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Your Business And The InternetUser Rating: / 0 PoorBest MiscellaneousWritten by Anonymous Monday, 08 October 2012 13:11 Since the internet was first invented in the mid 1900s, it has been used to share information though out the world, the first websites were incredibly basic, totally unrecognisable from the website you use today. Even back then businesses immediately saw that this was a great way to promote thei businesses, allowing anyone with a computer to access information on their products and services. Looking back at the internet now, compared to the last twenty years, it has changed in just about every way, one thing that hasnt changed in all that time however is that businesses still use the internet to promote their products and services. The websites of many businesses are still stuck in the 1900s and the simply do not make the most of new technologies available to fully showcase their business. Many business dont appreciate the difference a good Web Design Swansea company can make to their marketing, many web designers still think of a website as display and pray. Not realising that if nobody is using your website then it doesnt matter how great it looks, many thousands of pounds are wasted on websites that dont get used. This is all because web designers are often obsessed with their idea of the perfect website, rather than what will best fit the company, and will not suggest services beyond their expertise, such as internet marketing. PWD Digital Marketing are often cheaper than other Web Design Companies, but always offer better value for money that any other Website design swansea company, or any other web design company worldwide, this is because we only work with the best web designers, on a freelance basis, meaning you pay for zero downtime! Communication is the key to a great website, you need to have a single contact person, someone who understands your business, the ethos, the customers you are targeting and where you want your business to be. At PWD Digital Media we provide you with a singular contact for all the services we provide from Web Design and Graphic Design to Internet Marketing. Allowing a project manager, with a true understanding of what you are trying to achieve with your marketing to fully manage all Designers, Developers and Marketers working for your business, you can get on with running your business. This takes all the stress out of marketing your business, no running around chasing a variety of people, and someone who you can always feel is on your side As they say time is money, We can save you a lot of both. A major problem with many Web Designer Swansea is that they do not have sufficient time to quickly finish your website, at PWD Digital Media we always have designers, developers and marketers ready to take on new jobs, we can usually complete small jobs within two weeks! Most businesses spend on advertising in focused in the wrong areas, with 10% of their spend being more effective than the other 90%, this is because many business still spend a great deal of their marketing budget on out dated mediums that rarely bring in any business, yellow pages being one of the most common. Long gone are the days where people use local directories to find businesses, and why would they will Google and other search engines being the perfect way to find exactly what you are looking for within seconds. For the cost of one years advertising in the yellow pages most business could easily afford 6 months local search engine optimisation from PWD Digital Media, the amount of time needed for optimal results, with money to spare, Giving a real return on investment, and bringing in measurable results. The internet is now more than just a place for businesses to display their products and services, it is now a place to interact with their customers, marketing your business is now lot more subtle that just putting it in the shop window, people want to know your business, consumers care now more than ever about the ethos of your business. With the marketing landscape forever changes many businesses are going to get left behind, too many businesses are burying their head in the sand, not wanting to face the fact that the landscape if changing faster and faster, and not understanding how they can keep up with their competitors, using PWD Digital Media to market your business allows you to speak to somebody in plain English, and allow you to sit back and watch as your business soars in the digital age. The great thing about using the internet to market your business is that you can also target new markets in an incredibly cost efficient way, back in the 1900s to target a new geographic area would usually mean opening a new office, depot or shop in the area you wished to target, now it is as simple as getting your website listed under that geographic area in search engines. This makes it easy for even the smallest business to expand at an incredible rate, at a low cost, with businesses less than a year old often selling their products, countrywide, and even worldwide. Dont let your business get left behind; get in touch with PWD Digital Media. Next >Last Updated on Monday, 08 October 2012 13:11Who's OnlineWe have 251 guests and 2 members online Adamanelsraybanvexmqb Site StatisticMembers : 51015 Content : 87441 Web Links : 1423 Content View Hits : 15249152 Remember me Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle Infrared 23 6s ,Air Jordan 13 Grey Toe 2014 Air Jordan 4 Retro White Cement Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2012 Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey Air Jordan 3 Fire Red 2013 Air Jordan 10 Venom Green Infrared 23 6s Air Jordan Spizike Bordeaux Air Jordan 13 Bred 2013 Pronation is part of normal motion of your foot as you walk. You put weight on your foot beginning at the base of the heel and forward through the arch of the foot toward the toes. Your foot normally rolls inward slightly during this process. Underpronation, also known as supination, is what happens when your foot doesn't roll inward far enough. This typically occurs if you have high arches. The impact of each step is concentrated on a smaller area of the foot and distributes pressure unequally. If underpronation is not managed or corrected, the stress of continuous impact may result in pain in your legs and feet and even injury. You have several choices for correcting underpronation. Signs of Underpronation Pronation is the natural rolling motion of the foot while walking or running. The degree of pronation varies for everyone. Underpronation, also. What Is Athletic Shoe Pronation? As New Balance notes, "Pronation is simply a normal foot in motion." In relation to running and walking, pronation is significant since. How to Correct the Supination of the Foot Supination, also called underpronation, occurs when there is an insufficient inward roll of your foot after the outside of your heel hits. What Are the Causes of Overpronation When Running? What Is the Difference between Underpronation Overpronation? Can Arch Supports Help Pronation? Print this article; . Sports Injury Clinic: Over pronation; Shoes to Correct Supination How your foot strikes the ground is an important factor when choosing athletic shoes. Often referred to as under pronation, supination refers to. How to Correct Foot Pronation Orthotic footwear and chiropractic adjustments can correct problems with foot pronation, or the way the way the foot rotates when it contacts. How to Correct Foot Pronation Pronation of the foot occurs when the arch under your foot becomes flat, stressing the stabilizing muscles around your ankle. Some toddlers. Orthotic Inserts for Ankle Pain If your ankle is turning too far inward or outward when you walk or run, this is considered over or under pronation and. Definition of Pronation of Feet Many shoe companies make shoes to correct for overpronation and underpronation. Shoes that correct for overpronation are categorized as motion control shoes. How to Correct Supination The term supination refers to either your arm or your foot. Exercises for Foot Pronation Exercises for Foot Pronation. Foot pronation is the inward roll of your foot as it flattens on the ground. . place a. Treatments for Ankle Over Pronation Pronation refers to the process that occurs when our feet hit the ground when we walk or run. Normally, our feet hit. How to Correct Super Pronation When Walking How to Correct Super Pronation When Walking. For regular pronation, . Pronation of the foot occurs when the arch under your foot. Infrared 23 6s,If someone were to ask me of my favorite experience while outdoors with my father, I would immediately respond "tent camping!" When my brother and I were younger, our parents were determined to help us experience the most out of our summer vacations and still spend time with them. Thus, instead of signing us up to join a summer camp, since they were both working individuals and time was back then a luxury, my parents decided to split their summer vacations in such way so as to increase our ability to vacate with them; even if that meant that we would have to spend more time first with the one and later with the other. My mother was the one that introduced us to all those amazing resorts and my father joined us during the last of the three weeks we had the opportunity to spend with her. Upon the completion of that last week that we were all together, my father drove us literally drove us to a number of places all over my home country, for an extra fifteen days. By the time I was fourteen, I had been given the opportunity to live outdoors, see a million different places and experience the unexpected. I remember now that when early in fall I returned to school, I was one of the few students delighted to write the first essay of the semester, titled "How did you spend your summer vacations?" I was extremely eloquent in describing my tent camping adventures and that made my teacher's eyebrows rise high pleasantly surprised. Ask around and you will see. Camping in and of itself is a great hobby for families to undertake together. But tent camping in particular, offers to parents the opportunity of teaching their children that fun and adventure are not things one should pay a high price for. Especially nowadays, when parents are seeking for an instructive, yet affordable, way of instilling in their kids a taste for the simpler things in life, tent camping can be a great outdoor activity for families to explore. Since many kids lack any sense of responsibility, discipline, and organization, embarking for a tent camping adventure can offer to parents the opportunity to instruct their children that it is possible to have fun, be safe, and keep organized, all at the same time. Some of the advantages of this simple form of camping for parents and kids are its affordability, the fact that it offers the right circumstances for one to teach that you can survive with only the basics and that one should stay organized and always be prepared. In fact, tent camping gives you a sense of success and accomplishment, while it lets you experience nature from a totally different perspective. But before deciding to let yourself, your friends and/or your kids experience this amazing outdoor activity, you should remember to check some basic stuff. First, how many people can fit in your tent. It would be really frustrating having to deal with the fact that one has to sleep in the car because you miscalculated your tent's dimensions. Second, you should check whether or not tent camping is allowed where you are going. Some places, like forest areas and such, do not allow campers to stay overnight, in fear of fires or other camping accidents. Third, you should make a list of the things you will need apart from your precious tent. Flashlights, sleeping beds, water coolers, food containers, cooking and eating utensils, handbags, and of course the right type of clothes and shoes, are some of the things you should be planning to take. Walking in high heals or wearing uncomfortable clothes can result in frustration and whining. This is the time you and your family should relax and bond with each other, not the time to fight. Thus, make sure you are familiar with the basics and don't let simple things, like the weather for example, get in your way. Check your list, do your shopping and then camp away!.

Mens Infrared 23 6s,Air Jordan 9 Fontay Montana Here is the good news. The hardest sale you will ever make to a customer is the first one. With the first sale, if you deliver on your promise to the customer, you establish a mutually beneficial relationship. The customer gets what he or she wants, and you get what you want. Also, once you have received a "yes" commitment from a customer, it's easier to continue the positive pattern of continued "yeses". The customer finds it hard to break the affirmative sequence. You then will have the opportunity to Upsell them. Upselling refers to when you help a customer decide to buy a little extra or "up grade" slightly the final purchase. A car dealer, for example, might inform customers at the time of ordering about upholstery protection and undercoating. A shoe salesperson might suggest that when you buy a pair of shoes that you also use some weather protectant spray. These are usually small purchases that the buyer doesn't have to put a lot of thought into. The bonus is they can be extremely profitable for you as the sales person and for your organization. 1. Up sell where it makes sense. Say a customer purchases an e book from your website. Instead of trying to upsell your customer on a $3,000 seminar, ask if he'd considered purchasing a $97 teleclass that teaches the work from the e book. 2. Use sales incentives. Once you've received the first sale, offer a discount on the second item. Give the customer a 10% discount off their first teleclass. Sometimes a very small price break is enough to get that extra sale. 3. Identify buying patterns. Take note of how many customers who purchase e books also buy teleseminars. This kind of information tells you what items to pitch and when. Your grasp of market research will impress potential buyers as well: telling consumers that 90% of the people who buy e books from you also buy seminars might tip them towards making that extra purchase. The best part of upselling is that it's practically effortless. Since it's done after the customer has decided to go ahead with a major purchase, the hard part of the sales conversation has already been done. You've already established rapport, identified needs, summarized, presented benefits, asked for the order and handled objections. Upselling is just presenting the information in a "by the way" assumptive manner. Also, make sure that you include an upsale opportunity in your autoresponder within your shopping cart. For example, someone buys an e book. In your autoresponder, thank them for their purchase and ask them if they would like to register for the teleclass on the same subject for a discount. So if it is so easy, you might be asking, how can I go wrong? The 3 biggest mistakes in upselling: 1. No attempt is made to upsell. I can hear it now as I write this article. "I hate to sell", "I don't want to bother people", and the ever popular "They are probably going to say no". This upselling business might all sound a bit contrived, but let me introduce another perspective to look from assuming that you only provide top notch products and services that can make your customers life easier and more enjoyable. If you had information or a product that could help people improve the quality of their life, wouldn't you actually be doing a disservice to them to not offer it. You would actually be withholding valuable information from them. And here is the thing they do have the right to say no. AND you are in business. If you don't offer or 'sell' your services or products to prospects, you won't have a business much longer and then all the people who need you won't have access to you. 2. The salesperson comes across as being pushy. How can you avoid this? Being assumptive is the key. You've got to assume that the customer will naturally want your product or service. Begin the upsell with a brief benefit, and then if possible, add something unique about what you're selling. To avoid sounding pushy, particularly if the upsell requires some elaboration, ask for the customer's permission to describe it. 3. The upselling is made in an unconvincing manner so the customer generally refuses. This issue really links back to the objects made in number one, which is you don't feel comfortable 'selling', so you don't really make an effort. If you believe in your products and services, let the buyer see your passion. If you don'tit is time to go back to the drawing board. O'Neil, Chief Strategy Officer, UpLevel Strategies Business Marketing guru Kelly O'Neil is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed in business through her Business Mastery Success System. Infrared 23 6s Welcome to the Land of SmilesThailand is an amazing country. My family and I have been living in Chiang Mai, a small city in the north of the country for several years now, and I continue to be amazed by all the wonderful experiences I have here. From the food, the festivals, the natural beauty, the hiking, snorkeling and diving, to the culture and friendly and gentle nature of the locals, this is one place that must be visited and explored. In this lens, I will explore some of the most beautiful places you can visit on your next trip here, in addition to aspects of Thai culture, food and festivals that are such an integral part of the people here. I made this lens to help out those of you who are planning a trip to Asia, to make sure you do include Thailand on your trip, and visit the best places, and experience the best of the culture here. This lens is a work in progress, so please check back once in a while. The 'Wai'The Thai traditional greeting is the 'wai' (as shown in the picture). You put your hands together as if praying, and hold them at your chin or neck height. The height you hold your hands when doing the wai demonstrates the level of respect. the higher the hands the higher the respect. It takes a while to get the hang of this, as its not very respectful to 'over wai' someone. Generally, if you are new to Thailand and not familiar with the power relationships, if someone 'wai's' you, you should 'wai' back holding your hands at the same level as they do to you. For Buddha shrines and images in temples, and for monks, especially the older ones in charge of the temple, the Thai's would wai with their hands near the top of their head but don't worry as western visitors are not expected to know or follow this; a simple polite wai at chin height is sufficient for almost all purposes. Respect of Elders, Teachers, FamilyIn Thai society it is very important to respect the elders, especially your parents or the parents of your friend, host or partner when you are visiting Thailand. It is also important to show respect for those older than you, and those of higher rank and importance than you, such as more experienced work colleagues and managers. You will elicit an indignant response, and a lack of smile, if you neglect to show the proper respect. The best way to show respect is to do the traditional 'wai', as explained above. When addressing elders, you should refer to them as 'khun' (Mr/Mrs), for both males and females. Fathers and mothers of friends and relations can be called 'paw' (father) and 'mae' ( mother). Monks are universally paid respect regardless of age, unless they are novice monks. Teachers, both in formal and informal situations, should also be respected, as in the enclosed picture, which shows students respecting their teachers during a 'Wai Kru' ceremony ('Wai' we learnt above means the traditional way of clasping your hands together and showing respect, and 'Kru' means teacher). This ceremony takes place towards the start of the new academic year the students pay respect to their teachers by presenting them with flowers and bowing down on the floor, a sign of the highest level of respect. The students hope to gain merit and good success for the coming year. There is a traditional Thai holiday, called Songkran, the purpose of which (apart from having lots of fun with water) is to show respect for the elders in your family, and in your village. More about this later. The Head and FeetThai culture is very different to western culture. Although on a quick one week visit to Thailand you will probably be exposed to the main cultural differences, it takes a few years of living or visiting here to fully appreciate how complex the culture really is, and all its intricate details. Lets start with the head. This is considered, along with the upper body, the cleanest and most sacred part of the body. It is not to be touched. Do not touch the heads of friends, teachers, colleagues, or people you meet in daily life. Do not touch the head of children who you do not know very well. Do not touch the head of your partners parents or other elders in their family. Next is the lower part of the body. The feet are considered the dirtiest part of your body, and are not to be touched in public. When you visit someone's house, you must take off your shoes at the door (just look where the locals put their shoes, thats where you put yours). You must not put your feet on the seats of public transport, taxis, buses, etc. You must not point your feet at monks or Buddha images. You must take your shoes off at the entrance to temples, as shown in the picture. Chatting with a MonkThis can be a very interesting and rewarding experience. Most temples, especially in the big cities, would have monks who are very interested in speaking in English, and teaching those who are interested about meditation and Buddhism. It is thus quite common that if you go to a temple, you can have a very interesting conversation with a monk, and if you have a little more time, be shown how to meditate. In meditating, it is important to concentrate on the inward and outward path of breathing, while sitting upright. It can easily be done for a few minutes, but then your mind starts to wander. It takes years of practice to perfect. For me personally, although I have been to a wide variety of temples and have tried meditation a few times, sitting in that position gets a little bit difficult after 15 minutes or so. I have a lot more to learn. If you are a woman, please note that it is not appropriate to touch a monk or his robes. Women should also attempt to place as much social distance from the monk. It is best to sit and observe how local girls and women behave around a monk, especially when giving offerings or talking, before venturing yourself. It is also a taboo for a monk to pass anything directly to a woman, so if he wants to hand you a book, he will place it on the floor in front of you you have to do the same if you wish to pass something to the monk. Life of a Monk A Chant to Soothe Wild Elephants: A MemoirA fascinating story chronicling the story of a half Thai foreigner becoming ordained as a Thai monk follow his story as he learns about life as a monk receiving alms, learning to meditate, and falling in love with a beautiful local girl. Long Neck Hill Tribe VillagersA fascinating cultural experience is a visit to a hill tribe village. Hill tribe people refers to migrants from China and Tibet who inhabit the northern remote mountainous parts of Thailand. There are six major hill tribes in Thailand, with the Karen being the most famous, tourist friendly and easy accessible. The Karen total population is estimated at about 10 million, spread between Burma, Laos and Thailand, with approximately 320,000 Karen in Thailand. Traditionally, hill tribe farmers used the slash and burn type of agriculture, migrating to new lands as their previous farming lands became deleted. Of course, this type of agriculture is no longer permitted, due to rapid deforestation. The Karen still practice slash and burn to some degree, but they live in permanent villages at lower elevations and have developed sustainable farming techniques by utilizing terraced rice fields. They also rely on tourism as a source of income. Neck rings are worn to create the ideal of beauty an elongated neck. Girls start to wear neck coils from the age of two, with the number of coils increased up to twenty over their life. The younger the age the girl starts to wear the neck ring, the more gradual and comfortable the neck lengthening process is. A painful lengthening of the neck occurs at about age 12 as girls wear more rings to attract the attention of boys in the village. Night Markets Bargains GaloreThailand is certainly knows as a shopper's paradise, and visiting the literally hundreds of night markets will not leave you disappointed. Every major city usually has several main markets, some open every day of the week, others on set days. In additional to this, outside the main tourist areas you will find markets in virtually every Tambon (suburb). Chiang Mai is the city I am most familiar with here we have three main and very bustling night markets. There is the "Walking Street" night market which is open every day of the week, and features many souvenirs, most of which are of local origin. On Saturday, you have the Chiang Mai Gate market this is where local vendors present their home made and regional handicrafts, many one of a kind creations. On Sunday, you can purchase original Thai silk products, such as scarfs, slippers, and traditional skirts and shirts, at the "Sunday Night Market" its that famous, its a night out for the whole city! These markets are bustling with life till the early hours of the morning, and there are also many delicious local fruits, snacks and local dishes to try. The picture shows traditional pad thai noodles for sale at the market. Pillows Smooth as Silk Shopping The Globe 1 Thai Silk Look 14"x14" Throw Pillow Orange GoldSilky smooth to the touch, you just can't help but snuggling up with silk pillows. Make sure to get some on your next trip to Thailand but if that is a while off, then this is the next best alternative these pillows are made from a blend of Thai silk and polyester, and the removable covers can be hand washed. Thai massage is one of those experiences you have to have while you are visiting Thailand. The massage therapist puts your whole body through a series of stretches and movements that resemble Yoga. You start the session by putting on very loose fitting clothing, supplied by the massage center, then lie on the floor mat, or a table wide enough so the therapist can also move freely, and then the fun (and agony) begins. The therapist will pull and stretch your arms, legs, and torso in ways you did not know they can move. The therapist will kneel on the back of your legs and pull your arms to arch your back and expand your chest, and place her shoulder under your heel then lift your leg straight up (but slowly) and stretch the hamstring. Deep pressure techniques will also be used to stimulate blood flow at various points, and your fingers and toes will be "pulled" briskly for re alignment, with an accompanying clicking sound. While at first seeming a little hard and intense, the massage will make you feel relaxed an invigorated. Thai massage is as massage should be a balance between stretching the joints and loosening the muscles, and also strategic application of pressure at all those sore points. There is a lot of interaction between the therapist and you, so move you around the mat effectively, with the therapist using her body to leverage yours into the required position. the therapist will use her body and frequently sit on your feet, legs, back, while pushing and pulling and twisting you. An experience not to be missed, with prices ranging from 200 baht ($6) to well over 1,000 ($35) baht at the day spas.

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