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Tinie Tempah never wears his recently purchased Marty McFly shoes, despite shelling out over $37,000 for them. He also does not plan to in the future. Why drop $37K on a pair of sneakers and not so much as show them off out of the house? There may be some method to Tempah madness, however, citing the fact that celebrity mementoes, especially ones from such a universally beloved film like Back to the Future, escalate in value over the years. It a veritable guarantee that no one from Southeby or Christie would want a pair of stank, beaten up Nikes that were manufactured in the 1980s, whether they were once worn by the great Marvin Berry or not. The rapper intends to get the shoes signed by none other than Marty McFly, himself, Michael J. Fox, which should certainly help their re sale value. Let just hope that Biff does not intercept him at the door, to say nothing of Doc. Air Jordan 4 Fear ,Air Jordan 6 Brazil World Cup Air Jordan 7 French Blue 2015 Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013 Air Jordan 1 Black Toe 2013 Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty Air Jordan 4 Green Glow Air Jordan 5 Black Grape Air Jordan 13 Bred 2013 Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013 We having a shoe issue. Violet has always had shoe issues, sigh, and we having one now. Specifically, she grown out of her last set of shoes, and we having trouble finding her size at the shoe stores. She wears a 5 now, outrageously huge for a little girl, I realize (says her size 11 shoe mom), which must be why they don carry 5s at the little kid stores like Stride Rite and local shoe stores. I also confused about shoe sizing: So there are toddler sizes, and youth sizes, and women sizes, right? Youth sizes are not the same as women Or they are? If they not, what size of women shoe corresponds to a youth size 5? I wonder if it like a men size thing. I never stopped to think how stupid and confusing that is, but I do know that it so. If it is, then Vi would wear a women size Is that even a thing? Where are the real life shoe stores that sell a child size 5? We seem weirdly caught between the shoe store categories. And when you have a little weirdie who only likes 1 out of 20 shoes she tries on, you need all the selection you can find on the shelves. Well, Zappos front door service is always the way we roll. We order, send back, reorder, sendback, etc. Until we finally find that perfect pair of kicks. They have a measuring instructions for sizing on the website. And you could get her foot measured at any local shoe store too. Might as well look at Payless I try there just because its generally self service and we can pace ourselves. We try on very silly shoes, fuzzy slippers, cowboy boots, the largest pair of sneakets we find and sneak in some real possibilites here and there. We keep the mood as light as possible, and exit before any fits occur. But, its a good place to get some general ideas about shoes. I believe the steps in shoes are babies(sizes 0 4), then toddler (which really can vary from place to place on sizes they carry), then girls(10.5 6 I believe), then womens. If she was in a 5 toddler shoe she is probably going to need around a 10 or 11 in girls. We usually find tons of shoes for my niece at Payless, they usually have a good selection in all sizes, toddler woman, and they even are starting to carry some good brands I hope that helps you a little, and I hope you find her some good shoes!! I always thought there were baby/little kid sizes that go from about size 2 to size 12, then girls/women sizes from size 1 on up. So is there really a difference between size 5 in the girls section and size 5 in the women I have a different problem in that my daughter is almost 6 and on the smaller side and is still in the little kid sizes (about an 11.5 now). She hates all the styles and keeps looking at the fashionable size 1s and 2s that are far too big for her. Smaller sizes = less money but it still a hassle finding something she wear! Yeah, it totally confusing. All I know is my personal experience which is that I wear a women size 5 (try finding that in a store) and a youth size 3 or 3.5. So as others have said, Violet is clearly well into the women sizes, probably a 7 or so. She going to have the opposite problem I have. While I can find plenty of youth size 3 the style is too juvenile for a grown woman. Could be hard to find something little girly in a woman size 7. There are youth 5 and 6 out there, but I noticed when my son got to that size, the pickings were slim. Good luck! I always had trouble with all kids sizing. Is 2T the same as 24 months? My daughter has never fit into sizes that are supposed to be for her age. I just make sure to try everything on or there no guarantee it will fit. We don buy tons of shoes, but when we do, we just try on pairs until we find some that fit. The shoe store people seem to get peeved that I don want them to measure her foot with the foot measuring thingy, but it won matter what it says, we have to try the shoes on anyway so what the point? For the last few years I worked with the company Reebok, which sells shoes for men, women and children. Children feet tend to grow and a vigorous rate and can change sizes at least 4 times within one year, so it not uncommon to have a larger foot at a young age. Men and children shoe sizes are on the same chart as for women who are on a completely different scale. Infant, toddler and youth sizes are on the same grid and rage from a size 3 infant to a size 6 youth. If your child in a size 5 in children shoes, you can also try a size 6.5 or 7 in woman shoes. Depending on the fit and the width of your child foot. You always want at least a thumb nail length between the toes and the font of the shoe, this way there is plenty of room to grow. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Air Jordan 4 Fear,With winters getting colder and longer it's becoming a necessity to have a quality pair of men's winter boots to be prepared for the cold. To get you through the upcoming winter season, and many more seasons to come, it is definitely a good idea to invest in a quality pair of winter boots. Sometimes the things we neglect are the same things that can be the easiest to take care of, and making sure your feet are taken care of all winter long should not be something you put on the back burner. Whether you only get a skiff of snow or regular blizzards, you don't want to get caught without snow boots that can handle the weather. 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We all know that cold and flu season is not the time to chance having cold feet, so take a minute to find a pair of winter boots that will keep your toes toasty. Procrastinating may cost you.

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