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All passengers must present a valid Sheridan OneCARD identification card to the driver as they board the bus. Our fully accessible buses feature Wi Fi, recharging stations to charge laptops or mobile phones en route, bike racks, coach style seating and GPS tracking. Please be advised that seating is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis. During peak times (rush hours, beginning of semester, etc.) buses can potentially reach capacity. Please plan accordingly. Sheridan free shuttle bus service will run according to the following schedule, Monday to Friday, effective September 2, 2014: Traffic, weather and road conditions may cause significant delays. Please allow for extra travel time during these circumstances. An information line has been set up to keep students and staff apprised of any delays or changes to our shuttle bus service between campuses. the number to call is 905 815 4BUS (4287) if calling internally, simply dial extension 4287. Please note that information line updates are provided during regular office hours. For real time updates, please use the GPS tracker (details below). Passengers must provide their Sheridan OneCARD to the driver to qualify for this complimentary service (name, student/employee number, time and date will be recorded) this service is only available during this temporary shuttle replacement; therefore, once the regular Sheridan Shuttle bus is back in service, this taxi service is no longer available this service is not provided for delays in service (due to traffic, construction or weather, etc.) or if the accessible seating is occupied by another passenger with accessibility needs. Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Grey Black Purple ,Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Nike Free 3.0 Light Bone Reflective Silver Iguana Green Men Women Nike Free Run 3 Fireberry Electric Green Wmns Nike Free Run 3 Cool Grey Silver Sail University Red Godlen Goose Superstar Silver Black Women Nike Free Run 3 Grainte Fireberry Sail Frbrry Nike Roshe Run PRM Women Red White Sail Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Obsidian Silver Soar Blue Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women New Green Red The Cougars had to rally again to win again with UTEP being this week's victim. The Miners, who led 28 9 with three minutes left in the third quarter, gave up 33 points the rest of the way, 26 of them in the fourth quarter. It all added up to a 42 37 victory by the lads despite more errors than I can remember seeing (missed extra points, botched field goal attempts, penalties, etc.). Case Keenum was huge, throwing for 480 yards 256 of which came in the second half (along with three TDs) on an astounding 23 of 24 passing. Did you see that? He hit on 23 of 24 passes. He also scored the game winner, diving in from a yard out with 41 seconds to play. Kelvis also had the biggest gaffe of the game, throwing a terrible off balance pass on a 2 point conversion that was intercepted by UTEP's Josh Ferguson and returned all the way to give the Miners the deuce. The Cougars went from leading 36 35 to trailing 37 36 with 4:54 to play in the game. But the defense, with P Hunt getting a key sack, held, forcing a UTEP punt with 2:35 to play in the game. You know how that turned out Keenum had some help in this one. Brick had 263 total yards (167 rushing and 96 receiving) and two touchdowns, including a huge 71 yard TD run in the fourth quarter. Beall now had 1,024 rushing yards this season, adding to his own freshman record. This kid will own every UH rushing record when he's done. And Tyron Carrier (by the way, it's pronounced Ty ron, not Ty roan) had 264 total yards (141 receiving, 32 rushing, 78 on kickoff returns and 14 on punt returns). TC scored on a brilliant 62 yard catch and run in the opening moments of the fourth quarter to get the Cougars jump started and the fans rocking and rolling in the stands. I won't pick at the attendance scab yet. But it's coming. The turnout just over 18K announced, and that was inflated was horrible. Horrible. Anyway, here's Kelvis, discussing just about everything. Wow. That really all that can be said. Wow. I just glad I got in. I was tailgating before the game, several of my friends and I decided to go get the free shirts before they ran out. We got our shirts, got our hands marked, and returned to tailgate until the game started. Unfortunately, when we tried to re enter, we were told at 3 different gates that we could not re enter. The 5 star man at the student gate told us we had to go to gate 10, where the lady yelled at us and told us did not tell you that. Finally, we just snuck in (don tell 5 star, they might come get us) to find the stands empty. I glad the security was good feeling is we need more people in the stands, so if somebody sneaks in, good for them. It like they don want the students to support their team rant over. Say what you want to about attendance Murph, but your paper has just as much fault in that as the people who don show up. Once again the Coogs win, and once again we have a winning season and will play in a bowl. But I bet tomorrow front page of the paper and sports section will lead off with home team story Oklahoma over Texas Tech, next week it will be Texas. The Cougars will be relegated to page seven of the sports section with a 2 X 2 B photo. Maybe if the Chron supported the home team win or lose more fans would show up at the games. Remember 95% of the people in the world are sheepeople and will follow where told, just look how Norte Dane is shoved down our throats. Murph Yeah, it everyone else fault. I guess last week page 1 spread after the Tulsa game, complete with a huge color photo, kind of shoots down your theory. But why let facts like that get in the way? Just stick to your guns. Oliver Stone is always looking for his next movie theme. Kevin Sumlin needs to give the Cougar faithful a good tongue lashing (maybe a gentle one). He needs to challenge the fans. Maybe he doesn feel like he has enough clout yet. Anyway, he be right. Or maybe Uncle Dave. Someone needs to declare that the era of fan apathy is over, and challenge fans to bring it or shut up. I know that part of it has to do with our conference. UTEP and Tulsa aren the sexiest, but still that no excuse. These are OUR COOGS dammit! If you want to get into the bigtime including a big time conference, then GO TO THE GAMES. Especially when they are on TV. What message do you think it sends when the rest of the country sees empty seats? Murph, you and R. Justice should write articles shredding the fans apathy (not trying to tell you how to do your job). And seriously people, can you find SOMETHING red to wear to the game? ArchiCoog, I can believe that! And yet, I can. New motto for red gameday T shirts. It silly that some people want to cling to this fairy tale that the Chronicle is the root of all evil in this town. It just so much easier to pin a complex problem on something simple, like media. The attendance problems are going to take time to solve, just don ask me how long. On a better note, this was a tremendous win for the Coogs. It one thing to win in a laugher when everything is going your way, but to pull out an important win when everything seems to fall apart really takes some grit. As ugly as this was, it was a win, and one more means we HOST THE CONFERENCE TITLE GAME ON NATIONAL TV. The attendance is what it is. I really don know what to say about it. We came short of selling out the championship game in and if we host it this year we will probably fall short of a sell out as well. I just don understand. They played a basketball ad during the game and I turned to my buddy and told him that 90% of the people here probably don know we have a basketball team. By the looks of the attendance at those games, that what one would guess. Even then history indicates it will be difficult. 76 80 era crowds were not that impressive. This team and staff is not there yet. I am really trying to develop an affinity for this team, but they really do make it hard for me. I went to Dallas, and drove three hours for tonight effort, and both games, although with wins, leave a lot to be desired. But as it waned into the early fourth quarter, I along with many of those veteran alum fans in my area, were beginning to boil in reaction to the horrendous basic skill errors and lack of coverage on receiver sets that were not that complex. I still cannot specifically define why this team fails to start out as they finish, with unranked opponents. The defense gave good effort, but they are short on line size and overall unit speed. They trailed most plays, allowed deep hits, and were not able to bull rush the quarterback. Yet, they also came through with anticipation reads and preemptive moves that brought a number of stops. The tempo of the offense was decidedly different in the late 3rd quarter and 4th, but I cannot discern if that is the coaching direction and scheme change, or realization that they are about to lose this thing. There is A LITTLE truth to Mike comments. The problem is that the paper has to reach out to all the other schools fans as well. Houston is just too big for it to only concentrate on UH. Although the paper DOES blow it up big preseason and when the Coogs are successful, it could stand to give more attention to UH. My philosophy: screw UT, Tech, A TCU, etc. This is HOUSTON! But I know that is not realistic. I am with you Don!! Show up IN FORCE COOG FANS!! RED IT OUT! Rice Week. Nothing else matters. There are just no excuses for such bad attendance at this point, Murph. Here a team that has been decimated by injuries yet fought back for nearly impossible wins against SMU, ECU, Tulsa (should have been a sell out) and now UTEP, knowing this was a do or die game. I have to think the University Administration just doesn care enough about Athletics at UH to reach over 140,000 alumni in the greater Houston area with a good marketing program. We all know the marketing resources are a joke. And I really can understand why our student support has dropped off. They get in for free! I make a bigger effort by traveling and attending the Rice game next Saturday than 125,000 Houston area alumni. Sick! Murph With all that was on the line today, and with it being Senior Day, I don get how they only draw 14 15K (though it was announced as 18K). I just don get it. Easy Murph, same team but facts are facts. UH would be the HOUSTON media focus. Find a scenario where that occurred and coverage was focused on Houston and I will retract my call to Oliver Stone. I guess that is an improvement over page seven and a 2 X 2. (the little picture telling you to go to page four does not count as front page coverage) The same 18 to 20 k fans continue to support the program and pay it bills. Until conference affiliation changes it will be that way. It time to quit beating ourselves up over what we can change. The faithful need to keep doing what we do. Come out. Support the school. Invite your friends. Have a great day on campus. Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Grey Black Purple,jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/femalefashionadviceuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. I gotten a great pair of Clarks Purity Snow (Indigo line) for $29, black patent. I was thrilled that my initial wears around the house seemed to indicate comfort. I was so so wrong. I walked to dinner with my business partner, about 8 blocks, maybe 15 20 minutes of walking. Same deal. The entire flat part of my foot sole was a blister, and the entire top of my foot was abraded severely with blisters and tears. A month later, skin is still hanging off my foot, sorry to be graphic. Normally, I wear Pumas. But I a goddamned adult female and I want to wear dress shoes and not ALWAYS dress like a child. I headed back into the office for a week and will be working/staying with my partners, all male. I imagine there will be much running about the place, both in and outside the offices, and I need to keep up. I about 7 years average older than my team, though my partner from earlier and I are the same age. I cannot dress like their mom. (I am 34.) I will likely wear dresses and maybe pants once or twice. I leave a week from today so I need shoes in hand by then. Update: I purchased a pair of not sophisticated but cute Earthies that I think go well with my throwback aesthetic, $29 at Marshalls. I can pull off a pointy toe, but I not looking to go full Manolo on this one. I just need to look sharp and be able to run with the boys to meetings or across town. Or ankle boots with a 1 2" heel! They provide more support to the ankle, so your foot won wobble as much, and you can wear socks to prevent abrasion. Or lower regular heels. I highly recommend breaking them in with thin socks on first wear them all day long while you work at home, and they should start molding to your feet, provided that they made of leather. Patent is also a massive bitch to break in, so I avoid those. Also, I not a huge fan of shoes a lot of them are kind of copouts that have extra padding, lower and wider heels, and rounder toes instead of actually addressing fit, materials, and balance problems that are the root of uncomfortable shoes. I rather purchase shoes from a regular brand that happens to fit my feet really well.

Do You Want Buy Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Grey Black Purple,Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Wolf Grey One of the most important aspects of our wardrobe is our shoes. So let's begin with the tips to keep shoes sorted and stored in top shape. So how to start about doing the shoe wardrobe Well let's put them into points: 1) Collect all your shoes and evaluate them. Check the soles, material, condition, interior of the shoes. Check if they need repairs. Do you feel some of them are just in a condition that you won't be wearing them again? Then it's better to get rid of them and make space in the wardrobe. 2) The shoes that you find are worth keeping but need repairs then get them repaired in the first place (make them wearable). Also the shoes you choose to keep but don't need repairs make sure you clean them thoroughly and properly. 3) To clean your shoes make sure u use a gentle cleaner so as not to damage the fabrics of the shoes. You could also use soapy water and a toothbrush to clean the rubber soles. Also if you are cleaning leather shoes, make sure you are using cleaners which are meant for leather else they can damage the leather of the shoes. The best way would be to take them to a cobbler and get them cleaned properly. 4) make sure you store only those which you would enjoy to wear again the next season. If you are not going to wear them the next season there is hardly a point to store them. Put the shoes in boxes so that the boxes would keep of the dust making sure that the fabric and condition of the shoes is maintained properly so when you take them out to wear them after 6 months they are in proper condition. Also if you require a shoe tree to keep your shoes in shape, make sure you put it in with your shoes. Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Grey Black Purple "The duo were overheard by our source at the Ministry of Sound club in London, saying that not only are they signed to a label, but they're set to record house music and that there's a 2 Shoes album slated for a summer release! They added that they're on strict diets in the mean time, and hope to lose two stones each before they give the charts a go." Some blogs and media outlets picked up the story but incorrectly reported that the Ministry of Sound label had signed 2 Shoes. On March 25, 2012, Ministry of Sound posted this message on Twitter in response to reports that 2 Shoes signed with Ministry of Sound: "We'd just like to state for the record that this story isn't true." The members of 2 Shoes (Lucy Texeira and Charley Bird) have yet not made an official comment on which record label has signed them. judge Tulisa Contostavlos, who was 2 Shoes' mentor on the show. A month later, 2 Shoes competed with former finalists Jonjo Kerr, James Michael and Amelia Lily to re enter the contest as a replacement for finalist Frankie Cocozza, who left the show because of a drug related rule violation. (Cocozza admitted to "X Factor" staffers that he had used cocaine while he was an "X Factor" contestant.) The decision on which finalist would replace Cocozza was based on public voting, and Lily emerged victorious on November 12 by getting 48 percent of the votes, according to the show. Bird's pregnancy may or may not have had an effect on 2 Shoes' discussions to join the show's cast. She gave birth to a son named Beaux Phillips Bird on December 15, 2011. The baby's father is Bird's boyfriend Greg Phillips. Misha Bryan (fourth place) and Craig Colton (sixth place) are rumored to be signed to Sony labels, and they are working on their respective debut albums, but it has not yet been officially announced which record labels have signed Bryan and Colton. finalists from 2011 who teamed up with JLS and One Direction for the "X Factor" 2011 charity single "Wishing on a Star" (a cover version of the Rose Royce song), which debuted at No. Charlie Sheen open to being in 'Two And A Half Men' finaleThe hit series 'Two And A Half Men' is drawing to a close, and fans have been clammering for the return of Charlie Sheen. While many fans would be delighted to see him appear in the finale, there.

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