100 Finest Grade Nike Roshe Run Carton White Become An Essential Fashion Part. Women Nike Free Run 5.0+ Pink White 100 Authentic Cheap Nike Roshe Run Carton White Us Outlet Store The Confederation of Indian Petroleum Dealers (CIPD) has decided to go for the single shift operation from Monday to press for their demand for more commission. The confederation has decided to keep petrol pumps open only for eight hours to press for their demand of a hike in commission, which they insist will offset their costs incurred for running a two shift operation. There are 143 petrol pumps in Ahmedabad and around 2,000 across the state. The one shift operation will not affect standalone CNG pumps. However, pumps that sell both CNG and petrol will follow the new timing. "Till the time our demands as recommended by the Apoorva Chandra Committee are met the pumps will continue operating in single shifts," CIPD's national president Kiran Patel, who also heads the Federation of Gujarat Petrol and Diesel Dealers Association, told TOI on Sunday. Mayur Mehta, member of Gujarat Federation of Petrol Pump Owners, who owns the Associate Petrol Pump on CG Road, says, "City petrol pumps will be on protest from Monday. We stand by our nation wide demand for fair price by oil companies. Representations will be made with the oil companies and central government in this regard. CNG sale too will be affected." According to CIPD, they are not going for a strike but it is an attempt to reduce costs, including those on manpower. "Since the past two years, there is a 20% hike in input costs, which include 20% hike in minimum wages and 35% hike in electricity charges," said Patel. About usAdvertise with usTerms of Use and Grievance Redressal PolicyPrivacy policyFeedbackLiving and entertainmentHot on the Web..

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