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This is Roy Naccour from J. Joseph Salon and Spa. And this is about tying long hairstyles. So, we're going to take two sections. From the corner of the eye to the opposite side behind the ear is the top section. Now, we're going to tie this kind of horizontally. Then, we're going to take the other section and tie that kind of vertically. So, step we're going to show you right now, so literally, we're going to tie it like you're tying your shoes; take two sections, turn it around and grab it. Make sure that you prep the hair very good with texturizing sprays or hairspray. I'm going to tie it twice, make sure that the bottom section is tied very, very tight 'cause you want to be able to hide all that hair. Once you tied all the bottom section only one time, we're going to tie both of these together; again, same concept as above, we're going to tie it like you're tying your shoes. One little simple bobby pin and your style is ready. And this is where you can get as creative as you want. Little hairspray to tame your style and we're good to go. Voila! This is Roy Naccour from J. Joseph Salon and Spa. And this is how to tie long hair. Gamma Blue 11s ,Bel Air 5s Air Jordan 13 Squadron Blue Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 1 Black Toe 2013 Air Jordan 9 Slim Jenkins Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011 Air Jordan 9 Calvin Bailey Air Jordan 9 Slim Jenkins Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013 Eventually, as an athlete, you will hit a point where performance stagnates whether it is from asymmetries, lack of mobility in certain joints, injuries, or false plateaus. Whatever the specific reason we have all felt a loss of performance. It is at this point you need go back and check your training, nutrition and recovery journal. You should be looking to see if there are repeated setbacks. The next step would be to enter a phase of preparation for the next upcoming max strength, power, hypertrophy, or endurance phase. It is at this intermittent phase that you should work on any weak points specifically with motor skills and asymmetries. This will not be the most glamorous, hardcore, or excruciating training. This is a point of anatomical adaptation. Some will give it the name of maintenance or GPP. Different names but the same outcome and for the purpose of this article we will call it AA (anatomical adaptation). Anatomical adaptation is a period of general preparation that prepares the body's systems for the onslaught to come in the next phase of training. Keep in mind this is for general adaptation. Regardless if you are seeking strength, power, or endurance or if you are an athlete competitive in a specific sport, this is a phase meant to gain general endurance, strength and motor function. With that being stated, athletes with shorter non competitive phases will want to make sure they train the movement needed for their sport as well. It is at this time you need to be your own worst critic and practice perfected practice. This phase will do you no good if you just go through the exercises to get through them. Each rep should be precise and performed better than the previous one. In most other phases of training you will act subconsciously allowing your homeostasis body to adapt, conform and surpass the stressors of your regiment. In AA you will need to be more conscious of your movements, posture and your body's signal such as bad pain (a big difference from good pain). In order for you to be conscious, the movements will not be of an explosive velocity. You need to use a more controlled and medium tempo speed. To discover the asymmetries, and deload the spine most movements should be unilateral and taken to different levels of failure. I credit Tudor Bompa with the idea of feeling for the levels of failure for AA. There are three levels you should use to identify your type of failure. The first is slight discomfort (SD). It is at this point the tempo begins to slow and you are beginning to gain the lactic acid building up. Second, is discomfort (D). Discomfort is a bit of a grey area. You will have lactic acid buildup. You will be moving at a slower tempo. It is at this point that concentric (lifting) failure is only a repetition away. Finally, high discomfort (HD)goes past what you thought was your stopping point in good form. I say "what you thought" because many will be surprised how much they have left in them to get another repitition or so. The end of high discomfort is near isometric failure (unable to neither correctly lift the weight nor hold it). During AA, a linear periodization should be used. It makes it easier to track progression and possible unforeseen problems. The length of AA will depend on your individual needs and yearly regiment. If you have not created a basic year periodization for yourself, I suggest you do so. Periodizing yourself out for 52 weeks really helps to keep you on track and headed towards a long term goal. Generally any athlete will need from four to six weeks of AA. Mainly, the emphasis is on endurance strength and general motor/muscle development. Beginners will want more exercises with fewer sets and more advanced athletes will do better with more sets and less exercises. Also, during this phase you want to increase motor skills and proprioceptive awareness in all three planes of motion (sagital, frontal and transverse). For the most part all exercises should be performed without any accessories that will end up debilitating your motor learning and proper muscle recruitment (weight belts, knee wraps, gloves etc.). Also to enhance proprioceptive awareness of environment, take your shoes off and train. Many great coaches such as Mel Siff, Paul Chek, and Gary Grey speak of enhancing function by taking your shoes off and training. Since most movements, if not all, will be closed chained in nature (generally standing on feet or suspended by hands), allowing your body to react to not only the load and gravity, but ground forces will enhance this AA phase. The linear microcycle should progress in a direction of more endurance and higher levels of lactic acid buildup each week. I would suggest if you are new and decide to phase through AA for more than 4 weeks to add a deloading week after week three to keep from plateauing and overtraining the lactic energy system. Also, be smart about your environment when choosing your exercises. Tudor Bompa recommends separating your sessions to exercises and areas in the gym where you can move effortlessly to the next exercise. One way to handle this is have one session containing all body weight, band, and cable movements; another session would have dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls; and the last would hold barbell movements. Any weight used should start at a 60%RM. One important note about asymmetries, is if you find you have very unlevel asymmetries I would suggest you take an additional one or two weeks away from moving to the next phase to really correct the problem. If that's not something you want to invest a lot of extra time in, then add drills and stretching to your warm up that will aid in correcting your asymmetries. Gamma Blue 11s,Women update their look all the time. It can be as simple as changing their bags, wearing new shoes, or even a different shade of lipstick. Others go for a more permanent change such as changing their hair color. Others opt to bring out the highlights in their hair. This is indeed, one of the easiest ways to get a new look, without being too drastic. Getting hair highlights brightens one's face. However getting highlights at a salon could be expensive, plus the chemicals from the hair bleach could do harm to the environment. Good thing there is a way to highlight your hair the natural and cost effective way. Follow these simple steps to give your hair that extra color boost. Make sure you have everything you need. For a quick and natural hair highlighting procedure, you will need fresh lemon limes, a juicer, a highlight brush, a bowl, a comb and the natural rays of sunlight. All these you can easily find in your kitchen or bedroom. You can probably find a cheap highlight brush at your local drugstore. Juice the lemons. Trust us; we are not going to make lemonade. Juice one or two lemonades and put the juice in a bowl. If you have run out lemons, lime will do. Prep your hair. Before doing this, you must first make sure that your hair is clean and free of styling products. Wash your hair prior, but you do not have to apply conditioner. Just make sure that your hair is clean and not too oily when you start. This will ensure that hair product ingredients won't damage your hair. The lemon and other hair product build up together might do more harm to your hair than good. After you have gotten your highlights, you may go back to using your hair products. Detangle and separate. Now you must make sure that your hair is completely free of tangles. With a wide toothed comb, gently comb through the tangles. Work patiently and slowly so as not to damage your hair. Once done, section your hair into the parts you want to highlight. You might want to separate the section you're not going to highlight with a clip. Apply the lemon on your hair. If you want to have highlights that are subtle, then simply apply the juice on the strands that you have separated from the rest of your hair. Use the highlight brush for this, as it will be easier for you to apply the juice sparingly. If you want more pronounced highlights, you can apply all over your hair. Get some sun! Let the lemon juice set in your hair and expose it to the sun for about 4 to 5 hours. Now would be a good time to do your gardening, jogging and other outdoor activities. You may even go out and sunbathe so you will have a tan to complement your new highlights. Remember to wear sun block and drink lots of water while outdoors.

Mens Gamma Blue 11s,Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011 Are you looking for a pair of new baseball cleats? How do you find one that is worth your money? Still trying to figure out what you need to do? This is what we are going to tackle on this article. For starters, cleated shoes are used to provide traction. However, different sports are also based on different types of maneuver, which means that it is not wise to use only one type of cleats for different sports. So if you're going to play baseball, you will also need to use baseball cleats. In baseball, your body weight is shifted to your feet, which means that baseball cleats are designed to sustain and absorb a maximum amount of pressure. Unlike other sports, softball and baseball seldom requires a lot of footwork since each action can have similar consequences. Also, most of the movements found in baseball tend to be lateral in nature, and this is another reason why baseball cleats are made with higher traction. However, like other athletic shoes, cleated shoes are also made from leather which are treated and polished to provide a smoother, more flexible surface. And because of the amount of rough activity in baseball, baseball cleats need to be absorbent enough to accept stamping and dyeing. Studs used on baseball cleats are also made from a variety of materials. These include metal, rubber, plastic and other synthetic materials. Moreover, these studs will be designed according to the type of surface the cleats will be used on. Adult cleats, for instance, use metals for resilience, while youth player shoes are usually made from plastic for less weight and danger. An example of a good pair of baseball cleats is theAkadema Professional Spikes. It features a full length molded sockliner, which are designed to provide lightweight comfort without sacrificing speed and performance. The Three Different Types of Baseball Cleats You can take your pick from different types of cleats. These are: Molded This type of cleated shoes use studs which are permanently connected to the soles of the shoes. The studs of molded cleats are usually made from plastic and rubber, and even though they are relatively cheaper, they can also be quite costly to repair. Detachable These cleats are detachable from the shoes and as such are easily replaceable. The bad news is that due to less durability, you may end up replacing them often. Combination These types of cleats are made out of both metal and plastic. They also come in various lengths and shapes. The best thing about them is that they are made for rough terrain, especially muddy and wet surfaces because of their excellent grip and control for fast and heavy maneuvers under slippery conditions. How You Can Find the Right Type of Cleats Now that we've discussed something about baseball cleats, let's discuss which ones to buy. Well, you should start with the stud length. Get ones which are appropriate for the surface of ball fields which you frequently visit is a good place to start. For example, short studs work well with hard surfaces whereas long ones are ideal for soil. Another criteria that you could use is the fit of the cleats. Make sure that they can fit your feet properly by judging how your feet are resting on the soles. Doing so, will give you some idea as to how you can control your speed and traction and how they might help your performance. Gamma Blue 11s DETROIT Wilin Rosario hit a go ahead, two run single in the 10th and the Colorado Rockies went on to score a franchise record eight runs in an extra inning, beating the Detroit Tigers 12 4 on Friday night to snap a season high, eight game losing streak. Jose Valverde (3 2) gave up a leadoff single to Michael Cuddyer in the 10th and allowed him to get to third on a throwing error to first base after Eric Young laid down a sacrifice bunt. Valverde got Jordan Pacheco to ground out to shortstop Jhonny Peralta, whose throw home got Cuddyer out. Rosario broke the tie and Luis Marte gave up back to back homers to Carlos Gonzalez and Cuddyer. The last time any team scored at least that many runs in an extra inning was Aug. 16, 2009, when the Angels scored nine runs in the 13th inning at Baltimore. Matt Belisle (3 2) earned the win with two scoreless innings after Adam Ottavino and Rex Brothers combined for 1 2/3 innings of scoreless relief. Colorado became the last team this season to win an interleague game after going 0 9 against the American League. The Tigers had won five of seven during their best stretch since starting the season 9 3. Before Valverde got roughed up, Tigers relievers Duane Below, Brayan Villarreal, Phil Coke and Joaquin Benoit combined to pitch 5 1/3 scoreless innings. After two scoreless innings with one hit for each team, both starters Detroit rookie Casey Crosby and Rockies veteran Jeff Francis struggled in the next inning, giving up five runs and seven hits combined. Crosby gave up a single, RBI triple and RBI double to the first three Rockies he faced in the third then walked two straight to load the bases. Detroit's defense got Crosby out of the jam, getting two straight forceouts at home, including an inning ending double play. The Tigers went ahead 3 2 in the third on RBI doubles by Austin Jackson and Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder's go ahead single. Crosby didn't let the home team and sold out crowd enjoy the lead long. Chris Nelson, whose RBI triple scored the game's first run, hit a two run homer in the fourth that bounced on top of the wall in right to put Colorado ahead 4 3. The Tigers tied the game in the sixth on Brennan Boesch's groundout and failed to take advantage of a chance to go ahead when Delmon Young struck out with the bases loaded after Cabrera and Fielder walked. Crosby gave up four runs, six hits and four walks over 3 2/3 innings in his third career start. Francis allowed four runs, eight hits and three walks over 5 1/3 innings in his second start of the season with the Rockies and 151st with the franchise. Game notes Detroit C Alex Avila, out with a strained right hamstring, hit before the game for the first time since going on the DL on June 6. "It's a lot better than sitting on the couch," he said. "My target is to be back next weekend." . Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki was eligible to come off the DL on Friday, but aggravated his strained left groin and is scheduled to see a specialist Monday for a second opinion. . Tigers manager Jim Leyland said OF Andy Dirks is, "not doing too good," with right Achilles tendinitis that put him on the DL last month and he is scheduled to see a foot and ankle specialist. . Colorado LHP Jorge De La Rosa, on the DL recovering from elbow surgery, is scheduled to see a specialist Wednesday. . Detroit turned a rare 3 5 1 double play in the second inning with an infield shifted for pull hitter Jason Giambi that led to Cabrera, a third baseman, covering second on a throw from Fielder at first and Crosby finishing the play at first. . The Rockies have begun a season long nine game, 10 day trip that will also take them to Philadelphia and Texas. . Valverde last gave up six runs while pitching for Houston against Pittsburgh on July 21, 2008.

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