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We just experienced the 20th Season of the Olympic Winter games. It is always fun to watch the athletes challenge themselves in feats above what the rest of us do. As I watched the skiers fly down the mountain at an average speed of 65 mph, I especially appreciated all the training and work they have committed themselves to in order to get to this point in their lives. No matter what ranking they each come home in, they have all accomplished a feat that many of us will only know by watching them on TV. They have pushed themselves to the point of sometimes wondering why they are doing it. They push themselves so hard that at times they feel like just sitting down and crying, or giving up. They were not all born with great genes. It has more to do with determination and drive and consistency. When they'd rather be sleeping, they're up, working and training. Think of that the next time you tell yourself you're not going to get up 15 minutes early to get that quick walk or bike ride in. Just as I tell all my clients, though, it's not as important how intense the exercise is, especially in the beginning, it's more important how CONSISTENT it is. Again, getting up and doing it, or putting the shoes in the car to make it fit into your life WILL pay off in the end. Doing a hit or miss workout once or twice a week, maybe getting in 3 4 workouts a month, is not going to help you achieve any of your fitness or weight loss goals. It has to be no less than 30 minutes for no less than 3 5 days a week. Ideally, a full hour per day is recommended for heart health. Researchers have found that you can even break this total amount up into 10 minute blocks! So, you can do a quick 10 minute bike ride before showering in the morning, park your car further from the office in the morning and walk briskly into the building, do a 10 15 walk during lunch, and then another one to wake you up during your afternoon break. Then, when you get home, get back on your stationary bike to catch the 30 minute news before eating or cooking dinner. When you add all that up, you spent 60 75 minutes on exercise that day! Now, for people who do already work out, regularly, yes, they may have to push themselves harder, but by then it's easier. Once you have achieved a certain level of fitness, dropping the body fat gets more challenging and requires harder work. Next, as with anything one wants to achieve in life, you have to set goals. Olympic athletes definitely do this and often the gold medal is their goal. But what if your goal is just to lose weight by summer? All successful people set up goals to achieve. If setting up a goal seems too overwhelming, drop your goal down to something easier. Maybe setting a goal for the first month, such as you will take your shoes to work and always walk at lunchtime is a 'doable' goal. Once you have set your goals, though, then you have to create a strategy to accomplish those goals. The example of 10 minute blocks is one idea. The question to ask yourself is how will you make that exercise happen on a regular basis? Plan alternate strategies for when it rains, if walking is your primary activity, for example. Also, all levels of athletes have down days, though, so don't feel you're a failure if there comes a day here and there that you do NOT want to take that walk. However, remember to at least get the minimum days and times in, avoiding falling back into just a few workouts a month. There's a fine line between listening to your body and just flaking out. Next, remember that it's important to start out small and work your way up into bigger things. So, don't decide you're going to start running tomorrow. Start walking, and, as I often tell my clients, walk slower than you think you should. If you have not exercised for years, after you get the approval of your physician, you should then start out extremely slow and short. For people who have a great deal of weight to lose, I will recommend that they start with just 5 minutes a day, every day, and walk slower than they think they should. From there, after a couple of weeks, they're ready to increase to 10 minutes, and so on, until they eventually can walk at a pretty impressive pace for 30 minutes. It happens gradually. Especially if you have a great amount of weight to lose, when people decide they'll start exercising, they quickly find that what should be an easy stroll quickly becomes a chore after 5 10 minutes, simply because it's a new activity for their body, and even 5 10 minutes is more than they are used to. Olympic athletes did not start out doing jumps and flips. They had to start out learning the basics and going slow, working consistently to build up. So, find something simple to start with. We saw examples of that in the Olympics this year. Learning to listen to your body is very important. Overtraining, or trying to push through an illness or injury just ultimately delays your progress. You just have to be sure that the message is truly to take care of yourself and not to allow yourself to peter out and stop. So, as you consider the Olympics last month, consider how you can achieve some of your fitness or weight goals. Make a small list of the goals you'd like to achieve, and then determine how to make them happen. Then, as Nike used to say, 'just do it!'. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Purple Gold White Nike Roshe Run Men Obsidian Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Nike Roshe Run Men Red White Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Grey Pink Quilted Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Gym Red Reflective Silver Pro Platinum Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Volt Women Nike Free Run 3.0 Magenta Reflect Silver Pure Platinum California first auction of greenhouse gas pollution credits is a landmark effort to combat emissions, says Wharton legal studies and business ethics professor Eric W. Orts. The auctions will be held quarterly and are aimed at reducing California greenhouse gas emissions by 30% to 1990 levels by 2020. The state expects to cut emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. is a serious program with potentially large long term implications, notes Orts, who is also director of Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership. is the next biggest experiment in this area behind the European Union's program. auction by the California Air Resources Board is the culmination of efforts that began in 2006 to put in place a cap and trade mechanism to reduce emissions. Under this plan, the state sets a cap on total emissions and enables polluters to meet individual targets through a market to trade in pollution credits. The effort has overcome numerous legal challenges from businesses over the years, including a last minute lawsuit from the California Chamber of Commerce to stop the auction. Opponents say the auctions are unfair to large businesses and a threat to jobs. Major industrial facilities including cement plants, steel mills and refineries filed bids at the auction, according to a Los Angeles Times report. Results of the auction will be announced Monday. Polluting entities will initially receive 90% of their credits for free to help the businesses meet the costs of compliance. The auctionsenable the firms tobuy the rights for every additional metric ton of emissions at a floor price of $10 each. The Golden State experience with the program could have influence, although it may not prompt other states or countries to follow its path, says Orts. states have mechanisms to tackle emissions. They include the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in the Northeast, involving nine states. By 2018, the RGGI aims to cutcarbon dioxide emissions by 10% in the power sector through auctions of allowances. auction may bring some pressure on the Northeast program perhaps arguments for a convergence of the two over time will occur, Orts notes. But the main outcomes he envisionsincludeincreased pressure to create a federal climate change program to preempt state programs, and potential changes in business attitudes toward federal regulation. To sufficiently incentivize businesses to curb emissions, much more than the California experiment will be needed, it appears. need to get off the sidelines and engage proactively with government to address climate change in a rational, pragmatic, and efficient manner, says Orts. approaches are likely to be worse for business in the long run. worries that the risks of climate change may not provide sufficient political incentive for legislative action. Environmental legislation has traditionally required a clear or but climate change doesn't have identifiable disasters, he notes. He points to fires caused by pollutants in Ohio Cuyahoga River in the late 1960s, and the Niagara Falls Love Canal scandal in the 1970s,in whichtoxic pollutants caused birth defects, nervous disorders and cancers. The Cuyahoga scare led to the creation of the federal Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 and the Clean Water Act in 1972, in addition to other such measures. However, climate change analysis can help predict long term increases in temperature or the potential for even larger and more frequent storms, according to Orts. in the past year just might provide sufficient political incentive and motivation to do something positive legislatively, he says. He would like to see the federal government move toward adopting a tax or charge to address emissions control. the time is right for compromise on this issue. Hurricane Sandy has perhaps provided a sufficient object lesson in the kinds of risks that nothing will have for our long term future. budget deficit and need for revenue may also provide an opportunity move the ball forward in emissions control, Orts suggests. California, for example, is expected to raise about $1 billion through its cap and trade auctions in the first year. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt,Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and that means, in the weeks and months to come, there will be tons of people heading out to the beach who might also be searching online for all kinds of beach related information and products. Are you up for a quick weekend challenge? Think about what most people bring to the beach, towels, picnic lunches, sand toys, coolers, etc. or recommend a great beach in your local area. You might focus on the 10 best tanning lotions, or create a how to lens about entertaining youngsters in the sand. Other beachy topics might include seashell crafts, beach inspired home decor, beach parties, or any other beach theme or beach related topic you can think of. When your lens is done, post it here in the comments section by Tuesday morning, May 29, 2012 at 6:00 am EST. Yes, we're giving you a four day weekend to complete the lens. We'll grab the best of the bunch to create a brand new Best of Squidoo MonsterBoard to be featured here at SquidooHQ next week. We won't be offering points to everyone for this special weekend lensmaking challenge but we will be randomly selecting up to 10 participating lensmasters to receive a cool new Squidoo t shirt and all lenses that get featured on the MonsterBoard will be awarded 200 SquidPoints.

Buy Authentic Cheap Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt,Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Orange Nike confirmed on Jan. 14 that it had signed Rory McIlroy to a new endorsement deal, with the No. 1 golfer in the world joining Tiger Woods as part of Team Nike Golf. McIlroy had been with Acushnet Co., using Titleist and FootJoy equipment since turning pro five years ago. The new Nike deal will reportedly pay McIlroy $20 million a year. The new Nike ad brings back memories of the old McDonald ads featuring basketball stars Michael Jordan and Larry Bird (see video below). Unfortunately for Nike, the debut of Woods and McIlroy as teammates wasn a good one as they both missed the cut at the Abu Dhabi Championship. Woods missed it after he was penalized two shots for wrongly taking a free drop, while McIlroy had trouble adjusting to his new clubs and went back to hisold Titleist putter in the second round, in which both players shot 3 over 75s. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt But it also had something most viral videos lack: a clear protagonist. For once you didn't have to feel bad for the guy writhing in pain on the ground. This was that rare viral video where the good guy won. As opposed to the viral videos where no one wins. That is, at least, what the internet told us. And unless you were one of the people who was physically present on the bus that day, you knew who the good guy was before you'd even watched the video. The sites linking off to the fight told you what to expect, who to root for, and who was going to win. But in everyone's rush to turn the video into an underdog tale of an old man standing up to a teenage thug, they missed a few key details. What The Internet Saw The Video: When the video begins, two men are engaged in a heated conversation near the back of a public bus. In one corner we have our hero, Tom Bruso, an old white man wearing a shirt that says "I AM A MOTHERFUCKER," and a fanny pack beard combo that says "I am Santa Claus on my way to a beach volleyball tournament in the year 1984." "And I like my belt cinched a foot above my waist." In the other, we have what sites like Digg, True Crime Report and True Slant objectively described as a "young shit talking thug who deserves to get his ass beat." We don't get to see the beginning of the argument, but it's hard to imagine old man winter starting shit with a black kid who looks like he's specifically outfitted himself to make white people lock their car doors when they see him on a street corner. Not that it matters. Even if you were one of the few people who didn't come to the video from a blog or portal promising a fight, the description below the video, ("BLACK GUY GET HIS ASS WHOOPED BY OLD WHITE GUY. SMH"), makes it clear that you're not here to watch these two solve their disagreement with words. The description's use of grammar would indicate words are of very little importance in general. As the argument escalates Bruso walks to the front of the bus, the thug follows and tries to hit him. It is at this point that the old man stands and reveals that he is Epic Beard Man, a tightly coiled blender of ass whoop in disguise. He lands a number of punches to the center of the "would be tough guy's" suddenly not so intimidating face. After a few seconds standing over his vanquished attacker talking shit like Ali in Zaire, Bruso exits the bus which is now covered in blood. This seems appropriate since we've just witnessed the live birth of an internet legend. The Judgment The comments sections and blogosphere immediately hailed Bruso as an everyman hero, standing up for old people, white people, racists and anyone who's ever ridden public transportation. Soon, people began to speculate that Bruso was the old man getting tazed in a YouTube video filmed at an Oakland A's baseball game. You might recognize "unwarranted tazing" as the internet's favorite genre of viral video from a few years ago. If he didn't use phrases like "Chinamen" and punch people in the face, we might have started to suspect he was part of some brilliant viral marketing campaign. Instead, we sat back, and waited for the video of Bruso choking a shark to death with the octopus he just had sex with. But it was the "documentaries" that transformed EBM from hero to legend. Among other things, we learned that EBM knocked out his dad when he was 15. His violent streak was explained by the fact that his mom placed him in an oven as a baby. Plus, he'd returned from Vietnam in '69 to find that he wouldn't be able to spend time with his black friends (his only friends) because of segregation. Holy shit! He's not just some awesome old guy, he's a bearded Rambo! Or a badass, psychotic Santa Claus. The Truth Imagine that the first time you watched the video, you didn't know the black guy was supposed to be a young thug or that the white guys was supposed to be an old man acting in self defense. In fact, imagine you didn't know there was going to be a fight. Your only goal was to watch a video and try to figure out what's happening here. Who Started It? Based on the conversation, it would seem that moments before the video began, Michael was walking onto the bus while Bruso was near the front of the bus talking to his friend about a shoe shine. Michael thought Bruso was being racist, and told him so. There is no trade more maligned than that of the shoe shinesman. We certainly can't say if Michael was right to take offense in the first place. We have no video of what Bruso was saying. But if an African American stranger tells you they find your conversation about shoe shines to be racist and you're not being racist, you might apologize for the regrettable misunderstanding, and explain the context of your conversation. If you were being racist, you were trying to avoid a fight. "I sincerely regret any foolish statements I may have made." Bruso opts instead to follow Michael to the back of the bus and ask him how much he'd charge for a spit shine. Again, we can't tell if his intent was necessarily racist, but we can say it's pretty misleading to claim Bruso wasn't acting in self defense. He followed the "shit talking thug" to the back of the bus, and asked him a question designed to provoke more shit talking. He was being antagonistic. If this were middle school, everyone would have started chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" when Bruso followed Michael to the back of the bus after they exchanged words at the front. Michael eventually threw the first punch. We're not trying to excuse his actions. But at the very least, Bruso played a major role in what happened up to that point, and at worst, he acted like a man looking for a fight. It was enough for the person sitting two seats away to take out a camera and start recording. Above: 21st Century Conflict Resolution. So why would an old white guy go looking for a fight with a teenage thug straight off the set of Menace II Society? Who's The Underdog Here?

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