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Yes, this is the guy who came up with the Pythagorean theorem we all learned in school ("The square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides"). Apart from this pillar of trigonometry, Pythagoras was the first high profile academic to insist that natural phenomena could be explained mathematically (paving the way for the study of Physics) and was even a major inspiration for Plato's theories of democracy. So, yeah, we can thank him for, like, half of the good things ever invented. Widely considered second only to Shakespeare in English poetry, Lord Byron published his first poetic work at 14, an age when our most profound thought was that girls might possibly be more awesome than video games. Renowned for his wit and versatility, Byron's Don Juan remains one of the few poems most of us can name when trying to seduce drunk English majors. It began when Byron arrived at Cambridge, where he was ordered to send his dog back home as keeping one was against school rules. Desperate for a pet, Byron scoured college policies for an animal not expressly forbidden. He found no reference to bears. The bear stayed with Byron in his dorm room. Being a responsible pet owner, Byron took it on regular leashed walks through the university, terrifying fellow students and lecturers. When asked by administration what purpose the bear served on campus, the poet tried in vain to get his beast a fellowship. Above: Lord Byron and his bear on their 4X4 ATV. And where most people mellow out after they leave school, Byron decided to take his crazy to a whole new level. If you're not seeing the problem with turning your house into Noah's Ark, then you're not imagining the sheer amount of shit these animals produce. Later on in life, Byron's tendencies for playing zoo keeper switched to tendencies for playing war admiral. He constructed two small stone forts on the edge of his lake and launched a fleet of toy ships, which he would spend whole days directing while crouched in his fort. At Byron's insistence his servant, Joe Murray, would lie prone on a small boat in the lake and "command the ships" which we're guessing consisted of pushing them around and making cannon noises with his mouth. Records concerning how much Joe Murray was paid to put up with this sort of shit are unavailable. 5. Tycho Brahe, Danish Astronomer, 1546 1601 In order to protect journalistic integrity, it's worth explaining that the above may misrepresent Tycho. "Hiring" can suggest a casual, occasional employment. Tycho's dwarf was full time. His tasks included sitting underneath the table when Tycho (and sometimes friends) ate, and just hanging around the house. Tycho was renowned as a heavy drinker, so maybe he hired the dwarf in a drunken stupor and just never had the heart to tell him to leave once he sobered up. Michelangelo was one of them. His painting of God Creates Adam on the Sistine Chapel remains the most celebrated wallpaper of all time. Despite his place among the historical elite of painters, he had little respect for paint as a medium and branched to other arts including sculpture (The Statue of David) and architecture (St Peter's Basilica). Michelangelo ignored even the most basic tasks of self maintenance. Not only did he bathe "very rarely" (by 15th century Italian standards, no less), he rarely even changed clothes, sleeping in full regalia shoes included. His assistant once complained that, "He has sometimes gone so long without taking (his shoes) off that then the skin came away, like a snake's, with the boots."

Traffic Conversion Secrets Finally Revealed! "Dan, I need your help. The copy on my website sucks. It must. Nobody is buying my product? Or ordering "my ebook"?Or signing up for "my course"?Or booking "my services." If you're a website owner who's unhappy with the business your Internet presence is generating, I wouldn't be surprised if you think your copy is the culprit, too. A lot of people think that if there's a problem with conversion that the sales copy must be at fault. This is WRONG THINKINGnd potentially fatal to your website's success. Don misunderstand me?My business is copywriting. It's my bread and butter. (Also my caviar and champagne!) I come from a traditional sales and marketing background where the emphasis is on "words that sell." The world's most brilliant sales letter for the world's most incredible product won't necessarily generate the through the roof results you might expect. The truth is that turning a casual site visitor into a "here's my credit card take whatever you want" buyer takes MUCH MORE than just effective copywriting. This isn't a war that will be won with words. You need moreuch more. If you think of your website as a high powered sports car, your sales letter is the engine. But as any racer on the NASCAR circuit will tell you, without the right fuel and other essential components, an engine can't run smoothly and a car will never be first to the checkered flag. I don care if you have the most powerful "engine" in the worldhe greatest sales letter ever written. If you're not taking advantage of technology and leveraging human psychology in your sales and marketing efforts, you're simply out of the race. The how's and why'she do's and don'ts?the nuts and bolts. But this time around, I don't want to focus on the engine. Instead, we're going to make a "pit stop" to look under the hood of "killer" websites and talk about everything that's working to power their success. Conversion Secret 1 Less Can Be More (Why the QUALITY of Your Traffic is More Important than the Quantity) The number of people that visit your website is meaningless if they don't buy anything when they're there. You can have ten thousand people hitting your site a month, but if they're looking for camping equipment and you're selling baby strollers, you're not going to convert a single visitor. And if you're paying per click, this will kill you. Your marketing dollars are going up in smoke. On the other hand, you can have less traffic, but if theye targeted, youl have a very high conversion rate. If your baby stroller site has a banner ad at a baby formula store, chances are the people who click through will be more likely to buy from you. Here's something you MUST keep in mind: "more likely to buy" doesn't mean that they will buy. That why tracking your traffic is so important. You have to know exactly where your traffic is coming from. Are they from Per Pay Click? Are they from affiliates? Are they from offline marketing? What percentage is from what promotion? Unless you know the answers, you can't build on your success. You can't improve something you can't measure.?W. Edwards Deming, management expert. A steady flow of QUALITY traffic and information about where it comes from will affect your conversion rate just as much as the quality of your sales message. Conversion Secret 2 ?Don't Let A Good Answer Get Away (Exit Poll) No one expects a 100% conversion rate, of course. You may dream about it, but, depending on what youe selling, if you're getting a 2 3% conversion, that's pretty damn good. Okay, you're not converting 97% of the people that come to your site?But does that mean that their visit has to go into the "lost cause" column? No way! If you paid to have those people visit, you can't just let them get away! You need to get some kind of return on your investment. Why not do an exit pop up survey, asking them why theye not buying? Want to really get a visitor's attention. Use an audio pop up. When people leave your site you can have a pop up with an audio portion like this: ait, before you go, could you please help me out? I'm not trying to sell you anything, I just need some information. Could you tell me the single biggest reason that youe not giving us a try today? What the ONE reason that stopping you from purchasing (my product name)? Just fill out the box below and click on the submit button. Your opinion matters to me.?br> Boom! You've just created your own "consumer feedback forum" and you haven't spent a penny on some high priced focus groups. Once you get a bunch of responses to your exit poll, you'll be able to identify patterns in what people say. Use what you learn to make the changes that you know for certain will bump up your conversion rate.Cheap Jerseys From China Free Shipping

Being a tennis player all my life, I know I needed a good pair of footwear. Playing tennis every day can really put some wear and tear on not only your body, but your shoes as well. Having the right pair of shoes on while playing tennis is essential; it can be the difference between losing a point and winning a point, or even the match. I have been the tennis pro at my local country club for many years now, so I have seen all the shoes out there and have worn many different types. Many people go for the most expensive shoes out there because usually the higher the price, that means the better they are. Totally untrue and in this case it looks like it is the exact opposite. I have worn for the past few years now and fully endorse the Tretorn Nylite Canvas tennis shoes. They have many different models out there for both men and women. Tretorn has been around since the nineteen sixties since it was created in Sweden. Sweden knows a little something about tennis, which brought us the all time great players in Bjorn Borg, Mats Wilander, and Stefan Edberg. Bjorn Borg personally wore these shoes while he played in his tournaments. That right there should be a testament of how good these shoes are. The shoes come with its distinct design of a "V" on them. They are so light weight; it feels like you are not even wearing shoes while you are out on the court. They are known for their light, soft canvas that provides extra comfort. Coupled with the light rubber outer sole, it provides great foot protection while playing. I personally am a hard court player and these are great for stopping an in instant. I can also then move back to the center court easily after that stop. Hard courts are supposed to be very bad on your knees because you stop hard on the court, but with these shoes, you actually slide a little bit and the shoes absorb the impact. Your knees don't hurt as much as well with these shoes. It provides great overall traction when you are on the court. The shoes are very stylish, and you can even wear them with your every day attire and looks great with jeans. Tretorn canvas shoes are one of the best tennis shoes out there and they are very affordable, normally under sixty dollars depending on style.