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The efficiency of this cooling system is further improved by a 40 mm fan with adjustable rotation speed. Moreover, you can connect these two heatsinks to the liquid cooling contour, because they also have two fittings covered with plastic caps. This dual purpose air liquid cooling system even has its own special name Twin Power Cooling. The processor is powered via two standard ATX12V connectors one eight pin connector and one four pin connector. The board uses a 2 oz copper eight layer PCB, and the pins inside processor socket as well as inside the memory DIMM slots are plated with 15 micron layer of gold. For Ivy Bridge processors the range of supported memory frequencies starts at 1066 and ends at 3000 MHz. The available four DIMM slots can take in up to 32 GB of DDR3 SDRAM. Intel Z77 Express chipset provides the board with four SATA 3 Gbps ports (black connectors) and two SATA 6 Gbps ports. Two additional Marvell 88SE9172 controllers add two more ports each and thus increase the total number of SATA 6 Gbps ports to six (yellow connectors). Two top PCI Express 3.0/2.0 x16 slots supports AMD CrossFireX and Nvidia SLI graphics configurations and share 16 PCI E lanes. The third PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot has four lanes at its disposal thanks to the chipset. Besides this slot, there are two more PCI Express 2.0 x1 slots for other expansion cards. To ensure that all controllers and slots will not interfere with one another the board is equipped with PLX PEX 8605 hub that adds another five PCI E lanes. The graphics card slots have small and not very convenient latches, but the ability to disable any of the three PCI Express x16 slots by simply flipping a special switch somewhat compensates for this inconvenience. Moreover, there are also V Probe voltage control points, a POST code indicator, glowing Power On, Reset and Clear CMOS buttons and two Rapid OC buttons. They help adjust the base frequency, processor clock frequency multiplier and CPU Vcore on the fly, but they will only work from Windows OS and only once you have installed a special utility. We are going to talk more about this feature later in this review, as well as about the Multi Thermal Sensor a variety of additional sensors that allow controlling the temperatures in different parts of the PCB. The mainboard has eight fan connectors, two of which are designated for processor fans. One of these fan connectors is a four pin and another a three pin connector, and they allow adjusting the fan rotation speed in either case. There are two BIOS chips onboard, but we only work with one of them: the other BIOS chip is a reserve chip used to restore the primary BIOS in case of failure. The photo of the mainboard back panel also shows the backplate at the bottom of the PCB. These are the ports and connectors you will find on the back of the board: Universal PS/2 connector for keyboard or mouse; Six USB 3.0 ports (blue connectors), four of which are implemented via EtronTech EJ188H controller, and two more ports are supported by the Intel Z77 Express chipset. The chipset also supports an onboard pin connector for two additional USB 3.0 ports; CMOS button; HDMI video out; A local network port (network adapter is built on Gigabit Broadcom BCM57781 network controller); Four USB 2.0 ports, another six are laid out as three onboard pin connectors; IEEE1394 (FireWire) port implemented with VIA VT6315N controller, a second port like that is available as an onboard pin connector; Optical S/PDIF and five analogue audio jacks provided by eight channel Realtek ALC898 codec. This extensive functionality didn fit into the ATX standard dimensions, so the board is designed in CEB form factor, which is usually used for servers and workstations. But do not freak out: the mounting holes are laid out the same way an in ATX mainboards and the board is the same 305 mm long. Only the width of the PCB has been increased to 267 mm, so in fact, it may easily fit into many system cases out there, and if used as an open testbed, the dimensions won matter at all. We summed up all the technical specifications of ASRock Z77 OC Formula in the following table: ASRock regional web sites have a product page dedicated to ASRock Z77 OC Formula mainboard, where you can read about its features and functionality, check out its official specifications, download manuals, new BIOS versions, driver and utility updates. Besides, there is also a separate micro site devoted solely to this mainboard..

You need a permit to enter the Angkor Temple Complex, unless you are Cambodian or related to a Cambodian and can prove it. A one day permit costs $20; a three day permit, $40 dollars; and a seven day permit, $60 dollars. Note that in order to purchase your permit you will need to show your passport. Always carry the permit with you, around your neck if you can, as park officials do periodic checks. If you are caught sneaking into the Angkor Temple Complex without a permit you can be arrested. Also, in order to get to Angkor Wat you will have to rent a tuk tuk (kind of like a motorized rickshaw). It is best to negotiate a flat fee for the whole day. That way you know how you are getting back to your hotel. Fees will vary depending on where your hotel is located ask the concierge what the going rate is. Cambodia is in a tropical region, and the weather reflects this. June to October is hot and rainy, 80 degrees F to 95 degrees F. November to February the temperature range is similar, but the weather is hot and dry. March to May is also dry and even hotter, 85 degrees F to 100 degrees F. Touring Angkor requires a lot of walking or bicycling in unshaded areas; take this into consideration when planning which time of year you want to visit. No matter when you tour, wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the tropical sun. What Attractions Are Located in Angkor Wat in Cambodia? Angkor Wat is the largest, most impressive and most famous temple in Cambodia and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, the. How to Plan a Trip to Angkor Wat Cambodia spectacular ancient ruins, Angkor Wat is a must see for anyone. With the right planning you can count on having a great. How to Plan a Visit to Angkor Wat Angkor Wat is one of the world true wonders. The name itself refers to a massive temple, but it would be most. What Is Angkor Wat Made Out Of? The sandstone temple Angkor Wat, located in Cambodia, ranks as one of the world largest religious structures and among Southeast Asia most. Angkor Wat Information Angkor Wat is the most elaborate and most famous wat, or temple, from the Kymer period in the Angkor region of Cambodia,. What Are Some Medical Jobs in Cambodia? What Are Some Medical Jobs in Cambodia?. According to the Asian Development Bank, Cambodians are more likely to flee public health care. How to Get to Angkor Wat After finding a local travel specialist or tour operator in Phnom Penh, book a tour to Angkor Wat that includes mass transportation. The Best Time to Visit Angkor Wat The temple complex at Angkor Wat is the most popular tourist destination in Cambodia. It is located in the city of Siem. How to Travel to Cambodia Thailand Travel to Thailand and Cambodia for the vacation of a lifetime whether you are a backpacker looking for cheap accommodation or a. How to Build the Angkor Wat Temple The Angkor Wat complex was built by a Khmer king around 1,150 AD as a giant Hindu temple. It covers more than. How to Build a Small Model of Angkor Wat They call it one of humankind most enduring architectural achievements, but you may proclaim it downright difficult if you asked to build. How to Find Hotels in Angkor Wat, Cambodia Angkor Wat is not the political capital of Cambodia, but it does seem to be the temple capital of this country. Here. Men Nike Free Run 3 Black Reflective Silver Platinum Volt ,Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Medium Purple Electric Green Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Green Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green Women Nike Roshe Run Women New Green White Quilted Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Stealth Reflective Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Lime Yellow Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Blue Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Black Gym Red Wolf Grey If you want to make career as wardrobe consultant, thee is no surprise at all. You can have a great career in this field, as every woman is beautiful and has an inherent style quotient. All women want themselves to look attractive and stylish. Wardrobe consultants often have degrees in fashion design, or have some experience working in the garment industry. Wardrobe consultants are fashion professionals who provide guidance on the type of colors, patterns, designs, and clothing styles that are best for a person. In other words wardrobe consultants are fashion experts who can help you build a basic capsule wardrobe which you can mix and match as well as help you to choose the right colors; clothing styles and accessories. These consultants are sometimes known by different names such as fashion consultant, image consultant, personal image consultant or corporate image consultant. We all have our own unique style and personality which a wardrobe consultant can enhance. Personal styling is a lot of fun as well as a great way to totally makeover yourself! Wardrobe consultants help you in many ways they analyzes your wardrobe so that everything fits and flatters you perfectly. Everyone should know own body shape and should be very serious about a wardrobe makeover. Style Makeovers will help you to do this as well as choose the right colors, patterns, shoes and accessories to suit your body. You'll never look good if you're uncomfortable in your clothes. Neither do you want someone with no creativity or ideas of their own, sometimes you need a little guidance to discover an exciting new look. Becoming a successful Personal Stylist has become more and more popular as a dream career for many people. Now anyone can find a personal stylist service and get the celebrity treatment in no time. By consulting a wardrobe consultant, the client doesn't have to worry about picking the wrong set of outfits or wearing inappropriate makeup. Varsha Bhawnani is working as Wardrobe Consultant, Image Makeover and Personal Stylist for many years, he is sharing experience with peoples around. You can just make a visit online for any assistance. Next >Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 February 2011 16:17Who's OnlineWe have 313 guests and 2 members online awulambq30Adamanels Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesDesigning A Luxurious Kitchen By Staying In BudgetUse a Speakers Bureau To Find The Best SpeakersMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail Light. Men Nike Free Run 3 Black Reflective Silver Platinum Volt,In the late 1800s and early 1900s, if you were a golfer you wore the same shoe as a baseball player or a runner no distinctions were made between sports, according to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. These earliest athletic shoes cost $6 to $7 and featured a very simple leather upper and gum soles (later leather soles). That all changed with Adi Dassler. Widely regarded as the founder of the specialty athletic shoe market, Dassler introduced the world to shoes with spikes and studs in 1925 five years after making his first pair, which was a canvas trainer for runners, according to the Adidas Group. The then new, spiked shoes made their Olympic debut in 1928 at the Amsterdam Games, according to the Adidas Group. Eight years later, at the Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens went on to win four gold medals while wearing Dassler's shoes. At the time, these earliest incarnation of spikes were made of a supple leather, sewn to a more rigid, leather sole. This sole was outfitted with a non removable set of nails whose purpose was to provide better traction on dirt tracks, according to "Running Anatomy." It was the transition from cinder tracks to all weather, rubberized tracks in the 1960s and 1970s that gave the use of spikes by now universal even more importance in enhancing performances. Previous surfaces of tracks, could not, by their nature, provide enough traction for spikes. This springier and resistant surface could provide increased traction and not slow the runner down, all while being "spike resistant." The spikes changed themselves to smaller nails which wouldn't tear up the track. was going through a "running craze" of sorts. It was during this time period the mid 1960s to mid 1970s that interest in specialized shoes with spikes was rejuvenated, according to "Running Anatomy." This interest in running also prompted advancements with regard to shoe technology: cushion in the midsole and nylon uppers were among the advancements, which were also prompted by Runners World's magazine concerted effort to scientifically test each shoe in turn holding the manufacturer accountable for a sturdy, quality, performance shoe. Some of the most cutting edge advancements in the spikes' history have included the addition of asymmetrical spikes and the development of a special plate to affix the spikes made of materials formerly only available to the aerospace and auto industries, according to Adidas. This technology took two years to develop and was debuted by 400 meter athlete Jeremy Wariner in 2008. Adidas contends the asymmetry of the spikes allows long distance sprinters like Wariner the ability to take advantage of turns on the track where races can be won or lost, and the lighter materials don't "catch" on the track, creating lag as the spike digs into the track.

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