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We're now going to work on the B line. Now, remember, the B line is kind, a bit concave. So, if you have straight line and this is the A line, the B line is going to be, oh probably an inch or two out. It'll be almost simultaneous at the, both at the top and the bottom and, somewhere in the middle, it's going to hit probably two inches away from the center of the body. So, I'm going to start almost at the same spot as the A line but you're not doing simultaneous work anymore. You're doing just one side now. So, and you're definitely going to find the musculature in this one. You also want to move smaller, whereas in other areas we were able to cover a lot of ground rather quickly because there wasn't, there wasn't a whole lot of meat and there wasn't a whole lot of connection whereas here there's an awful lot underneath the thumb or underneath the fingertip to go after. So and if you find a tight spot just leave your hand there and let the person breathe into it. And you need to be a little intuitive about this because, because you're going to have people who, "well I don't have pain there." Well, you may not have, necessarily have pain there, but you also have to remember that this is a corrective function and you're going to have to pass through the all gates before you can actually get to the problem. Sometimes, you get there faster than you do others, but you want to try and make sure you go through the system and the methodology very carefully so you're not missing anything. 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The dorsal pattern is fused into a broad, wavy or zigzag marking that contains a straight edged, pale stripe about three scales wide. This pattern stands out clearly against the ground color, which is particularly light along the edges of the dorsal pattern. A series of dark vertical bars or extended ovals run along the flanks, opposing the indentations of the dorsal pattern.[5] The aforementioned middorsal stripe may be pale beige or grey. The ground color of some specimens may approach clear orange.[2]According to the EMBL, this race is found in the Pyrenees region of northeastern Spain and southwestern France.[4] Steward (1971) states that they occur in the Department of Gers in Gascony, southwestern France.[5] Street (1979) describes its range as "Gancony, Andorra and a nearby Spanish locality."[6] Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White,How My Love For Fluevogs StartedWhat first drew me to Fluevogs? It's hard to say. I was shopping for reliable boots, and someone mentioned Angel boots. I searched for them, and stumbled on John Fluevog's site. I found lots of shoes I laughed at, and a few I just couldn't stop admiring. In particular, any of his boots and shoes with the Mini heel (pictured to the left) stood out to me as just the right balance of delicate and powerful, eye catching and sturdy. I was sold on Fluevogs! Of course, since then, I've heard a lot of different reactions to my wonderful first pair of Fluevogs. Some people love them, some people hate them, but almost nobody is neutral on even the most unobtrusive pair of 'vogs. Whether you're looking at buying your first pair or tenth, there are lots of ways you can buy them new, on sale, on clearance, or secondhand. I've arranged the ways you can buy Fluevogs from most expensive (walking into a store anytime) to the least expensive (secondhand Fluevogs). If you want to hurry up and buy Fluevogs online, you can . 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