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I enjoy walking and consider myself fit. However over the past couple of weeks I have had a painful muscle in my left leg in the calf at the rear and this has lead to a numb spot in the sole of my foot by my heal, which is most uncomfortable, any explainations?ABOUT YOUR LEG AND FOOT, THIS IS UNREAL TO HAVE IT GO INTO THE FOOT. U MIGHT WANT TO QUIT AND REST, DO HOT TUB SOAKS A BIT OF TWENTY MINUTES A COUPLE TIMES A DAY AND START OFF SLOWLY. YOUR MAYBE PUSHING YOURSELF AND TORE A MUSCLE? TEARING MUSCLES OR BRUISING THEM CAN LEAD TO MANY COMPLICATIONS OF SET BACKS IN WORKOUTS. ARE U DOING A GOOD WARM UP AND COOL DOWN NO MATTER IF YOU DID A SWEAT, THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT FOR THE MUSCLES AND LIGAMENTS. 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We Offer High Quality Cheap Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite New Green Teal,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Wolf Grey Reflect Silver Blue Glow Wolves blogger Nathan Lloyd presents his very own club awards ceremony from cyberspace and picks his perfect 10 for the season do you agree? It's time to dust down those Senegalese flags and head for the bitter sweet final Premier League game of the season at home to Sunderland on Sunday. Bitter because it's the last competitive action we'll see at Molineux till August and sweet because we get to applaud our conquering team, manager and boardroom for a job well done this season. When the fixture list came out for this campaign, I looked at this last game thinking we would probably need a win to avoid relegation. But instead we are a win away from a possible 14th place and in the end we've avoided the drop relatively comfortably. I don't know about you, but the Burrda decision caught me slightly by surprise. I had never heard a Burrda and I do think chief executive Jez Moxey has been a little short sighted with his choice of kit manufacturer. I'm sure the 3million deal is fantastic business for the club and, at the end of the day, this is what Jez is employed for. But having seen a string of third rate kit makers come and go in Nutmeg, Admiral, Spall and the mighty Bukta, I was hoping for a brand that would finally reflect our Premier League status. Even the Saddlers once danced with Nike, albeit briefly and I don't know whether the club would sell a shed load more shirts if they were blazoned with an Nike, Adidas or Umbro, who made more top flight team shirts than anyone this season. But the clothing in the club shop has always been a bit naff and, apart from a club shirt, I've only ever bought the odd mug and DVD from there. Surely there are others who, like me, would probably spend a few quid if there were some decent clothing, perhaps like the superb t shirt I'm wearing above whilst standing in freezing Scotland? I am sure Jez has done the maths and taken the route that gives him the most cash up front, but in the long term this may have been a fool hardy decision. Let's hope the kit is of decent quality it blummin' Burrda be. Also at the end of season dinner, the artist still known as Jody Craddock was crowned fans Player of the Season, something I predicted in my last blog. I was scoffed by some when I declared Jody has been our best player of the last decade for what he has contributed to the club. Although Kevin Doyle may have been our most effective and exciting player this season, no one should begrudge the great effort of our head bandaged warrior. This campaign has been a massive team effort though, something that was reflected in the chase for the player of the season gong with the spine of the team all getting decent votes goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann, Jody, Karl Henry and Kevin Doyle. As this is my final blog of the season, I wanted to chuck in a few of my own light hearted awards but, before I do, I have a quick confession. For those of you that read the blog every week, you may have noticed that I chuck in the odd elongated word such as soporiferous, brobdingnagian or my particular favourite, valetudinarians. Why do I do it? I haven't quite worked that out yet probably just for a bit of selfish fun. But I'll cut it out next season, I promise! Anyway, on to the blogging awards, called the erm, the Merlin's my attempt at building bridges with the man himself! Merlin One 'The Missing Jigsaw Piece' award He may be the tallest player in the Premier League, but I've seen milk turn quicker than 'the Hoff' Stefan Maierhofer. I understand the arguments that we haven't seen much from him, but I've seen enough to know he's a dud and no amount of bellyaching from Stefan will convince me otherwise. Merlin Two 'The Stealth' award Goes to Adlene Guedioura. A few of you probably got a bit carried away with the You Tube antics of Geoffrey Mujangi Bia and perhaps paid little attention to his Algerian counterpart when he first joined. I know which one I'd rather keep for next season and so does my missus, but for differing reasons! Merlin Three 'The Dave Challinor' award I've opened the envelope, but the player in question has gone missing and not for the first time this season. Let's hope he's soon chucking his bombs in at another club. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite New Green Teal Carols by Candlelight will run from 5.30pm on December 4.Wonderful music will be provided by local performers and the school choir and band, while those attending are encouraged to join in the singing. Sausages and steak sandwiches, coffee, ice creams and LED candles will be sold.''Our principal Pam Grosse is moving to another school. This will be her last Christmas carols with the school so it would be nice for people to come along and celebrate that with her,'' Mrs Esdale said.Latest NewsFreshman speed machine sire Per Incanto has Kiwis aflutterRed Cadeaux heads northern heavyweights on road to Melbourne CupKyrgios hopes to propel Australia to new eraBest of the worldMichael Cheika backs draft system for emerging rugby union talentEditor PicksThe hidden tragedy of fly in, fly out workThe healing hands of Bowral Dr Fruit LoopHeartache endures for lost little girl Cheryl Grimmer: photos, videoCancer claims life of champion charity worker Edna Campbell How two brave girls put paedophile Mark Robert Forbes behind barsLocal Junior HawksDragon DenNRLNational AFLSoccerBasketballCricket HQJunior NewsTournamentsTopTippaCommonwealth Games 2014NRL TournamentAFL TournamentLetters to the EditorBlogsPollsEditorial

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