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Welcome to the program I'm Jennifer The business of low volume high price super cars we'll get to that story just after these headlines. You're cowardly and another dog spot. One of the best known car dealers in Americana has died. For more than fifteen years Worthington in captivated TV viewers and radio listeners in California. Which they stream of outlandish commercial. He passed away Sunday at age 92. His plastic and goes he can out campaign it took it dealership marketing to new levels of both dean and effectiveness. The commercials featured at Worthington and with his spot. The joke was spot was never a dog might be a goat a skunk or even killer way L. We have lots more Worthington the life and legacy right here at dot com. More now on Ford's CEO Alan Mulally. Last week you reiterated that he plans to stay at forward until at least at the end of 2014. This as his name is bandied about how is it possible successor to Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer. Now what sources tell Reuters at least three of Microsoft's top twenty investors. Want turnaround expert to sixty Ballmer. And air urging the tech giant's board to consider Ali Another name said to be on the list Mike and head of Computer Sciences Corp. Turning now to the Frankfurt Auto Show Infiniti at revealing its Q thirty concept car. It previews the brand's first model aimed at the compact premium market in year out. And Ford adding young does ninety tails along with the luxury service. As it tries to win back customers at the premium and the European markets. It's showing off a concept of the Monday LE. It features two inch alloy wheels quilted leather seats chrome retailing and why local level of service. They've been yelling train that will be offered first on them and radio and 2015. Then spread to other models. That story from Bloomberg. Now I'm not ultra luxury carmakers. Ferrari Porsche and others. Our building high class high performance limited run super cars. But these vehicles don't exactly generate high profits. Executives and analysts say these cars are so expensive to develop and produce. That they typically make little money or wind up in the red. The white you carmakers build them anyway. To bolster the company's aura and to show off technology and styling. An example ferraris at one point 34 million dollar Ferrari. It's the company's first hybrid and the fastest and most powerful legal Ferrari ever. Only 499. Of them will be made in all the buyers already lined up. But of the 669. Million dollars in revenue generated by the car Ferrari may just only be getting its money back. That's what I just ought to motives Chris stops server says considering overhead costs. In a best case scenario he says maybe the company will generate 810% profit margin overall. Finally here's something from performance brand you can This is than his close MarketWatch concept which was revealed yesterday and how does this mean Frankfurt Auto Show. That watch it measures the drivers park street and other biometrics. And keeps hands on the car's performance. says it aims to make this technology available for athletes and he's here wearable hacked. Thanks so much for watching the show is now comes your way this afternoon we'll see you tomorrow morning. Men Nike Free Run 3 Blue Glow University Red Pure Platinum Quilted ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Royal Blue Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Grey Men Nike Free Run 3 Tiffany Blue Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Royal Blue Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Grey White Black Yellow Men Nike Free Run 2 Sail White Red Grey Quilted Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women New Green Red Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Purple Quilted Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Black SAINTS boss Mauricio Pochettino has made a real statement of intent with his early summer signing of Croatian international defender Dejan Lovren and more big name signings could follow. Lovren, pictured right, was unveiled as Mauricio Pochettino's first signing as Saints boss late on Friday night for 8.5m, becoming Saints' second most expensive player ever in the process. And, with Saints reportedly lining up moves for a new central midfield player, striker, wide player and right back, it is certain Pochettino will be flexing his transfer muscles again soon. Below, Simon Carter gives his view: STATEMENT of intent to get Saints fans excited about the next few months. That is how the signing of Croatian international defender Dejan Lovren should be seen. Lovren was unveiled as Mauricio Pochettino's first signing as Saints boss late on Friday night for 8.5m. In an instant, he became the club's second most expensive player ever at a cost of 8.5m from French top flight club Lyon. The club have not only strengthend in an area that really needed addressing, but they have done it ahead of the squad returning for pre season training. That will give Lovren a full pre season with his new colleagues, and that sort of time will be beneficial to all parties. In Saturday's Daily Echo, we published a table showing Saints were top of the Premier League last season in terms of fielding English players 13 out of 25. That is also to be applauded, but do not be surprised if that figure tails off in 2013/14. Like Michael Laudrup at Swansea, I expect Pochettino to sign mainly foreign players. Possibly from La Liga, a league he knows well, or from elsewhere, as in the case of Lovren. I also expect him to spend a lot more than Laudrup did last summer as Saints aim to build a squad that can live up to Cortese's dream of qualifying for the Champions League. To get even near that he will need to spend more money on more international quality players. He has made a good start, though. Next on the Saints shopping list, as previously revealed in the Daily Echo, will be a right back, a winger and a striker. Last summer Saints spent just over 30m ahead of their Premier League return, and it was enough to finish just outside the drop zone. Ambitions are much higher now at St Mary's, and that comes at a price. Saints have more money to splash out now. After all, they will receive an extra 25m just from being in the top flight next season as a result of the new television contract deals kicking in. That will almost pay for four more players in Lovren's transfer fee range, before any extra monies Cortese, pictured left, has managed to obtain from the Liebherr estate are taken into consideration. Lovren is the first, but he will not be the last. In 2012/13, Premier League clubs signed over 160 players at a cost of around 4m each. That says a lot about the cash rich nature of the English top flight these days, and Manchester City have already spent over 40m on two players in a bid to win the title again. Men Nike Free Run 3 Blue Glow University Red Pure Platinum Quilted,A teacher's dedication allows little kids to rock on donated instruments. Pepper Campbell performs during a concert, which took place at McKinley (Cheryl A. McKinley fifth grade teacher Raimer Rojas teaches students pop, rock, funk, blues, country and hip hop through a program called Little Kids Rock, which trains public school teachers how to run music classes and provides the instruments. was something I knew I would enjoy doing. I just didn have the instruments, and there wasn funding from other sources, Rojas said. I heard about the opportunity I was like, get 10 free guitars? I there! Jersey based Little Kids Rock was founded in 2002 by an elementary school teacher who was frustrated by lack of funding for music education and had started running his own music classes after school. King, Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Slash, Gene Simmons and Ziggy Marley. Rojas teaches 22 students at McKinley, the youngest in kindergarten and the oldest in eighth grade. He volunteers his time to teach his students after school. Families at the school formed the McKinley Annual Fund in 2010 to raise at least $35,000 each year for arts and music classes. McKinley assistant principal Kristina Turley said limited resources make this tough time to be in education, but it an exciting time too because that kind of when your imagination starts to soar. what we doing here, Turley added. making it work despite the budget cuts. Little Kids Rock, benefits are students taking initiative and learning music learning how to write songs and just rock out, said Turley.

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These gold evening shoes from Max Studio have a great high heel and a beautiful pattern detail cascading down the top of your foot. Equipped with beautiful gold leather, these turn on the glamour and will catch the light of the disco ball as you rhumba the night away! Pair these gold evening shoes with a vibrant red dress and no one will be able to keep their eyes off of you. With any pair of these gold evening shoes in your closet, you will be well equipped for any fun evening that comes your way this summer. These top summer gold evening shoes will have you at the height of sophistication AND attention as you enjoy those warm summer nights full of fun and adventure! Men Nike Free Run 3 Blue Glow University Red Pure Platinum Quilted They also committed to buying 100 pairs of shoes by Christmas as part of the Life Today Christmas Shoe Project. The Men of Integrity put up the seed money $108 for the first 30 pair of shoes and are asking the men of this community to contribute another $275 in the next 45 days. While anyone may contribute, this challenge is specifically put before the men of our community. It has been a while since the men in the Burns Flat, Canute, Dill City, and Foss areas have been challenged to work together in a project of giving and mercy. To reach the 100 shoe goal, only 60 men need contribute $5 each. Only 30 men need c contribute $10 each. Only 15 men need contribute $20 each. Or all of the above could happen and the men of this community could bless many, many children. Look around your community. It seems that most of the ministry in western Oklahoma is done by women. This is a wonderful thing, but we men need to step up to our leadership roles and among them are giving and mercy. Stop by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and talk to Tom Spence about how you can help. Contact Rick Ellis to learn more about this ministry. Get out of the deer stand, pull away from the football game, and stop complaining about how tough things are around here and do something for someone who has next to nothing. The next meeting of the Men of Integrity is 9:00 am on 26 November 2011. That's the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Only a few days prior to this in a flurry of activity, food baskets will be given out to needy families. It may seem a little difficult to pull away from those turkey sandwiches and endless football, but make a special effort to make it to this meeting. Bring your Bible Bring $5 Bring a friend Bring a special offering to help buy 100 pairs of shoes Stop by and see Tom Spence or Rick Ellis before the November meeting and make see what a difference ten bucks will make. Enjoy the feeling of being men on a mission. Burns Flat Examiner Tom is a retired Marine officer who traveled the world in service to his country. He served in the United States, Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia, the Mediterranean, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Honduras and afloat. Tom now pastors the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants.

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