Offer The Latest Style Of Authentic Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012 On Sale. Air Jordan 6 Carmine 2014 Order Online Womens Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012 You Can Enjoy The Cheap Price And Get Best Quality Items Here CARA To Build Bree's Bark Park For Metro Jackson Gigi Carter, a CARA adopter, has donated $15,000 toward the construction of a first class dog park on CARA property in Jackson. The check was presented during CARA's fundraiser, Dog Days of Summer, at Pelahatchie Shore Park on the reservoir. The dog park will be named Bree's Bark Park in honor of Bree, the dog Gigi adopted from CARA last year. When Bree first came to CARA she was covered in mange with little chance for survival, but she is now a healthy, happy dog. Gigi would like for Bree and other dogs to experience dog parks like the ones in Houston, Seattle and other large cities, where she has lived. "Bree's Bark Park will allow CARA and other local dogs a space to run, play and have fun," Gigi noted. "It will provide a venue for dog lovers in the community to come together for a common interest." The first phase of Bree's Bark Park, clearing the land and fencing the site, will be largely financed by a grant from the Gannett Foundation. CARA staff, volunteers, and potential adopters can then begin using the site as a dog park. Thanks to Gigi's donation, the concept of Bree's Bark Park has been expanded to include a splash pool, agility equipment, walking paths and other features of a first class off leash dog park. The goal is for CARA to eventually open Bree's Bark Park for public membership so that residents in metro Jackson will have the opportunity to enjoy a high quality dog park in our city. CARA thanks Gigi Carter and the Gannett Foundation for helping make their dream of a first class dog park for the Jackson metro area become a reality. CARA is a nonprofit "no kill" animal rescue group that cares for hundreds of abused, unwanted, and stray animals and is operated by volunteers and part time employees. The expenses for its programs and services are supported solely by private donations from individuals, businesses and fundraising events throughout the year. CARA receives no funding from any government agency. The primary goals of CARA are to: 1) place adoptable animals into loving caring homes, thereby enhancing the bond between people and animals; 2) support spay/neuter programs and 3) promote responsible pet ownership by educating the community on the benefits of ensuring the proper care of pets. Like us on Facebook. By invitation, the show is made up of autos and motorcycles, which are 25 or more years old, and newer autos of special interest. Dealers of new European automobiles are also part of the show, displaying current models of Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volvo and Smart. Rather than showing entries in a field or parking lot, they are positioned, by class, among various shops, making this an enjoyable viewing experience for patrons as they shop and stroll. The 2011 show drew over 150 autos manufactured in five different countries. In just three short years, the Renaissance Euro Fest has become a very well known regional gathering of fine imported autos and motorcycles. It has drawn autos from eight states and continues to gain stature among auto enthusiasts in the region. The event is free to the public as well as the exhibitors. It is estimated that over 15,000 in attendance per show have enjoyed viewing makes such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Volvo, Jaguar, MG, Austin Healey, Rover, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Alfa Romero, Maserati, BMW, Citron, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus, Triumph, Austin, Morgan, Armstrong Sidney, Caterham, and Aston Martin. In addition to sponsor awards, 17 classes and "The Best of The Renaissance" are awarded as selected by a judging panel. Cyclists Take To The Streets To Finds Cure For Multiple Sclerosis In an effort to create a world free of multiple sclerosis, the 2012 Bike MS: Bike to the Battlefield cycling event will take place October 6 7. Presented by Denbury Resources, proceeds from this two day cycling fundraising event will benefit the Alabama Mississippi Chapter of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. More than 250 cyclists are expected to participate in Bike MS: Bike to the Battlefield with a goal to raise over $170,000. Funds raised will support direct services for the more than 6,500 people with MS and their families in Mississippi and Alabama, as well as national MS research to find a cure for this chronic disease of the central nervous system. Cyclists will leave from the Baptist Healthplex in Clinton and journey to historic Vicksburg on the back roads of Mississippi. The fully supported ride will feature fun rest stops every 10 12 miles, relaxing massages, an awards banquet Saturday evening at the Hampton Inn Suites, and a Sunday morning devotional and breakfast before the trip back home to Clinton along the Natchez Trace. Bike MS is an event for everyone from the beginner cyclist to the professional rider. Cyclists can choose from a 35 mile, 75 mile or 150 mile route. Also, new this year is a virtual cyclist option for those who would like to support the event but do not wish to ride. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to creating a world free of MS. Please help improve the lives of others by taking part in the 2012 Bike MS: Bike to the Battlefield ride. Green Oak Garden Center Owner Elected President Of Association The Mississippi Nursery and Landscape Association recently elected Maur McKie as president for the 2012 2014 fiscal years. MNLA represents its industry with over $1 billion generated in annual revenue and is ranked in the top 10 leading agriculture industries in Mississippi. McKie, a 1980 graduate of Mississippi State University, along with his wife, Karen, own Green Oak Garden Center, LLC, a multi faceted business in Jackson, with two florist locations, a garden center, a landscape and maintenance division, an interiorscape division, a Christmascape division, as well as a plant rental division. He recently served as the legislature committee chairman and currently serves on the bureau of plant industry advisor board. W. Hibbett Neel Elected International Vice President Of ITE Neel is the President of Neel Schaffer, Inc. in Jackson, which he co founded in 1983. In its 29 years, Neel Schaffer has grown from 20 employees to a 450 person employee owned engineering firm with 37 offices located from Columbia, S. C to Fort Worth, Texas. Transportation engineering and planning services make up a large portion of the firm's business. Neel is responsible for strategic planning and direction of the firm's activities. Much of the firm's success can be attributed to community activities, commitment to professional development and the involvement of employees in ITE..

Amber is a fossilized tree resin that is commonly used in the manufacturing of pendants, jewelry and other objects that may be used as decoration. The material is usually confused with sap or the essence of trees, but amber is actually an organic material that starts off as a sticky substance and eventually changes into the translucent object that is yellowish or brownish in color. Amber is very palatable to many insects and bugs so it's very common to see many impurities inside the "gemstone" itself. The finish of amber is quite similar to a crystal. While its sheen and clarity may be similar to quartz, the color is almost always on the yellow to rust and even red side. Every tree would have a different tone of amber and since the material is fossilized, it does take quite some time before the material is harvested and made into jewelry. When jewelry shopping, it may get frustrating to find amber pendants. Amber is not exactly used in a lot of cultures' jewelry so only specialty shops would carry them. Here are other places that would carry amber jewelry. Russia. The Baltic States in Russia such as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are among the largest exporters of amber as a raw material and amber jewelry in the entire world. The cultures of these countries have been very receptive to the idea of using amber pendants since the material is very common and very much available in their native lands. These nations contain one of the biggest fossilized and petrified forests in the world. The Middle East. The Arab world has also long been fascinated with the use of amber as jewelry. Aside from pendants, amber earrings and bracelets that have been going through the trade routes of Asia, Africa and Europe for millennia, the vast strips of land in the Middle East and parts of Europe can be a great place to look for great classic pieces of amber jewelry. These would certainly be a great addition to anyone's jewelry boxes. The Americas. If you're not willing to travel to the other side of the world to get amber, there are also great amber finds in the Dominican Republic (in the island of Hispaniola) as well as some parts of Canada. These areas have vast reserves of ambers thanks in large part to the prehistoric forests that once existed in these areas. Online shopping. Online jewelry shopping is always an option of course. There are reputable jewelry stores that sell amber pendants so it should be easy to scope them out. While it may be tempting to get jewelry from auction sites, it may be hard to determine if you're getting actual amber before receiving the product in the mail so you're better off paying a premium instead of taking the risk on the authenticity of certain products. As with many other types of gemstones and jewelry, amber can be an acquired taste. But its novelty is the fact that it is fossilized, and is probably millions of years old. Some of these might even carry DNA traces from long extinct organisms. Amber is therefore both fascinating and stylish as pieces of jewelry. Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012 ,Air Jordan 3 Joker Air Jordan 10 Venom Green Air Jordan 9 Motorboat Jones Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 7 Retro Raptor 2012 Air Jordan 6 Retro Olympic 2012 Air Jordan 4 Oreo 2015 Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo Air Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny 2013 The series premise is simple (well.). Patrick McGoohan plays an unnamed secret agent who angrily resigns his post. He goes home, starts packing and is gassed, kidnapped and taken to The Village, a seemingly idyllic seaside resort where he is drilled for information, which he refuses to give up. He is given a number, 6, and told to behave, which, of course, he doesn't.A) The Village is run by Number One, whose identity remains mysterious. Who we do get to meet is Number Two, but, don't get too attached to Number Two, as they are constantly replaced as they continually fail to break Number Six.B) The Village's "guard dog" is an enormous white balloon nicknamed "Rover." Rover can paralyze, or even kill you, depending on what you're doing and how it feels at that moment. Rover also releases a horrifying roar that makes Godzilla sound like Hillary Duff.C) The way of saying good bye in The Village is give a little salute and say, "Be Seeing You."The Prisoner's all singing, all dancing finale left more than one viewer baffled, supposedly forcing star Patrick McGoohan to go into hiding and not do anything really badass again until he played Edward "The Longshanks" in Braveheart.The series was filmed in the seaside resort of Portmerion, which is in Wales, which is the only reason on Earth to ever go to Wales.It's often been speculated by Prisoner fans that Number Six is John Drake, the secret agent played by McGoohan in his previous series, Danger Man. But, this is a sensitive topic for Prisoner fans, so approach it with caution.Not only do fans argue about the meaning of the series, they also argue over the order in which to watch the episodes.Rover made a cameo in "The Simpsons" episode "The Joy of Sect." Later, they went hog wild with a nearly episode long parody in "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes," in which Patrick McGoohan reprised his role as Number Six. Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012,I am not the type of person who sits around complaining when things dont go my way but sometimes the truth needs to be told. Ive never been known as "spoiled," or have gotten everything my way. In fact, I am just the opposite. I guess I am what you call "cast away." You see, Ive had my share of rough times and always overcame them on my own. But it is just the simple fact that no one cared which hurt most. Growing up I did get some things, more than most kids had gotten, but I didnt get as much as "the other one." Does it feel good to be yelled at for wearing the same clothes with holes in them, the only clothes you would get for me? But what about "the other one" that gets to wear Old Navy, Abercrombie, American Eagle, and look as if shes getting ready for a fashion show. And people wonder why Im crazy. Now lets not even get into the whole vehicle problem. How do you think it feels when you get your car sold because is dad is juiced up on Oxys, not knowing what he is thinking. Or when you get the only other method of transportation taken from you for being nice and giving someone a ride home when he shouldnt even have been around me in the first place. Its not the fact that Im a complainer, but when "the other one" is getting a fancy car, while Im walking everywhere that I go. How would it make you feel? Now I could buy anything I need and always could have but when no one gets you anything and "the other one" gets a laptop computer, an I Pod, any cd, and any pair of shoes that she wants. How would you feel? Would you feel good when "the other one" is living in luxury waiting for her next pair of shoes while Im living in an abandoned apartment across the street. Or how would you feel living with a gay dude and getting screamed at every five minutes from someone that is supposed to be your friend. Would it make you happy? The point is that some things in life are unfair and you may feel that there is no way out. But I am here to tell you that you can make it! Dont get upset over the little things because someone, somewhere has it worse than you do. Fight the battle head on because you know that you are going to win. It might not happen right away but eventually the results will start paying off. Until next time, later!

Offers You Many High Quality Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012,Air Jordan 12 Gamma Blue How It StartedMichael Jordan singlehandedly kicked off the sneaker collection craze when he wore his red white and black sneakers while playing his rookie year with the Chicago Bulls in 1984. The design was extreme enough at the time to be forbidden by the NBA, who fined Jordan $5000 per game for wearing the non conforming footwear. More than 25 years later his name is still associated with some of the hottest designs, Air Jordans being one Nike product absent the swoosh trademark. Some of the more memorable Jordan models include the 1993 Air Jordan IX which came out when Michael retired from basketball to try a career in baseball. The Air Jordan XI, one of the shoes featured in the live action animation hybrid Space Jam is another prize sought out by collectors. New Sneaker Collectors These enthusiasts, called "sneakerheads" must have the latest designs in order to maintain a complete collection, not unlike other collectors of object ranging from beanie babies to exotic cars. The shoe manufacturers make the best of this ready made buyer group, with an endless parade of new designs, sometimes released in limited editions, raising their collect ability through scarcity. Nike recently produced a viral video as part of the promotional campaign for the Blue Lobster shoe, initially sold for $250, and limited to a quantity of 300, the release day line stretched around the block, in addition to the dark blue shoes with lime green laces, the buyers received a special box, a skateboard bed, a mixtape and a T shirt. Hard Core Vintage Sneaker CollectorsThe most advanced sneaker collectors seek out hard to find vintage models, which due to a real scarcity, often cost hundreds of dollars, the original Jordan 1 shoes appear to demand the largest price, near $2,000. Perhaps it will be few more years before we see sneakers on the PBS Antique Roadshow program. I got to visit The Cool Shoe Shine, a store front setup by a major Ebay dealer of vintage Air Jordan and other sneakers, the store seemed to be operated as a sort of low profile facility for accepting "gently worn" classics the he sells on consignment, there are no price tags on display, he probably doesn't care to have 12 year olds from the neighborhood checking out shoes that cost more than a year's allowance. Jordan Retro Sneakers: FOOTAGE By THECOOLSHOESHINE Footage show from The Cool Shoe Shine JWA 4 years ago I have original Jordan 1 2 3 and 10 still in box maybe wore once or twice excellEnt conditions. If anyone interested message back on herE. Wanting to sell if price is right I spotted the lobster on Ebay, was retailing a crazy price. A normal Air Jordan Shoe cost around $160. The new Air Jordan 3 fire red, I am going to buy that no matter what. Last seen in 2007 btw. Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012 Chances are your favorite old shoes have seen better days. This doesn't mean you have to get rid of them. Rather, you can preserve them with a sole saving product known as Shoe Goo. Shoe Goo has been around since 1972. It was originally developed to fight "tennis toe" a term used to describe the tearing of the front of the tennis shoe that is caused during a tennis game. Now it is used to repair soles, holes in shoes, or for making shoes water resistant. Affordable and long lasting, Shoe Goo is easy to apply and available at many stores. Make sure the area you plan on applying your Shoe Goo to is completely free of dirt. Depending on how worn the shoe is, you may be able to simply rub the area with a warm, damp cloth. If the wear is more extensive, you may need to wash the shoes in a washing machine or with a more abrasive sponge. Allow the area to completely dry before applying any Shoe Goo. For best results, consider adding minor scratches to the area before you apply the Shoe Goo. This is best done when the shoe is completely dry. This can be done with very gentle sandpaper, a dry sponge, or steel wool. The Shoe Goo will restore the luster lost during this stage of preparing your shoe for Shoe Goo application. Read the directions included with the product for any variations before applying any glue. To open the tube, puncture the seal with the pointed side of the cap of the tube. Apply the Shoe Goo to the damaged area by squeezing out product directly onto the surface. Use the opening of the tube to spread the Shoe Goo, or use a cotton swab to further spread the Goo. Allow it to "cure" for 5 to 10 minutes before pushing the edges of any holes in your shoe together. The Goo should bond the sides together instantly. Apply pressure to squeeze the sides together. If possible, consider adding weight with a book or any other heavy object. Allow the glue to fully dry for at least 24 hours before wearing. Before fully repairing your shoe damage, try a test location on the shoe. Different materials may take different lengths of time to properly dry. Testing a small area before completely repairing your damage will allow you to see how much time your shoe repair will require to dry. Also, temperature can play a factor in the success of your Shoe Goo repair. Your Goo will require less time to cure if the temperature is cooler; conversely, it will need more time to cure at a warmer, more humid temperature. Excess adhesive can be removed with paint thinner or acetone based nail polish remover, though you may need to use sparingly as it has the potential to damage the shoe itself. To preserve your tube of Shoe Goo for future use, clean the tube threads and seal tightly. Store at room temperature. Screen Goo Instructions Shoe Goo Instructions. DIY Projector Screen Wall. DIY Screen Projector Drywall. How to Use Goo Gone on a Painted Car Surface. How. How to Glue a Shoe Sole Gluing the sole of your shoe may seem easy enough, but depending on the type of shoe sole and adhesive, your repairs. How to Remove Shoe Goo Shoe Goo is a versatile and effective adhesive that is typically used to rebuild worn out soles, seal rubber shoes and boots, . How to Repair Replacement Shoe Soles With Glue For this, use a shoe specific glue, such as Shoe Goo. Does this Spark an idea? Other People Are Reading. How to Repair. How Would You Make Homemade Snap Caps for Pistols? How Would You Make Homemade Snap Caps for Pistols?. The DIY method runs strong in the firearms community, . Shoe Goo Syringe. How to Make Drift Tires Instructions. Make the Tires. 1. Cut out one inch sections of PVC pipe with a pipe cutter or hacksaw. . If you use. Homemade Shoe Rack Homemade Shoe Rack. . General Repair; Energy Efficiency; Tools Equipment; Remodeling; Home Improvement Expert. Monica D. Higgins. Gardening Plants. Gardening.

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