to be sued to follow its own rules. Not only does it set a terrible example, the EPA should be at least competent enough to follow its own directives. We have to rely on federal, state and local officials to enforce the policies on the books, regardless of personal feelings or politics.And if "green" groups are truly using the courts to over sue, then it's equally disappointing. Using the already overburdened court system seems like a poor use of stretched resources. It begs the question: Why won't the EPA follow its own rules without having to be sued?We suspect this practice, if it exists, could stem from needing political cover. In other words, we can imagine these two groups working together as government officials. Asserting a lawsuit gives them an excuse to follow a policy or a law. In other words, government officials can blame the courts and not take responsibility.While we understand the benefit and necessity of having laws and policies, especially those that protect the environment, we're equally concerned that a sue and settle practice will discourage the EPA from working with state and local government to find solutions. This will encourage an environment of litigation not collaboration.If it's indeed proven that the EPA employs the sue and settle strategy, we also wonder if by selectively choosing what laws and policies to enforce, these green groups are changing the complexion of the EPA. If that's the case, we wonder how much the EPA's position represents that of an average American? Is the sum of a sue and settle agency greater than the whole? In other words, have several strategic settlements meant the overall approach to protecting the environment is different and more radical than what it would have been?It would be tempting to criticize the dozen states including Wyoming which are joining the lawsuits as nothing more than paranoia stemming from a Democrat in the White House. Unfortunately, we've seen plenty of politics right here in Wyoming from the EPA ranging from its approach in the Pavillion water controversy to its stance on haze.It's good that Wyoming is following suit here. If nothing else, suing to get the documents will help shed light on how the federal EPA is really being run.I'm confused, and perhaps so is the CST as it "suspects" and "imagine(s)" a problem. On one hand, the CST seems to be critical that 'green groups' are suing and yet on the other hand is supportive of 12 states when they sue. Confoundingly, the CST also advocates "first and foremost, courts should not have to become involved". The fact is that ours is a nation of laws, not men. Many men do not obey laws and many men fail to enforce them. It is for that reason that we have a judicial system and that the Equal Access to Justice Act was passed (and others similar to it including the Freedom of Information Act, which reporters for the CST have used). Confusion aside, I am profoundly disappointed that the CST, as Wyoming's newspaper of record, implies that the human welfare issues related to rural Pavillion has political underpinnings. I am certain if that were the case, Governor Mead and the state would not be committing significant time and resources to a scientific process as a solution to the water issues there. The CST should know, report and editorialize that the EPA has an obligation to create and help enforce rules that reflect laws passed by Congress, signed by our presidents, and upheld by our judiciary. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Name calling, crude language and personal abuse are not welcome. Moderators will monitor comments with an eye toward maintaining a high level of civility in this forum. Our comment policy explains the rules of the road for registered commenters.

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