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As time goes, people become show deep love for boots. Feeling comfortable becomes the first vital factor when people make decision. The young people aspire to enjoy personality. The competition among some well known brands begins its way. The brand who can find the new fashion trend can become the leader of a new fashion. But how to obtain this goal? The sales of business can be the spokesman. The statistics show that Nike has become the winner. Nike company always changes itself and this can be regarded as the unique factor which aren't possessed by other brands. Among all kinds of Nike series, Nike company would release new style of shoes in each series into the market. At the same time, the ads would be designed in a new way, and the new stars of endorsing the Nike shoes also appear. Nike's designers are often followed by those of other brands but still the latter would have no idea when the former has creative ideas. This may be able to illustrate why Nike products can enjoy so much popularity among all kinds of people. I am a fan of Nike products and keen to seek for new types of Nike shoes. To a certain extent, Nike shoes and I seem to grow up together. Recently, I have found some Nike shoes, and in fact, information about these shoes is rarely presented through the media. First, Women's Air Force 1 Boot. As to the appearance of these boots, it is very cool. Would you find any shadow of traditional boots in these shoes though they are also named "boots"? As a matter of fact, they are Women Running shoes. But compare with other general running shoes, they are unique. Because they are designed with a mimic shape of boots and this makes them distinguish from others. As to these shoes; they are also part of the series of Nike Air Force 1 Premium and Air force 1 Supreme. The design of shoes makes women as the main goal. These boots can match with sportswear or casual clothes when you run and this is a unique feature of them as running shoes. You even can wear miniskirt with these boots on feet. The thick fabric in them makes them warm and people may take it foe granted that they can be only worn in cold days. You should know the breathability of Nike shoes. This ability of Nike shoes can allow people to wear these shoes even in hot days. The second style is Nike Dunk SB Men's shoes. With bright colors, these shoes are rather brilliant. Hip hop fans all aspire to get such shoes to illustrate their personality. With the application of an extra padded puffy tongue and Nike's patented Zoom Air insole in these shoes, they can be said to be unique. The third design is Nike Free Running shoes. As to the Nike Free Running Shoes + Man; they also belong to Nike Running shoes. They show more flexibility and create more comfort than other Nike Running shoes. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Total Orange ,Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Light Bone Reflect Silver Iguana Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Total Orange Neon Reflective Silver Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Men Nike Free 4.0 Game Royal Blue Electric Green Pure Platinum Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Blue Yellow Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Light Charcoal Silver Chrome Yellow Men Nike Free Run 2 Turquoise Gold Black White Men Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White Like most fads and trends, though, earth shoes had their supporters. Created by a family owned company in Scandinavia, Earth shoes were seen as a healthy and body friendly alternative to traditional 'fashion' footwear. The main feature of the Earth shoe is the 'negative heel', created by a thick fore sole and thin heel. The bed of the shoe is designed to place the heel lower than the ball and toes of the foot, which, say Earth shoe enthusiasts, encourages better posture and a more natural gait. Like walking on the beach Among the innovations that the original Earth shoes made popular are innovations that have been carried through into many other 'healthy' shoe lines, including many of today's most popular shoes. Those innovations included: Wide toe boxes. Unlike the most popular shoes of the era, which featured narrow, pointed toes for both women and men, Earth shoes had round; wide toe boxes that made the shoes look similar to a spatula. For a fashion industry used to shoes designed to make feet look small and dainty, the look was bizarre, and more than one design columnist joked that you might as well wear shoeboxes on your feet and toss out the shoes. The wide toe box serves an important purpose. It allows the toes to spread naturally and grip the 'ground' as they're meant to do. Liberating cramped toes alone was enough to make the Earth shoe a popular style. Negative heel. The second obvious characteristic of the original Earth shoe was the low heel. Not low as in 'under two inches', but low as in lower than the toe. The foot bed and sole are built in such a way that when standing flat, the heel of the foot is positioned lower than the ball and toes of the foot. This encourages better posture, according to the makers of Earth shoes, and also encourages the calf and other muscles of the legs to work harder. The reasoning behind the negative heel has to do with the natural barefoot gait, which is a heel to toe motion. The publicity for Earth shoes claims that walking in Earth shoes is like walking on the beach, where the weight of the body pushes the heel down into the sand, and then the foot has to roll"uphill" to push off into the next step. You can check the reality of that statement by looking at barefoot footsteps on the beach. Rocker bottoms. Rather than flat soles, the Earth shoe featured a molded shoe bottom that rocked the foot forward with each step. Again, the reasoning has to do with the natural human gait. Humans are not meant to place the weight of each step on the ball of their foot. Rather the heel absorbs the impact of the step, then the foot"rocks' forward as the body's weight moves to center over it. Finally, the heel comes up off the ground and the toes grip to push off into the next step. The NEW Earth Shoe The Earth shoe company stopped making Earth shoes for many years, instead contracting with other shoe manufacturers to make high quality shoes. Recently, the company has begun making their original Earth shoe again, and marketing it internationally. Today's Earth shoes are available in a wide variety of styles and fashions. Every Earth shoe features the Kalso Negative Heel Technology, which positions the heel at a precise 3.7 degree negative incline in comparison to the toe. Why 3.7 degrees? The original shoe was designed by a Danish yoga master to simulate the angle of the feet during a traditional Yoga pose. The angle positions the toes higher than the heels, putting the cushioning to the part of the foot designed to bear the weight the heel. It shifts the body weight back over the heels, putting the body into a more natural, empowered position which triggers an array of whole body benefits. There are many benefits to the Kalso negative heel technology besides creating better posture. The company also points to anecdotal evidence that seem to suggest that walking and playing in Earth shoes can actually help you burn more calories during every day activities. This is due to the longer heel extension and hip flexion used in walking in Earth shoes. Next time you are looking for a healthy shoe, Earth Shoes can benefit you in many ways. You should feel much better after wearing Earth Shoes. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Total Orange,Braces or Suspenders for Men are a fashion statement of enduring style from another era. Dress Novelty Braces add a little something extra to a Man sense of fashion and style. A little shot of color to his basics. All of our Braces use only high quality leather as trim (and are produced by high quality leather belt companies) and are the English Gentlemen version with buttons. Since we are in the Dress Fashion Brace business, we do not sell the "Suspender" with metal clamps version, for the most part. These are considered a bit more "pedestrian", I suppose. I prefer the "original" Brace with buttons as part of today Fashion Forward Accessory look that most of our customers are going for. Weddings today are all different styles. Blazers with khaki pants ? Colorful braces underneath are fun ! Or all of these Nantucket Red trousers or pink embroidered pants on the groomsmen for island weddings. Special, upscale customers understand all of this fuss. Benjamin Franklin, Napolean, and Franklin Roosevelt all are known to have worn decorated and patterned braces.

Find Great Deals Here Nike Roshe Run Men Black Total Orange,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Blue Yellow Welcome to the Crocs, Incorporated Second Quarter Fiscal 2012 Earnings Conference Call. At this time, all participants are in listen only mode. Following the presentation, we will conduct a question and answer session. Instructions will be provided at that time. We ask that in the name of in the interest of time, participants limit themselves to one question each. I would like to remind everyone that this conference is being recorded. Earlier this afternoon, Crocs announced its second quarter fiscal 2012 financial results. The Company would like to remind everyone that some of the information provided in this call will be forward looking, and accordingly are subject to the Safe Harbor Provisions of the Federal Security laws. These statements include, but are not limited to, statements regarding future revenue and earnings, backlog and future orders, prospects and product pipeline. Crocs cautions you that these statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties described in the risk factors section of the Company's 2011 annual report on form 10 K filed on February 29th, 2012 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Accordingly, actual results could differ materially from those described on this call. Those listening to the call are advised to refer to Crocs' annual report on form 10 K as well as other documents filed with the SEC for additional discussion of these risk factors. Crocs intends that all of its forward looking statements in this call will be protected by the Safe Harbor Provisions of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934. Crocs is not obligated to update its forward looking statements to reflect the impact of future events. The Company may refer to certain non GAAP metrics regarding currency on this call. An explanation of those metrics can be found in the earnings release filed earlier today. Now at this time, I would like to turn this call over to Mr. John McCarvel, Chief Executive Officer of Crocs. Please go ahead, sir. Thank you. Thanks for joining us this afternoon as we discuss our second quarter results. I'm joined by Jeff Lasher, Chief Financial Officer. After I share few opening comments, Jeff will review our second quarter financial results and provide further detail on our guidance. Before we jump into review of the quarter, I'd like to review a few of the key points we shared with many of you during our Institutional Analyst Day in late May. This is an opportunity for us to the discuss in detail how the Crocs brand has evolved from one iconic product into a true casual lifestyle footwear brand by diversifying into other relevant categories such as sneakers, flats, boot, sandals to name a few. Typical to our global expansion as a casual lifestyle footwear brand is product innovation. This will help drive balance, challenge geographic growth as we focus on the identical long term growth drivers we discussed at last year's Analyst Day. These four organic growth drivers are as follows; 1) sustained growth in all regions; 2) products driven with the ASP expansion; 3) wholesale expansion; and 4) investments in our direct consumer channel in retail and the Internet. We are halfway through the year and are very pleased with where we are today in a far more difficult environment than 2011, we are on track to deliver a third straight solid year of top line growth driven by global Omni channel operations. The new products in marketing campaigns are driving new consumers to the brand. All this coupled with strong management of the business. We have exceeded our EPS targets as we delivered on our commitment to profitable growth to our shareholder. Now to the second quarter, sales increased 12% to an all time record $331 million. This was achieved through three of the four growth drivers, I just listed. New products with higher ASPs, wholesale growth and the expansion of a consumer direct channel. [Realized] sales fell short of our expectation and this came primarily from the inability to drive growth in all regions with the European market becoming increasingly more challenging over the past couple month. In addition, sales growth in a US retail stores fell short of our expectations in the second quarter. While we're disappointed, sales were slightly below plans, I am pleased with the restraint we showed in limiting discounts, mark downs on products in order to proceed for improved margins. That's not to say we won't be promotional at times, we'll continue to utilize this lever going forward. However, our plan is to be more strategic in slow end of life product throughout (inaudible) price channels market in a manner that has had the least impact to the bottom line and it doesn't damage the brand's image. Getting back to what drove sales in the second quarter starting with new products. We continue to see our commitment to innovation pay off in newer collections of wedges, sandals, sneakers, boat shoes and flats. Most of which in aggregate carry higher price points. In the second quarter more than 54% of the volume came from new styles and non clog products, well less than 46% was generated by clogs. This trend should continue in the back half of the year has boots and other new colder weather products increase as the percentage of our overall mix. Wholesale expansion came from a combination of higher pre books and an increase in (inaudible) driven by demand for a new spring summer product lines. This year the breakdown between pre books and [out ones] was approximately 80% and 20% respectively compared to 77% and 23% respectively last year. In US, we continued to gain momentum shelf space from a family footwear channel and mid tier department stores, which have emerged over the past years as the brand's sweet spot. In Asia, we were acceptance of new stuff is consistently outpaced our other regions, wholesale gains are primarily coming from Japan, China, and throughout the Middle East were our distributor partners continue to aggressively open wholesale accounts as well as their own stores. And finally the economic situation in Europe has made it more difficult to turn around this one sizeable business, and the recent wet weather in several key markets has compounded our issues in the second quarter. With that said, we are optimistic that our current efforts to rebuild key wholesale relationships to a more complete product offering and improved execution, will yield positive gains beginning next year. Turning to our direct to consumer business, retail sales increased 23% over a year ago, fueled by the addition of 87 net new locations over the past 12 months. Over this period, we have closed 21 kiosks, including three in the second quarter, as we are focused on opening larger, more productive store formats. Year to date, we have opened a net of zero net retail locations in the United States, 35 in Asia, and 19 in Europe, and we remain on track to open 100 net new locations in 2012. With regard to comps, as we expected, our momentum slowed from the first quarter due to the Easter shift in the United States, and the warm start to the season, which we believe pulled some sales [forward] out of Q2, versus our expectations, comp sales were a little light in the Americas region as I mentioned. Looking at the Americas region, comps for the first six months, which we think is a more accurate picture of the channel's recent performance are up 3%. Asian comps continue to outperform the company average of 7%, while Europe was up 13%, which is a very encouraging trend, under that current circumstances there. With that, I will turn the call over to Jeff. Thank you, John. Hello everyone, and thanks for joining us. This afternoon, I will be discussing second quarter 2012 results, and then we will start with some highlights before going into some detail. First, revenue for the quarter increased $35 million or 12% to $331 million, and this level represents a record volume for any quarter in the company's history. Constant currency basis, revenue grew 15%. Same store sales on a constant currency basis increased 2% globally in our retail channel, and Internet grew 10%. We also generated a record average selling price at $22.46 during the quarter. Second, we were able to focus on enhanced profitability as we generated improvements in our operating margin, driven by gross margins, which expanded 170 basis points to 59.3%, compared to Q2 last year. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Total Orange Rub the inside of a banana peel on anything made of leather shoes, pocketbooks, jackets. Then wipe away the residue and buff with a lint free cloth for a glossy gleam. Step 2: Clean your houseplants Wipe down houseplant leaves; the peel removes dust and dirt and leaves them soft and shiny. Step 3: Polish your furniture To get a great polish, smear pieces of an overripe banana on wood furniture with your fingers and then wipe off with a cloth. Step 4: Soothe a bug bite Take the sting out of a mosquito bite by rubbing it with the inside of a banana skin. Step 5: Erase ink stains from skin Erase ink stains from your hands with the inside of a banana peel. Step 6: Remove scratches from CDs Remove scratches from CDs by smearing some banana on the scratch in a circular motion. Rub it in with the inside of the banana peel and then wipe the CD with a lint free cloth. Step 7: Get rid of fruit flies Get rid of fruit flies by putting a banana peel in a resealable plastic bag with the top half folded down. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. This video shows you how to plant banana trees. There is a kind of banana tree that is winter hardy. It called an Orinoco Banana Tree. Use a pitchfork to loosen the soil where the banana tree is going to be planted. Just poke the dirt with the pitchfork until the area that the tree will be planted in is loose. It should be about 2 times the size of the pot the tree is in. Take a shovel and shovel the dirt out of the hole. Take the tree out of the pot and put it in the hole. Center the tree in the middle of the hole. Fill in around it with dirt. Water the area really well so that the roots. Pineapple and bananas make a great complimentary dish to go along with pork or shrimp or many other items you are cooking. First you want to make a rum glaze. Start by melting down some butter. Add some dark rum, pepper, and some brown sugar to the butter. Then stir it up and set it aside. Take some bananas and cut off both ends of the banana leaving the skin on. Then cut the bananas in half length ways. Put them skin side down on a baking pan. Next take a pineapple and cut the top and bottom off of it. Trim the skin of the pineapple off and cut off the little eyes as you trim off the skin. Lisa shows us how to clean up spilled candle wax using an iron and a paper towel, a trick from Japanese Urawaza. The household ingenuity captured herein really caught fire in the post war period, when Occupied Japan poor economy made a virtue out of frugal and clever homebrew products. The name Urawaza comes from gamer slang, referring to the programmers back doors that let players gain points, levels and advantage by doing something unexpected, and it the perfect appellation for the surprisingly satisfying knowledge that you can keep your cut flowers longer by dropping a copper penny in. This how to video shows us how to clean up spilled egg yolk using salt. Avoid a slippery sticky mess with these great cleaning tips. The household ingenuity captured herein really caught fire in the post war period, when Occupied Japan poor economy made a virtue out of frugal and clever homebrew products. The name Urawaza comes from gamer slang, referring to the programmers back doors that let players gain points, levels and advantage by doing something unexpected, and it the perfect appellation for the surprisingly satisfying knowledge that you can keep your cut flowers longer by.

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