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As home prices rise they were up more than 10% this year small upgrades can have a big impact on both resale value and your own enjoyment. Try these: Add a fresh coat of color. Research shows that certain colors in certain rooms can elevate your mood. Try a soft yellow in the living room, a cooling gray in the kitchen, and an airy cream in small spaces like the bathroom. Budget $1,000 for the main floor of a house, or about $200 a room. Install hardwood floors. really up the chances of your house selling faster, says California realtor Maria Jeantet. A 250 square foot living room near your front entrance, for example, is a good choice. You can find quality interlocking walnut flooring at a big box store like Lowe for $3.89 a square foot $900 for the living room. Related: It pays to keep up with the Joneses Go with granite. Granite countertops add value and almost never need replacing, says real estate consultant David Rounick. Think beyond kitchens: Countertops for bathroom vanities come precut and ready for easy installation; a nice single sink piece can run about $250, while a dual sink unit goes for about $700 to $950 before installation. Another key home upgrade: optimizing your heating, cooling and lighting to help counter rising energy costs. These purchases can help cut your bills: LED bulbs. In January, new energy standards spark the phaseout of traditional 60 watt light bulbs (higher watt models are already vanishing). LEDs are the best substitute; they use less juice than fluorescents and last up to 25 years. Prices start at $10 but go as high as $50 for LEDs you can dim and fully enclose in a fixture. more features, the more expensive they are, says Mark Costigliola of the EarthLED online store. The typical home has more than 40 light sockets, says the Energy Department, so installing LEDs could easily cost $1,000. The savings: $3.80 in electricity per bulb per year, plus fewer replacements. You recoup the cost of an $18 Philips A19 11 watt LED, as bright as an old 60 watt, in four years. A professional audit. While DIY energy audits are a good start, a pro more exhaustive audit can save you 30% in annual energy costs, reports the nonprofit Alliance to Save Energy. You can get a full analysis including a sophisticated test to pinpoint money wasting air leaks for $500 to $700, says Dan Chiras, director of the Evergreen Institute green building instruction firm. A contractor can seal leaks for around $300, he says. the most important thing you can do. smart thermostat. Programmable thermostats can save as much as $180 a year in heating and cooling costs if you can figure out how to set them. The hassle free choice is the Nest ($249 apiece). All you have to do is dial the temperature you like, and the units will learn your behavior in days. Installation costs up to $250 for the first unit, plus up to $50 for each additional one; adding new wiring could cost $100 to $300 more. is the direction the technology is moving in, says Siobhan Spain of the nonprofit Center on Sustainable Communities. Don forget to prepare for the worst when improving your home. over the past three years more than in the entire decade of the 1980s. These disasters almost always come with a loss of electricity, as people who suffered through Superstorm Sandy can attest. At least portable generators are a lot more affordable than just a few years ago. The quiet unit generates enough power for a refrigerator, computer, and some lights. And with a reduced load, it can run for nine hours on just a single gallon of gas. If you 50 or older, you can contribute an extra $1,000 a year to an IRA or a Roth IRA, meaning you free to sock away a total of $6,500 in these tax advantaged accounts this year. (You can also put an extra $5,500 in your 401(k).) While catch up provisions have been around for years, few people actually take advantage of them; at Fidelity only about one in 10 eligible IRA account holders saved the full amount last year. That a mistake. Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Lime Yellow Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V3 Wolf Grey White Hyper Blue Nike Roshe Run Men Royal White Women Nike Free Run 3 Gym Red White Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Wolf Grey Reflective Silver Cool Grey Men Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White Nike Free 3.0 Light Bone Reflective Silver Iguana Green Men Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink Women Nike Free Run 4.0 Night Blue Volt Pure Platinum White I am wearing pattern jacket, pattern checkered jacket with a low cut neck line, 3/4 sleeves and the waist of this jacket. As you can see the length of this jacket as you can see falls slightly below my waist. As long as the jacket is not fitting or above my waist then I am safe because on a tall woman any jacket that hits the waist or below the waist is not going to look proportional. Now, in addition to this jacket here I put together a skirt that falls very natural and very nicely with the jacket it's a black skirt, black fitted pencil skirt and a pair of shoes, which has a small here, which completes the look. And makes it look very elegant and even though my shoes are not black, which would be a total match to the outfit. It's dark brown but still it completes the color, it brings out the style. And also always keep in mind that your upper shoulders should not be over sized as well as your bust line or your waist length. Everything should be kept proportional. And this is one more way to show how simple a nice outfit can be put for a tall woman. Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite,jump to contentmy subredditswhat's this?TROPHY CASECut onions and bell peppers into 1/2" or so pieces. Mix everything but the salsa in the crock pot, layering the chicken throughout. Top with salsa. Cook on low for 6 8 hours. Remove the chicken and shred it with a fork replacing it once shredded. Dice cilantro and juice lime(s) and stir into the pot. Quarter the cabbage and cut from just below the top into thin strips (if you start at the very top you have to cut too deep to get really thin cabbage) think of it like shaving. Cut shavings to desired length. Fill the bottom of a bowl with the cabbage, and add one half diced avocado per bowl. I like to mix it around like you making guacamole, but it traditionally just served with chunks. Add pozole over the top. This is a great cold salad too, and adding a few spring onions after everything has been refrigerated gives everything a good crunch. Check out /r/fermentation. The basic process is filtered water and salt. On the shelf it last for a few months (so long as the main batch stays submerged under the brine), and once moved to the fridge whatever you make should last about six months. You can use this to preserve veggies and make various fermented dishes such as Kimchi, pickles, Sauerkraut, Kombucha, etc. Whatever spices you want to infuse into these items can be put at the bottom of the jar and you can easily make them spicy and garlicy with just red pepper flakes and garlic (both which last a long time). You really only need a few glass mason jars to get going (avoid using plastic that isn food grade or metal). So if you find veggies on sale, you can preserve them for long periods of time. So the way in which race is a performance is that those who are marked as being of a certain race, with the associated stereotypes, feel pressure to perform in certain ways, both from those within the same "race" and from without? Sort of. I not too sure. I mean to say that this is one way of thinking about more accessible forms of performing race in the same way we think about people feeling pressure from others and themselves towards acting in line with expectations of gender, class, sexuality, etc. What does "race as performance" mean, then, in terms of meaningful political action? I not sure that it does beyond the same anti essentializing kinds of ideas Butler puts forward. And to tell you the truth, I not quite sure what a race drag queen would be. The closest I seen to it is in Spike Lee Bamboozled which is a truly amazing film dealing with performativity of race; a Harvard educated playwright winds up in charge of producing a minstrel show for national TV contemporary to the film production.

Provide The Latest Styles Cheap Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite The new home will be four times bigger, with two bedrooms and an indoor bathroom; the couple and their three children now share a windowless bedroom and rely on an outhouse two doors away. Castillo had long dreamed of a bigger, sturdier house, but three months ago, something happened that finally made it possible: She landed a job at one of the world's most unusual garment factories. Industry experts say it is a pioneer in the developing world because it pays a "living wage" in this case, three times the average pay of the country's apparel workers and allows workers to join a union without a fight. The factory is a high minded experiment, a response to appeals from myriad university officials and student activists that the garment industry stop using poverty wage sweatshops. For Knights, the factory is a risky proposition, even though it already has orders to make T shirts and sweatshirts for bookstores at 400 American universities. The question is whether students, alumni and sports fans will be willing to pay $18 for the factory's T shirts the same as premium brands like Nike and Adidas to sustain the plant and its generous wages. Joseph Bozich, the CEO of Knights, is optimistic. "We're hoping to prove that doing good can be good business, that they're not mutually exclusive," he says. Not everyone is so confident. "It's a noble effort, but it is an experiment," says Andrew Jassin, an industry consultant who says "fair labor" garments face a limited market unless deft promotion can snare consumers' attention and conscience. "There are consumers who really care and will buy this apparel at a premium price," he says, "and then there are those who say they care, but then just want value." Bozich says the plant's T shirts and sweats should command a premium because the company uses high quality fabric, design and printing. In the factory's previous incarnation, a Korean owned company, BJ made baseball caps for Nike and Reebok before shutting it in 2007 and moving the operation to lower wage countries. Today, the reborn factory is producing under a new label, Alta Gracia, named after this poverty ridden town as well as the Virgin of Altagracia, revered as protector of the Dominicans. (Alta gracia translates to "exalted grace.") "This sometimes seems too good to be true," says Jim Wilkerson, Duke University's director of licensing and a leader of American universities' fair labor movement. He said a few other apparel companies have tried to improve working conditions, like School House, which was founded by a 25 year old Duke graduate and uses a factory in Sri Lanka. Worker advocates applaud these efforts, but many say Alta Gracia has gone further than others by embracing higher wages and unionization. A living wage is generally defined as the amount of money needed to adequately feed and shelter a family. "What really counts is not what happens with this factory over the next six months," Wilkerson says. "It's what happens six years or 10 years from now. We want badly for this to live on." Santa Castillo agrees. She and many co workers toiled at other factories for the minimum wage, currently $147 a month in this country's free trade zones, where most apparel factories are located. That amount, worker after worker lamented in interviews for this article, falls woefully short of supporting a family. The Alta Gracia factory has pledged to pay employees nearly three and a half times the prevailing minimum wage, based on a study done by a workers' rights group that calculated the living costs for a family of four in the Dominican Republic. While some critics view the living wage as do gooder mumbo jumbo, Castillo views it as a godsend. In her years earning the minimum wage, she said she felt stuck on a treadmill never able to advance, often borrowing to buy necessities. "A lot of times there was only enough for my kids, and I'd go to bed hungry," she says. "But now I have money to buy meat, oatmeal and milk." With higher wages, she says, her family can move up in the world. She is now able to borrow $1,000 to begin building her future home and feels able to fulfill her dreams of becoming a minister at her local evangelical church. His vision suddenly became blurred, and he could hardly make out his son on the court. A day later, he couldn't read. A doctor told him the only thing that would cause his vision to deteriorate so rapidly was a brain tumor. So he went in for an MRI. "My doctor said, good news is you don't have a brain tumor, but the bad news is you have multiple sclerosis,' " he says. For three days, he couldn't see. He worried that he would be relegated to a wheelchair and ventilator and wouldn't be able to support his family. At the same time, a close friend and his brother died, and then one of his children began suffering from anxiety. "I thought of people who were going through the same thing as my child and me," Bozich recalls. "Fortunately, we had the resources for medical help, and I thought of all the families that didn't." "I started thinking that I wanted to do something more important with my business than worry just about winning market share," he adds. "That seemed kind of empty after what I've been through. I wanted to find a way to use my business to impact people that it touched on a daily basis." He regained his full vision after three weeks and says he hasn't suffered any further attacks. Shortly after Bozich recovered, Knights Apparel set up a charity, weKAre, that supports a home for orphans and abused children. But he says he wanted to do more. A national collegiate bodybuilding champion at Vanderbilt, Bozich was hired by Gold's Gym after graduation and later founded a unit in the company that sold Gold's apparel to outside retailers. Building on that experience, Bozich started Knights Apparel in 2000. Still solidly built at 47, he has made apparel deals with scores of universities, enabling Knights to surpass Nike as the No. 1 college supplier. Under Bozich, Knights cooperates closely with the Worker Rights Consortium, a group of 186 universities that press factories making college logo apparel to treat workers fairly. Scott Nova, the consortium's executive director, says Bozich seems far more committed than most other apparel executives to stamping out abuses like failure to pay for overtime work. Knights contracts with 30 factories worldwide. At a meeting that the two men had in 2005 to address problems at a Philippines factory, Bozich floated the idea of opening a model factory. Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Everyone knew that one kid who was so good at Street Fighter that your first move might as well have been putting the controller down and crying. Now imagine you are that kid. You don't have anyone to play against because they've all unfairly declared you to be cheap and run off to play on the trampoline instead. Your only option is to play with yourself. No, not like that you plug in two arcade sticks and use them both. We're talking about children here, deviant.Street Fighter III superfan Desk is as good at the game as is he bad at picking pseudonyms. In this video, he's actually inputting commands for both characters at the same time, pulling off moves with one hand we couldn't do with two.He can also cyberbully himself between rounds to build character.Apparently, playing a game meant for two people by yourself isn't as rare as you'd think. Below is a video of a dude playing the shoot 'em up Ikaruga in co op mode. It's sometimes referred to as a "bullet hell" game. Two guesses as to why.And remember that Tetris game from earlier? Here's a guy taking on a co op variant. Sadly, he doesn't reach the invisible stage, because that would break the code of the simulation running our universe and we'd all have to reboot.Here's a guy playing Beatmania against himself. Beatmania is kind of like playing the piano, if your piano hated you and was actively trying to give you a seizure.Dang we haven't seen hands move so quickly to accomplish so little since the first time we got to second base.Oh, don't act surprised. You knew we were only accusing you of sexual deviance to take the heat off ourselves.1.This is the face of oppression.It's like Guitar Hero for your feet, except that sometimes DDR can also be played with dance moves that are usually reserved for saving the local community center. Welcome to freestyle DDR, where people stop listening to the machine and start listening to the beat.We already nailed the tagline for you, Hollywood.In freestyle DDR tournaments, gamers must complete an in game song while creating a separate dance routine above and beyond mere gameplay. Points are awarded for creativity and flair, so, like you see above, dancers will swap places, leap off of the game board, and occasionally, almost accidentally, teach an uptight rich girl to love again. And they do it all without looking at the screen, because they've long ago memorized the timing and steps to a video game dance, using the part of the brain normally reserved for remembering the birthdays of loved ones.Things get even crazier when people highlander their partner to absorb their dance potential, giving them access to two dance mats, which they play on at the same time:"WELCOME TO JAPAN. TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF, CAUSE THIS IS MY HOUSE."At least that kid gets gasps of awe and hopefully some confusing make out time in the Cruis'n USA cabinet. Meanwhile, this poor kid in Thailand nails his own sick routine and is rewarded with nothing but scattered applause and a collective stare of judgment.Damn . tough crowd. Seriously, if we saw someone play two games of DDR at once while flipping upside down, our high fives would probably shatter his arm, no matter how lame this sentence sounds now that we think about it. You can contact him or see what else he's written by checking out his Twitter. Or see what he looks like by checking out his Facebook. Follow him on Twitter. But gaming can have non virtual consequences too. Just ask these people who saved lives thanks to playing video games.

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