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Welcome To Official Web Site Of Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue,Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Light Charcoal Silver Chrome Yellow Walker made seven of 18 shots, nine of 11 free throws and one of five three pointers. That three pointer pulled UConn to within 51 50 with 4:22 remaining in regulation. Walker's smooth pull up jumper from the left gave UConn a 58 55 lead before Anthony Crater tied it on a long three with 28.4 left. What was perhaps his best play resulted in a basket for Shabazz Napier. Walker made a steal under the UConn basket, started a fastbreak and dished to Napier, who made a layup high off the glass for a 56 55 lead. It was UConn's first lead since 16 15. "Give UConn a little credit, especially Kemba Walker," South Florida coach Stan Heath said. "We put up a wall, had 10 pairs of eyes on him. . What a terrific player. We thought we were doing a pretty good job, and it just seemed like the last three minutes he had another gear and he got a little bit stronger than the rest of us, and made some terrific plays." Calhoun offered more praise for Walker. "We've played 12 games," Calhoun said. "I haven't seen anybody else on the other team like him. They can't do the things he can do inside and create a bad situation into a good shot." Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Both experienced and new nurses will confirm the importance of a nursing interview. This is one of the factors in advancing your career or at least entering the real world of nursing. That is why if you are already on schedule for a nursing interview, you should be best prepared. You can never guarantee approval during the interview but as long as you come prepared, you can maximize your chance of making it work to your advantage. Here are some tips to follow in preparation for a nursing interview: Collect your credentials. There is no better way to prove your skills but by showing your credentials. Here are the things you should keep in one folder to prove your competitiveness: Resume. Make sure to check and recheck your resume. There should be no mistake, even the smallest one, on your resume. Nursing license. Have at least two copies of your license or a notice that you have passed the nursing board score. List of references. This is only applicable if you have already worked for some employers. List every employer you had with their complete address, email address, title, and telephone number. Make sure to ask permission from these people to be put on your list of references. Criminal background check permission. Almost all hospitals will require you to be checked for any criminal offense. The record usually digs up to seven years of criminal history. Prepare for the interview questions. Research for the basic and advance questions during the nursing interview. You can ask the nurses you know to give you tips. Searching online will help, too. You can frame your own questions as well by being in the employer's shoes. What will you ask an applicant if you're the employer? Maybe you want to know if the applicant is a team player or how she will deal with difficult people. You might be asked how to handle difficult and unexpected circumstances. Plan what to dress. As a nurse, you should be neat looking. Do not wear loud accessories. Dress as simple and as neat as possible. You don't have to wear a nurse suit with cap. Just be casual yet clean. Don't wear perfume, too, if you're planning to have something on. Some people might not like the way you smell. Prepare your questions to the interviewer. There is a possibility you will get hired. So it's reasonable that you ask the interviewer questions like the ratio of nurse to patient, scheduling, orientation, support staff, professional opportunities, and challenges faced by the company. Be confident, yet humble, during the nursing interview. You don't want to intimidate the interviewer with your over confidence. You can be confident and humble at the same time by talking politely. Consider having a mock nursing interview with a friend, too. This will help you determine the points that still need some improvement. That way, you will know your level of preparedness for the nursing interview.

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