Original Quality 653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA With Discount Off 56 78. Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Khaki Imperial Blue Olive Khaki Save You Up To 49% 653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA 100% Quality Guarantee And Fast Delivery For all that he has achieved he has never gotten carried away, still has his feet very firmly on the ground. It was in 2000, when he was still very young (21), that he started to come into himself. Losing the All Ireland final against Cork in 1999 really hurt him, he went through the pain of that and it toughened him up. He started to build on that in 2000 and he been building ever since. He cherishes the club dearly and I don think I ever seen him playing a bad game with Ballyhale Shamrocks. That only my personal opinion, others will differ. The big difference between them was that DJ could beat you in five minutes. Henry is more a consistent hurler, consistently brilliant yes, doing things his own way, but he didn have that spark DJ had, that burst of acceleration. We blessed in Kilkenny though that we can talk about the two of them, and that their time overlapped. DEREK LYNG (2001 A BRILLIANT team player, that my take on him. Everyone sees the goals, the points, but his workrate and team work sets him apart. Even in training he always the one pushing it out, his attitude is always spot on, he not afraid to put in the hard shift. He so consistent, very rarely has an off day. In the 2007 game against Galway I don think he scored from play but he had a brilliant game, the blocking, tackling and hooking he did that day was unreal, set the tone for everyone else. As a midfielder you love to see your centre forward taking the ball out of the sky, turning and scoring and that was one of his trademarks. He was kind of an auxiliary midfielder really. Henry influence on Kilkenny over the last decade, what he achieved, what he brings to the set up phenomenal. I WOULD have known him from the pub they had in Ballyhale at the time, the young cheeky chappie behind the bar pulling the occasional pint. He was quiet enough when he came into us first, in Nowlan Park, a big raw chap. We played Cork in P U Rinn in the league in 1999, I think it was Cody first day but even then you could see this kid had talent. He hadn set the world alight at underage and everyone knows that, but fellas mature at different ages. It can even happen after that, a fella can be transformed in a year St Kieran is a great help for that. Henry took over from DJ even before DJ had finished up, and DJ had been the leader of the pack for the decade before that. When Kilkenny won the league final in 2002 minus four or five players, including DJ, Henry was starting to pull the strings. I came back for the championship in 2002, Kilkenny playing Offaly in Thurles in the Leinster championship, and just looking from the outside in you could really see more of what he was doing, how he was orchestrating everything. When he came in first he had this little pudgy face, the puppy fat, but by God there a difference now, he really after looking after himself for the last 13 years. I suppose a lot of credit has to go to Deirdre as well, his wife, she obviously looking after him very well!AS a Gowran man I have to say DJ Carey is the best I ever seen or hurled with, but they are two very different players. Carey had that bit of magic, he have the crowd off their feet, but for workrate over the hour, for the way he brought all his teammates into the game, Shefflin was tops. He as much a complete hurler as you going to get. He had pace, good in the air, and he could lose you very quickly. In fact in that respect he was the kind of forward I always hated to mark you look one way for a split second, look back and he gone the other way. He has all the skills and can win the ball any way it comes to him. He can score goals when needed, he a brilliant freetaker and his workrate is an example to every player, at every level. He strong, but he not the kind of player who depends on his strength, who uses the body the same way as a Declan Ryan or a Joe Rabbitte, so you didn see loads of ball being horsed down on him. But he could still win his own ball in the air, or contest strongly and look for the breaks. I noticed in the last couple of All Ireland finals the pressure put on the backs, it a savage achievement now to get in a clean clearance off him. He a total team player, he not just one of those forwards who has to have the ball handed to him on a plate so he can get his name on the scoresheet, he constantly working. His attitude is everything, that why he so good. SHANE KAVANAGH (Galway 2004 present)YOU could ask almost any defender today and I say 90% of them would say Henry Shefflin is their most difficult opponent. His movement, his calmness out on the field no one can move around a hurling field the way he can. He directs everything out there. He ghosts, the kind of fella you look over your shoulder and he there, you follow the ball for five seconds and he could be 40 yards away in acres of space. He as strong as what out there you wouldn think that of him. He a very physical player, yet you don see him picking up too many yellow cards. Henry has always delivered for Kilkenny so you know they going to score you just have to outscore them, cope with their attack and try and get a big score on the board. He has to be right up there with anyone who has played the game, considering his achievements. The only thing that stopped him winning a ninth All Star in a row last year was his cruciate injury..

Over the years, I've seen hundreds of patients in the hospital suffering from various illnesses. When they see me, some seniors usually bring a bagful of medications. Yes, a grocery bag full of prescription bottles. I'm surprised though that most patients don't know why they are on medications especially that some even take at least 15 yellow, red, pink, and blue tablets. No wonder, some can't even remember their spouses' names. Sure, it's cumbersome keeping track of chores, how much more trying to remember this entire treatment regimen. If I were in their shoes, I'd be confused as well and perhaps forget my mother in law's name. Before you agree to a treatment, you need to know your illness or your diagnosis. Ask your doctor what's going on. Don't hesitate to ask hard questions such as: After your doctor tells you the diagnosis, ask for possible causes. Is your tiredness and fatigue due to heart or chest problem? Is it because of depression? If the doctor tells you that you have "chemical imbalance," ask him or her what the specific illness is and what it means to suffer from it. Second Question: What is the treatment? Once you know the illness, ask for major treatment choices and the benefits and risks of each choice. What's the advantage of one expensive treatment over the other cheaper alternative? Don't hesitate to know the indications of the proposed treatment options and their side effect profiles. Also, know the consequences of not taking any medication. What's the disease's course with or without treatment? After you've chosen the treatment you feel is right for you, then ask for the details. Know a detailed list of side effects and benefits and risks. Know the drug's mechanism of action. Ask when you expect some improvement, about intake schedule, and duration of treatment. Third Question: While treatment is ongoing, what other things should I do to get well? Ask your doctor what food, activities, and exercises are allowed or should be avoided. If you're on antihypertension pill, how much salt can you add to your meal? Should you start avoiding fatty foods as well? Know when you can restart your hobbies such as carpentry project or when you can return to work. If taking a sedative, what precautions you should know. Will it affect your driving or the use of mechanized equipment such as a mower or a snow blower? Should you be careful standing up after sitting or lying down for a while? Ask your doctor if your illness can be passed on to another person through conversation or handshake. Should you be isolated from family members and friends for a few days to avoid contaminating them? As a patient, you should be responsible for your treatment and recovery. This only means that you should know as much as possible about the illness, the treatment, and precautionary and preventive measures. 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