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Aid organizations currently don't have a quick and accurate way to determine how many people need assistance. Satellites can collect images of areas affected by a natural disaster, but there are dissemination restrictions and cloud cover can prevent collection of images. "Without a real time map, it's very hard to do population estimates and demographic estimates to figure out where people are, how they're moving, how they're spaced out and even how many people you have on the ground," said Benjamin Sklaver, a project officer from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) International Emergency and Refugee Health Branch. "This technology does not exist currently, so GTRI's imaging system is really an innovative project." The imaging system was developed with funding from the CDC, and agency officials would like to begin using this device as soon as possible. After responding to the recent devastation caused by Hurricanes Hanna and Ike, the CDC asked GTRI to accelerate delivery of the imaging device for use during the 2008 hurricane season. "We plan to package the system for use on Coast Guard UH 60J Black Hawk helicopters, which were among the first to fly over Haiti following Hanna's devastation," said David Price, a GTRI senior research technologist. The imaging system designed by Price and senior research engineer Gary Gray is called the "Mini ModPOD," which stands for "Miniature Modular Photographic Observation Device." It consists of an off the shelf Canon Digital Rebel XTi digital camera, a global positioning system receiver, a small circuit board that uploads mission parameters, and an inertial measurement unit that measures the aircraft's rate of acceleration and changes in rotational attributes, including pitch, roll and yaw. The images collected from the system can be stitched together to create a complete picture of the affected area. The research team has tested the device on several flights, selecting areas with large populations of people likely to be outdoors. "During the first test flight, we wanted to test the clarity and resolution of the images collected during the run, and we were very pleased," said Price. "We could see tennis balls on the ground and people reading books at outdoor tables. This was sufficient detail to allow accurate counting the number of people in an area." After the first flight, the researchers reduced the weight of the device and developed a more accurate geo referencing capability, which allowed the physical location of the scenes shown in each photograph to be determined with precision. With the modifications made, the researchers went for a second flight test in July. The research group selected a rectangular zone of interest and loaded the latitude and longitude coordinates of the zone into the system from a USB drive. As soon as the helicopter flew into the zone, the camera began snapping pictures. The electronics were set to measure the speed of the aircraft so that each photo overlapped 60 percent of the preceding photo, making it easier to stitch together the photos to create a complete picture. The pilot made two passes, at altitudes of 500 and 1,000 feet above ground level. "This test flight was successful in confirming the Mini ModPOD's ability to activate the camera within the zone of interest. The resulting photos were extremely sharp and clear they were free of any vibration or motion effects," added Price. The photos were successfully matched to the flight data, which enabled the CDC to adjust them for geospatial reference. However, due to a software glitch, they were not overlapped as planned. The researchers made a small adjustment to the software and completed a third a third test flight in August. "This flight resulted in images that were 60 percent overlapped, enabling CDC engineers to build a high resolution mosaic image," noted Price. "Individuals on the ground were easily distinguishable as people separate from other objects." 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I was quite disappointed when the show bombed and was canceled after only one season. In 2010, Audrina ranked at 16 in FHM magazine's 100 Sexiest Women poll. She has certainly sported a whole array of gorgeous sexy dresses and costumes, not least her fabulous peacock costume that's a real favorite of mine! Now we too can shake a tail feather in our own version of Audrina's peacock costume it is truly awesome (and there are some pretty cool peacock shoes, too)! I've also found a whole flock (!) of other fantastic peacock costumes, which I hope you enjoy as much as me! Show off your true colors, not unlike Audrina Patridge, with sexy style this Halloween! This stunningly beautiful outfit is eye catchingly colorful. From tutu skirt all the way up to the magnificent headdress, there are exquisite peacock feathers and never forget the cheeky tail feathers! The bodice fabric is thick and structured with boning. To get the complete look, why not add a little black net petticoat for length and fullness and a pair of fishnets. You might also try a pair of black boy shorts. Click on the photo to get all the details. Available in Adult sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. You'll be flying without wings in this cheeky little peacock costume! This ensemble includes a hat and dress. What's more, there's fantail attached to the dress which you can wear down or up so you can display your mood to the world, taking non verbal communication to new heights. Available in Adult size Medium 6 10. You can't help but strut when you wear this gorgeous sexy blue peacock outfit the peacock feather detail and bow on the back of this cute mini dress are both glamorous and saucy. Together with the satiny bodice with peacock detailing, they make this costume a sensuous tactile feast of birdlike loveliness. And there's a lovely little headpiece as your crowning glory. Adult Sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Click Images For More Peacock Feathers CostumeShowgirl Deluxe Peacock OutfitNow, if you really want to push the boat out for a very special occasion, then this could be the very accessory you need to make your peacock outfit sheer perfection. I think that it is without a doubt, gorgeous! No expense has been spared to create this glorious showgirl style accessory which comes complete with beautiful luxurious peacock feathers. There are two layers of deluxe feathers. Some of these are a rich turquoise color and measure between 14 and 16 inches long. Others are green and bronze. The arrangement is attached to the body by a very comfortable harness fitted around the shoulders and on the back. The shoulder straps are purple and covered in lovely green sequins. Each plume is adorned with a beautiful green gemstone. This high quality colorful peacock accessory is truly magnificent you'll look and feel like a star in it. Click on the image to learn more. The perfect finishing touch to any costume is your make up and particularly so with a peacock outfit. I have found this Sexy Peacock Eye Kit to be a delightful time saver. It comes with Xotic Eyes with peacock feather inspired sparkle, bold false eyelashes, colorful glitter goo, and eyelash adhesive. Hearts will be a flutter when you flash your peacock eyes I can vouch for that! They will be flocking to admire you in this fabulous Peacock Teen outfit! I think that most teenage girls love to dress up in beautiful finery, but this can prove to be quite an outlay when they are still growing and they love the idea of a peacock costume. That's why this ensemble is perfect. It comprises a vibrant blue dress with a layered sequin skirt and colorful plumage down the front. There is also a matching feather headpiece. You get the full effect of a peacock that is both demure and feminine. Teen sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Peacock Costume PollWhich do you think is the best peacock costume? Sexy Peacock Costume Adult Peacock Costume Gorgeous Blue Peacock Outfit I'd be happy with just the Mardi Gras Shoes!See results without voting These fabulous mardi gras shoes are the perfect finishing touch to any peacock costume. They've got feathers, they've got sparkle, they're so colorful AND they've got those amazing 5 inch heels designed to flatter your peacock pins! What's more, the perfect occasion to show off a peacock costume and these fancy shoes has got to be Mardi Gras. I have to say that I am not a big fan of Audrina Patridge or Strictly Come Dancing, for that matter, but seeing her in that fabulous peacock costume blew me away. I'm amazed that you managed to find such a great copy of it that has such careful attention to detail. And as for those peacock shoes, perfect to complete the look. Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt,Matt Doherty made his comeback yesterday, while Ethan Ebanks Landell and Jack Price have made quicker than expected recoveries and Dave Edwards has shaken off his calf scare. Doherty emerged unscathed from a 45 minute run out in yesterday's 4 1 friendly win over a Nike Academy side at St George's Park after his hamstring injury. Price is fit after straining knee ligaments in the 1 1 draw against Leyton Orient on December 29, while Ebanks Landell has recovered after a similar problem in the 1 1 draw at Tranmere on New Year's Day. They were expected to be out for around four weeks. Edwards has shaken off a calf knock which forced him off in Saturday's 2 0 win against Preston. "Doherty made his comeback in the reserves yesterday," said Jackett. "Both Ebanks Landell and Price are there or thereabouts for this weekend. "It's a quick turnaround for both of them. "Landell is slightly ahead of Price as I think he'll be ready, but if it's not this Saturday for Jack, it will be the weekend after. "They're both good players and both good characters and enthusiastic in the group. "Edwards came off with a slight calf strain but he'll be fine." But Jackett warned he is likely to name an unchanged team for Saturday's first trip to Crawley, so impressed was he at the performance against Preston. "I don't think I've got a dilemma for this weekend it was a good performance against Preston so I think people will hold onto their shirts," he said. "But to have back up and cover does make you feel better when you're sat in this particular position because different things happen." Bjorn Sigurdarson, trialist Villyan Bejev, Jim Kellermann and Jamie O'Hara scored the goals yesterday. It will be good to have all four back to full fitness. Prior to his injury I thought Doherty was forming a really good understanding with Henry on the right hand side. The sooner that partnership is resumed the better, even though Ricketts and Ebanks Landell have done well when they deputised for Doherty. If Edwards has fully recovered from his knock, then I see no reason why he will not play on Saturday. In fact, if all the players that started against Preston are fully fit there is no reason to change the starting line up for the match against Crawley. As the old adage goes; never change a winning side. At this stage of the season, there is no point in risking the two youngsters. Give them another week to be sure they fully recovered. I went to see my Dad the other day, I hadn't been to take him anything for a while, thought it was about time I went and had a chat I turned up armed with a couple of bottles of water, a bagful of cleaning stuff and some flowers to brighten the place up a bit. I should really have taken one of his favourite Pavarotti albums as wellhe loves that "Nessun Dorma", but I haven't got an extension lead long enough to plug my CD player in. I didn't take much to eat, so have to make do with some of those old "leaf" scratchings that only the finest butchers still prepare. Those bags of iron filings masquerading as the fine Black Country snack are merely an impostor , not conducive to keeping amalgam in place, and are, quite franklyrubbish I said to him that Wolves are going through a bad patch, Lord, how used to that are we. He will be happy in the knowledge that things are on the up. I think , once you have found Wolves, that's exactly how you feel disagree all you like So I hotched up my newly pressed trousers at the sharp crease and took a seat, Dad always appreciates the older formal dressed look, but I do draw the line at having to starch my collar. I was reminding him about how he rediscovered the love when we lost to Aldershot in the play off final. He had said he was hanging up his season ticket in the late seventies when the game was in the grip of tribalism and violence, and I did honestly believe he would never go again. But Lord Bully got him out of a retirement that never really sat very well with him, and I was going through some of our favourite goals from that era. Another love rediscovered thanks to an unbeknown source. Funny thing life eh? I took some photos with me of my kids, thanks to Dad , a generation of following Wolves has been passed on from me to my kids. However, I said to Dad how my passion for the club has been generically inherited by said offspring and how she coaxed me out of , what would have been, a long self imposed exile from the Golden Palace. The love is indeed there once more, and it's actually starting to become enjoyable again after two and a half years of fingernail pulling torture. I went on to say to him, as much as I think Doyle, Sako , Batth etc are good players, that any comparison with Knowles, Dougan, Richards, Hibbitt etc was a complete waste of time. I said I remembered my first season ticket, purchased by Dad for the princely sum of 12 and 10 shillings ( it was a lot of money then), in 1966/1967 . I wished I still had those funny plastic starsMcllmoyle, Burnside, Wharton , Thompson, Woodfield that sat on one of those bobble hats that really made your head itch. I even had a rattle. Mind you , I have a few more now, basically confined to under my kneecaps and left shoulder blade I was saying how much he would have enjoyed the away days at Preston and Port Vale, and although most teams are characterless, and most venues resemble Lego land , that's it's still fun to watch your team in their own back yard. Ronnie Allen was the Manager back then, replaced by Bill McGarry , a good disciplinarian in his own right, but I said that Kenny Jackett may just turn out to be the custodian we need to try and gain some sort of respect and better status within the League. Those days of marching down Molineux Street and entering the turnstile just passed the old cobblers are long gone. But you can still keep the memories. Great ones I remarked, particularly of the UEFA cup nights against Juventus and Carl Zeisswe won't dwell on the final, all anti climactic after all that had gone before It's getting a bit chilly, I better get going, and I've munched my way through my scratchings, so I take those bottles of water and empty my bag, I make sure Dad's gravestone is nice and shiny, and those flowers do brighten it up a bit. I miss him terribly, he was such a great mentor, and most of all he gave me Wolves, and the love really is coming back

Get 60 Discount Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt,Women Nike Free Run 3 Light Bone Vivid Orange Ex deputy chief regains old jobRobert Hall, a former deputy police chief in Tupelo who resigned after allowing a hit and run driver to go free, has been rehired to the same job.Hall resigned three years ago after releasing 20 year old Jamison Shells on May 28, 2006, after Shells' arrest for running over a teenage bicyclist and leaving the scene.Hall was indicted on felony charges related to the incident. He pleaded guilty March 2, 2007, to misdemeanor charges and received a one year suspended jail sentence. Richard W. Dean has been named commander of the 579th Engineer Detachment.He succeeds Lt. Col. Sam Jaynes Jr., the detachment's first commander since it was reactivated in 2007.The 36 member 579th is scheduled for deployment in April to Afghanistan.It is one of two Army Forward Engineer Support Team units that aid engineer commands at the start of missions. The other is Fort Knox, Ky. based 533rd Engineer Detachment. Army Corps of Engineers.4 officers lose court appealFour Columbus police officers suspended for 15 days without pay over a May 2009 incident in the Vicksburg National Military Park have lost their appeal in Circuit Court.Judge Lee Howard found the city was within its rights to suspend Wade Beard, Heath Beard, Robert Walker and Cpl. Spence Wallingford for inappropriate behavior in May 2009 while attending a field sobriety training course in Vicksburg. The ruling, filed March 12, comes two weeks after a February court hearing.The officers appealed their suspensions to the Civil Service Commission, which upheld the suspensions June 17.The lawsuit was filed Friday in Oktibbeha County Circuit Court against the Starkville School District, school board and Superintendent Judy Couey.Affidavits from parents, students and other residents accompanied the lawsuit, Booneville lawyer Daniel Tucker said.No hearing date is set.The school board OK'd a dress code this month that specifies the types of shirts, pants and other clothing allowable. Each school would determine clothing colors. Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt My name is Bobby Chindaphone, I'm 18 years old. I'm an internet marketer. I've been in this industry for nearly a year, and so far I've been truly successful as far as reaching and even surpassing the goals that I've set. I never believed in "making money online" or "working at home". I do now. What exactly is "internet marketing"? Simply put, it's marketing on the internet. Offering products or services using the internet as a medium for potential customers to come to you. For two years I worked at a shoe store making $6.00. My average paycheck there was $200 if I was lucky. Two hard weeks of part time work everynight after school, I made $200 per two weeks and $400 per month. That's not too bad you might think. It's horrible. In 1 month's worth of time investment, I started my own marketing plan, and executed it. At the very moment that I am typing this, I am making double what I did working at the shoe store. In a couple months from now with little to no effort, I'll have doubled my monthly profits yet again. It's true and even I never thought it would happen. So yes, there is money to be made on the internet. Advertisers and consumers alike, spend more and more every year. Who's to stop you from taking your own share?

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