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My problem seems to be I can find true comps. Lets say I am looking at a 3 bed 1 bath, I might find 4 sold in the last year, and 2 of them will be 2 bed or 4 bed or they over a mile away. I don think they really reliable enough to do the math. Any advice would be great!Short of going to a real estate agent to do a BPO, everything else is a rough guess. If you want to smooth out your guessing work you may try yahoo online valuation. I saw Wells Fargo do it once and I believe their number was off by 30K on a 250K house. The number is not accurate and does not take into consideration condition of the house. I use the MLS. If you are going to be using a realtor to sell your properties, they shouldn have a problem giving you access (spare me the argument about ethics). Of course that is something that needs to be built up to. A realtor generally won just give you access. As far as doing the comps, I look last six months and within a half mile. I actually look at the last year comps to get a better indicator of what direction (if any) that prices are moving. For instance, if there are some solid comps within the last six months, I want to look further back to see if they were selling for more. If prices are declining in your sub market, you need to build that into your costs and account for the risk. If you want to smooth out your guessing work you may try yahoo online valuation. They use both zillow and Eappraisal (2 is better than 1). This is nothing more than guessing, while two is often better than one, not in this case, 3 would not be better than one. What is important is the info going in. If you put crap in, your results will produce crap back out. Zestimates are not accuarte, nor is any other guess by some company who is taking average prices, median prices, or whatever they use to guesstimate. The ONLY way to comp a property is to pull actual comps. Now, you can get those on Zillow, just use the sold data only and ignore "zestimate values". Real sold comps can be found through RE agents and title companies, so you either need to gain direct access or have a relationship with someone in that field who will provide them to you. Lastly, comping property is an art form and you need to know how to make adjustments for bed/bath differentials, square footage differentials, and locations. If one comp resides on a busy street, you need to know how to adjust for that. As far as appraisals go, it is most common that only the last 90 days count these days, however, in some areas and instances, that is impossible to get enough so often you will have to go out 120 days or even 6 months. I suggest you use the MLS and make friends with a Realtor. I have looked properties up on Zillow and they were off significantly, I never use it. Ideally you have 2 in the neighborhood and one close by, but it not a perfect world. Location trumps, then size/style and age/amenities. You might find 5 or 6 in a 3 mile area and then select the best 3 or even 4 as most like the subject. A fireplace, additional bedroom or anoueth half bath are pretty mechanical for the analysis. Adjusting for location is harder to catch on to as it requires knowledge of the general area and market trends of hotter areas. This is where the art of appraising really shines knowing how the market identifies areas. And do your best when looking at condition. Look at old comp listings for remarks and a call to an agent to ask the condition might be a good idea too. It in very good condition!Zillow does show actual solds. They do not rely just on the MLS they will include non listed transactions as well (like sheriff sales and FSBO). There is still the issue of whether the solds that Zillow shows really can be considered comps. For example, one of my favorties is that Zillow will take a house on one side of a river and call a house on the other side of the river a comp doesn matter whether they are in different school districts, that the nearest bridge is over a mile away (so you have to drive 2 miles to visit the house on the other side of the river), doesn matter that the neighborhoods differ, doesn matter that the type of house is different. You have to understand more of the "why" when it comes to Zillow and the bashing that Zillow sometimes receives. and thanks for your input. For me (and it maybe just that I relatively new to RE) Zillow doesn give true comps. This was the reason for my question. The comps are not really comps because it doesn take account of a lot of really basic factors. For example, I was looking at a 3/3 house, the comps returned were minimal (nothing within 3 months) and some were geographically close but the house I was looking at was 1964, the comps were 2003 builds. Some were 2/1 There has to be a better option for the comps! Here is how you do it. Type in address of subject property, when screen pops up with map, click on active and sold check boxes on left hand side. then you have the option to add filters such as 90 days back, 6 months back, bed/bath mixes, etc. AFter you have selected your filters, only those within your criteria will show on the map, reds as the actives, yellow as the solds. You can plainly see if a comp is too far away or on the "other side of a river" by looking at the map, noticing the location of the subject property compared to the comp property. By clicking on any of the solds or actives, you can then pull up the dteail page screen on that property and see phots (if available, previous public recording records, home data (size, lot size, year built, etc). The bad thing is that there could be some brand new comps that are not yet showing on Zillow as they are not up to date exactly, it may take a few days or even a few weeks for some to register on Zillow. They also may have dtat that is incorrect. For instance, I have seen on Zillow specs showing a 3 bed 2 bath home, when i fact on title, it is a 4+2 (as an example) so you still must verify that the data you are looking at is accurate, but it is a decent resource for some quick snapshots into comps available for free. 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Hines combined his background with the expertise of 18 artists and engineers from three countries to create a robot designed to "deliver the best in robot sex". "It's really a labour of love," ABC News quoted him as saying. Customers interested in a Roxxxy companion can ask the company to customize the robot for their personal preferences, all they would need to do is fill out a questionnaire to give engineers clues about the robot's personality. Though the prototype robot is modelled after a Caucasian fine arts student and is 5 feet 7 inches tall and 120 pounds, customers can choose hair colour, eye colour and other features, Hines said. Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green,The spirit of Le Mans along with the spirit of the out of production Panoz Esperante lives on in Panoz Auto Development's latest creation, the Abruzzi. Named for the people from the south central Abruzzo region of Italy, the Abruzzi draws its inspiration from the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where the car is making its world debut on Tuesday, and its styling from the 1935 Delahaye Type 135 tear drop coupe. "It is about the true spirit of Le Mans, a car you can drive from home to the racetrack, race it, and then drive home again," Panoz chairman and American Le Mans Series owner Don Panoz said. A three year production run for the Abruzzi "Spirit of Le Mans" road car begins late this summer, and Panoz said his company will build just 81 equal to the number of 24 hour races run at Le Mans since 1923. Each will carry cues from an individual Le Mans race year. Power runs to the rear wheels via a six speed manual transaxle. A key technical improvement over the Esperante is a unique "Trifecta" cooling system, with rear mounted radiators in addition to cooling systems that reduce temperatures of coolant as it flows in and out of the radiator. Panoz said that re locating the radiators to the rear of the car improves top speed by cutting down on aerodynamic drag. The car's body panels are formed from REAMS, short for Recyclable Energy Absorbing Matrix System, a composite like material that is lighter, more durable and easier to repair than carbon fiber. An Abruzzi GT2 race car likely will run its first event at Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta in October, followed by a complete American Le Mans Series campaign in 2011 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans next June.

Save To 70 Off Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Black I'm exhausted. Lost tons of sleep over benching last weekend, which cost me a win. Is anyone not named doing more with fewer carries this season than Jones? More yards than , and , with about a third of their carries. He's like the '05 Bus, except Felix's "goal line carries" are from about 50 yards out and he doesn't have a Shirley Hemphill sized ass. I'm also still tired from watching that Presidential debate and trying to determine what either candidate actually said. Something about someone's children being the future, I think? And I'm not sure who even won the old Johnny Carson looking white dude who kept calling us his "friends" or the dignified, younger African American man who may or may not have been Tony Dungy. Screw the two party system, which stopped being relevant and serving the public good right around when Washington was wrapping up his first inaugural address. Why can't we just elect the two most qualified human beings Obama and McCain instead of settling for only one of the best and some other schlump whose own party didn't think he/she was worthy? Hell, they made McNair and Manning Co MVPs in 2004, didn't they? This "President Obamacain" plan of mine could really work! Ebony and ivory! We are the world! Then again, what do I know? For most of the debate I thought that second old white dude moderating the debate was Hillary Clinton. : A riser? After being held to 32 yards on 21 carries? Yup. People, he faces the Lions this weekend, who are giving up the most RB fantasy points in football. That, combined with the Saints' "utter backfield destruction at all costs" defensive game plan last Monday night, which certainly contributed to his woes, makes him a prime buy (relatively) low right now. So try to poach him from an owner who, perhaps because he/she has been held hostage in a botched bank job and hasn't had Internet access, doesn't know AP faces Detroit on Sunday. Seven TDs in his past three games, averaging 267 yards per. And he faces Atlanta this weekend, which should keep the streak alive. Don't get cocky and trade Cutler, but if you snagged Orton off waivers and have a stud you'd likely never sit for Orton (Cutler/Romo/Brees, maybe Warner/McNabb/Rodgers?), see what the QB starved teams in your league might give up for the Bears signal caller. : Hadn't been on the radar since Week 1 but broke out against the Niners with 5 catches/111 yards/TD. The Pats tried to hit him in space where he can motor after the catch. Oh, and he was blocking his ass off on run plays and for his fellow wideouts. Translation? We have the motivated, positive Moss again, folks. And, in their next six games, the Pats face four of the league's worst pass D's SD (32), DEN (30), STL (28) and NYJ (31). The opportunity to buy low might be waning, but try the "his big game was a fluke; all his points came on one big play when a defender slipped; it was the Niners!" pitch to his owner and see what happens. Kristen Wiig: Not only the best SNL female talent since Gilda Radner, but arguably the best SNL talent male or female since Will Ferrell. And if you disagree, (A) YouTube the "Lawrence Welk" skit, and (B) shut down your computer and go stand in a corner, because you are clearly an insane person who should be in a padded cell sans Internet access. The Wildcat: No, this isn't another slang term for a sexy older woman who preys on younger men, a la "Cougar." It's the name of the "direct snap to the running back playing quarterback" formation on which and the Dolphins have feasted lately. Ronnie's the centerpiece of the offense, and, if anything, Ricky's presence is keeping him healthier. Jury's out on the other Boyz II Men, Bobby and Mike. Visions of Domanick Davis'/Williams' stud days in Houston abound. ? ?) for a great WR (Marshall, Owens, Wayne?). Slaton Holt for ? Not saying the other owner will go for it, but not an insulting offer). I got a good email today from a reader named Steve. He wrote: "You should write an article about running an NFL team like a Fantasy Football team. Imagine what would happen to league if Denver traded for . A good fantasy owner who's looking playoff bound in a keeper league should be poaching the rosters of the league doormats by now, seeing who's playing for this year vs. who's giving up and re building. Thing is, though, the owner who's rebuilding would want some good, young 'cornerstone' talent in return, and in your Denver example, that ain't or . Simplest answer, though, is this: Because Shanahan is the devil. That's the answer for all the questions regarding Mike Shanahan. Why does he torture us with RBBC? Because he's the devil. Why is there pain, suffering, war, famine, disease and John Mayer in this world? Because Mike Shanahan is the devil." Long story short, re: Pittman, this should remind you that it's RBBC as always under Satan ahan, and could see some work. And 's impending return could muddy the waters even more. But Pittman is emerging as the guy you want short term in the wake of Selvin's groin injury. He gets all the goal line carries anyway. If you have him and have nice RB depth, throw him out to the Young owner and see if he/she bites. While Maroney's running like a fragile porcelain mouse more on that later Morris is doing just the opposite: hitting the line with purpose, bashing through and getting two yards when the Pats need one, and so on. Belichick may have given Maroney the dreaded vote of confidence after the NIners game but he might as well have been DeNiro directing Loraine Bracco into the alley for a new coat. Right now, Morris is the RB you want in the Pats backfield, especially with injuring his ankle last week. : is banged up. Berrian appears healthy and is hooking up with Frerotte deep. This is what Childress, and fantasy owners, have waited for. Oh, and because Berrian wears the same purple Nordic themed uniform as , he also plays the Lions this weekend. Turf toe and rookie RBs hell, any RBs don't mix. Pimp his big name and see what the Fargas owner will give you, 'cause he'll be a headache all season. I promised that there'd be no math involved with this column, but Little Gonzo's problems come down to a simple formula: Gonzo + Marvin + C2 (Clark Concussion ish head) = decreased value. Only hope right now is that BAL stuffs Addai so much that slants/short routes become Indy's bread and butter. Or that Marvin and Peyton keep up their lovers' spats on the sidelines. But for keeper leagues, he'll be money in '09 when Marvin's likely done. After starting strong in his first three games, Barber has cooled the past two weeks while stole his Thunder against the Bengals. But make no mistake, Barber is the man there, so now might be a good time to poach him while his value is slightly down by lobbing an "Uh oh, looks like Felix is taking over" grenade of doubt into the MBIII owner's camp. Lawrence Phillips: Three amusing things about Phillips' recent conviction. 1) He was playing a pickup football game against teenagers; 2) He's a former 6 overall NFL pick yet somehow didn't play well enough for his team to win insert Norm MacDonald's voice a pickup football game against teenagers!; 3) He couldn't beat up some teens with his fists, so he used a car. The highly un amusing thing? Phillips ruined the potential football career of one of the teens whose leg he injured in the attack. Hey, we all get mad when we feel "disrespected," but few of us "act out in a blind rage," let alone do so with moving vehicles. Enjoy the prison showers, Lawrence. You've earned it. On a key third down play last Sunday, Maroney took a handoff, broke left and headed toward the sideline with daylight ahead of him. Easy first down? Nope. With a defender barreling towards him, but plenty of room to gain the first and then wimp out, he pulled up a yard short and ran out of bounds like a roach scurrying under the sink when the lights come on. And to think we Pats fans were gloating when we "stole" Maroney from Indy. into a whining, locker room nuking rant?). And the Lions aren't getting two 1st rounders for him, which former GM/current Arby's assistant nighttime drive thru manager, Matt Millen, wanted. So Roy will stay in Detroit, and he'll continue to see wobbly passes from either an injured Kitna or an untested . His only possible saving grace? Orlovsky looked to him early and often after Kitna went down. Might be a trend. Speaking of Lions WRs (or ex Lions WRs) . . . . But whenever Chuck Rogers wakes up from his bong induced Grand Theft Auto IV marathon, he might want to give them or some other credit bureau a shout to discuss debt consolidation. After all, he now owes the Lions $8.5 million bucks. More than a few student loan payments. MJD: The former Fantasy Hall of Famer has fallen on hard times. An ankle that doesn't want to remain un sprained and an O line that isn't opening any holes. That said, he's got a nice schedule coming up (DEN, CLE, CIN, DET) and might be had relatively cheaply. Would I offer or another recent riser for him? In a heartbeat. LT: He's put his owners in a tough spot: you can't let a league mate vulture LT low, but you also can't get "healthy LT" value in a trade, either. That said, I think that toe is killin' him he used to fly over lineman at the goal line, now he just squeals like a wee lass and falls down and 5 fear this will be a lost season, overall, for the once unquestioned fantasy stud. LJ: A third set of initials and one of the MCI's favorite whipping boy, LJ was a "sell high" here last week after he feasted on lame defenses the previous two weeks. Did you unload him before his mathematically impossible 7 carry/2 yard performance? No? Then you must suffer the consequences: I will be mailing you a DVD of "You Don't Mess with the Zohan," coming to your house and forcing you at gunpoint to watch it seven straight times. Good luck this week, my friends. Remember, as one of those nominees said, "change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time." So get out there and make some trades to ensure a better, stronger fantasy football future not just for you, but for the children. Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green The product is certain to be well worth of the money you pay and at the same time, you can consider yourself to be a proud owner of a costly branded product; YSL tribute replica Shoes in this exampleYSL or Yves Saint Laurent is a fashion label that is world renowned. It is a distinguished name that means high class status. 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