Welcome To Our Online Joker 3s Save Up 70 Off. Fire Red 5s We Offer All Kinds Of Classic Joker 3s Worldwide Sale With Big Discount And Fast Free Delivery Prep notebook: Libby spikers building toward big momentPrep Extra: All state scoring duo drawing state's attentionBills' Carpenter kicks way to AFC honorCoyotes wary of Griz weaponsSource: Rice elevator video sent to NFL office in AprilBitterroot Forest offers Full Moon Walk at Hamilton's Kiwanis ParkGREG TOLLEFSON: Idea of wilderness will never get oldMARK WARD: Bowhunting underway, and trout biting on HolterDeer population rebounds in southeastern MontanaOutdoors briefs for Thursday, September 11Getting that second quarter hot dog at a University of Montana football game may be more rewarding this season, if not more filling.But when you reach the concession stand, there's a chance you may forgo the hot dog altogether. You might instead opt for a "Mammoth," a "Titan Twist" or a "Delaney Drumstick," named, of course, after the Grizzlies' new head football coach.With the University of Montana football season set to kick off Saturday against South Dakota, fans packing Washington Grizzly Stadium will enjoy more food options than ever before.Whether it's a one third pound spicy andouille sausage made by Redneck Meat Production in Kalispell or a 2 pound pretzel topped with Cold Smoke beer cheese, spicy mustard or cinnamon honey butter, the food options will run longer than a goal to goal kickoff return."Every concession stand has new menu items in it this year," said Ian Waetje, UM's new concessions manager. "Football is 75 percent of our business. It allows us a chance to sample the market and see what's moving and what's not moving."UM Dining Services has been around for ages, feeding hungry students on campus while offering a limited menu of food items at football games, from the standard hot dog to that buttery box of popcorn.But when Donna Bauck took over as UM's new associate director of retail operations and Waetje moved up as the concessions manager, the two began working to reinvent stadium dining and raise the expectations of Grizzlies fans."I'm looking at the retail side of the university and what we can do to expand it," Bauck said. "You can look at our stadium as a challenge or an opportunity. You can't sit back and look at what you can't do, but rather at what you can do."With that in mind, Waetje traveled to various national conferences, observing concessions at other stadiums. Notre Dame may be the envy of the nation, he said, followed closely by the University of Oregon.Both programs are flush with cash and backed by wealthy sponsors, like Phil Knight, an Oregon native who co founded and chairs Nike. While UM can't compete with such programs, the larger venues did offer good ideas on how UM could improve its own culinary fare, from the new Delaney Drumstick a giant smoked turkey leg to gourmet nachos and sauces, like those reserved for the Titan Twist pretzel."I went to a conference and talked to some guys from Wisconsin," said Waetje. "I came back and had our executive chef fiddle with some stuff and came up with a real great product. The pretzels are fantastically delicious on their own, but having some unique and quality sauces to go with it will really help sell it."While the menu grows, more food "hawkers" will wander stadium seating this season to increase customer convenience. Also this year, the old hot dog rollers will vanish, replaced by new steamers to reduce food waste.And with conservation in mind, concession stands soon will offer 32 ounce souvenir cups for $5 each refillable throughout the season for $3. Waetje expects it to reduce landfill waste by about 18,000 paper cups per game. The Big Dipper ice cream shop won a contract to open several food stands inside Washington Grizzly Stadium, along with the Adams Center.The ice cream vendor will be joined by two Pizza Hut stands and a Wing Street booth. Other food options will include Natural Creations with its burritos and gourmet nachos, Smokejumper BBQ with its sandwiches and plates, and Thai Spicy and Grizzly Bean Espresso.Running concessions for nearly 30,000 people comes down to a science. Time and again, Waetje has seen the crowds converge at the ground level gate and its concessions located close to the tailgating zone.Offering several new items only at select concessions like the second deck of the north end zone marks an effort to disperse the crowd and boost the production of other food stands."As you move to the east side on the 200 level, we'll also have the new 'Grizzly Grotto,' " Waetje said. "It'll have two 55 inch game monitors this year and high top tables. In the warmer games, it's shaded, and in the winter, it's as protected as you can get and still be outside."Also this year, seven nonprofit groups from Missoula and UM will join a workforce of roughly 60 students to help run stadium concessions. The nonprofits get a slice of the sales by volunteering their time.This year, Waetje said, the groups will include the Missoula Christian Sports League, Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre and Relay for Life. On campus groups include the Kappa Sigma fraternity, the Equestrian Club and the Kappa Psi pharmaceutical fraternity."This has been a two year push," said Bauck. "Planning started last January by making contacts. You work really hard so that the month before, it's all about finalizing, getting the staffing and training done.".

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Enjoy Our Cheap Joker 3s,Air Jordan 4 Green Glow Watershed group spurs grass roots effort to tidy up community and Herring Run Planting the seeds for a cleaner neighborhood September 22, 2006By Rona Kobell Rona Kobell,Sun reporter Herring no longer swim in the stream that bears their name, and haven't for nearly a century. Over the years, the water's been polluted by trash and worse. But Herring Run is making a comeback, in part because a group committed to protecting the stream has raised more than half a million dollars to help it along. Last year, the Herring Run Watershed Association recruited 1,721 volunteers to plant more than 1,000 trees, which slow soil erosion, absorb air pollution and help keep storm water out of the stream. Other volunteers police the stream and its banks to try to keep them free of litter. And the group just got a $48,000 grant to plant hundreds more trees throughout the 44 square mile watershed, an area that stretches from the entrance of Herring Run Park in Northeast Baltimore to county communities including Towson and Rosedale. Meanwhile, the city completed repairs to nearby pipes in the sewage system, helping to avert spills. The result is that these days, the water at Herring Run is often so clear that passers by can see the pebbles at the bottom. "These people have worked on shoestrings to get the citizens involved. They've spent evenings and weekends trying to keep the stewardship of Herring Run alive," said David O'Neill, executive director of the Chesapeake Bay Trust, which gave the watershed association its tree planting grant. "When they set out to do something, they get it accomplished." It would have been easy for Herring Run to slip away, like so many trash strewn Baltimore streams. In a city often consumed by crime and poverty woes, environmental advocates have long had trouble raising money and rallying support for local waterways. Though Johns Hopkins once had a summer home in nearby Clifton Park, the neighborhoods around Herring Run Park are now mostly working and middle class not exactly full of the deep pocket donors that often help the Chesapeake Bay Foundation or the Nature Conservancy. Yet the watershed group has raised $20,000 from neighbors much of it in small amounts to help pay for a rowhouse watershed center at Belair Road and Pelham Avenue. The association has increased its operating budget from $70,000 three years ago to more than $300,000 today, allowing for a staff of four. Part of the drive, O'Neill and others say, comes from Mary Sloan Roby, who became the group's executive director in 2003. It was a gloomy time for the organization, which was grappling with major sewage spills that had so fouled the stream that many of its regular walkers stopped coming. The city had been upgrading manholes and pipes at Herring Run when two back to back storms hit, causing 35 million gallons of sewage to flow into the stream. Since the problem was fixed three years ago, there have only been a few minor spills in the area, said Baltimore public works spokesman Kurt Kocher. Roby turned the group's focus, in part, to raising funds for education and outreach. She took on the task of building the watershed center in the worn, 3,000 square foot building that once housed the Pelham Bakery. Plans call for a roof made out of native plants and an innovative storm water runoff system that will reduce the amount of pollution flowing into area waterways. Roby is also guiding plans for a geothermal heating system, a composting toilet and solar panels features that will put costs for the finished product in the neighborhood of $500,000, more than half of which has been raised. "You can't be a watershed group without embracing all these great things," Roby said. "When this is finished, we will be the only truly urban environmental center in Baltimore." Roby plans some displays but said visitors should not expect the Maryland Science Center. Instead, the point will be to get people to plant trees in neighborhoods such as Albert Lawson's. Lawson, a retired furniture deliveryman, has lived for nine years on Chesterfield Avenue, a tidy street lined with brick houses in Baltimore's Belair Edison neighborhood. This year, Herring Run volunteers planted a beautiful green ash in front of his house. But a few weeks ago, a well intentioned gardener poured weed killer onto the sidewalk, and it got into the tree, which has been barren ever since, Lawson told Roby and Herring Run watershed program manager Darin Crew when they walked by recently. "It was nice to have it. The birds came on it. And just now, the woodpecker was there," Lawson said. "It was just planted in February of last year." Before he left, Crew scraped the tree with his pocketknife and found that it was still green on the inside. It might come back in the spring. If it doesn't, Crew said, he will get help planting another one. In the park, Roby and Crew have planted more saplings. Even after a big party the weekend before, the park remained fairly clean, in part because the regulars pitch in. Joker 3s Manchester United is on course to break the 400m turnover barrier for the first time this year even if the club finishes as low as third. The prediction came as the club bosses said strict Financial Fair Play rules are bringing to an end the days of eye watering player salary hikes. United reported yet another set of record figures, with revenues in the first quarter of its financial year soaring from 76.3m last year to 98.5m this time. It posted a loss of 300,000 during the period, compared to a 20.5m profits in the three months to September 30 2012, due to finance costs. But the club said it was set to deliver earnings of around 130m on a 420 430m turnover by the end of the year to June 30 2014. The figures also show debt has risen slightly from 359.7m to 361m but the club said long term debt levels are falling and pointed out at the end of June this year, the figure stood at 389m. United's operating costs in the period were 90.2m an increase of 15.4m. Much of that is down to staff costs, which went up 12.6m to 52.9m although in a conference call chief operating officer Michael Bolingbroke said that the club had noticed a slowing in the acceleration of player wage rises thanks to the impact of Uefa's Financial Fair Play regulations. Mr Woodward said the very top players continue to be able to demand higher and higher salaries. But he added: "In terms of player wages, we are seeing inflation around it but we are also seeing, particularly within the Premier League, a fall in the acceleration around player wage growth. "I think [this is] due to financial fair play rules and the rules that have been put in place in the Premier League. "But when you look at the top end of wages, the top 10 teams in Europe or the top players, we are seeing inflation at that end. There is a bit of a mix going on and we will present a blend over that over the next three to five years." MrWoodward would not be drawn on rumours the club had agreed a deal with Nike to extend their kit sponsorship, which expires at the end of next season. He added: "We are pleased to have achieved another record first quarter, driven by the strength of our commercial business and increased broadcasting revenues. "Our unique approach to the commercial business will continue to drive future growth." United's bumper revenues were driven by commercial deals, including ones with Russian airline Aeroflot and Emirates Bank. Commercial income rose 39.3 per cent from 43m to 59.9m. Broadcast revenues, thanks mainly to the new TV rights deal with Sky and BT Sport, increased 40.9 per cent to 19.3m from 13.7m. For the year, based on a third placed Premier League finish and Champions League Quarter Finals appearance, United estimate revenues of 420m to 430m and an earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), of between 128m and 133m. Mr Woodward added he was "excited" by BT Sport's deal, which should see English clubs earn an extra 10m 15million annually from 2015. If you feel we have made an error in a report, or have fallen below our usual high standards, please write in the first instance to: Rob Irvine, editor, Manchester Evening News, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EP.

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