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on a recent muggy evening and the 18 year old has spent the past two hours playing alongside five female friends in a spirited, chippy even, game of basketball against a team of local boys. While most of the local boys in this gritty Mumbai neighbourhood have played basketball for much of their lives, Afreen first picked up a ball in 2009, only a few weeks after the National Basketball Association paid to renovate and repair the court, which is encircled by aging British Raj era apartments and tin roofed hovels. As sweat drips from her forehead, Afreen turns to a friend standing nearby. Will you come?" she wheezes. Local coaches say Afreen has developed into a good athlete with a smooth jump shot, a skill for sensing open lanes to the basket, and an unrivalled desire to be the best player in any game. She has a chance this year, some say, to make it to Maharashtra's state team. If that happens, Afreen may be in line for a life altering payoff. Playing for her state would increase her chances of winning a coveted and rare position on a club team. While India doesn't have a pro basketball league, it does have a semi professional circuit of club teams. Various government agencies railroads, the army, police and income tax departments offer full time jobs to talented players, who typically receive salaries of more than 20,000 rupees ($430 Canadian) a month, lodgings, and a lifetime job, even following their retirement from basketball. But Afreen's story of success is about more than sports and money. It's also illustrative of how families in orthodox neighbourhoods can challenge social mores. Nagpada is a community of Muslim families. Seven mosques are within a stone's throw of the outdoor basketball court and on the dusty, noisy streets here, where chickens and goats run free, most locals still say girls like Afreen should not be playing basketball. In the world's biggest democracy, there are no laws preventing women from playing sports, but as with customs about marriage dowries, which remain prevalent even though they've been illegal for a half century, traditions here have a grip on the local community that are as strong as any legislation. "These girls should be staying in their homes," says Imam Saeed Gulam Sarwar, the spiritual leader at a mosque across the street from the court. "Everyone here knows that girls who are 18 should not be playing sports. They should be home observing purdah," the Islamic custom of secluding women from men. Sarwar, whose beard is dyed with henna a fiery red, says he's included Afreen and her teammates in his sermons. He's also confronted Afreen's father, demanding she and her 16 year old sister Sumaiya stop playing. The paint on the green and rose coloured court is faded and rats scurry along the drain troughs that run along the edge of the playing surface. Three years ago, after the NBA visited Mumbai and replaced the pre existing potholed court, installed new backboards, and handed out a case of new basketballs, Afreen cornered her father in their one room home here. "I really wanted to play," she pleaded. If she was expecting a confrontation, she didn't get one. Sheikh Karim, her father, nodded his approval. He and his wife Mumtaz have lived a life typical for most lower class Mumbai residents. The daughter of a local real estate broker, Mumtaz was 7 when she stopped attending school. By the time she was 16, she was married to Karim, a local taxi driver. "I was lucky," she says over a lunch of rice biryani in her family's home. "He's a good man." With a ruddy face, kind eyes and a good command of English, Karim doesn't see much of his family. He works six days a week driving the chaotic streets of this city of 16 million. and finishes his shift at midnight. He pays 350 rupees to rent his taxi, and another 200 for fuel. In a shift, he's lucky to make 900 rupees, making his take home pay about 350 rupees, or $7.50, a day. But Karim says he's tried to instill in his four children the belief that just because they're poor doesn't mean they can't be happy. So why not let them play sports? "I am not less of a Muslim because my girls play basketball," Karim says, tightening a royal blue sarong around his waist. "Life is tough here and what is there for kids to do? Why can't they play? Afreen's a good girl, and smart." The family still reminisces about the time six years ago when Afreen returned home to find her older sister Rehana, then 14, lying passed out on the concrete floor. She had failed a test at school and taken poison. Afreen lifted her older sister over her shoulder and carried her to the closest hospital, saving her life. "When she first started going onto the court, the imam came to me and said this was wrong," Karim says. "I didn't want to argue or disagree with him so I said, 'Okay, we'll see. I'll consider it.' " Early on, the girls struggled on the court. "There were a lot of air balls, they were not very good," says Taha Khan, a 16 year old who has played for Maharashtra state's boys team. "But you can see now they are playing more confidently. And parents are becoming more open to it as well. Even those who said girls could play said they had to be home by 7. Now, they are letting them stay later." Steadily, their skills improved and by last summer, the girls from Nagpada advanced to the state semifinals. Now, the girls have become a mainstay on the court and a curiosity for spectators. As the girls practised one evening this week they wore track pants to cover their legs, and short sleeve shirts some residents watched from their nearby balconies. 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The correct parts for your vehicle are necessary to ensure that they mount to the vehicle frame at the correct locations, are of the right length and shape, and are made to the manufacturer's specifications for your safety. Disconnect the defective metal brake line from the flexible hose, other metal line, proportional valve or master cylinder to which it connects using a flare nut wrench (preferred). The flexible hoses for the front brakes connect to their metal lines at mounting brackets in the front wheel wells. The connections for the rear brakes are at brackets welded to the inside of the vehicle frame. Use an open ended wrench on the flexible hose connector as backup when loosening a rear line. Remove the U clip at the bracket with pliers. Bleed the brake system to remove air and ensure the system is entirely filled with brake fluid. You will need someone to help you with this. Start by pumping the brakes with the engine off. Then add brake fluid to the master cylinder and reinstall the cover. Partially fill a clear container with new brake fluid and take it, a length of 3/16 inch hose, and an open ended wrench to the bleed valve on the right rear wheel. Install the hose on the bleeder valve and insert the hose into the brake fluid in the container. Have your helper pump the brakes and then hold the pedal down. Women Nike Free Run 2 Shield Stealth Black Yellow Grey Quilted,In the course of a week, parents often find themselves in the role of referee, judge, coach and therapist as they try to resolve sibling disputes, assign household chores, make sure homework is finished, and comfort a troubled child. As conscious parents we want to empower our kids by teaching them to resolve conflicts in respectful and positive ways, while practicing good communication skills. Family meetings are a great tool for Conscious Parents and Empowered Kids! In our single parent household, we held regular family meetings from the time we could talk and walk. My two sisters and I learned to help each other, as well as my mother, resolve frustrations and annoyances as they surfaced instead of letting them build up to emotional outbursts. Family meetings taught us to take responsibility for our own feelings and reactions while letting go of feeling responsible for the feelings and reactions of others. The meetings helped us feel important and needed because we were all integral to the process of resolving issues and supporting each other. They are a great way to create a shared vision for your family, too As you look over our family meeting guidelines, consider how many of them are already in place in your household. Are there any that you believe are good in theory but wouldn work in practice? Do you feel resistant to any of them? How does that reflect upon your relationship with your child or with your self? Involving your children in family meetings and implementing rules such as these truly empowers them. They discover that making decisions can sometimes be challenging, that finding a solution that meets everyone needs can sometimes be time consuming, that compromise is sometimes a part of life. More importantly, they learn that they are important because their words are heard. They learn to respect others thoughts and feelings because their thoughts and feelings are considered. They learn that when they are equal partners in making important decisions, they are equally responsible for those decisions. Empowering our children to stand up to peer pressure, to question injustice, and to think for themselves means that there will be times when they stand up to our pressure, question our injustices and think their own thoughts, however contrary they might be to our own. This is good. It can be frustrating, it can be difficult, we might wonder what we gotten ourselves into, but it proof that we are on the right track. Choose parts, if there are more parts than people, read more than one part, make it fun and e mail us to let us know how it goes. Characters and Ages, In Order of Number Of Lines: Narrator: It Saturday afternoon and most of the members of the Johansson family are doing what they like to do. Aiden, age 4, works on a puzzle. Jessie, age 8, plays with the family dog, Lily, while Peter, age 10, puts the final touches on a model rollercoaster he building. Julie, their mom, works on the book she writing and Jorge, their dad, is just returning from a jog. As he walks in the door, he stumbles over a roller blade left in the hallway. Dad: Hi everybody. I back from my jog and I like to call a family meeting. Jessie: Okay everybody. Dad and Aiden want a meeting. I ready! Peter: Can we meet later? I busy working on a project right now. Jessie: Peter, how about you quickly get to a good stopping point. Dad seems pretty frustrated. Narrator: They all sit down in the living room. Aiden: Who wants to lead the meeting? Jessie: I will! Okay, Dad and Aiden wanted a meeting. Aiden, is it okay if we listen to Dad first since he called the meeting and then you? Jessie: Okay, Dad, did you have a comment or suggestion you like to make? Narrator: Dad has been frustrated lately because the other family members have left their shoes all over the house. While nobody else in the family has even paid attention to where their shoes are, he feels like he is always cleaning up after them. Dad: It important to me that we keep the house neat and lately it seems shoes are left all over the house. So I appreciate it if everyone put their shoes and roller blades away as soon as they come in the house. Jessie: Does everyone agree with this? Do we agree to put our shoes away as soon as we get home? Jessie: Well, I have a problem. I like to keep my shoes on for a while when I get home. I guess that usually why they end up in the dining room, because I take them off as we eating dinner. Peter: Does anybody have any ideas that could work for Dad and Jessie? Jessie: Hey Dad, would it be okay with you if I kept my shoes on when I got home and I will try to remember to put them away when I take them off? In case I forget, the second someone reminds me I will stop what I am doing and go put them away. How that? Dad: (frustrated) Jessie, I asked you seven times last week to put away your shoes and you still only put away one pair and left your rollerblades out. Peter: Dad, you focusing on the past. Can we stay focused on what we want to see different in the future instead of blaming or criticizing? Dad: [muttering to himself] Well, I the one who set up these darn rules in the first place I would like some assurance that you will clean up your shoes the first time someone asks. Jessie: Dad, It sounds like you are really frustrated and I sorry. I guess I didn realize that it was so important to you. Now that I know that it this important, I can make it a priority. Aiden: Hey Jessie, what if you agree that if you don put your shoes away the first time someone asks, you give me one of your Pokeman cards. Whichever I want?

Cheap Authentic Womens Women Nike Free Run 2 Shield Stealth Black Yellow Grey Quilted,Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White The wonderful thing about a home is it isn measured by its size alone. Would you rather have a house the scale of a villa that looks like it was just hit by a hurricane or a modest sized house where everything is neatly organized? The choice is yours. They say the home and everything about it speaks volumes about the ones who live there. Hence if your house is as cluttered as a dump site, folks may have a negative impression of you. if on the other hand, you an immaculately tidy and pleasant house, your visitors will likely view you in a positive manner. With that noted, here are some suggestions to help you declutter your home. First, make a detailed plan of attack. Choose which part of the house to clean first. The areas of a home can vary greatly from individual to individual or family to family. Define which room or rooms are the messiest and in the requirement of the most help first and concentrate on those. Come up with a plan detailing the tasks needed to clean each room and try and guess the time needed for attaining each task. A time frame is exceedingly important as it will help you monitor how long you have spent on a job and be helpful in progressing. It may also be advantageous when you feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks you have to do. Focus on the jobs one at a time and as you mark them off your list you may experience a sense of achievement that will hopefully keep you incentive to continue. Next, start immediately with the cleaning phase since this part will eat up the majority of your time. Begin by organizing your things. Sort out your clutter by grouping everything together into piles or perhaps plastic bins. As an example, clothes with clothing, shoes with shoes, mail with mail, and so on. For those things that you continue to need and can use, leave them where they are. Except for those items like clothing that you no longer need because they are out of favor or don fit or you simply don like them anymore, remove them. You can sell them at a garage sale or a shipment shop, give them to buddies or family, or give the items to the charity of your choice. The specific technique you use to declutter your home can alter seriously. Some plans require months while others can be accomplished in a matter of a few days. Sometimes, it may not be possible to reach your decluttering goals quickly but no need to fret. If you find you are becoming daunted as the job looks too big or looks to be taking too long, take some time off, revise your plans, and try again. Don stop till you get the specified results. Of course , you the one who going to live within your house. You wouldn wish to endure a grimy place everyday for the remainder of your life now, would you? Women Nike Free Run 2 Shield Stealth Black Yellow Grey Quilted Indulge his inner Superman Every man secretly longs to play super hero and save the day. That's why one of the best ways to get him talking is to ask for his help in solving a problem, whether it's a work snafu or a friendship crisis. (Remember those?) But, it's super bonding to talk and think about the future you're building together. Dreams are like big plans. Sharing them is a way of saying, "I am happy and want you right there with me in every step of the way." Really listen Hey, it's only normal to zone out after, 'How was your day?' But focus and you'll catch a tidbit that opens into a convo. One easy trick that will help you stay totally tuned in at that critical moment repeat your partner's answer as a question. There's a reason: Men are more likely to open up when they don't have to make eye contact, confirm studies. In the male world, eye contact is confrontational. But the happiest couples dwell much more on what's right in their little world than what's wrong. Research has found that the strongest couples actually make five times as many positive statements to and about each other and their relationship as negative ones. No need to keep a tally; just remember to keep the complaints to a minimum on a daily basis.

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